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Open Overwatch: Heroes Reborn

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SinnerFromBeyond, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Over the years Overwatch has broken down and heroes have fallen. But now the only remaining member, Zenyata, is collecting more heroes to stop a new force of evil, Mech-Tech.
    Please have the following character bio
    Hero name:
    Role: healing,support,defense,,offense
    Skills: 4 skills, one must be an ultimate not including normal attack
    Weapon: plz support class
    Here is mine
    Name: Ziri Coro
    Hero name: Aura
    Role: Healing
    Age: 23
    Gender: female
    Appearance: wears a yellow cloak with a white crop top/long sleeve wih a golden star in the middle. She wears long yellow boots with white pants and a belt: She wears silver goggles. She had black long hair and brown skin.
    Skills: normal attack is a glowing blast. Critical vision: uses gogggles to see injured allies through walls, Aura arrow: shoots a golden arrow out of her weapon,
    Healing Aroma: a large barrier surrounds her that heals any allies in range and is a shield for Aura only, Medic surge(Ultimate): makes allies immune to abilities for 10 seconds,
    Weapon: ancient spell tome and bow only for Aura Arrow
    Melee: Kick
    Home: Egypt
    Backstory: in Egypt she was an ancient explorer. One day she was exploring a tomb until coming across a tome. On contact she was turned into a great mage with unbelievable power. She wasn't accepted and was forced into hiding. One day Zanyata found her and took her in. He taught her the skills of healing and she is now second in command of Overwatch.
    Aura sat at the Overwatch HQ with Zanyata and several other new recruits. She held her tome at her side at all times. Zanyata called for an attack on Mech-Tech. They recently started setting up camp in Alaska. In an underground base located in the mountains. Aura stood up and exited towards he hangar where the Overwatch planes and helicopters sat.
  2. Name: James Henry
    Hero Name: Death Strider
    Role: Offense
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: he wears a Black Trench coat and metal armor under it. He has a black mask that covers his face from the nose down. He also has Blue scarf with the Overwatch logo on it. He has black hair and blue eyes. He has sword straped to his back and UZIs straped to his hips
    Skills: His normal attack is he fires hiw UZI
    Hefty blade: A pwerful srike from his blade. It ignores armor and sheilds.Does damage
    Quick stride: Increases speed for everything. Including ability cooldowns and attacks
    Ultamite: Raging Electricity, James fires shots from his UZI, charged with electricty. He strikes an area within a circle.
    Weapon: UZIs and a sword
    Melee: Sword slash
    Backstory: He was teenager when Overwatch was at its prime stat. He remebered watching news stories on TV about them. He looked up to Reinhardt and Soldier: 76, even though they were called heretics. He trained as a kid to one day join them. When Overwatch fell, he was to late to join. So, he silently stopped crime. When he learned Zenyatta was still alive, he was one of the first heros to sign up. He loved Overwatch so much, that his mom made him the scarf...
    Home: Westeren United States

    James sat eagerly by Zenyatta. He couldn't wait to make his debut battle as a member of Overwatch. He remebered his childhood heros. He couldn't wait to bring them honor in his own way.
  3. Zenyata began to pair up the new recruits. Death strider and Aura were assigned together. Their mission was to infiltrate their base and the other would distract them. Aura approached Death Strider. "Well it looks like you and I are a team..." she said with a smile
  4. " I guess so, I'm offensive," Death strider said gruffly. He fastened his UZIs on tighter. He stood up and walled towards a plane. He thought through their mission and wondered if hewas going to make it out alive.
  5. Aura skipped alon side him as happy as ever. She held onto the strap of her quiver tightly as she entered the plane. She set down her stuff and met the captain. She took one of the four seats and strapped in. She held her spell tome in her hand and squealed with excitement. She knew that her and her partner as very two different personalities and she hoped that it didn't bother him.
  6. James walked on the plane. He wasn't wearing his scarf right now, he had it in his pocket. It was in present from his mom. It was labeled From mom to James, when you join Overwatch. He opened the present to reveal the scarf. Under it was picture of Death Strider James drew when he was little. He was standing next to Solider: 76, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Genji, and Bastion. "This will never happen," James sighed as he looked at the picture. He tied the scarf around his neck.
  7. The planed lifted off the ground and soared through the sky. Aura peered over to see the picture and let out a giggle. "Awww it's so cute!" She squealed at the sight of it. "I had a dream like that too! I dreamed of meeting Ana and Sombra... but they disbanded..." she sighed as her foot tapped on the metal floors of the aircraft.
  8. "Yeah, I always wanted to meet Soldier: 76, It's a shame, atleast I got to see Zenyatta." James said as he leaned back in his seat."They were such good heros, I don't know how they possibly could have died." He ine of his UZIs turning it in his hands.
  9. "It really is a shame-" they were interrupted by the plane being thrusted to the left. The pilots began to yell "Brace for impact!" Aura leaned forward and followed the safety procedures. The plane dived into the snow like a dart landing on a dart board. Aura opened her eyes to see a dead pilot. She took off her seat belt and fell to the side of the plane. The plane was on its left side and she had been sitting on the right. Aura grabbed her bow and shot a hole into the side. She crawled out as the cold snow brushed up against her hands and legs.
  10. "Whelp," James said as he sliced thrpugh the side of the plane. He pulled out his UZIs and folded the picture. He slid the picture in his pocket. He looked at Aura and said," Any ideas on what just happened." He moved his feet around in the snow," Ugh, I did not dress for this."
  11. Aura rose to her feet and circled he plane before coming across bullet marks. "It was a machine gun..." she said brushing her hand on the marks that tattooed the plane. She looked at the Alaskan terrain around her to see if there were any signs of an enemy.
  12. James looked around. He couldn't stand the cold. He heard a sound and pointed his UZI in that direction, only to have it be an arctic fox. He sighed and lowered his guns. He heard another sound, this one, sounded like gun fire. "I hear something," Death strider exclaimed.
  13. Name: Scarlet Vanhoff
    Nickname: Voltic
    Age: 16
    Role: Offense
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She wears a tight white suit with black plated gloves, breastplate, boots, belt, and elbow pads. She had long pinks hair put up in a ponytail with pink eyes.
    Weapon: Dual pistols
    Skills: Holo hack: a blue holographic keyboard appears that makes the opponents vision blurry for several seconds, whip and draw: lunges forward and slams the gun into the opponent and sends a shot at them afterwards. Wall run: can run on walls for a few seconds. (Ultimate)Boom shot: the two pistols are brought together and create a grenade launcher or sniper that has a maximum of 10 shots
    Home: Alaska
    Backstory: Scarlet was never apart of Overwatch due to her age but she still dreamed of fighting for her country. She works as a lawyer by day and a hero by night.
    Scarlet wandered the forest before watching a plane hurl to the ground. She stalked them behind a tree for a while to see two Overwatch members step out. As she stepped foward her she was shot at but luckily whatever it was missed

    Aura turned in the direction and lunged toward the sound. Her feet sunk deeper and deeper into the snow. She found the girl and saw the enemy in the distance. A sniper was inbound
  14. James saw the girl and shouted to her," There's a sniper behind you!" Deathstrider charged idioticly towards the sniper with hia guns drawn. He fired in the direction of the sniper.
  15. Scarlet spun around as her pistols bonded together into a sniper. She fired a shot that sent the sniper tumbling down he hill. "Well... that's new..." she said scratching her head. Aura stood beside Death Strider with her bow drawn. "What just happened?" Aura said in confusion.
  16. Name: Frey Makwa
    Hero name: Soft Song
    Role: support
    Age: 25
    Gender: female
    Appearance: short blueish grey hair, brown eyes, wears form fitting lilac long sleeved shirt, sleeveless dark grey pull on hoodie, violet and light grey combat pants, black pants, purple scarf that can be pulled over her mouth
    Feather sheild- a circular shield of feathers forms in an area for a while before disapting
    Deaf song- she produces sound waves that block out sound in a circle around her
    Wave slash- a slash of wind toward her enemies
    Ravens cry(ultimate)- a storm of vicious black feathered bird appear from seeming out of no where and shoot forward in a cone, dealing damage or even killing enemies
    Weapon: grey and violet two dual pistols
    Melee: you get hit by her hawthorn chard staff
    Backstory: drawn to her grandmothers basement one night during a powerful storm she found a scared girl. The girl looked like her and they both shared the same voice, when they touched a shockwave of different voices and sounds surged Frey leaving her in a weakened state for a while. Once she recovered she learned the voices she was hearing were those of birds and other creatures. She slowly befriend the small murder of crows and a few owls that lived nearby, settle a dispute they were having. As she grew up her family watched form the sidelines, idolizing overwatch. When she learned of the program she joined when she could
    Home: Canada
    Frey slipped out of the wreckage and followed her surviving coworkers. She kept a sharp ear out as she listened for anything interesting. She liked into a tree and nodded to a bird that was watching curiously, assuring the little one that everything was fine.
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  17. "Well, that was quick," Death strider said as he sauntered over to the sniper's corpse and kicked it saying," You dirty casual, Do you think old villians like Reaper could still be out there?"
  18. Name: Harisho Kamyua
    Hero name: Saibā
    Role: defense
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Appearance: he has to wear robotic armour over his body due he based his armour on that of Genji but the shoulders were plain in the sense of the small canisters aren't there. The only other change he made was the green light it had was replaced with a very dark grey.
    Skills: Sword reflect: if timed properly he can block even a sniper bullet at 10 meters.
    Cellular camo: the metal used in his suit changes colour to become invisible
    Samurai Fire (ultimate): His sword lights on fire with his speed increasing being able to tear down enemies in a blink of an eye
    Weapon: Katana
    Melee: a kick
    Backstory: Harisho grew up in a high honour family in Japan his father teaching him from the age of 6 to become a top fighter. At the age of 17 he was walking home from his training sword in its sheath on his back. As he did he saw a gang of thugs attacking an Omnic citizen. In hopes of saving the Omnic he unsheathed his Katana and begun to fight the thugs, though he fought them with all he knew he still wasn't skilled enough to take them down and ended up taking a Molotov right to the side of the face bringing him close to death. He laid on the ground thinking he was going to die. After a bit paramedics arrived giving him his robotics. His family begun to think of him as a disgrace to their family, he became an outcast he couldn't come to grips with himself he roamed the earth until he was recruited by Zenyata it took convincing but Zenyata had managed to convince him.
    Home: Japan
    (I'm not able to post an intro I'll introduce him later)
  19. The bird fluttered away and Frey turned her attention back to following the others. She walked as quietly as she could, eyes scanning around for enemies that could sneak up on them. She held herself with a proud air, back straight and eyes wide.
  20. Harisho exited the wreckage activating his cell camo not wanting to be seen by anyone he still couldn't accept what he has become. He managed to make his way into the forest right before his camo ran out he silently made his way to the top of a tree looking over the area. He lowered his head no matter what Zenyata said to him he couldn't find his meaning in this life for him. Actually that's why he joined he had hoped to find his purpose and people who saw him not as a cyborg but as a friend. He stayed in the tree continuing to watch over the area.
  21. Deathstrider examined the snipers corpse, looking for any leads. He couldn't find anything, so he stomped his foot in the snow and said," He really was filthy casual, I couldn't find anything.
  22. Name: Cheng Moina
    Hero name: Dark Death
    Role: Offense
    Age: 39
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Black hair, Sober grey Eyes, peachy skin, Black Hoodie, Sheath on his back for his weapon, grey jeans, Black gloves concealing his hands, Black Walking Boots
    Skills: regular attack: SHOOT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, Ask Questions later
    Boomerang: Throws His Scythe in a Boomerang style fashion
    Shadow travel: teleports Randomly
    (Ultimate) Trap Of Darkness: Cheng Traps all opponents in Darkness, making it harder for them to see, He then Has Extra power and Shadow travel can be Controlled entirely
    Weapon: A Fusion Between a Scythe and The Chinese Type 50 submachine gun
    Melee: Scythe
    Backstory: Born In China, Cheng Moina Was Born Into a Very Poor Family, One Day, A Man Killed His Parents, and when Escaping, He Dropped A Scythe, Later, After Taking the weapon, Cheng Was Told That The person who killed his mother and Father was Reaper, an enemy of OverWatch, Since then, he trained, until he could join OverWatch. he Later Found out His Scythe Allowed a kind of Shadow travel, where he could disappear in one place, and appear in another.
    Home: China

    Cheng Moina sat up, he had landed in a tree, far from the crash
    "Huh. looks like I strayed from the location we were going," He Looked left, and saw a large building "To. huh, well... I Might have landed in a convenient place." he Pulled out his Scythe, and clicked it into Gun Mode "Lets Dance, You Evildoers." He Walked in, and Shot Someone, The Rest Noticed, and Started shooting back, He Changed to Scythe mode, He activated Shadow travel, and Teleported behind them, he then Sliced them up, after that, the room was quiet, he pulled out a transmitter, and activated it
    "Zenyata! Dark Death Here! I Got Separated from the others, But I found the base, permission to start searching?"
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  23. Hearing the gun shots Harisho went to investigate and he eventually came across a building where the gunshots. He entered the building being met by what was a gun fight but now completely quiet "What happened here" he asked not entirely sure what to expect.
  24. Cheng Looked to the man
    "Uh, First, are you From Overwatch?" He Held his Scythe carefully, just in case this guy tried to kill him, and he Got ready to shadow travel, just in case.
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  25. Harisho looked at the man under his cyber skin he had a look of disappointment but he couldn't show it "We were literally just on the same plane" he said as he put his katana away.
  26. "Oh. Sorry, I Kinda have bad memory of certain things." Cheng put away his Scythe "Well...I Guess we were the first ones here. Wanna Search now, Or Wait or search For The Others?"
  27. Harisho looked at the room they were in "We should start now, I don't think we want to be stuck in this forest for much longer" he said as he begun to move towards the next room but before he exited the room he looked back at Dark Death "You are the first person I've met who didn't ask if I'm human" he turned back and went into the next room.
  28. "Heh, that's Cause I Need All the Ally's that I can get." Cheng Then thought "Especially if I Want To kill Reaper." He Walked through to the next room as well, He Saw Guards and pulled out his Weapon, and Told Saibā "I'll get The Guards, You Search this place." he then Shadow Travelled behind one of the guards, and Sliced off his head, Causing the others to turn towards him.
  29. Frey heard the shots in the distance and raced toward it. She had her staff at the ready and when she made it looked around for the place, drawing her weapons on the two males, "overwatch, friendly or foe"?
    The bird from earlier perched nearby, watching what was happening.
  30. Dark Death turned Around
    "OverWatch." He Said, As he Got Back To Killing The Guards, He Changed his Weapon To Gun Mode, and Started Shooting the Guards, then He Sliced the rest up.
  31. Frey flinched at the sight and shook her head. With a sigh she kept to watching their backs and looking around. Her little feather friend flew away because of his gun fire and she sighed happily, happy to just have herself in her head instead of a bunch of animals.
  32. Cheng Got Over confident, He Thought he Had taken Them All out, He Didn't Notice 1 guard Come in From behind, He Just had A Thought At The Last Second Turn around! When He did This, his Opposition got A Lucky Hit, he shot his Hoodie, Revealing Armour Underneath.
  33. Frey saw the man and whistled, catching the enimies attention as she saying her staff directly into his nose. She pushed the guard back with a growl, continuing to swipe back and forward.
  34. Cheng Took The Moment To Check the Hole, He Realized It Had Gone Through His Armour, He Held the Hole, And As the Guar Was Facing Frey, He Thrust His Scythe Straight Into The Guys chest, He Pulled It Out, And Said
    "Phew, that Was Close." He Did his Best To hide The Wound.
  35. "You hurt," Frey raised an eyebrow as she spun her staff around into a hold position. She looked him over before calming a nearby crow that had been disturbed from his sleep.
  36. Dark Death Said
    "I'm FINE. It Won't Stop Me." He Took His Hand Off The Hole "Besides, If I Die Here, At Least I'll Die Doing The Right Thing."
  37. "And you won't see the fight to do the right thing again," Frey rolled her eyes befor stepping past him and pulling out one of her pistols, firing it and injuring three more guards, "we should keep moving"!
  38. "ugh, Fine." Cheng Walked Into The Next Room, he Sighed "It's A Maze, A FREAKING MAZE!" He Shouted back, Then Said "I'll Go Left."
  39. "I'm going to go over it," Frey laughed and called to the bird, smiling as it agreed and start soaring through the maze to rely the message of what the right path was.
  40. "wait." Cheng Said "I Could just Shadow travel." he Glowed With A black Aura, Before Going in A Shadow, And Ended up at the End of the maze.

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