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DPPt/HGSS 'Oy. It's Sonjo's Trade Thread.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Trainer Sonjo, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Welcome. I've been seeking some Pokemon for quite some time now, and I want them now that I have a Wi-Fi connection. I'm got some Pokemon up to trade, and they're some I've been stocking up on. So, without further delay, come and take a look. ( My Friendcode: 3136 4138 9613 )

    -UPDATES (8/27/07)-
    Unexpectedly, I came across a Latios on my Sapphire Version. It's been taken off my 'Pokemon Wanted List'.

    In addition, I've also recieved Aipom, Turtwig, and Solrock from my list in exchange for my Articuno, Zapdos, and Cressilia. Lists updated accordingly.

    First Trade: Suscessfull!
    Second Trade: Pending. (Prodiguy)

    -Pokemon Up for Trade-

    ~Regice~ Reserved.
    ~Registeel~ Reserved.
    ~Regirock~ Reserved.

    !~Other Pokemon~!
    ~Weavile (Male)
    ~Mismagius (Male)
    ~Rhyperior (Male)~ Reserved.
    ~Delibird (Male)
    ~Magnezone ~ Reserved.
    ~Gengar (Male)
    ~Snorlax (Male)
    ~Marcargo (Male)

    -Wanted Pokemon-
    ~Zangoose (Female)~ Offered.
    ~Smeargle (Male)~ Offered.
    ~Breloom (Female)
    ~Sunkurn (Either Gender) ~Offered.
    ~Gligar (Male) ~Offered.
    ~Pineco (Male) ~Offered.
    ~Duskull (Male) ~Offered.
    ~Mawile (Female) ~Offered.

    -Wanted Items-

    Let the tradings... Begin~!
  2. I think you made this way too easy for me, buddy-boy. ^__^

    I can get you six of the Pokemon on your list-


    Also, I MAY be able to get Hitmontop- The Tyrogue I caught has equal defense and attack.My FC is on the left- Just tell me which you want and when. ^__^

    The only Pokemon I REALLY want are Magnezone and Rypherior, so if you want, you could just trade Bidoofs or Starlys for the others.
  3. Sounds good, Prod-San.

    See you as soon as I can. (Feel free to Pm for the times.) ;)
  4. I have a Female Mawile. Can I have that Weavile for it? The Mawile is lv 37. Careful Nature. Likes to Relax. Hp 95, Attack 78, Defense 75, Special Attack 48, Special Defense 53, Speed 48. Ability: Intimidate. Knows Faint Attack, Secret Power, Sweet Scent XD, and Crunch. Sorry for the extra junk.
  5. I can get you a Smeagle, Gligar, Pineco, and Sunkern.
    Could I get Moltres, The Three Regis?
  6. To ShadoPikachu: Sorry, but Prod-San already offered his Mawile.

    To Plapti: Once again, Prodiguy has offered his Smeargle. In addition, my Moltres has been traded away. I will, however,trade you for Gligar, Pineco, and Sunkern for the Regi Trio.
  7. Yeh that's fine. I'll PM you when I'm ready. I shan't be long.

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