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Open Pantheia High: Return of the Demi-Gods! (Rated T)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kung Fu Ferret, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Eric Sanchez, son of the Mayan rain god Chaac, had just enrolled at Pantheia High. It was raining after a relatively long drought in Maine, and it was coming down like it was literally raining cats and dogs. He walked into classroom 42, and looked around for a seat. The teacher, Mr. Gupta Nesha, a son of the wise elephant god Ganesh, pointed to a vacant desk, next to one of Eric's female classmates.

    "Now, Eric, who did you say your father was again? The Mayan rain god, Chaac?" The teacher asked, in a rather thick Indian accent.

    Eric nodded, and was confused as to how the teacher knew who his father was.

    "Oh, where are my manners? I am Mr. Nesha, son of Ganesh! Yes, all of the students and faculty here are related to one or more gods. And you might not know this, but this school was actually founded by a council of gods from all over the world. My father was one of them. All of the teachers here are related to gods of wisdom and knowledge. Now, tell me this Mr. Sanchez: Across the hall is Ms. Ibis. Which god is she related to?" Mr. Nesha asked Eric.

    "This is a shot in the dark, but... Thoth?" Eric answered, knowing that the word "Ibis" was kind of a dead giveaway.

    Mr. Nesha paused for a moment, and said "Correct, Eric! Now let's get started with...."

    An alarm went off in the distance, but it was no drill. One of Chaac's mortal enemies from the Mayan myths, Camazotz, the god of bats, had attacked a farm nearby, drinking the blood of one cow, three pigs, and twenty-five chickens. The rain stopped, but there were still ominous clouds.

    Camazotz suddenly appeared on the barn roof and was visible from the classroom window. He was a large semi-humanoid bat-like creature, his fangs caked with the blood of farm animals. He laughed maniacally and spread his wings.
  2. Ava breathed in sharply. "What the heck?! This guy-bat-hybrid-thing just attacked an entire farm! What does he want here?!" She exclaimed, a little loudly. She knew that bats rarely attacked humans, but first of all, she wasn't exactly a full human. Secondly, bats normally didn't drink the blood of twenty-nine animals, either.
  3. Thebe, the son of the messenger of the gods known as Mercury, stepped into class. He was late as usual, despite having the ability to manipulate his speed. He sat at his desk and took a deep breath. He was running as fast as he could, but of course he ALWAYS forgets to use his ability of speed. Thebe looked like he was having a rough day, delivering messages as his dad was like a powerful mailman. He chuckled in class at his joke about the mailman.
  4. Eric realized that this was not your average vampire, and heard his father's voice giving him advice.

    "My son, go outside. I have something to give you." Eric heard Chaac say. "That putrid stench of guano is coming my 'arch nemesis' of sorts... CAMAZOTZ!"

    Eric opened the window, jumped out, and down from the heavens came Chaac's jade axe. Eric grabbed it out of the ground, and Camazotz swooped down in an attempt to attack the son of his foe.

    The rain returned the, thunder rolled, and lightning crashed mere inches away from the deadly god of bats, causing him to flinch momentarily.

    "Alright, guano breath! Back to the underworld with you!" Eric shouted, swinging the large jade axe at the giant bat god. Mere moments before Eric could deliver a defeating blow, Camazotz vanished into the darkness, presumably to Xibalba, the Mayan equivalent of the Greek underworld.

    Mr. Nesha, being a pacifist o sorts, cowered under his desk and peeked his eyes out the moment it was all over.
  5. Ava sighed. "I totally could've taken him..." She muttered under her breath. Despite being someone that many guys practically drooled over, Ava knew that she could beat almost anyone in a fight if they tried to attack her or anyone else. It was practically in her blood, which was a mix of two gods. Her mother was a descendant of Venus, and her father of Bishamon. Therefore, she was not only beautiful but could also kick butt and give luck. Supposedly.
  6. (Oh..my..)
    Violet's eyes flickered to the window once. After that, her entire mind was focused on NOT turning into a shadow. Ever since her last birthday, she'd lost control of her own powers and randomly turned into an shadow at random times. She sighed, and touched her desk. Her hand passed through. She drew a breath. Holy Hades, she thought. Pass through again and I shoot an mortal. She tried again. It didn't pass through. Violet breathed relief. She looked up. "What happened?" she said absent-mindedly.
  7. Ava turned to the girl, who seemed lost in thought. "Some bat dude just attacked a farm, and Eric literally jumped out of a window to try and get him. Unfortunately, the guy seems to have disintegrated. Good for the livestock, I guess, but I'm not sure Eric's too happy about it..." She looked out the window at her other classmate.
  8. Violet nodded. "The place is littered with animal death," she quipped. "so hopefully, the dude won't come back. But he's a god, and they always come back." She stayed silent once more, touching her desk again. It didn't pass through. I'm getting closer! A smile shone on her face, but it disappeared after an second.
    (EDIT: I suggest putting the link of the discussion thread in the first post, by the way. ^^)
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