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Private/Closed P.I.A Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by luxraystan, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Letter Received!




    Hello trainer! I am President Reena of The Pokemon Island Association, otherwise known as P.I.A. Our association specializes in helping far off Islands and their Pokemon stay safe and secure. Before I created this lovely business, these islands were left unguarded and were harmed in so many more ways then most would think because of the mainland and the official regions.

    The Pokemon Island Association consists of 9 islands, the biggest island residing in the middle while the other eight are scattered in a circle around it, these islands are home to an abundance of pokemon that found themselves lost from their home regions and had begun to adapt to their strange new life. Our association works hard to protect these islands, but yet recently we have grown short on staff and the islands have been getting less protection then they should. So, in response to this, I posted applications online for those who wish to help the islands and earn a few pokedollars along the way. As such, you trainer applied to help our association and have been… accepted! Congratulations! But, before you book your ticket to P.I.A, please read the following to understand your specific duties to the islands and information about the islands themselves.

    The middle island, as we call it, is the heart of P.I.A. We assign trainers and employees their jobs there, heal hurt pokemon, and watch over each island carefully. We welcome any pokemon from any region, meaning you trainer will be working with trainers from all over the world, From Kanto to Galar. I, am from Alola, given that I have an association with islands. Speaking of islands, each island is home to a specific type of pokemon. The following will tell you which island homes which type.

    Island 1(Heart of P.I.A)-A combination of all the different types of islands.

    Island 2-Fairy.​

    Island 3-Rock.

    Island 4-Ghost.

    Island 5-Water.​

    Island 6-Electric.​

    Island 7-Normal.​

    Island 8-Dragon.​

    Island 9-Ice.​

    On each island, I will allow you to catch any pokemon you want to add to your team, but please refrain from catching pokemon on the middle island, as they are special pokemon that must be tended to every day on a specific schedule, or are pokemon that do not want trainers because of their past with humans, but off of the main island, catch pokemon as you wish.

    Once you arrive at the middle island, you will see me, standing in a small clearing on the south end of the island, please join me there and I will introduce myself and tour you around the middle island, before bringing you to the main house where you will eat dinner and converse with the other trainers and current employees. After such, my sister Elizabeth will bring you your room keys and bring you to the second floor of the main house. In the morning, you will return to the main building of P.I.A and meet me at the entrance. Then, I will assign you your jobs for the day, after you have completed your duties, you may travel through the islands and converse with other trainers until dinner, and you may do as you please until nighttime. And the next day, it will be rinsing and repeating.

    This will go on as long as you trainer please, before returning to your home region.

    Now trainer, book your ticket(The airport is a few miles away from the clearing, so I ask that you get there early so you don’t miss me or the other trainers), get your surfing pokemon ready, do whatever you need to get ready for your journey to P.I.A, I wish you luck dear trainer.


    President Reena.

    (Plot Inspiration from Animal Crossing New Horizons, Pokemon Sun/Ultra Sun & Pokemon Moon/Ultra Moon.)

    The thread will be created once I have the max capacity I wish for this roleplay, which I want to be five, excluding my self from the count. Meaning once I create the thread, no one aside from the people I accept into the roleplay will be able to join. This is so the thread doesn’t get overcrowded and I can keep track of the people inside the roleplay. There is no main antagonist in this plot and is just meant to be a fun, enjoyable, relaxing roleplay. But, I will be picky about who joins the thread and if you are not accepted please do not bother me about it, this discussion will be ask to join until the five slots are taken.

    Character Forms.






    Team(Personality and Gender are optional, but recommended.);​

    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A;

    Home Region

    This is the character I’ll mainly be using for the roleplay.

    Name; Kimon (Otherwise known as Kim, but doesn’t mind being called Kimon.) Meaning; Sleepy. Origin; Greek.

    Gender; Female.

    Age;16, almost 17. (I aged her up because her height was abnormal for a fifteen-year-old and I didn't want her to be too tall for that age.)

    Appearance; Kimon is extremely lanky, standing at 6ft. exactly. She is a bit pale and has half-lidded faded brown eyes and white, chin-length hair with curled ends, she has bangs that reach just above her eyebrows with curled ends. She usually wears a black T-Shirt with white sleeves and white overalls with rips in the legs, and two pockets, one pocket holding her favorite deck of cards, and the right a notepad and pen. As for shoes, she has black sneakers with brown laces. On her left wrist, is a clear plastic bracelet with four charms that her team gave her. Nimbus, the most normal of the bunch, gave her yellow cloth shaped like a lightning bolt, Hibiscus gave her a plastic flower charm, Ruby gave her a very small ruby shaped like her head(Ruby’s head, not Kimon’s), and Flint, that thought it was sentimental, gave her a small vial filled with his poison, she wears the bracelet everywhere and never takes it off.

    Personality-Kimon is an ambivert who when tired(Which is fairly usual given that she has insomnia and stays up fairly late with her pokemon.) is more extroverted and talkative while when she’s more awake she’s quieter and reserved. She has a dry sense of humor and yet rarely finds anything funny. She’s pretty oblivious when it comes to certain subjects and she isn’t the type to care for mushy ones either. Being a master of card games, she loves talking about them and will sometimes brag about her skills in the subject and whenever she wins against someone else she'll usually comment on their skills and will sometimes give them advice. She's welcoming to others and lives in the moment.


    Nimbus. // Male Luxray. // Nimbus is a reserved and calm pokemon. Usually keeping to himself, Kimon, and his team. He is fairly good in battle but prefers to stay on the status side then physical. He's protective of his team and especially Kimon, being her starter and most treasured friend. He doesn't like it when others annoy him and will lash out at those that do. Whenever pressured or angered, he turns aggressive and will sometimes pick a fight. He respects pokemon stronger than him, but will never give up in a fight against one. Around his neck, is a bright yellow scarf Kimon gave him as a Shinx.

    Hibiscus. // Female Leafeon. // A very shy, reserved pokemon with a dislike for battling. She's paranoid, always hiding behind Nimbus or Kimon whenever she gets nervous or frightened. She gets startled easily and will freak out if something comes out of nowhere. Whenever Kimon is involved in a battle, she stays on the sidelines and encourages her teammates, showing the encouraging side of her personality. On her left ear, she has a small yellow Hibiscus flower attached to a string of leaves around her ear, she uses her photosynthesis to keep it healthy and alive.

    Ruby. // Female Scizor. // A very finicky and picky pokemon. She always needs attention, and if she doesn’t get it, she’ll throw a tantrum. She is very picky when it comes to food and will only eat what her trainer gives her, but even then she is quite picky. She is even picky when it comes to battles, only battling those she sees as worthy. But when she does decide to battle, she is fairly good at it and when paired up with Nimbus, the two do well with status and physical moves combined. On her wrists, are small, fake daisy bracelets that Kimon gave her.

    Flint. // Male Gliscor. // Flint is a very mischievous and clumsy pokemon. He loves messing around with his teammates and scaring the living daylights out of them whenever he can. But because of his little shenanigans, he has grown to be quite clumsy. Bumping into things, falling easily of small structures, and even sometimes scaring himself while attempting to scare a teammate. During battles, he does his best to impress Kimon, which results in him forgetting he's in a battle and ends up losing to others very easily. But nonetheless, Kimon adores Flint and wouldn't trade him for the world.

    Their reasoning for working at P.I.A; She wants to move out of Sinnoh and move to Alola, and with the good pay could help her reach her goal of leaving the region she had grown to dislike.

    Home Region; Sinnoh.


    -Follow the basic Pokecharm guidelines.

    -Romance is allowed, but it isn’t the main point of the plot so please don’t make it that way.

    -Respect everyone, don’t be rude to anyone just because of their reply or character or who the person is as a whole.

    -Please. Please I beg you. Do not bring your issues or drama into the thread. It disrupts the story and some people may become uncomfortable, please and thank you.

    If I reply to your application with; Accepted. You get a slot, if I do not reply in the first 4 hours, you are not accepted.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you consider joining. : )

    All slots are taken.


    2/5-Taken./Red Gallade./Vincent.

    3/5-Taken./Rising Garchomps./Orobus.


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  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Name: Ben (Unknown)
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Ben is a licensed pokemon ranger, as such he wears a blue shirt under his red hoodie, as well and red goggles, a yellow scarf, blue fingerless gloves, and all-terrain ranger shoes, which are pretty worn out. He also carries a styler, specially modified by Prof.Hastings, and also has a rotom inside. Otherwise, he wears jeans, which he rolls up when in the heat.
    Kind and caring to a fault, Ben will try to help every and anyone. He's capable in battle, and is surprisingly intelligent, at least pokemon-wise. Despite his intelligence, he can be very dense and can't really take a hint unless said aloud. He's clumsy whenever unfocused, which is often. He can be very sarcastic and snarky when in a bad mood, usually because of cold or if he just doesn't like the person. He has a hard time remembering names, so he often nicknames people to remember them.
    M.Lucario (Auro)- A calm and collected pokemon with a passion for battling. Not very social with anyone other than Ben and his team, adn is quiet protective of them, acting as their mentor. Despite his calm nature, he's strict, refusing to partake in it and will put anyone in their place if they go out of line. He has a secret love for honey.
    Golurk (Auto)- A powerful pokemon whose menacing statute contrasts with his personality. He's basically a gentle giant.
    M.Goodra (Dragoo)- A happy-go-lucky pokemon who loves to hug people. Oblivious to the goo he covers them in, and their reactions to it.
    F.Absol (Nightshine)- Quiet and sullen thanks to her past experiences with humans. Very protective with friends.
    M.Charizard (Fuegar)- Hot and hard headed, Fuegar is always up for a fight, even if he barely finished one recently. His favorite food is tomato berries
    M.Cramorant (Derpird)- Despite being a very good battler, Derpird is very.....stupid. He nearly decimated his local arrokuda population, before he was caught by Ben's pokeball after a failed attempt at eating it.
    His favorite food is everything, no matter how edible.

    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A: After recently finishing a journey across a region, news of the P.I.A made it to him while he was on break. His heroic spirit along with his love for adventure was what made him join them.
    Home Region: Kanto

    Hope this works. I'll fix anything i have to
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  3. Accepted. Very nice character, unique choice, rarely see someone who chooses pokemon ranger as their character's choice of profession. Nothing I see needs of change, fantastic work. ^^
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  4. Name: Vincent
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Vincent stands at 5'11" with Fair skin and a slim body build, his eyes are dark Blue while his short buzz cut hairstyle is a dull dark Brown. His attire consists of a dark blue shirt under a fur lined White jacket, Charcoal jeans and wine Red boots.
    Personality: Vincent is shown to be a calm and friendly individual at first glance, never afraid to step in and help someone out. However when it comes to people he doesn't like, he wouldn't hesitate to talk back to them or develop a more sassy side. Vincent cares about Pokemon enough to threaten anyone who would hurt, abuse or hunt them, showing a sense of cruelty towards them.
    Species: Rillaboom
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Rillaboom is a very friendly and calm Pokemon who cares deeply for her trainer, however she gets angered very easily and tends to be aggressive if someone angers her. Thanks to Vincent, Rillaboom is skilled in not just battling, but also sign language, often using it when trying to talk to Vincent.

    Species: Corviknight
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Despite his intimidating appearance, Corviknight is friendlier than one would expect, always protective over young Pokemon and ruthless in battle, yet at the same time smart and creative enough to use whatever he can to his advantage. He sees himself as chivalrous like the knights of medieval times and sees Vincent as his "King."

    Species: Obstagoon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Obstagoon is seen as Vincent's most mischievous Pokemon who isn't afraid to go around teasing other Pokemon, usually the first Pokemon to laugh at someone's mishap. However he is still loyal to Vincent and learned the hard way about what would happen if he bullied anyone; he'd go a week without his favorite Tamato berries. He is also intimidated by Rillaboom and it's up to her most of the time to set him straight.

    Species: Coalossal
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Another friendly and more well mannered Pokemon of Vincent's team, Coalossal always does what he can to help others even if he wasn't told to do so, although he can't always stop how often he makes a mess when lumps of coal fall from his body, it doesn't help when he tries to bow in apology.

    Species: Toxtricity (Amped)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Obstagoon's best friend and the most carefree and laid back member of Vincent's team, most of the time he just lazes about without a care in the world, although he is loyal to his trainer to a certain degree and is willing to help people out when needed. When it comes to beautiful Pokemon, Toxtricity would do what he could to try and woo them only for and embarrassed Corviknight to drag him away.

    Species: Dragapult
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Dragapult is mainly seen as a mother figure towards the team and is protective of both her Dreepys and her trainer, never afraid to use violence towards anyone she thinks is a threat. Her Dreepys however are immature and curious and see Vincent as a father figure, however they're smart enough to know when to follow orders.
    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A: After his journey, he decided to see what else he could do and decided to do something likely beneficial to the community or Pokemon (mainly the latter). His next dream is to journey across the world with his Pokemon and challenge the champions of every region... although he still has yet to challenge Leon.
    Home Region: Galar

    If anything needs changing, lemmie know. Ik the team's fully evolved and I said he did a journey, but I'll make sure to be careful not to make them OP. If you're still not convinced, that's also fine.
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  5. Apologies, I just woke up and I had yet to see your application. I will look over it and will edit this comment if you are accepted, once again I apologize for being late.

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  6. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Name: Orobus (It's what he is known as, anyway)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Large white lab coat with green highlights and stripes on it and some spots of purple and magenta, an old round face with green goggles (with a slight redish tint) and white gloves and a crooked body. He carries a briefcase which can switch to a large white box which he sometimes wears like a backpack on his back.

    Personality: Very enthusiastic about new discoveries and experimentation, geeks out about certain pokemon species, lover of wildlife, eccentric. He tends to put Pokémon first above humans. That being said, this position is only shown to be him scamming other humans into thinking he really cares about Pokémon for his experiments.


    -Oranguru: The wise sage of the team from Alola and probably Orobus's signature pokemon. Orobus believes he was named after an Oranguru. This was Orobus's first Pokémon before he abandoned it in an Aether Foundation facility in the middle of Alola. He soon caught himself a new one.
    -Orbeatle: Probably one of Orobus's best pokemon and an all round fast special attacker.
    -Flygon: Orobus was originally a psychic type specialist until he started to catch other types of Pokémon. Flygon was the first of these. Although he could just use psychic type pokemon to levitate him, he instead chooses to ride this pokemon.
    -Bruxish: Speedy fish from Alola.
    -Exeggutor (Alolan): He caught it as an ordinary Exeggutor in another region. He shortly found a special rock infused with a chemical which allows Orobus to change the forms of his Pokémon quickly between Alolan and non-Alolan. Whilst the original form was psychic type, he chose to transform it into its Alolan form for type diversity.
    -Raichu (Non-Alolan): He transformed his Alolan Raichu into a normal one using the said chemical based stone, which he has a great interest in.

    He also has a plethora of different types of Pokémon in the boxes. Examples are non-Galrian Slowking and Brongzong. He stores them in a device on his back and does not tell anybody about it in case people take it away from him.

    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A: According to the records, Orobus worked at the Alolan branch of the Aether Foundation, making him an Aether Foundation scientist and employee. He worked his way up until he met Faba. Then, one day, he mysteriously vanished. He said he was leaving for another region. He ended up working in high Aether Foundation roles in other branches across the world. This included Galar, which he made his home for a few years and became the region's branch chief. He fell out with the foundation again, this time choosing to go to the P.I.A as a break. It was in actual fact to examine pokemon behaviour and their physical properties. In addition to evaluating the Pokémon there, he wishes to, when no one is looking, actually mess around and experiment with the pokemon, though that's his final plan and he may find something else. When asked, he says he was extremely 'attracted' to the area because it was a set of islands like the Alola region he is from and so resembles it, but also he admires President Reena, as she is also from Alola and strikes him as a very intelligent lady (who he can manipulate).
    When he found out about the P.I.A, he took delight in reading as much as he could about Reena. He then wrote an essay on why it is important to protect the endangered ecospecies of the Pokémon world and gave the impression his research was based around it.

    Home Region: Technically Alola, however he's travelled to so many regions he doesn't have a home. Galar is pretty good as well to him.
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  7. I just noticed ages aren't within the char bios, should that be added?
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  8. Oh, thank you. I'll add that in.
  9. Accepted. Very unique character concept.

    Also, Red Gallade, thank you I have added that in.
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  10. Awesome, I've added my char's age in as well.
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  11. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Thanks so much!
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  12. Name; Kailya Oranesu

    Gender; Female

    Age; 17

    Appearance; Kailya has a basic appearance. Short brown hair in a ponytail, sky blue tank top and shorts, plus deep blue shoes. There’s also a bag she has, which has tropical colors.

    Personality; Kailya is surprisingly distant from humans, yet willing to be near Pokemon regardless of typing or habits. You can’t expect her to be doing much aside from sketching anything she sees.

    Team(Personality and Gender are optional, but recommended.);
    Noki (Lapras)
    Being the first Pokemon Kailya got, Noki is loyal to her in tons of ways. Since she’s a water type, she would just either stay in her ball or hang around the shores of the island Kailya was on.

    Enla (Floatzel)
    Back when he was a Buizel, Enla used to be owned by a trainer in Sinnoh. Kailya wanted it badly, so her mother was able to find the Ponyta he wanted and began the trade. Enla still kinda misses his trainer.

    Drift (Dragonair)
    As it’s known, Dratini on their own are rare. Lucky for Kailya, her uncle sent her a egg of the elusive Pokemon. It eventually hatched into the Dratini she knew for over a year until it finally evolved.

    Helix (Espeon)
    Despite her strange name, Kailya was hoping to find a good partner in a Eevee she caught. Despite wanting a Sylveon, a few criteria were messed up and Helix became a Espeon.

    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A;
    Kailya has always had a passion for observing Pokemon. Whether she went to tournaments to study new species, or sketched during the middle of a intense fight, it was evidence she had a goal on her.
    After a few years, she ended up finding her future partner Noki in a poachers trap. After setting it free, it became her partner. After this, Kailya saw a future in helping Pokemon the way she did.

    Home Region; Unova
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  13. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    I'm just curious because it's been a while. Will you start the RP when you find all 5 people? What if you don't fill all the slots?
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  14. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    If you really want to fill all the spots I can invite my two slaves- I mean friends.
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  15. Name: Emma Skye
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Long brown hair, 5' 5", Usually wears a black beanie with a white poke ball design, white and black dress with a black Pokeball design, with a red jacket over top, she wears a corsage with a white lily on it
    Personality: She is quite lazy and laid back, but cares deeply about her friends, Surprisingly social and not a huge fan of battling. She's very optimistic. Suprsingly training to be a pokemon doctor
    Team(Personality and Gender are optional, but recommended.);
    Species: Wigglytuff
    Nickname: Eclair
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Normal Wigglytuff but Iis slightly larger than normal
    Personality: Eclair is the mom friend. She often scolds her for her laziness and cares about her a lot. She is Emma's form of aerial transportation by inflating like a balloon.
    Backstory: Emma's pet and starter. Her mom adopted a Jigglypuff as a present for Emma's birthday. She looked after Emma when her parents weren't around and eventually evolved when Emma found a pretty rock that happened to be a moon stone
    Moves: Hyper Voice, Sing, Icy Wind, Heal Pulse

    Species: Dodrio
    Nickname: Choco (Yes all of her pokemon are name after sweets)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Normal Dodrio except he wears a blue scarf around the middle head
    Personality: Choco is very proud and boisterous of his speed. He is Emma's ground transportation. He's the only one who really likes battling, and he's a bit hot-headed as a result
    Backstory: As a Doduo it got into a fight with a pack of spearow. Choco got hurt very badly and after chasing the spearow away with Eclair's Disarming Voice. Choco being the Tsundere that he is tried to runoff because he thought he was fine he was more injured than he thought. Emma nursed him back to health and came apart of her team
    Moves: Drill Peck, Jump Kick, Agility, Swords Dance

    Species: Politoed
    Nickname: Lychee
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Shiny Politoed
    Personality: Exactly the same as Emma, Emma's water transportation
    At a pokemon summer medicine camp, they were given pokemon eggs to take care of as a project. Lychee came from that egg.
    Moves: Bubble Beam, Ice Beam, Pound, Bounce

    Species: Ivysaur
    Nickname: Matcha
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Normal Ivysaur but wears a small flower around her bulb
    Personality: Very sweet and caring and always wants to help others. She hates battling and she doesn't want to evolve. no transportation since she's so small but her vine whips are good extra pair of hands
    Backstory: Matcha (As a Bulbasaur) was a gift from her brother who traveled in Kanto.
    Backstory: Vine Whip, Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Sleep Powder

    Species: Venipede
    Nickname: Vanilla
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Normal Venipede but slightly larger than normal
    Personality: Basically a child. Screams a lot, cries a lot, and is super needy and wants attention, but is adorable and loves to play alot.
    Backstory: On a family camping trip, somehow most of the food had been eaten. That was Vanilla's fault. Ema thought it was too cute and even though the camping trip was cut short, she left the campsite with a new friend.
    Moves: Skitter Smack, Rollout, Poison Tail, Protect

    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A: She wanted to start pokemon medical school and this seemed like a great way to make some money since it's so expensive

    Home Region: Galar
    Am I in?
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  16. Name; Raiku Kirigayo

    Gender; Male

    Age; 15

    Appearance; Platinum blonde hair and deep blue eyes

    Personality; Timid but not afraid of speaking exactly what is on his mind

    Taiyo (Cinderace) Nature: Bold
    Raiku's partner since he took on the Galar League way back when. A very adventurous and energetic fire rabbit.
    Kishi (Corviknight) Nature: Serious
    Aggressive around almost everyone, other than Raiku himself, very powerful
    Espa Roba (Indeedee ♀) Nature: Jolly
    Intuitive, will initiate attacks without Raiku saying it himself, however if it uses this power for too long it gets dizzy
    Jujigun (Cincinno) Nature: Hasty
    The Daffy Duck of cute pokemon (makes mistakes often but gets pissed off if someone mentions it)

    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A; a real escape from Galar. Raiku challenged the Galar League but failed and fell into a deep depression.

    Home Region: Galar
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  17. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Uh-Oh. Two slots left according to the OP after myself. One guy sent his form in before you two and he hasn't gotten a reply or accepted yet. Luxraystan hasn't responded in a while.
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  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    May I reserve a spot? If it isn't filled up yet...
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  19. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Okay, now I'm concerned. We've already got enough people technically in theory and @luxraystan is nowhere to be seen.

    That's not to say she could extend the slots available.
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  20. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Oh! Then I guess I won't be joining (since there are already enough people). That and the creator has disappeared...
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  21. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    I'd stick around to wait and see if I were you. It's possible Luxaraystan might extend the slots. A person signed up a few days ago and invited their two friends. The thing is, i'm pretty sure according to the original 5 slots one of them cant join and they seem to be joining as a unit.

    I've directly messaged Luxaraystan on her profile to make her aware. Looks like she joined Wednesday and created this early on. I checked her activity. It appears she's been involved in various other rps and was even active yesterday at spirts. She's probably forgotten about this or is leaving it for a while to get more people. She's already got most of the slots filled out.
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  22. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ok then! This was the only RP that looked interesting to me after all the RPs I'm currently in died at once...
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  23. Apologies for my absence, I have been quite busy for the past few days. And will be busy for the rest of the week, but I will do my best to stay active. Please give me a few hours to look over all the applications and replies. I will edit this once I have done so answering the questions and reviewing the entered applications. Thank you.


    Even if I want to, extending the slots would mean watching over the thread more closely then I have to with just five participants. So, I will stick to five slots.

    Accepted applications;


    Gamingfan, we have one slot left, so if you wish, you could invite one of your... slaves. (?) To join if you wish.

    And as such, PlayfulFox, if you wish to also create an application for the last slot, you may.
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  24. Alright, it's been a day and there has yet to be any new applications. I'm thinking of starting the roleplay with just four people and leave the last spot open. But, I want to know what you guys think we should do. Should we wait for the last slot to be taken, or start the roleplay to get things started? I am fine with anything as long as we all agree.
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  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Um, what about the people who signed up and confermation about my reservation?
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  26. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    If you haven't seen, there's at least two or three applications above and you haven't made any comment about them except for one of them (which is admittedly the best one) . Are we in the same timeline?

    I was waiting for you to respond to them. I think that's what the case is here.
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  27. If I haven't mentioned the applications that were sent beside the ones that I stated were accepted, the ones that weren't mentioned were ones that weren't accepted. I should've clarified what I meant in the first post, my apologies. The four current accepted applications are Gamingfan/Ben, Red Gallade/Vincent, RisingGarchomps/Orobus, and Crystal1302/Emma. Anyone not mentioned was not accepted. I hope this answers your questions. This also means PlayfulFox, there was no need for a reservation and you may create an application, I have no deadline for applications so you may take as long as you need.
  28. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ah. Just when there is a limit and I have other things to do, I usually ask for a reservation. Just in case.
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  29. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Maybe next time, explain why they weren't accepted or give them tips for the next form if you're going to allow them to make another one? I just find it interesting that you'd choose only one of them. It just felt a bit off. I'm not sure, don't judge me on this, just giving my 50 cent.

    I feel like the lineup of forms here, plus PlayfulFox is what you've got to choose now. I don't suppose many people will join now.
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  30. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Is it fine if I have a team of mostly shinies? My idea for a character is a Pokemon researcher/shiny hunter hybrid. She researches why shinies have a different coloring. I know this is commonly not well-received, but it's been a long while since I used her.
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  31. I see. Your words make sense, it would've been more rational of me to do as such, instead of just staying silent and leaving them in the dark. In applications, I have mainly looked for detailed descriptions of teams, appearances, personalities, and reasoning for working at the P.I.A, all of this shows what kind of character the applier has created and the unique variety the applier put into their character. These descriptions also give me hints of their writing style, which in my opinion, is one of the most important things about an applier. The applications I didn't accept were shorter and less detailed, I didn't feel as interested in their character's stories and lives, they gave me a sense of boredom I'll admit, but the overall ideas of the character were quite interesting, the way they interpreted the idea didn't give me a sense of wonder as Orobus or Emma, who have little details in them that scream creativity to me. I might seem harsh or rude, but these are just things I look for in characters and appliers. Thank you Rising for bringing me out of my irrational thinking.

    & Playful yes you may, that idea sounds interesting. I'd love to see an application revolving around that idea/character. ^^

    If I left any questions out of this, please let me know so I may answer them.
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  32. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Thank you. Will take a while, as I'm looking for the most recent bio of hers.
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  33. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Wasn't that irrational, but I appreciate your response to my comments. I'm aware I was a bit too critical. You see, I had believed Gamingfan had invited two people, Crystal and Inkachu but I could be wrong. As a result, I assumed they were bound together with their forms and so they would not all join if one was not accepted. I realise that you were looking to do something a bit different to what I've seen in other rps so far, where there are only a few limited slots at the beginning in your original post and you were looking for something truly special in each person's character. It's more restrictive in the way it's ran, but I can see now it will probably be better in the long term. Let it be known that you have my support for this RP, whatever you decide!
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  34. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name; Sera Pine

    Gender; Female

    Age; 19

    Appearance; Sera is 5'4 and is the average weight. She has medium length dark brown hair that is in a ponytail at just about all times and dark green eyes that seem to reflect her emotions to surface level. She is Caucasian and has a slender build.
    The young researcher wears a light blue shirt covered by a white short lab coat. On top of her shirt rests a necklace with a four-pointed yellow star pendent. She wears light blue jeans and has black sneakers. Over her shoulder rests a strap that holds up her large, wren-brown messenger bag.

    Personality; Sera is a very eager researcher that focuses on the realm of shiny Pokemon. She is pretty energetic, though this energy is died down some by her constantly thinking mind. She is also very self-conscious and has very fragile

    Sparky: Male Luxray; Sparky is a cautious fellow and one that is very intuned to Sera's emotions. He is extremely loyal to her and is a comforting presence in her life, being someone that can help her out of her 'what am I doing with my life' phases.

    Lass: Shiny female Nidoran (everstoned); Lass is a joyful little Pokemon. She loves helping people and is always out of her Pokeball and inside Sera's bag. She likes organizing and knows where everything inside her trainer's bag is at. She often hands Sera important items upon request.

    Ill: Shiny male Beedril; Ill (spelt i l l) is very aggressive. Sera's and Ill's relationship is very strained. He feels like he was wrongfully caught as he was captured in a Quick Ball. So Sera rarely lets him out as he is just as violent as a wild Beedrill.

    Their reasoning for working at the P.I.A; She is working with them for two reasons. One; she wants to watch wild Pokemon, especially shinies. While she believes the results aren't as raw as a real shiny encounter, it is still good to watch and take notes about them. And the second reason is that she wants to open her own facility so then she doesn't have to rely on Pokemon Professors to keep her own reserves.

    Home Region; Sinnoh
  35. Accepted.

    With all five slots filled, this thread will become Private/Closed and I will begin work on the first message for the story, it'll take a while so I ask that you have patience and I thank you all who have applied for The P.I.A. ^^
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  36. Here's hopin' the RP goes well, I'll see if I can think of a good mission idea or three sometime as the RP rolls.
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  37. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-pokemon-island-association.22754/

    The thread has been created! The first few replies I want to be about how each person traveled to P.I.A and them arriving at P.I.A, so my first post is about how Kimon arrived at P.I.A, and how her team was doing during the time traveling there. But, you may make your characters way of travelling to P.I.A as unique as you wish.
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  38. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Am I right in thinking we will be arriving first at the big middle island?
  39. Yes, all trainers will meet in a small clearing located on the south end of the island, where President Reena will be waiting for them. Along with her sister Elizabeth, who will be standing behind her.
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  40. I'll make my post sometime later, I need to sleep, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up.

    Edit: Will our chars be on the same boat? I ask because given how some are from different regions and may be travelling from different boats.
    #40 Red Gallade, Jun 30, 2020
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2020
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