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Ozzy's Sprites! NEW: Taking Trainer requests! Let's exchange, spriters!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I still do have some sprites I wanna show ya.

    First one is my Trainer, Ozzy (named after me :p), complete with overworld sprite. Modified from Roark and the Guitarist. That custom amplifier is gellin', I must say. The pedal's too easily overlooked, however.

    This sprite is one of my favorites and I just made it like five minutes ago XD

    I heard that phrase "when pigs fly" and made this:


    One heavily modified Swinub.


    Base stats:
    ...Dunno. They're all craptacular, though.

    Rarity: Rarer than finding a wild Lapras in FR/LG in Icefall Cave.

    Ability: Wonder Guard

    Dex Entry: Nobody thought it really existed. Nobody knows where it came from.
    Ht: 2'04"
    Wt: 64 lbs.


    I think I have more in my Photobucket account, but I'd have to sift through them. I just really wanted to show off Aeroswine; please enjoy! XD

    EDIT: I'll keep my sprites here for display.

  2. Hehe, "when pigs fly". Since Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine are some of my favorites, I'm totally likin' that Aeroswine. xP

    Too bad he could be crushed by Electric, Dark, Ice, and others. He's still quite the coolness (and well made too).

    I like the Ozzy guy as well. I don't really remember the Guitarist but I like the idea behind your guy.
  3. Aeroswine is purely for the lols. Even with Wonder Guard, he can be crushed pretty nicely.
  4. it's a nice sprite, i must say....now, what does its evo look like? xD

    and..i'm guessing 0.25% chance of finding it in the wild, since it was REALLY hard to find wild lapras in icefall cave.
  5. Close. Half of a percent. Lapras has a 1% chance of being found. Aeroswine has a 1 in 200 chance of being found.

    Purdy rare. I'll make an evolution later today.
  6. [​IMG]

    I added it's evolution. Requires leveling the Aeroswine up while it's holding Macho Brace.

    I have no stats; not even a NAME. I'll get to that later.
  7. niiiiiiice. and....manoswine? xD
  8. My friend suggested Baconman. >_>
  9. That evolution made me laugh one hell of a lot. I'd have thought the names Superig or Bacape could work.
  10. Superig? I like.

    Aeroswine -> Superig upon leveling up with a Macho Brace held.

    Now, rough estimates on the stats:

    HP: Medium Low
    Attack: Average
    Defense: Low
    Special Attack: Medium Low
    Special Defense: Very Low (max 189, maybe)
    Speed: Low

    Almost Sunkern bad, but not quite.

    HP: Medium
    Attack: Very High
    Defense: Medium
    Special Attack: Medium Low
    Special Defense: Medium Low
    Speed: Medium High

    That's better. Both possess the Wonder Guard ability to add to the superhero-ness (or, in Aeroswine's case, the unreality...ness). They're Ghost and Flying, both of 'em. Superig, however, learns a wide variety of attacks, like Fighting attacks and the elemental punches. The Ghost/Flying combo is weak to Ice, Electric, Rock, Dark, and Ghost, so it shouldn't be too hard to hurt it (Ice Beam and Thunderbolt are wicked common, Rock moves are becoming popular with the rise of Rhyperior, D/P added a ton of Dark moves to the game, and the only uncommon one is Ghost). Even then, it's defenses are weak and it's HP is merely average.

    Wait. A superhero with low defenses?

    Combine it with Wonder Guard. It's just like Superman! He's impervious to everything humans can throw at him (thank GOD he's on our side), much like Wonder Guard works. Expose him to Kryptonite, though, and he's crippled. Expose Superig to Electric, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Ghost? Same thing. I LOVE it!

    Aaaaand now some more sprites for the fun of it.


    Batgirl! I did it in the TC Maker topic to make this one forumgoer's Batgirl sprite to look more D/Pish. Maylene's pretty skinny, huh?

    And now, two Gym Leaders from an RPG my friend and I are doing via AIM:


    Kagemusha, the Poison user, is the first up. His real name is Frank. He's a Japanophile that still lives with his mother (his mother being the person who solicits the information). He guards the Spiritbadge (which I'm spriting) and relinquishes the Sludge Bomb TM upon defeat. He comes at you with a level 14 Koffing, a level 14 Grimer, and a level 16 Ariados (HAXXED).

    His defeat is pretty funny.

    Kagemusha: I have been defeated...I must slink into the shadows...HYA! *disappears in a huff of smoke*
    Woman: FRANK!!
    Kagemusha: *reappears* ...Mom?
    Woman: Frank, did you lose again?! Ugh! I swear! And you call yourself a Gym Leader. You're still living in our basement, for crying out loud!
    Kagemusha: Mom, you're embarassing me!
    Woman: I don't care! Now are you gonna give this nice young Trainer the badge or not?
    Kagemusha: ...Yes, Mom.
    [Player] recieved the Spiritbadge!
    Woman: That's better. And give them that TM you obsess over. It's filthy. I hate it.
    Kagemusha: BUT MOM-
    Woman: NO BUTS!!
    Kagemusha: ...Yes, Mom.
    [Player] recieved TM36 SLUDGE BOMB!
    Woman: Sigh...And while you were battling, your food got cold. And I spent an hour cooking it! Huff. *turns to player* Thank you for showing my son a lesson. Enjoy your new Badge!
    Kagemusha: Mooooom...


    And here's the second Gym Leader, Leah.
    She's a Grass type user. She's very eccentric and she's a fanatic about gardening. She uses three Pokemon like Kagemusha: A level 20 Leafeon, a level 18 Carnivine, and a level 22 Bayleef.

    Her Gym reflects her nuttiness. She does exactly what Mew did on Faraway Island - she plays hide and seek! In each room, there are three seperate paths. Two of them end in Trainers, and the third ends in the door to the next room. There are three rooms you'll have to cross to get to Leah (although you're more than welcome to go back and fight other Trainers).

    Upon defeating her, she gladly hands over the Sproutbadge. However, when she realizes she doesn't have a TM to give you, she instead lets you walk into her garden, where there are two Sitrus plants (3 berries each), two Lum plants (2 berries each) and a very rare Ganlon plant (with one berry) awaiting you. That's a nice prize!


    I wrote a lot. >_> Enjoy!
  11. I'm glad you like the name Superig.

    Those details you came up with about the two stages is pretty damn nifty. Now all that's needed is set total for untrained and trained at neutral natures when at level 100 and you're good to go, heh.

    The ninja Gym Leader look great, he reminds me of a slightly more hermit-like Koga. Nice.
  12. Y'know, I'm not liking Leah so much.

    Can anybody offer some suggestions to make it look better? I'm not the best spriter; as you can see, the base is just a female Ace Trainer on the mountains. At least Kagemusha doesn't look anything like the Galactic Grunt I used.


    EDIT: On an aside, which forum would I put the finished Aeroswine and Superig in? With complete stats and movesets?
  13. Not a clue on the forum to place them. I assume here would be as good as any, and if you came up with learnable moves at certain levels and TM/HM lists I'd be impressed.

    At any rate you've not mentioned your stance of requests. Do you take them? If so I have one which you may find interesting.
  14. Hrm...I would, but honestly, don't expect much. Spriting is not my forte.

    You can place a request, and if I accept it, I still won't get it to you for a day or two. I owe Xela that third evolution.

    I should probably post those sprites here.

    Anyway, when I get Dracoraptor done, I'm going to make the movelist for all five Fakemon that I've sprited.

    What's the request?
  15. I'd quite like a Fire/Grass type as it's not exactly 'common' and as such seems like an interesting idea. I've already had an idea for a Fire/Water type with a critter that looks like a mountain with a hot springs on its back, so a Fire/Grass to complement it, in a chain of three evolutions, would be quite nice. If you could think of one I'd quite appreciate it.

    Plus from what I've seen so far, especially with Superig, your sprites have quite the 'damn awesome' factor.
  16. A chain of three? >_o Can it be two?
  17. Time for Mr.Critic!!! Okay, Aeroswine is great but it only looks like it has one wing...and the wing looks weird. Also, cape man could use some bottom shading....Other than that, all of your sprites are awesome! I especially like the avi one.
  18. A chain of two would work. I just asked for a chain of three to match my ideas of the hot springs critter which is also a chain of three. They're vaguely like strange starters.
  19. How's this for an idea:

    The Pokemon will be a tree Pokemon that was light on fire by a forest fire and has gained a bitter resentment against all humanity. Or maybe a scarecrow that's on fire.

    AH! YEAH! That would be cool! If it's a two-stager, I'd like to do a Baby stage and a Basic stage...I think it'd work better that way.

    But that kinda ruins what you were going for, doesn't it >_>
  20. Well I'm especially digging the idea of a scarecrow that's on fire. That in itself rocks. Doing a 'baby' kind of evo would essentially be like the initial form of a starter (as long as there's no egg shell visible) so that's fine. Doing two forms is fair enough, as if it wasn't any hassle later on you could add the third.
  21. All right. I'll give it a shot, but give me a LONG time to do it...Like uh...A week should be the most time before you get pissed. I'll try to have it no later than Wednesday, but don't flip if it's not there by then.

    It just takes me a while to get a sprite "just right" because I'm not as skilled as people like that Spriteon girl. DAMN, she's good. So gimme a liddle leeway, please. v_v
  22. hey, it's xanthier. he's usually patient. especially with requests.
  23. Yep, I don't mind waiting at all. I'm not exactly in a rush for it, so please feel free to take your time.
  24. Thank you muchly. ^^

    I have some new sprites. None of them have been requested >____>

    This is Volt, of my RPG. He's the leader of the Rocket Revival and he uses an Electivire.


    Neato, huh?

    I also updated Leah's hair to make it less normal.


    No biggie.


    ^ That is Rocky, the third Gym Leader I've sprited. He's a Rock-type user and he's a fanatic about Rock Smash. He defends the Crushbadge. He uses steel gloves to Rock Smash his Pokemon - if his Rock types can withstand a move specifically designed for crushing them, then there's no limit to what they can do (in his mind)!

    He's BALD. :O


    And lastly, these are the Pokemon I've sprited for Xela Otoku so far. The lil' one is Eggraptor and the big one is Raptoryx. The one I'll sprite tomorrow is Dracoraptor, and then I'll get to work on some FLAMIN' SCARECROWS X3

    Raptoryx's name is such an obscure, BTW. After the release of Jurassic Park 3, all kinds of Jurassic Park toys were produced. One particular series involved fusions of two dinosaurs to make a new one, much like how Reia (WHO LIKES PINK :O) fused Tyrogue and Darkrai to make Tyrai.
    There was one particularly awesome dinosaur that I wanted and never got which was the fusion of a Velociraptor and an Archaeopteryx. It was named Velociraptoryx. Drop the Veloci- part and you have the little critter up there >_>

    I'm such a nerd XD
  26. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    These sprites are well done, the poisin gym leader skit you made made me laugh anyway, keep making thoses' sprites.
  27. I really like Volt. >_> Very creative design. Reminds me of an Earthbound villain somehow. And I mean that in a very good way--I loved that game.

    Rocky. XD The shiny head is just... priceless.
  28. One particular series involved fusions of two dinosaurs to make a new one, much like how Reia (WHO LIKES PINK :O) fused Tyrogue and Darkrai to make Tyrai.


    Yeah. You just /want/ me to stop recoloring, and editing my sprites, don't you? -_-; I can. And I will if you keep saying that. ;)
  29. No you won't. ^_^
  30. [​IMG]

    I called him Skareky. I have NO idea what to name him.

    Very Darkrai-based, with Carnivine and Charmander colors.
  32. Nice sprite there Ozzybeans! As for a name, I would have thought Flarecrow was obvious! :3 I'm most definitely looking forward to seeing the other one.
  33. Cool, Scarecrow, Ozzy! And Reia; Don't stop...! You're an awesome spriter.
    You are as well, Ozzy. ;D
  34. Then tell Ozzy to stop bugging me.

    Ozzy, can you make a Dark/Ghost Fakemon? Or a Dark/Dragon... Well, anything that's a Dark-Type! xD
  35. Stop bugging her, Ozzy. There. I hope that worked, Reia! Hehe...Probly won't, though.
  36. Hey, I thought I responded to Reia's post. It didn't show up! Weird. I'll try again.

    Do I HAVE to make a Fakemon? Look in Xela Otoku's sprite thread. I did a three-stage Dark/Dragon set for her in exchange for badges that I have yet to see. >_>

    It's a Dark/Dragon, so it conveniently fits your request. However, you will see that Fakemon aren't my thing.

    Go look in my RPG topic, though (page 2, I believe), and look at the sprite I did for my OC, Volt. That's proof that non-cosplaying Trainers are my thing. If you want a Trainer, that's NOT a cosplayer (I tried. Didn't work.), I can do that for you.

  37. Okay, I'll do Pokemon. xP And you do trainers. Could you do a Trainer that looks like this?:


    It's one of my other other charries. xD
  38. Other other? Nice. Did you pixelart that? That looks like an anime character O_O

    Oh, and I can totally do that.
  39. It /is/ an anime character, only recolored. xD No, I found it on a pokemon Website and recolored the original picture. it was hard, I think it was a JPG picture. xP
  40. I like how this turned out because it looks nice and helped me recognize one of my weaknesses: Hair. The hair looks nothing like your recolored Tracey hair there. But he still looks cool.



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