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P.N. 03 ~ Product Number 3

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Moonlight-Zelda, Sep 8, 2010.

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    It is safe to say that P.N. 03 has suffered at the words of the critics for years, but it is a severely underrated game. The plot is fairly lacking as are most shooters, but that is where creative liberty comes into play. Developing the world on your own makes it that much more enticing, in a way. I myself picked up the game gently used, but apparently the written plot was "all in the manual" that was missing. Even so, Wiki can suffice.

    Moving on to the actual characters and scenery, it is safe to say that futuristic has taken an entirely new meaning. Ode is a barren planet, desert and wasteland. However, in outdoor missions, it is clear that an entire city has sprung up. Architecture is similar to that of notable cities in real life, and resembles them closely aside from vaguely different additions or spins on design. Standing up to the climate would be difficult for most humans, I'd imagine, which is probably the base of the projects that led to Vanessa's existence.

    While it is not clear which clone she is exactly, it is clear that she's somewhat developed considering the shortness of the game. Sarcasm is her second language, as is a biting wit. She clearly defines the "Action Girl" trope as well, being a mercenary out for blood. Her past is never directly divulged in game, though. Mostly snarky banter is exchanged, but also with a few curbing comments from our anonymous Client.

    People have complained relentlessly about the controls in various online reviews, though. Personally, I fail to see where they are that difficult to get used to. They're simple for the most part, save for a few Pro Energy Drives not wanting to work on occasion.

    Has anyone else played P.N. 03, or seen it advertised? What are your views on the game? Discuss.

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