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Open Overwatch: The Talons of a Reaper

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    You are all officially the recruits of Overwatch. You have got through training that has pushed your mind and body to the absolute limit. Our goal is to put an end to the terrorists of Talon, led by my old enemy. We call him Reaper now. He's accompanied by several hundred soldiers, the assassin known as Widowmaker, the villainous Doomfist, the intelligent Moira, and the cunning Sombra. We've also heard of alliances with the criminal duo Junkrat and Roadhog. You all have the small bits of information we own on these villains on the computers in your barracks. Now then... remember my words. You are the best of the strongest, the quickest, and the smartest! The odds don't matter to you! We will succeed! Who are we?!?!


    Here are a few rules:
    - Up to two OC's per person.
    - Focus the Charms rules people. Here are a few that I think are most important:
    - Remimber yer gremmar
    - No Mary Sue-ing.
    - Your OC's can either be a part of Overwatch or Talon.
    - You don't have to have an OC; you can have official characters.
    - I will be taking Reaper and 76. I will unofficially control all canon characters until they are claimed by other RPers.

    Character Template (This is also my character template):

    Dexin (Dex) Veriser
    Codename: Heel
    Role: Damage
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black hair, neon teal eyes; about 5'4"
    Gear: Wears armor he calls the "Thunder Achilles"; Electric conducted, lighter and stronger than titanium; neon blue and light gunmetal padding over black shirt and dark navy jeans; the armor uses his power to his advantage, amplifying it. Also possesses the "Multi-Weapon", a tool powered by him; it has a firearm function that fires sparks that are about half as strong as bullets; can fire 50 loads before a recharge at 6 shots per second; can also morph and generate a three foot energy blade. After the start of the RP, he will be sporting a bulky prosthetic foot that looks more like a small boot. Heel designed it with multiple features, such as a tiny rocket to make himself run faster, artificial nerves to connect it to his brain, and a snack pocket.
    Personality: Eager to prove age doesn't matter, and confident in the abilities of himself and his allies; secretly an Overwatch fanboy; analytical to the point where he might spend half the battle thinking about a strategy; also likes to cover problems and conflict with humor
    Backstory and Skills: Dexin grew up in a tough neighborhood. As an orphaned child prodigy without much friends, he dumpster-dove for gear. In a freak accident working with a generator, he was zapped by five different batteries. After constant exposure to electricity combined with the accident, he now had small control over electric waves, and could generate sparks. His abilities would only grow stronger with time. It also gifts him with light technopathy, the skill of communicating with machines. He found opportunity in a tournament for homemade fighting robots. He created a humanoid minibot that he called Achilles. Breezing through the tournament, he won easily, only having difficulty in the final round, at the cost of Achilles being nearly destroyed in the final round against a strange woman. He was pulled aside after the tournament, it being revealed to be a test by Overwatch to find new recruits. The woman was revealed to be D.Va, who had gone easy on him. He learned to milk his supernatural abilities to their full potential, being able to shoot sparks and power machinery. He learned basic sword fighting from Genji, and light shooting from Tracer. He chose to name himself Heel after his minibot Achilles, thinking that he would be the unseen weakness that would eat out his enemies with the perfect shot.
    Special Ability I: Multi-Weapon Spark Blaster: Heel can deliver a storm of sparks using his weapon.
    Special Ability II: Multi-Weapon Spark Blade: With a rush of energy, he can quickly plow through those who are in his path with a heavy swing of a short sword.
    Special Ability III: Lightning Jump: Heel becomes electricity for less than a second, jumping forward in the direction he's facing.
    Ultimate: Final Pulse: Enemy weapons and skills are disabled with an EMP until Heel blinks, causing him to lose focus. It will also be disabled if he loses focus another way.

    @Galacta Ace
    Here it is. You got Tracer, if you still want her.
    #1 Pro Hero Dekiru, Jul 29, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2018
  2. Does having an official character take up one of your 2 OC spots? In other words, could I have D.Va and 2 OCs?
  3. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    No; you can have D.Va and 2 OC's. If you want. I took my OC, along with 76 and Reaper.
  4. Ok, thanks, well, here are my OCs

    Name: Colin Leoloupe
    Codename: Racer
    Role: Attack
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Flat purple hair, near enough like Guzma's. His eyes are narrow and his mouth is usually in a cunning smile. His face is tanned, and thin. Height-wise, he is 6'7", and very slim.
    Gear: He wears a white vest, and light brown large army-style camo shorts, with a knife in a pocket on the left and the right, both having lime green blades. On his arms are purple armour, and on his feet are brown boots with silver Lucio-ish blade things on the bottom.
    Personality: He acts a bit over-dramatic and creepy, which is usually intimidating, however, he's a very good friend once you get to know him. In a battle, he's always one step ahead, having a plan thought out in advance.
    Backstory and Skills: Racer has been working for Overwatch since it started. No-one has a clue on what his past includes, but it's easy to tell that it must be quite messed up. During his time at Overwatch, he's been one of the most loyal members, and well-trained, too, even though he's a bit intimidating, and new members usually stay away from him. His weapon is a gun that looks hand-crafted, to look like a snake (even though it looks more like a crocodile), and it can fire large homing snake-shaped (no, not crocodile-shaped) bullets that open up their jaw before hitting a victim, which injects venom. The gun can somehow hold up to 10 of them at once, and they don't fire in fast repetition.
    Special Ability I: From Below!: 2-3 small snake-like robots appear out of his boots and slither across the floor, they burn up after a few seconds. If one senses a target, they will chase them and if caught, wrap around their legs. It is harmless when they burn up.
    Special Ability II: Can't Catch Me!: Racer will put his foot upwards, and his blade will shape into a small rocket, pushing him backwards.
    Passive Ability: Blade Boots: His blade boots allow him to have a personal speed boost, making him one of the fastest heroes.
    Ultimate: The Shedding: Using a technology, it sends a weird white liquid up, out from his boots, and then it peels off, like a snake shedding its skin. This will fully heal him.

    decided to leave one for later
    Backstory and Skills:
    Special Ability I:
    Special Ability II:
    Special Ability III:

    Official Characters: D.Va
  5. Name: Annabeth (Annie) Trevisan
    Role: Damage
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'9" medium length black hair tied in a ponytail, sea green eyes, olive tanned skin
    Gear: She has a cybernetic prosthesis in place of her left arm from the shoulder down, which can be detached when repairs are needed. For comabt, she wears a black full bodysuit underneath her armor. From her the top stomach up to the top of her chest and around her back, she wears a Kevlar armor for protection. This armor also extends down her arms to help reinforce the strength of her prosthesis as to not put too much of a strain on herself. From the waist down, she wears matching armor covering her thighs, calves, shins and feet (sort of like Zarya but not as big and bulky). Her weapons include an SMG (FN P90) and her prosthetic arm, which can turn into a cannon only when absolutely necessary. When out of combat, she still wears a full bodysuit, just in case of sudden missions. Over the bodysuit, she wears shorts and loose tank tops.
    Personality: Annabeth usually closed off about her past, refusing to talk about and getting upset when someone brings it up. Most of the time, she’s calm, cool and collected and analytical.
    Backstory: Annabeth’s history shares some similarities with that of Akande Ogundimu, Doomfist. Her parents worked for the same company that Ogundimu’s parents owned, working on prosthetic technology. In the confusion of the Omnic Crisis, she lost her left arm when a building she was in collapsed. She also lost her parents in the same incident. Some people at the company who knew Annabeth felt sorry for her and created a prosthetic arm for her. It wasn’t as powerful as Ogundimu’s but it served Annabeth well. Eventually, Annabeth left Numbani an dheaded back to the states as that was where she was originally from. Back in the states, Annabeth was on her own, living on the streets and fighting and stealing to survive. She traveled across the country to avoid law enforcement. She ended up in Colorado where she heard about a former Overwatch facility in the Rocky Mountains. One night, she traveled to the facility and it looked abandoned. Annabeth planned on taking some of the technology and sell some of it. As she was sneaking through the facility, Annabeth was confronted Winston. During the confrontation, Annabeth pulled her SMG on the gorilla but Winston quickly releaved her of it without harming her. Winston threatened to throw her in prison if she didn’t tell him why she was in the facility. For some reason, maybe it was Winston’s calm tone and mannerisms, Annabeth told him about her past. Winston listened without interrupting and sympathy, something she appreciated. Instead of turning her in, he offered her a spot on the Overwatch team, where she could have a home and hone her skills for good. She accepted and spent time training and modifying her prosthetic with help from Winston.
    Skills: Annabeth has sufficient skills in stealth and infiltration, hand-to-hand combat, and excellent marksman skills.
    Special Ability I: Grapple - Annabeth shoots out her prosthetic hand and pulls herself to a target location (Max range: 25m)
    Special Ability II: Grenade Salvo - Annabeth's SMG is modified to allow for grenades to be shot from underneath the barrel. She shoots out 5 grenades in rapid succession in one direction.
    Special Ability III: Mini Shield - Annabeth can activate a small personal shield for 3 seconds from her prosthetic (Roughly half the size of Brigitte's barrier shield) to absorb all damage that hits the shield. She can move the shield to cover different areas of her body or other people/objects.
    Ultimate: Ion Cannon - Her cybernetic prosthesis transforms into the a slender ion cannon. After a second and a half of charging, a charged beam of energy is released in the direction that she is aiming. Her movements are impaired during the charge up time, but only reduced during the firing duration (5 seconds).

    I would also like to RP Winston.
  6. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Both of you are good.
  7. Alright, I suppose it's time to get in my fan made spy character that I have been waiting to use in an Overwatch RP.

    Name: His name is Shiro Ito, as his model name is T-S301.
    Codename: His codename is Supai.
    Organization: Talon (Formerly); Overwatch (Present)
    Role: Damage / ATK
    Age: His age is estimated to be around three years old.
    Gender: Although machines likely have no gender, he is referred to as a male due to his masculine characteristics.
    Appearance: Shiro stands at a short height of 2'4" and weighs roughly about 55 pounds. He has a daisy white, metallic body to assist in the protection against generic attacks, while also being lightweight to allow for ease of movement. His head to body ratio is modest, as he has two small, pale red beady eyes and a somewhat bigger eye being near his forehead in the center area. Along with that, he has a nose composing of a tiny, black dot and a small mouth lacking teeth. His small arms and legs each have five fingers and toes on their respectable hands and feet.
    Gear: Shiro has a hidden, foldable Glock 26 modified to hold a special dart below the barrel, as the small weapon is concealed in his left arm. He also has a covert, titanium blade hidden in his right arm. Aside from his weapons, he does not carry around other gear due to a dislike of carrying around heavier and numerous items at once. Due to being a robot after all, he does not wear any sort of clothing or armor as a result of his metallic body already serving the much needed purpose of protection.
    Personality: Due to Shiro's mindset being barely developed, he has difficulty expressing himself with verbal speech. He tends to have some quirky habits that he does when he thinks no one is around, such as sniffing his hands from time to time. He is often seen attempting to do everything he can on his own, as he does not take orders as much due to significant distrust towards the council of Talon.
    Backstory: Shiro's history as a young boy remains in a dense mist of enigma. However, a significant event found in his records shows that he was killed at the age of two when he found himself in the unfortunate event of a crossfire between Talon's force and a former Overwatch agent. Shiro's consciousness was brought back to life in a new, robotic body after a member of Talon expressed pity towards the deceased child. His body was designed to be simplistic, childlike, but still having good combat performance to appeal to citizens, which in turn would allow Talon to perform operations with better efficiency. A week after turning three years old and finding out the harsh truth, he decided to betray Talon by disclosing the location of the next operation to the police, before fleeing on the day of the operation. A few days after disappearing from the terrorist organization, Shiro was confronted by Reinhardt after the knight noticed the robot sneaking towards the barracks. After the little droid failed to put up a decent opposition against Reinhardt's weakened force, the knight decided to allow Shiro to join the organization of Overwatch after having a lengthy moment of listening to Shiro's past and aimless, future intentions. However, the robot has yet to reveal the mysteries behind his former organization.
    Skills: Shiro is excelled in the field of stealth operations and infiltrating behind enemy lines, along with being able to deal with the times of close quarters combat more effectively.
    Special Ability I: Wind Walker - Supai becomes partially invisible and gains a slight boost in movement speed, along with a somewhat decreased volume of movement sounds. Additionally, turrets and traps cannot target Supai from up to ten meters, as killing a target disables Supai's camouflage however.
    Special Ability II: Debilitation - Supai assaults the target with a swift, powerful strike from his hidden blade that causes the target's vision to distort for a brief moment. If the target is attacked from behind, the target loses half of their HP, armor and shields. This ability is best used against stray, unaware targets.
    Special Ability III: Unerring Shot - Supai takes a sharp, lengthy aim at the target and fires, which will hit without fail if the target is severely wounded. If the target is critically injured, the target takes damage equal to 200% of their HP, armor and shields.
    Ultimate: Blast of Betrayal - Supai fires a small dart containing a large amount of epinephrine at the target. Once the dart hits the target, the target's HP, armor and shields are restored to max capacity, but the target will attack its allies without control for a brief moment.
  8. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Accepted. Any canon characters?
  9. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

  10. Oh, I will not be RPing any canon characters, I would prefer to have only one character for the RP.
  11. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

  12. hope this is good
    Name: Natalia Hammond
    Code name: Owl
    Organisation: Talon
    Role: Damage/ ATK
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: "5'4" short red hair freckles. white skin
    Gear: A owl mask with the ability to see use night vision and thermal vision, An assault rifle that can have a scope put on and off, Cybernetic amour an two wings that can be used to glide, flash and smoke grenades and a desert eagle.
    Personality: Natalia is bubbly and happy but a bit dumb. She doesn't enjoy killing but if necessary will do it. Natalia will follow orders without hesitation.
    Backstory: As a child when Natalia was only one there house was attacked by blackwatch due to her mothers study in nanobots Blackwatch attacked her family and killed her parents and shot her brother. And took her as a baby and raised her. When blackwatch was disbanded. Reaper kept her and trained her to be a soldier. When Talon formed he made Natalia into a general. Natalia believes Overwac killed her family and has a deep hatred for them.
    Skills: Natalia is great at hitting headshots.
    Special Ability 1: Scope on Natalia puts the scope on their assault rifle so she has much more range.
    Special Ability 2: Smoke grenade Natalia throws a grenade that explodes into a smokey cloud. That enemies can't see through.
    Special Ability 3: Flash bang Natalia throws a grenade that explodes into a flash of light blinding enemies for 7 seconds.
    Ultimate: Owl vision Natalia can see people through walls using her Thermal vision and for the next 10 minutes all the enemies can be seen by their whole team through walls.
  13. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

  14. @Kiraru I just want to make sure I read your post correctly. Your character became visible inside Winston’s lab?
  15. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    2ND OC:
    Name: Satina Rhoulais
    Codename: Blitz
    Role: Tank
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Talon
    Appearance: Dark brown hair with reddish eyes; German, about 6'2"
    Gear: Wears a weaponized suit called the Brimstone Armor. Large and bulky, it's dark scarlet with glowing neon orange and yellow accents. The armor is humanoid with a helmet that resembles the flame of a candle. It gives her 1/2 foot of extra height, and has the capability to shoot flames and bullets.
    Personality: Satina is cocky and confident; the Overwatch version of Silver from Pokemon, if you will. she looks down on those who she overcomes, and despises Overwatch. She likes to overwhelm her opponents with everything she has, later regretting it due to overloading of her body, or her weapons.
    Backstory and Skills: Satina's parents worked for Overwatch as two excellent programmers, and she grew up hoping to follow in their footsteps. When Overwatch fell for the first time, the explosion that obliterated the base killed them. She was found be Reaper, kidnapped, and brainwashed into thinking that they killed her parents, and the Overwatch was the enemy. All memories of them working for the enemy of Talon was wiped clean from her memory. Raised as a living weapon, she was taught to obliterate everybody who stood in her way without question. The Brimstone Armor was made specifically for her, and traveled to a warehouse with Widowmaker to pick it up. Studying the schematics, she'd soon understand how to pilot the mech the moment she jumps into it.
    Special Ability I: Rain of Hell: Blitz can fire two automatic firearms out of both of her mech's hands, either one at a time, or both at once.
    Special Ability II: Wall of Magma: The armor will put up a wall of protection that can take heavy fire, and scorch those who touch it. Bullets can be fired by the shield, but one at a time.
    Special Ability III: Force of Hand: Blitz can lock onto machinery and pull them a foot closer to her. If they reach her, she lets loose a flamethrower that deals heavy damage to those closest to her; most of the damage is dealt to the unlucky victim.
    Ultimate: Burn Baby, Burn: A wave of fire is let loose that damages all enemies close to her. The machine will then power down, and engage defenses. The shoulders and forearms will open, and Blitz can poke her upper body out of the suit and fire a small pistol that spits flaming bullets. The armor takes thirty seconds to recharge, and she can pilot it again.
  16. Yes, that is correct. The camouflage only lasts for a brief amount of time.
  17. Tracer and Heel are currently in a warehouse, fighting against Widowmaker and Blitz.
  18. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I was about to ask where everybody else was (except for Racer and D.VA). Well, I think it would make the most sense if everyone was in Switzerland.
  19. @Battle Legend G.K. @Kiraru I know they are in a warehouse but where is the warehouse? And yeah, I was having Annabeth and Winston at the Swiss headquarters.
  20. My character is at the Swiss Headquarters as well, and he has no knowledge of the exact area since he only knows that the place is a warehouse. (Though he calls it something else since he does exactly have the greatest range of vocabulary.)
  21. I figure Winston would know since he talked with tracer and heel about the mission.
  22. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Yeah; I like I said, I think that the warehouse is a good distance away from the Overwatch base in Switzerland. Perhaps about a hundred miles, or so.
  23. Okay. Still in Switzerland. Got it.
  24. I kinda wonder how this will go since Supai is basically a walking intel with a mind of its own right now if I had to be honest.
  25. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Oh, in case anybody was wondering, the conversation between Heel and Widowmaker went like this:

    Hello, young one.
    Hello to you too.
    Oh, I feel bad fighting a French child.
    Oh, I'm not French. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.
  26. Yep, I know French so it was pretty easy for me to figure out. (Though I thought the third one meant like baby or kid, or like something along the lines of that.)
  27. Sorry for not writing a post until now. Didn’t receive notifications for some reason. :/
  28. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I thought I was the only one that happened to. Thank God.
  29. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Is anybody going to reply?
  30. I'll reply but i was gonna give the others the chance to reply.
  31. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

  32. @Battle Legend G.K. I've been on holiday (I mentioned it in my status and forgot to put it on the discussion, sorry!). I'll post soon.
  33. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

  34. @Battle Legend G.K.

    Really sorry, I know it might be inconvenient, but I can't really continue, it's kinda hard to do, would I be fine to write myself out?
  35. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Sure; I understand.
  36. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    I wanna be tracer if not ill be genji
  37. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Alexander (Alec) Blake
    Codename: Serenity
    Role: Support
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Overwatch
    Appearance: Lean yet muscular, tall, ginger hair and green eyes.
    Gear: Serenity wears a white suit with a black shirt and white tie. He has mechanical arms coming from his back which help him climb building and move rubble. He has a pistol.
    Personality: He is gentle and kind. He gets along well with other, and pretty much never gets angry.
    Backstory and Skills: Alec and his sister were born in Ilios. He was an avid mechanic and he built his arms to assist people, he had seen Overwatch on the TV and joined them a few years later.
    Special Ability I: Healing Pulse
    He fires a pulse from his pistol the heals an ally.
    Special Ability II: Slingshot
    He uses his mechanical arms to slingshot himself towards an enemy stunning them.
    Special Ability III: Robo-Bullet Punch
    His mechanical arms punch his enemy repeated for a few seconds.
    Ultimate: Booming Revival
    He slamming his mechanical arms into the ground sending a wave of energy that heals all allies close to him.

    Jasmine (Jaz) Blake
    Codename: Laser Edge
    Role: Damage
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Overwatch
    Appearance: Short, skinny, ginger hair and green eyes.
    Gear: Jaz wears short shorts, a white crop top and brown boots, she has a robotic bracer on her left arm and a prosthetic in place of her right. Her bracer creates a shield to protect her and her arm creates a laser blade, that runs up the length of her arm.
    Personality: Quirky, sweet and caring. She loves meeting new people, but unlike her brother she has a bit of a temper.
    Backstory and Skills: She was born in Ilios with her brother and after an accident she had to have her arm amputated, her brother built her the prosthetic and when she joined Overwatch with him, he made her the bracer.
    Special Ability I: Criss Cross
    She rapid slashes her blade back and forth at her opponent.
    Special Ability II: Shield Throw
    She throws her laser shield.
    Special Ability III: Silence
    She shoots a sleep dart from her index finger on her prosthetic.
    Ultimate: Spinning Fury
    She spins around and her blade sends out a wave of damage energy.

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