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Overwatch RP discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Radioactive_Microwave281, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Overwatch is reorganizing and Talon's power is growing. Which side will you choose? (https://pokecharms.com/threads/overwatch-rp.16223/#post-435112 link to the RP)


    Name: Phillip Blake
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Appearance: Long Brown hair, tall
    Personality: Friendly, smart, loyal
    Occupation: Detective, after overwatch reactivation, he became overwatch agent
    Equipment: White exoskeleton, modified combat rifle
    Abilities: Thanks to exoskeleton, Jason can jump higher, he is faster and he has better duration. He can scan area and he has aimbot in exoskeleton
    Backstory: Jason was detective, but after overwatch reactivation, he saved Tracer so she offered him joining Overwatch. He agreed and obtained exoskeleton from Winston
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  2. Name: Cheng mu, or as his hero name: Black death
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Appearance: black Hoodie And Jeans, with White armour Underneath, Grey Shoes, peachy Skin, Red Eyes.
    Personality: Serious, Powerful Aura.
    Occupation: Overwatch Offense warrior, Enemy Of Reaper.
    Equipment: Scythe Which Can Cut Through Almost Anything, And Can turn into A Chinese type 50 Sub-Machine Gun.
    Abilities: 2x As fast And Strong As The Average Male, Can teleport randomly Thanks To The Scythe, Can Blind His Opponents, Crippling Them.
    Backstory: Born In China, Cheng had A Decent Life, But One Day before Overwatch's Original fall, A Man Named Reaper Came And Killed His parents, Because he Could, the Man left A Scythe, Which Cheng Took, And Trained With To get revenge, To Gain Support,
    He Took Out Criminals, And gained The attention Of Soldier 76, Who Invited him To Overwatch, Where he gained Even More training(allowing Him to Somewhat Control the Scythe's power) And learnt of Reaper.
  3. Of course accepted, You can post any time you want
  4. If you know anyone who may want to join, invite him or her please
  5. Name: "shadow" (real name later)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, beige skin. Wears black clothing and a gas mask, has a robotic hand.
    Personality: Insane, but reasonable.
    Occupation: Talon company merc
    Equipment: Fully automatic rifle, grappling hook, frag grenades.
    Abilities: Can fire a controlled beam of fire from robotic hand, other than that, just a normal human.
    Backstory: [CLASSIFIED]
  6. anyone going to post?

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