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Overthrowing Team Plasma RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Aura, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Just wondering who'd be interested in this kind of thing. Basically, this is exploring the idea that Hilbert/Hilda lost the battle against N, and the kind of ramifications this would have for the region. After N convinced the majority of people in Unova to release their Pokemon, Team Plasma used their now unrivaled Pokemon to overthrow the government and enforce a dictatorship centered around themselves. As the takeover occurred swiftly, most people were unable to flee the region before Team Plasma started heavily regulating what could and could not leave Unova. Out of fear of Reshiram, other regions have not dared to intervene. People who had kept or hidden their Pokemon rebelled, however as Team Plasma now had control over the PC System and could easily withdraw and use any Pokemon within there at their leisure, plus it could be used to track down trainers, most people were captured. Those trainers who avoided this, usually due to a combination of luck and being very skilled battlers, tended to form rebel groups, or surrender their Pokemon and were arrested.

    The most notable of these rebel groups is The League, called as such because it was formed around five of the surviving members of the Unovan Pokemon League - Lenora, Clay, Grimsley, Caitlin and Iris. They have been a constant thorn in Team Plasma's side for the past 5 years since Plasma first took over, or they have been until recently. The League's base nearby Lentimas Town was discovered and raided by Plasma, resulting in the majority of the League's force being arrested or killed. Those who escaped have regrouped, and your character is one of these people. You may have lost Pokemon, friends etc in the battle, you may have been injured, but the point is you are alive. If Team Plasma catches you now, you're guaranteed to lose your Pokemon partners and be executed at some point in the future. You need to try and at the very least stay out of Plasma's hands to ensure your safety - and, for the daring, try to become the ultimate underdog and bring Plasma down from their throne.

    So if you're up for this kind of thing, just let me know. I've got a basic flow of events all worked out, but if you have any ideas of what Unova could be like or possible actions Plasma could take, throw them at me and we can see what we come up with. Obviously if this goes ahead I'll have a chat to the mods about Reshiram/Zekrom, but don't worry about that just yet, and just in case it wasn't obvious yet, this could get rather violent, so please keep that in mind when deciding if you're interested or not.
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  2. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    This sounds incredibly fun. I wanna join and stuff, and I also have some ideas!

    For one thing, the Trainer's School wouldn't exist because DUH. Also we could run into someone from the Juniper family with a new job since training was outlawed. That would be fun. And don't worry, this looks professional enough that I think the mods wouldn't have a problem with Reshiram / Zekrom. Just a warning, though, none of us will be able to legitimately capture the counterpart of N's dragon. Or maybe he could have taken both? That would be a cool twist for our characters to realize that.

    Also a question: Should I use my character's full-power team, should I leave one out that he lost in the Plasma raid, or what? Because I don't want to be OP.
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Oh I am all kinds of in on this! >:D I can tell you put a lot of thought into this so I know it's going to be one hell of an adventure! I've got nothing to add at the moment but I'll let you know if I come up with some ideas.

    @CreeperNinjaGamer: The rules actually state one of us can bond with Zekrom to get it to fight on our side so using it is a possibility providing approval. But yes, you're right that we cannot catch it.
  4. Glad to have the two of you on board! :) Just put up a quick bio of the character you intend to use when you've got time yeah?

    @CreeperNinjaGamer: Thanks for the ideas! I've come up with a list of the status of the canon characters, so Aurea Junpier does have a new job so to speak, so you are completely correct there, but I'd forgotten about Cedric, so thanks for reminding me! And yeah its likely that the Pokemon Trainer Academy and other facilities like that will not exist anymore, unless otherwise stated. For example, the Battle Subway is now just an underground train network that covers most of Unova.

    Psycho Monkey is correct that if we try and fight Plasma using Zekrom, it will only be a temporary alliance with it. And I do doubt that N would have both Reshiram and Zekrom, as while it is possible for an ideal to be the truth of the matter, ideal's often ignore some facts about things or are too optimistic to be completely truthful. Plus, they're referred to as the Tao Dragon's for a reason - they're about balance, and I feel it would go against their nature for both of them to take the one side.

    As for your question, your character should still be reasonably strong - think 6-8 gym badges, or strong enough to give an Elite Four member a run for their money. It should go without saying, but your character shouldn't have any legendaries or be able to Mega evolve their Pokemon however. There's nothing wrong with having a full team of 6 if you desire, but if your character is fairly reckless, this would be much less likely to occur, so keep that in mind. But I wouldn't worry too much about being OP, as due to the nature of this RP we can always kill off one or more of your Pokemon to take your character down a few notches.
  5. Double posting due to relevant new information. So, Stel has given his conditional approval of us using Zekrom and Reshiram for this PRP, the condition being that none of our characters can control them if we even summon one of them in the first place. If this does happen, they will have bonded with NPC's under my control. But, with that, everything is good to go and this is confirmed to be going ahead, so I'd like to get this started once I've dealt with life, which will probably be in the middle of next week. So, could I please get the bio's of characters from people who are definitely up for this sooner rather than later? Just so we can get things moving as quickly as possible :)
  6. This is an amazing idea. I'd love to join. Here's my bio:
    Name: Danec Fischer
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Castelia City
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 160
    Hair:He has long, dark brown hair
    Eyes: Brown eyes
    Clothes: He usually wears a red shirt under a black hoodie with jeans.
    Identifying Marks: He has a pokéball birthmark that he hides with fingerless gloves
    Musculature: Fit
    Personality: Reserved, but outspoken if need be
    Skills: Martial arts, speaks several languages, and cooks sometimes
    History: He never went on a pokemon journey, as he was studying to become a lawyer and saw training as a distraction. When Team Plasma took over, he made it his duty to overthrow them no matter what. He learns quickly, and is a talented battler.

    Family: He had a mother and father. He and his mother had a good relationship until she was struck with illness. After her death, his father blamed him, so he left home and went to an academy to become a lawyer.

    Love life: His personality and focus on becoming a lawyer stopped him from getting into a relationship, and would probably be uncomfortable admitting to a girl that he likes her.

    He has 2 Pokémon, a totodile named Sandy and an Excadrill with no nickname.

    Sandy is a girl. She has the ability Sheer Force. She was lost from her original trainer when Team Plasma took over, but she ran away before she was captured. Danec found her in the forest where she was starving. He fed her and she bonded with him, and they've been training together ever since. During the 2nd year after Team Plasma took over, she evolved into Croconaw.

    Excadrill is a male. He has the ability Sand Force. Excadrill was Danec's dad's Pokémon that he stole before he left for the academy. Despite not listening at first, Excadrill has gotten over it and will now listen to Danec when he thinks it's the right move.
  7. Oh I am beyond interested in this! Before I post a bio though, are we going t allow Kalos pokemon in this RP?
  8. Hey, nice to see that you guys are interested! To answer your question, yes Kalos Pokemon are fine for this, we're basically playing with the Gen 6 Pokedex in mind, so fairies and all new moves etc are perfectly okay to use
  9. Awesome! All right then, here's my bio for my character!

    Name: Samuel Tashe

    Nickname: Sam

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Nimbasa City

    Age: 24

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 190 Lbs.

    Hair: Short, spiked black hair.

    Eyes: Green

    Clothing: He wears a black wind breaker over a navy-blue long sleeve shirt and jeans. He also wears a red scarf.

    Identifying Marks: He always wears a necklace with a Dragon Scale around his neck.

    Personality: Sam comes across as detached and cold. He tends to keep to himself when it comes to other humans and tends to avoid making any real attachments.

    Skills: Sam is a fairly skilled martial artist and he’s picked up skills in stealth from his time in The League.

    Past: Sam had been a coordinator before Team Plasma had taken over. He had been fairly popular, even though he was better at battles than appeals. When Plasma began liberating pokemon, Sam found that his skills at directing attention from contests were invaluable in allowing him to escape.

    After seeing many of his coordinator friends captured and even executed by Team Plasma, he joined the League. Over the years he perfected the adaptation of his appeal routines into stealth tactics, using them to help The League through recon and intelligence. Over the years as Sam saw more and more friends lost to Team Plasma, he began to become numb to the loss and just distance himself from others to prevent anymore pain to himself.

    In the raid, his Starter, a Serperior named Ivy and his Galvantula, Edison were killed before he could escape.


    Species: Greninja

    Nickname: Hanzo

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Protean

    History: Sam met Hanzo as a Frogadier. The mischievous frog had escaped from his previous trainer and had become content with jumping travelers along the roads. Sam, and Ivy (then a Servine) would have been his next victims, but Ivy had been quick enough to spot and stop him. Hanzo was impressed by the Servine and after a few days following Sam and Ivy, challenged the pair to a battle where he was caught. At first, Hanzo didn’t much care for Sam, even after he evolved. He only seemed to have joined to remain close to Ivy. Eventually, Hanzo came to respect Sam, just a bit.

    Personality: Hanzo is still a mischievous wise guy. Nowadays he concerns himself less with physical pranks and more with playfully antagonizing Sam, though he’s not above making fun of someone else either. He knows when the time and place for levity is, however. He is an excellent and stealthy operative and very fast in battle. He’s always had a little crush on Ivy.

    Species: Gardevoir

    Nickname: Calypso

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Synchronize

    History: Sam met Calypso as a Ralts. While practicing routines for a contest with Ivy, Sam noticed that they were being watched. A Ralts was staring at them, enthralled, but quickly ran away when noticed. After a while, the Ralts returned to watch and Sam asked if she would like to try it? The Ralts took to performing like a fish to water and joined Sam soon after.

    Personality: Calypso is normally shy and quiet, content with being a wall flower. She is also kind and nurturing, practically adopting Sam’s youngest pokemon, Ven. Sam tries to avoid getting her caught up in anything dangerous when he can because he doesn’t want her getting hurt.

    Species: Lucario

    Nickname: Ferra

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Inner Focus

    History: Ferrra found Sam as a Riolu. Sam, in a less than successful practice session, blew up Ferra’s den with a stray attack. The furious Riolu attacked Sam relentlessly, even when Sam tried battling her, her focus had been Sam! Eventually, Sam captured her, but that didn’t stop her from having a go at Sam any time she was outside her pokeball. Eventually, when she got hurt in a battle, Sam’s devotion to her care made her warm up to him allowing her to evolve into Lucario.

    Personality: Ferra is a brawler, through and through. She’s blunt, gruff and can be downright surly. All that is in a wonderfully hot headed package with a short fuse. Luckily, she has a soft spot for her Trainer, even though she likes to clobber him every now and then. She has no tolerance for Hanzo.

    Species: Vibrava

    Nickname: Ventus (Ven)

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Levitate

    History: Sam received Ven as an egg from a friend, and he hatched not long before Team Plasma took over. Through constant attention from Sam and Calypso he eventually evolved into a Vibrava. While Sam would have like to keep the little Vibrava out of the field, Ven insisted on helping and has since proven to be a valuable member of Sam’s team.

    Personality: Ven is still relatively young and is still a little naïve. He can seem a little innocent or clueless, but he is quick thinking and very loyal to Sam. He sees Calypso as a mother figure.
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  10. So this will be my first RP, so any tips or advice would be appreciated. I really didn't know how much backstory to give my character but I wanted the motivations to be believable so here goes... hope its not too long

    Name: Taillow Frost
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Rustboro, Hoenn
    Age: 25
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 90kg
    Hair: Currently brown, short and spiky, although he changes the style frequently as he forgets what's most comfortable.
    Eyes: Blue/grey
    Clothing: Yes (changes based on the day and whats clean)
    Identifying marks: None, average appearance
    Musculature: Stocky build, strong but not bodybuilder physique.
    Personality: Quiet around people he doesn’t know. Around friends he is usually light hearted but gets serious when his pokemon or friends are threatened. He is a creative thinker who employs unconventional methods for solving problems and can be quite competitive. Enjoys the outdoors and camping.
    Skills: Strong knowledge of mathematics and physics learned from home schooled education from parents who worked as devon employees. A creative thinker. Knows a lot about literature and history from reading when he was a teen.
    Past: Growing up in Rustboro Taillow was surrounded by the intelligent minds of the Devon corporation. He rescued Invidia (Oddish) from a group of cruel children at a young age and got beat up pretty bad as a result. Since then Invidia has shown strong loyalty and high levels of jealously for Taillow. At a fundraiser for Devon Taillow was introduced to the chairman's son Steven Stone by his parents. The two young trainers agreed to battle in the coming weeks. Even when young, Steven was an excellent trainer, and won the battle in minutes. Taillow named defeating Steven as his goal and trained diligently for the sole purpose of beating him. However, when Steven became the champion he notified Taillow that he could only accept his challenge if he did so officially. Catching each of his pokemon with the final goal of defeating Steven, Taillow trained and collected a Ralts, Wailmer and Numel. The five of them together set out for the pokemon league challenge. After collecting the 8 badges of the hoenn league Taillow got his chance to face the elite four. In four fights he had four close calls, but managed to win them all by either strategy or chance. His four pokemon were not enough to beat Steven and Taillow was defeated.
    Taillow now works as a prototype tester for the Devon Corporation which lets him travel and train his pokemon. His latest catch Antheia (flabebe) was caught with one of these new prototype balls. On the journey back from Kalos Taillow decided to check out the pokemon league of Unova for strategies against Steven. Then the Plasma coup happened and Steven was trapped in the region. Now he fights to get back to his homeland and protect his pokemon team.
    Family: Only child. His father is a pokeball research and development scientist at Devon Industries and his mother was the Human Resources Director for the company. His mother worries a lot about the amount of travel he does as a pokemon trainer.


    Species: Vileplume
    Nickname: Invidia
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Personality: Incredibly protective of her trainer, Invidia gets jealous of all females that display what she perceives as affection towards Taillow. This protective nature makes assimilating new party members challenging until Invidia gets to know them better.
    History: The first pokemon Taillow ever caught. Invidia was saved as an oddish from a group of cruel older kids who were poking and prodding the pokemon. Invidia and Taillow grew strong training against the rock trainers of Rustboro gym.

    Nickname: Sinbad
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Water Veil
    Personality: Incredibly relaxed. Does what he is told by Taillow as long as the order is simple enough. Complex plans make him confused and he will just not move when he doesn’t know what is required of him. His reactions are generally too slow to be useful in battle.
    History: Caught by Taillow when Sinbad managed to get himself stuck in Lilycove harbour. Often used as a part of Taillows more ridiculous plans, including “Plan W”.
    Nickname: Loki
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Justified
    Personality: Has a very serious personality and will leave to be alone if the other pokemon in the party are messing around and playing. Loki shares Taillows desire to defeat stronger trainers. He is less selective about opponents then Taillow however.
    History: The first pokemon Taillow caught after an actual battle, Loki was caught as a Ralts on a fieldtrip to Petalburg.
    Nickname: Cthulhu
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Stance Change
    Special Features: Cthulhu joined the team after the PC system was brought down thus he cannot be kept in a pokeball. Instead he attaches to Taillows back and hovers to keep his weight light. Cthulhu is small for a Aegislash, only 1.2 metres tall.
    Personality: Protective of Taillow and his team,
    History: Originally a stolen pokemon used by a Team Plasma member who who stole the pokemon after the PC went offline, Cthulhu chose to leave his new master and join Taillow after seeing his strength in battle and the way he treated his team.
    Nickname: Arkenstone
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Solid Rock
    Personality: Arkenstone gets excited very easily, and when he gets excited he gets overenthusiastic about the power of his moves, in the past five years he has learnt to only go over the top when the situation demands it.
    History: Arkenstone was caught as a numel when he ate all the food Taillow had stored in his backpack and ran panicked around the campsite when the backpack got stuck on his head and covered his eyes. As a numel Arkenstone was hyperactive and prone to messing about and playing games at inappropriate times. When he evolved he kept this habit, but learned to be serious when needed.
    Nickname: Antheia
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flower Veil
    Personality: Afraid of fighting and combat. Only evolved recently and as yet doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with its new appearance and size. Dislikes all forms of suffering and will attempt to heal even enemies after they have been defeated.
    History: Caught as a Flebebe with a prototype pokeball. Antheia was the weakest pokemon in the team during the Team Plasma coup.
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  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I've used this character before, but I've never actually written a bio for him until now. His reason for coming to Unova should be obvious; he wants to face Reshiram! >:D

    Name: Arthias
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Unknown
    Age: Unknown. Appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties
    Height: 5ft.11in. (180.3cm)
    Weight: 173 lbs. (78.5kg)
    Hair: Brown hair styled back into spikes with four strands hanging over his forehead.
    Eyes: Pale green
    Clothing: A blue headband, red tinted glasses, black pants, black boots, and a black tunic. Worn over his clothes is armor consisting of a black breastplate with gold trim, shoulder pads of the same design curved upward into one inch spikes, and black arm length gauntlets. Completing Arthias’s outfit is a black cape.
    Identifying Marks: Diagonal scar on his left cheek
    Musculature: Well built
    Personality: By nature, Arthias is a ruthless warrior who will not hesitate to kill his opponents. In battle he is collected, cunning, and calculating. Nothing excites him more than a strong opponent. Outside of battle he is cold, distant, and uninterested in mundane affairs that have nothing to do him.
    Skills: Can wield his claymore in one hand. Expert in the art of war
    Past: Very little is truly known about Arthias. He originally took up the sword to battle for survival, but as he aged and became more battle hardened, his attention turned towards fighting strong opponents. His fighting nature gave him the nickname War God. In an encounter with a particularly strong opponent, Arthias ended up getting his trademark scar on his left cheek but was victorious regardless. At some point in the past Arthias forged a claymore that resembled a Shiny Aegislash without a shield.
    Family: Unknown
    Love Relationships?: Does not care for such trivial things as love

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Stance Change
    History: Arthias’s first Pokémon. As a boy Arthias made the foolish mistake of trying to wield a Honedge like he would a regular sword. It was only through sheer force of will that Arthias was able to resist possession or having his energy drained. Such an act won the Pokémon’s respect and service. Constant battle allowed him to reach his final evolution.
    Personality: A stoic Pokémon trained to kill by his master.

    Species: Metagross
    Gender: Genderless
    Ability: Clear Body
    Special Features: Scar over its left eye
    History: Caught by Arthias as a Beldum and trained all the way to its final evolution in an endless search for combat. It received its scar in the same fight as its master against another trainer’s Pokémon. Neither the human nor Pokémon lived to tell the tale however.
    Personality: A brutal Pokémon trained to kill by its master.

    Species: Gyarados
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Special Features: His fins are a tattered from battle
    History: Forget Magikarp, Arthias went straight for a fully evolved Gyarados to make use of its destructive tendencies. It was an intensely fought brawl that raged for close to an hour before Arthias was able to subjugate the leviathan. Gyarados is useful for ferrying his master across the sea and is at his most lethal near bodies of water.
    Personality: A savage Pokémon trained to kill by his master.

    Species: Machamp
    Gender: Male
    Ability: No Guard
    Special Features: A body covered in scars due to how he recklessly throws himself into battle.
    History: Caught by Arthias as a Machop and trained all the way to his final evolution through intense battle. Machamp had no qualms with joining Arthias's team for it gave him the chance to test himself in battle against all kinds of strong foes. Every scar is a proud reminder of a battle well fought.
    Personality: A blood knight trained to kill by his master.

    I might throw in two more if the whim strikes me, but for now these will be the four he has. Hell, the two missing could already be dead from previous battles.
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  12. Somehow, I'm not surprised that I'm one of the last people to get their bio's up... Anyway, I've gone a little nuts with this (and with how the first post is shaping up, that as well), so sorry about how long this is. I should be ready to start this up pretty soon, so expect a thread in the next few days.

    Name: Lucina ‘Lucie’ Harper
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Irricus City
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’6” (1.67m)
    Weight: 140lbs (63.5)
    Hair: Short light brown hair
    Eyes: The left is dark brown, and the right is a bright blue colour
    Clothing: Tends to keep it simple, with dark blue jeans, practical black boots, and a black shirt. Over this, she sports a grey suit jacket, a gift from her brother, which has scorch marks all of the right side of it.
    Identifying Marks: Heterochromatic eyes
    Musculature: Lean and strong

    Personality: Lucie can come across to others as being fairly biopolar – her default mood is one of icy calm, where she displays as little emotion as possible. However, if a topic comes up that she cares about, namely Pokemon Rights, or politics, she can quickly become deeply engrossed in debate or argument, becoming determined to convince others that her way of thinking is correct. People who disagree with many of her personal policies she tends to look down upon, to the point of walking away in times of need. For example, during fights, she tends to try and avoid killing Pokemon to the best of her abilities. However, anyone who needlessly (in her eyes) kills, tends to find themselves on the receiving end of her hatred. The reason for these odd mood swings is because, over the last 5 years, Lucie has learned that there is no point in dealing with emotions such as sadness, as they just tend to take up precious time and cause her to make rash decisions, which have in some cases, resulted in the death of her Pokemon. It’s not that she’s become numb to the deaths and pain around her, but rather, she just shoves them down, and attempts to hide it all behind a blank face. The only emotion she’ll allow to show is anger, as she’s found it helps her to fight and to sometimes commit horrific acts. As such, she feels as if she’s been completely consumed by her rage, and her guilt for her involvement in Plasma’s take over, and she really wishes she could let it all go. But, she’s aware that she’s devoted too much time and lost too many people to this cause to be able to let it go, so she’d find her life would lose all meaning without it. So, all she really perceives is left in her life is to carve her way through the League’s enemies in the vain hope that they can actually make a difference, until she eventually is killed.

    Skills: Quite good with Pokemon in terms of understanding their behaviour and also dealing with injuries, has no official combat training but her Scrafty has been teaching her for the last 5 years, so she is fairly decent at fighting dirty nowdays.

    Past: Lucie was born as the younger-by-one-minute twin of two Pokemon Rights activists. Her parents ran a Pokemon shelter on the outskirts of Irricus, and ended up taking in a lot of Pokemon that were rejects from the intensely competitive breeding industry. Originally, most of these Pokemon would have been released into the wild, but having been born in captivity and with no parents to train them, most didn’t survive. Her parent’s shelter took these Pokemon in for free, so it helped save a lot of lives. Lucie and her brother, Marth, were kept separate by their parents from the shelter until they time they were eight years old, so that they didn’t have to see some of the less well treated Pokemon that came in. However, one day her mother was knocked over when attempting to calm an injured Sawsbuck that had found its way into their land. She hit her head on a steel beam as she fell, and the resulting brain damage was bad enough that she lost the ability to formulate new memories, and control over her motor skills. So to continue being able to run the shelter, Lucie’s father needed them to help out, as their mother was constantly in and out of hospital trying to find a way to repair the damage. So, this introduced the siblings to the kinds of ways that some people treated Pokemon early on in their life, although as the shelter also allowed for adoptions, they also learned that only some abused Pokemon, not all. This was also the way that she met most of her Pokemon, as occasionally she’d find one that she really clicked with, and would adopt herself.

    Over time, Lucie got more and more involved with and passionate about Pokemon rights, concluding that many people saw Pokemon as less intelligent creatures that they could use to fight for their own gain, and wished to introduce legislation to make it harder for people to get their trainers license to try and weed out people who were likely to treat their Pokemon badly. She also was rather opposed to the idea of the League and other competitions encouraging mass breeding to get the ‘strongest’ Pokemon. Her attempts at protesting originally didn’t go too well as she got arrested, but she eventually started a group during High School to try and discuss how to change the system. Eventually, they came across Team Plasma. Their ideals struck a chord with Lucie and her friends, causing most of them to join up once they turned 18, including Lucie and Marth.

    Lucie then spent the next year of her life helping Team Plasma. Originally, this was just with rallies, but due to her effective way of using her Pokemon’s abilities, she was taken aside for special training. This caused her and her Pokemon to quickly become quite powerful, and she ended up going on some much more dangerous missions, such as raids of ‘Pokemon Factories’, and even protecting N during his visit to Dragonspiral Tower. So, when they succeeded in getting the region to mass release or place into shelters their Pokemon, she was overjoyed. However, like many members of Team Plasma, Lucie was completely unaware of what the original intentions of Team Plasma was. Upon finding out, she was devastated that they had lied to her, particularly N, whom she had quite admired. Like many members, she deserted, but unlike many members, she managed to avoid being arrested. She doesn’t know what happened to her brother or her friends. One day at Undella Town, she found herself caught up in a riot started by some members of the League. Speaking to them, she managed to convince them to recruit her, and as such has been fighting for them ever since, although she has kept her nature as an Ex-Plasma grunt secret. During her time in the League, she’s lost two of her Pokemon – a Chandelure named Antimony, and a Swanna called Mytho.

    Family: Frederick (Father), Sumia (Mother), Marth (Brother).
    Love Relationships?: She has had a few casual relationships over her life, but is currently trying to avoid getting in anything serious, due to the fact that she doesn’t want to be mentally crushed if they die.

    Species: Zoroark
    Nickname: Renard
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Illusion
    Hidden Power: Steel
    History: Like many of Lucie’s Pokemon, Renard was originally a bred Zoura that didn’t meet standards, and as such, was abandoned into the wild. He was however picked up by Sumia, along with the other rejects, and brought to the shelter to be put up for adoption. He found that he quickly became quite attached to the eight year old Lucie, amusing her by making himself look like others, and then mocking them, much to her amusement. Eventually, she adopted him, and the two have been inseparable ever since.
    Personality: Renard is fairly relaxed, often acting as a soothing contrast to Lucie’s fire. He likes to try and protect her from rushing into things without thinking, but over time, he’s been less and less successful at this. All the fighting makes him uncomfortable, and he hates it with every fibre of his being, but he is also unwilling to leave Lucie’s side, as so he does his best to fight for her.

    Species: Whimiscott
    Nickname: Navi
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Prankster
    Hidden Power: Fire
    Special Features: A lot of the cotton on Navi is scorched, and she has burn marks on her face.
    History: Navi was the daughter of Lucie’s mother’s Whimiscott, and was the runt of the group. But, due to Lucie’s skills, she managed to get the young Cottenee on her feet. So, she ended up following Lucie around so much until she ended up getting adopted by her. During the Plasma raid, she came under fire from a Houndoom, and her second protect failed, however Lucie, having already lost one of her Pokemon that day, threw herself into the line of fire to protect Navi from most of the flamethrower. She feels quite guilty about this, and as such stays close to Lucie to cripple enemies that come near her.
    Personality: She is quite a shy Pokemon, preferring to only hang around others that she knows well. Around those she doesn’t know, she can be very soft spoken, but when she really needs to get someone’s attention, Navi tends to repeat the same words over and over again in an annoying voice, causing most to get irritated with her, and as such she withdraw with others even more.

    Species: Scrafty
    Nickname: Pandora
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Moxie
    Hidden Power: Psychic
    History: Pandora was originally given as a Christmas present to a young child, only for the family to find that she was just too rowdy for them to keep, so they decided to give her to the shelter. There, she tended to try and bully others into submission, only for Lucie to get in her way each time. Eventually tensions got so high that Renard had to meditate between the two, and they discovered that Pandora was only acting that way as she’d come to believe herself to be not good enough for her original family. The three worked together to convince her that she wasn’t a bad Pokemon, and have remained friends ever since.
    Personality: She seems just as fiery as her trainer, and her reasons for being this way are similar. Pandora feels strongly about the fight against Plasma, and has managed to convince herself that she loves fighting in order to keep herself going. In reality, she’s terrified about the killing machine that she has become, but knows deep down that if she admits this to herself, she’ll break down completely.

    Species: Beartic
    Nickname: Jasper
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Hidden Power: Fairy
    History: Jasper had been living out a relatively normal life on Twist Mountain, until one day a rather violent trainer battle near his home caused him to flee towards Irricus. As most people were unused to seeing such a large Beartic nearby, he caused a large amount of panic as he headed near a school. A group of kids, came out to try and battle him, only to be stopped by Lucie, who managed to calm him down. She fed him before he headed back to Twist Mountain, only to find that the place he’d used to call home had been destroyed by the battle. As such, Lucie was fairly surprised to find the Beartic on her doorstep the next morning, and ended up catching him so he’d have somewhere to stay.
    Personality: He is fairly rough around the edges, but practical, and doesn’t back down from a good fight. He can be fairly protective of all of the members of his group, particularly Pandora, and can easily be sent into a spitfire rage if any of them are threatened. He tends to find himself as the emotional crutch of Pandora, as he is conscious of what’s going on in her head, even if she won’t admit it.
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  13. More double posting, I'm such a rebel *cough* Anyway, the main thread is up under the title of Greyscale, because you've gotta have a cool one word title for these things. I'm sorry about it being very long, but there was a lot of information I wanted to give you guys about your first mission and the kind of setting we're dealing with here.

    Also, in regards to weapons - you're more than welcome to use one if you so wish, but no firearms or anything like that, because I don't see any reason why people would bother to develop things like this when Bullet Seed and Thunder Wave exist. And as the League has been together for a fairly large period of time, you will probably already at least know the names of the other members, so don't worry too much about getting your character to introduce themselves if you don't want to. So yeah, get a post up, and next time I post we should be getting a move on. I hope you like skydiving.

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