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Ask to Join Overwatch RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Radioactive_Microwave281, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Cheng Was training With His Scythe On Some Dummies, He Said
    "I Need Much Tougher Training, This Is Too easy." he Pulled Out His Scythe From the last one, And headed to the Lobby. Waiting For Something Interesting to happen.
  2. "Hi Cheng" said Philipp when he saw Cheng "How was your training?"
  3. when Cheng Saw Philip, he Said
    "Hi Philip. Training Was easy, As usual." he Sighed, As he Looked Over At Lucio And D.V.A., Who Were Playing Video games Together And Listening To Lucio's Music, he Said "welp, I think those Two Are in Love..."

    (Don't Judge Me, I Was Watching Ships Of Those Two...)
  4. "That's possible, but it's not our business" answered Philipp "I can wait until our next mission" he said excited
  5. An explosion could be heard in the distance. Smoke rose from a part of the overwatch facility. This was an attack. "Check that room!" Said shadow as he ordered his men to search the area for overwatch members.
  6. Philipp ran to the center of attack. He saw few talon's soldiers. "Cheng come on, we have to stop those soldiers" Philipp yelled and shot two of them
  7. "NO!!!" Shadow fired randomly at philipp, and managed to graze his shoulder. "HELP THOSE MEN!!!" Yelled shadow, motioning for a medic to help the two shot soldiers.
  8. Philipp was shot by Shadow but exoskeleton protected him. He jumped on Shadow and hit him in face
  9. Cheng Jumped Out, And Sliced up The Medic AND The Two Soldiers, He Shouted
    "PATHETIC! You Shall Not Defeat us!" he Changed His Scythe Into His Gun, And Teleported Near One of The Troops, And Shot Him Plus 2 More, They Died.
  10. Philipp grabbed one of soldiers and threw him on another one. Then he shot soldier who tried to kill Cheng. "Commander, can you send us reinforcements?" Asked Philipp to his mic "Of course, Philipp we are sending Genji" replied Winston
  11. "WAIT!!! STAND DOWN MEN!!! HOLD FIRE!!! Please, let my men go, just let them go, imprison or kill me if you want, just don't hurt them!" All the solidiers stood down and lowered the guns.
  12. "We will imprison all of you!" Yelled Philipp
  13. "GUYS! RUN!!! PLEASE!!!" The solidiers looked at each other, and then they cut and ran, straight through the hole the came through they used to get.
  14. Cheng pushed Philip Back, And Said To The man
    "Sorry, We Both Hate Your Military, Listen, If You Tell Us Who Sent You, And Go Back To them And Say no one Attacks Overwatch And Lives. And We Will let You Go, And Your Men." he Put Away His Scythe.
  15. "They already left, hehe... also, here's a little present for you...." shadow pulled out a syringe labeled "goodnight" and stabbed it in chengs neck, knocking him out once the fluid in the syringe was injected
  16. as Cheng Fell To the Ground, Something Snapped inside him, And The man Was blinded, and Cheng Entered His Thoughts, he Saw the Word
    Reaper Will be Pleased...
    This Angered Cheng, And he broke Out Of This, He Said
    "Ok, Now you Die." he pulled The Scythe Off His Back.
  18. Cheng Picked Up The Man by The Throat
    "I'll leave You at everyone else's mercy, If They Let You Live, Tell Reaper His Doom Is Coming." He Threw Him To Philip.
  19. "AH!!" The man shivered after being thrown, he raised his hands above his head and just begged for mercy.
  20. "How do you think, Cheng, does he deserve quick death? Or better long and painful?" Asked Philipp creepily
  21. Shadows eyes widened under his mask. "P-P-Please!! Don't kill me!!!"
  22. Cheng grunted
    "You And everyone else Decide, I'm Going Back To Training." he Headed back To The Training Area.
  23. Philipp hit Shadow in face in hope that he fainted. Then he grabbed him and threw him to prison
  24. Shadow woke. "HEY!! LEMME OUTTA HERE!!!"
  25. "Shut up, scum!" Yelled Philipp "Or I will blow off your head!"
  26. "O-Ok..." shadow just sat on his cot. "What will happen to me?"
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  27. "Tribunal will decide" answered Philipp
  28. "Woopty do, death row it is then." Shadow replied, hiding a secret.
  29. "Fine, I didn't sign up for talon anyway..." Muttered shadow.
  30. "I said, stop talking!" Yelled Philipp angrily
  31. Shadow nodded, and just looked at a photo of people, there was a man, Shadow, a woman and two children, he stroked it gently and whispered "I'm sorry..."
  32. After a moment Philipp asked "What did you mean when you said that you didn't sign up for talon?"
  33. "They took me, it was a join or you and your family dies... they had a tank aimed at our home..." said shadow solemnly.
  34. "You can still join us. We can protect your family" proposed Philipp
  35. "No... I can't... there are always guards at my house, they'll kill them.... if you can save them... I'll join, deal?" Said shadow hopefully.
  36. "Ok, but you have to help us in rescueing your family" said Philipp.
  37. Cheng had Finished His Training, He Was Organising A Meeting Since The attack, He had Gotten Everyone, Except Philip And Their New prisoner, He Shouted When He Entered the Prison
    "Philip! Uh, whatever The prisoner's Name is! We have A Meeting Being held, Come On!"
  38. "jeez, fine, I mean, not much else to do..." Replied Shadow sarcastically. He stood up from his cot and walked to the bars of his cell. He took off his gas mask and left it on the floor, he pulled off the glove on one of his hands, it was a robotic hand, he deactivated the defense mechanisms on it, leaving it as just a had.

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