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Open Pack of the Scarlet Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Greetings, Lunar Silvally here ^-^ this is the rp discussion of Pack of the Scarlet. This involves a wolf pack that only appears when the moon is a scarlet bright red. Legends say that these wolves heal any illness however it is very rare to see these wolves close up. These wolves belong to the pack of Scarlet Moon. The rarity of these wolves caused them to simply vanish when they were being severly hunted only leaving the male and female breeding pair to survive. After the recover of the Scarlet Moon pack two other packs were born, Pack of the Lunar and Pack of the Solar. These three packs have a simple rarity to them, Scarlet Moon had the rarity of healing any illness, Lunar Moon had the rarity of healing any diseases and reviving the life of any wolf member, and Solar Moon had the rarity of healing even the severest of burns. Humans such as scientist search long and wide for these rare wolves and what they carry but had sensed no trace of them around the area but then discovered that the three packs appear only on a certain day that the ScarletMoon pack wolves only appeared when the moon is scarlet bright red and at its highest, the Lunar Moon pack wolves only appeared when the moon was full and white up at its highest, and SolarMoon pack wolves only appeared when the Sun and Moon collide together with the ray of the sun and moon. Once the wolves found out how they would appear they would have to kill them off once in for all. Will you fight and save your pack or will you fall into the humans hands? This will also be a discussion for answering questions that I will answer accordingly. As usual the rules,

    ~Crushes allowed
    ~Wolves from different packs may fall for each other with the permission from the Alpha of that pack
    ~You may have up to 4 characters
    ~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
    If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator with out issue and have her/him lock this down.

    The rp link once you posted ^-^

    ~Wolf Packs~

    Scarlet Moon: These wolves have a scarlet red pelt with white underbellies with ruby red eyes with a scarlet moon white pattern across the chest that is a moon with three claw patterns across it as they live in the hottest areas by a volcano.

    LunarMoon: Theses wolves have a pure white pelt with ice blue eyes with a lunar moon blue pattern across the side with an ice shard crossing through it as they live in the coldest of areas by the arctic near the highest of mountains.

    SolarMoon: These wolves have a orange-white pelt with streaking yellow shades with Topaz gem orange eyes with a golden yellow and white moon across the tail with a flame around it as they live in the mid-warm areas by the desert.

    ~Alphas of the three packs~

    ScarletMoon Alphas: Axel(M), Charlotte(F)

    LunarMoon Alphas: Katari(M), Blizzard(F)

    SolarMoon Alphas: Crimson(M), Empress(F)

    Character sheet example:

    My example:

    Name: Naga
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3 years
    Pack: LunarMoon
    Siblings: Shadow(M)(Older Brother)
    Appearance: She has a pure white pelt with a highlight of light lavender with light blue eyes as her right eye is blind which her bang covers. She wears glasses along with a purple scarf around her neck with a cross necklace underneath. She is small but light.
    Personality: Shy, Gentle, Sweet, Purehearted, Believes that anger doesn't exist
    Rank: Hunter/Healer
    Mate: N/A
    Pups: N/A
    Skill: Works really well with medical herbs and treatments, able to calm others in a difficult situation
    Stats: Strength: 29(not as strong), Stamina: 81(doesn't get tired as easily), Speed: 92(quite fast)
    Crush: N/A
    Mother: Lunar(deaseased)
    Father: Alaskin(deaseased)
    Other: is blind in her right eye, is a bit ill

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 4 years
    Pack: LunarMoon
    Siblings: Naga(F)(Young sister)
    Appearance: He is a black pelt wolf with gold eyes with a muscular build and slightly larger then Naga
    Personality: Brave, Protective(mostly of Naga), Strong, Fast, Sweet, Understanding
    Rank: Beta
    Mate: N/A
    Pups: N/A
    Skill: Able to take down even the largest of prey, Fast at his feet, Has the strongest bite
    Stats: Strength: 100(Powerful bite), Stamina: 94(Keeps up very quickly), Speed:98(Fast)
    Crush: N/A
    Mother: Lunar(deaseased)
    Father: Alaskin(deaseased)
    Other: Will attack any wolf who messed around with his young sister Naga after giving a warning.

    Well that's mine ^-^ also I like to have five chars up before I create the rp
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  2. Name: Snow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 4 years
    Pack: LunarMoon
    Siblings: N/A
    Appearance: Pure white fur with blue markings, Icy cold blue eyes
    Personality: Strong,Vain, Ambitious
    Rank: Hunter/Fighter
    Mate: N/A
    Pups: N/A
    Skills: A good Hunter and a very good Fighter,
    Stats: Strength: 91 Stamina: 76 Speed: 80
    Crush: Naga
    Mother: Icicle
    Father: Forest
    Other: N/A
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  3. Accepted ^-^
  4. Name: Sukie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 4 years & 8 months
    Pack: Lunarmoon
    Siblings: None
    Appearance: Pure white fur with a lunar moon symbol on her left shoulder, light blue eyes, and long majestic fur with a scar roughly shaped like a X on her right cheeck.
    Personality: A quite wolf with a calming touch, Sukie might look a bit frightening with her X shaped scar but is a peaceful soul who would never fight with another wolf unless she has to.
    Rank: Scout
    Mate: None
    Pups: None
    Skills: An excellent runner and pup-sitter (A babysitter for pups ;))
    Stats: Strengh: 20 Stamina: 90 Speed: 114
    Crush: None
    Mother: Iris (Diseased)
    Father: Toro (Diseased)
    Other: None
  5. Accepted ^-^ you may post on the rp
  6. Will anybody be so kind but to post on the roleplay? :'| please?
  7. I will do so
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  8. Name: Task
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3 years, 4 months
    Pack: Lunarmoon
    Siblings: None
    Appearance: White short fur, but the fur on her tail is longer. Her fur has gray markings and she has the lunarmoon symbol on her right flank.
    Personality: She is very energetic and likes to use teamwork to hunt. She will fight any wolf that attacks her friends. She can be annoying sometimes.
    Rank: Hunter
    Mate: None
    Pups: None
    Skill: Great at herding large game and running
    Stats: Strength: 73 Stamina: 95 Speed: 62
    Crush: None
    Mother: Silver ( deceased )
    Father: Wind ( deceased )
    Other: None

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