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Ask to Join Overwatch: Watching Over

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dead account, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Alright, i have been on Charms for a couple months, it's time i made a roleplay

    This happens after Wintstone Recall the overwatch agents

    "Is this thing on?" RESET "fellow Overwatch agents" Reset "Hello?" Reset "Hello Overwatch agents..ugh you, you know what? *drops papers* i need you... they disbanded us.. even went such to call us criminal! BUT LOOK AROUND THE WORLD, they need us more than ever! ... Are you with me?"

    Alright... Rules:
    1. Pokecharms rules ((you saw that coming))
    2. If you want romance.. nothing more than a kiss..
    3. Okay for violence, but no description. . Please
    4. Please. Respect your fellow roleplayers
    5. Also if you are a character that already exists, make sure you have their personality right
    6. Paragraph long posts


    For an existing character:
    Just ask

    Created characters :
    Name (full):
    Organization ((blackwatch, overwatch, Talon)):
    Appearance :
    Personality :
    Back story:
    Powers/equipment :

    My bios

    I am Genji and Tracer


    Name: Samuel Fuel Jackson ((Sam Fu for short))
    Codename: Quick slash
    Class: Dps
    Nationality : American
    Age: 16
    Organization : New in Overwatch ((still called a rookie amongst the members))
    Appearance : He has a back machine ((on his back of course)) wich holds his weapons, his suit looks strangely like Deathstroke's suit ((Teen Titans Go)), but instead of orange and black its Red and Blue, he wears a mask, and under it he has white hair and three scars, one on his right eye, one on his forhead and one on his left eye , when he joined Overwatch he had his mask on, no one knows of what is behind his mask

    Personality : Very relaxed and calm, almost always serious and he is very , very short tempered
    Backstory: When he was a kid, the omnic crisis was still going on, and omnic , used its laser sword to try and Kill Samuel , Sam dodged but took a hit, then another and another ((wich explains his scars))
    He then traveled to Numbani, but it was not better, until he reached Overwatch

    Powers/Equipment : On his boots Sam has accelerators wich make him go light speed ((not litteraly. Just really fast)) , his back machine has his weapons inside, ((Double laser sword)), and on his chest, there are pockets that are hard to spot, his has mini Submachine guns, that had what could be seen out side the pocket camouflaged

    @j o n a h
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Can I have Reinhardt and Winston

    Name (full): Canis-Lupus Arctos
    Codename: White Wolf
    Age: 19
    Nationality: American
    Organization: Overwatch
    Class: Damage
    Appearance: Tall, muscular but still kind of slender. He has white-grey hair and goatee, yellow eyes. He wears a full body white suit,similar to Genji's, the helmet however is in the shape of a wolf and he has a bushy tail for aesthetic reasons. When chilling he wears grey joggers, a black tank-top and shades.
    Personality: Loyal, ambitious, gentle, kind and protective.
    Back story: Cane was working in the military, he was in the black ops division of the Ilios army. He was on a bomb defusal mission went it went wrong, his limbs and face were horribly damaged, resulting in his prosthetic, he was approached by Overwatch and they agreed to help boost his prosthetic if he worked with them.
    Powers/equipment: Dual prosthetic arms that have retractable claws on each finger. He also has prosthetic legs that boost his speed and jumping abilities and he has one prosthetic eye.

    Fun Fact: Canis Lupus Arctos is the scientific name for an Arctic Fox.
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  3. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Accepted! I'll make the roleplay soon!
  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Oh I edited my post at the top, not sure if you saw it.
  5. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Yes you can have those two aswell
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  6. Name: Shao Jiang (not sure on middle names in China)
    Codename: Aerodyne
    Class: Damage
    Nationality: Chinese (Hong Kong)
    Age: 20
    Organization: Overwatch
    Appearance: Having so much gel on his black hair causes it to stick forward- nearly to the point of if it was to break it would cover his whole face. On his tanned face, Jiang has hazel-coloured eyes below thin eyebrows that always suggest a sarcastic look. Also to add, what would be expected of most Overwatch agents: his musculature and weight is pretty good- and to also add that isn't suspected, his height is rather tall, standing at 6'1".
    His hero outfit is surprisingly simple and surprisingly defensive for just a dark-grey t-shirt, baggy khaki shorts and black leather boots- with a few technological enhancements. The reason it keeps Jiang alive is that it's covered in small circular devices on the inside that act like hidden armour, emitting a layer to his body like similar to Brigitte's shield. He also has a quiver on his back- with the bottom torn off neatly to support his spear when he's not using it. And the rest of his outfit enhancements include two small jetpack engines allowing him to move with speed and small robotic pockets that can extend out to arms reach, they carry all sorts of things.
    When he's without a mission to be on, he'll wear a lot of things, but commonly it's a frog jacket, a t-shirt and jeans, his shoes are converses.
    Personality: Jiang isn't exactly confident, but not shy either- he likes to be friendly to people who interact with him, he won't purposely try to make conversation. From more of his personality, an area that shines is his mysterious aura, it's as if he's always keeping secrets. One of his secrets are his motives, nobody knows really what he joined Overwatch for or what his targets are.
    Backstory: N/A (I'd rather leave this to be revealed)
    Powers/equipment: His main way of fighting is his Spear Of Envy- it has a rod made of expensive materials- shining a gold colour and silver colour, and then at the top, it branches off into four smaller rods, which can create a cyan-coloured solid light spear-blade (the stuff that Hanzo's and Symmetra's dragon and beam are made of respectively).
    His small jetpacks that have been mentioned in his appearance are on his shoulder blades: they allow him to use most of his abilities (as in in-game).
    And for a melee attack, he has a small knife in one of his robotic pockets.

    I'd also like to put what his abilities would be in game so you have an idea of what his attack methods may contain.
    (Left Click, RT, etc) : Aerodyne slashes his Spear Of Envy slightly faster than Genji's Dragonblade. Works similar, but with much less damage but causing a bleeding effect (slow short health drain) (In RP, this would only cause someone to bleed, and really only if it hit skin)
    (Right Click, LT, etc) : Working like how Bastion's and Pharah's abilities of the same button recharges, Aerodyne will run forward, with his spear infront of him, ready to pierce through his opponents. He can also run up walls with this. However, to recharge the gauge fully, it takes about 10 seconds. (It's not quite a stab.)
    (L-Shift, LB, etc) : -
    (E, RB, etc) : -
    (Q, (Y), etc) (Ultimate) : Five AIs are created, the same as Aerodyne, but they don't deal damage although they use his abilties. They react exactly the same to damage, and can die. They all cause a small explosion and die after a period of time. (in RP, it's using immense speed with his jetpacks. They can charge to this mode over time like an Ultimate would)

    I'm gonna come up with his other 2 abilities later. (not necessary for now though)

    I'd also like to take D.Va, Junkrat and Roadhog please.
    And I have a few suggestions for the bios: what about nationality and class?
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  7. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Accepted! I added class and nationality
  8. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Hana Song isn't from Overwatch, did she leave and Jiang went there or do we make D.va part of Overwatch?
  9. Oh yeah, you do have a good point there. (I got a bit ahead of myself)

    I have an idea though:
    Jeong worked for Overwatch before the forced disband by law, and when Winston did the call to them all, the former hero was too glad to be back on the team. He had made an ally of D.Va (or so he calls it, he just means friend), so he invited her to come with him to sign up to Overwatch, since Winston wanted as many agents as possible. After hesitation (D.Va didn't want her reputation to go down because of illegal activity), she finally joined.

    Sound good?
  10. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    You know what , that actually sounds good! So yes

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