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Ask to Join Outcasts: Reinvented

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/outcasts-reinvented.18040
    Warren Sanchez always has an affinity for technology. Computers seemed to bend at his every whim for as long as the seventeen year old could remember. And while Neo York City was a great place for technological advancement, Warren was confined to the middle class and slums, which wasn’t as prone to technology advancement as the upper class. But still Warren could make a good buck making, hacking, and buying and selling computers on the black market. This entire process was how the boy had supported himself without the help of his deadbeat father, who spent all his mother’s child support checks on booze.

    But it didn’t really matter that much. He could support himself and maybe he could survive the rest of the year, and head off to some college and get a degree. And hopefully be out of this trashy part of the city by then. Little did he know that his affinity for technology had already set him down a path for disaster.

    -That Previous Night-
    A tall boy wearing a black mask and black clothing ran across a rooftop of an apartment building. He stopped at the edge of a building and glared down towards a black limo that had pulled to a stop in front of a casino. The driver’s door opened and a man in a cap and suit scurried out to open the door behind where he had been sitting. Out of the back of the limo stepped a short man in a neat teal suit.

    “There he is. Grant Dante. One of Mayor Jacobson’s righthand men and one of the leaders of the Anti-Meta Squardon.” The young mans in black said as the man walked into the casino. “While he is a strict man to his laws, he has a soft spot for gambling. This is one of his many gambling spots.” The young man had the plan to kill him.

    As Warren walked through the kitchen, he could hear the noise from the TV blaring, along with the loud snores from his drunken father. The boy crept into the living rooom to switch it off when he heard this announcement.

    “Breaking news. Last night, an unknown and unregistered Meta tried to assinate Grant Dante. Mr. Dante is a leading general as apart of the Anti-Meta Squardon who are know for their efforts to stop Meta crime. The attempt failed when a soldier who had been hidden in the crowd upon Mr. Dante’s request, fired a shot at the assialent’s shoulder. The Meta fled at this point and is still at large. Mr. Dante is unharmed and there were no civilian injuries.”

    Warren shrugged as he walked past to turn off the TV. These dumb Metas never seemed to learn. There was no point. Best hide your powers or leave the damn city. Warren was unaware that he had this unique ability. He thought he was normal.

    He grabbed his handmade laptop and bag, and left the house making sure to lock the door. Just another day for him right. He gave a shrug and made his way towards his High School, Samuel Perkinson Central High School.
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  2. Vincent stared at his bare upper body in the mirror, his skin pale and his arms wrapped in old, withered bandages.
    "Remember, if anyone asks....its just a skin condition." These words repeated in his head as he stared down at the bandages, slight resentment noticeable on his face.
    "Hmp, meta or not, people treat me like an outcast." He muttered to himself while zipping up his jacket and adjusting the sleeves to sit just above his bandages. He stepped into his dimply lit bedroom long enough to gather his belongings and slide his backpack on. The young meta walked downstairs, pulling a note off the fridge from his Mom.
    "Left for work, have a good day Vincent, I love you." He read the note aloud, giving a small grin as he did so. All through his life, the only person Vincent could rely on time after time was his Mom, there bond was unbreakable. After pocketing the note he headed out the door for school, this being one of the only reason's he actually leaves his home.
    "Welp...another day, another slew of lies." He said to himself with a slight chuckle, thinking about the irony of his double life. Starting from a young age Vincent always wanted to be a superhero, but this.....this was different. He had power, but he couldnt use it, he couldnt even tell people about it. This life was not that of a hero, but more so a prisoner.
  3. Neo York city was a real two faced bitch. It had its shiny, bright side, the one it projected to the world for the most part, towering skyscrapers and flashing billboards, everything you would expect of a metropolis of this size. It certainly had its nice areas, the kinda place you might settle down and raise a family, out of the way of the hustle and bustle. Suburbs where you could get away from the hustle and bustle for a few moments. However the heart of the city revealed its true nature, dark alleyways where each shadow could be a mugger, warehouses being used as operation centres for gangs, red light districts with all kinds of narcotic concoctions for sale. The homeless were shunned into such places, becoming easy targets where law enforcement couldn't see them. Such was the terrible nature of humanity. Niko remembered that he had once heard some speech from some Oxford professor about how Metas could be the next step for homo sapiens, a new chance for the species, a chance to be better. Most of humanity would argue this was not the case, they feared those freaks like they were some kind of plague. Niko remembered liking what that professor had to say when he was younger, it was a bit of hope in what was looking to be a bleak future for him. These days he would have to disagree, Metas were no better than anybody else, he had seen that first hand.

    Anyway Neo York did have three positives as far as Niko was concerned, plenty of places to hide, plenty of rich fools to steal from and Pachelone's sandwich bar, the best lunch he had ever come across. So he had chosen to make his home were he would have access to all three. His current residence was the inside of a storage container located in a massive warehouse near the docks. Not exactly homely but from here he could easily set up a few portals and be downtown in an instant. He didn't have a key for his little house ether but it wasn't like he needed one. There wasn't a structure built that could keep Niko Alasire out. It was his little "gift". Although the authorities would see it as his little weapon. In fact just today he had heard over the radio that there had been an attempted assassination on Grante Dante. Failed sadly. Not that it would have changed much. There would always be another asshole lined up for that particular job.

    Despite all these depressing thoughts that were whirling around Niko's head he smiled as he reclined in his armchair, taking a bite out of the massive meatball sub he had picked up earlier from Pachelone's. His Xbox blared into life, the familiar green logo appearing on his flat screen TV. Life wasn't all bad, it had granted him a few luxuries. Most of them stolen of course. Niko didn't consider stealing from the rich a crime. He doubted that they even noticed half this stuff was missing. Fine by him, meant he could make good use of it with little to no effort. It had taken him some serious time and practice with his fucked up vision to learn how to use any kind of screen but these days he was back to kicking ass on all his favourite games again. It wasn't like he had to go to school anyway seeming as the world was under the impression he was dead, killed in the same house fire that had taken his sister. So he spent most of his days just lazing around, playing games and eating all his favourite foods. And then he spent most of his nights struggling with horrific nightmares and running around the city in a mask. You know, the usual.
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  4. The alarms rang. The gunshots sounded. The sirens wailed. One of the biggest banks in town was being robbed, and the robbers were many, and armed. They burst through the front, the first three firing at the police that had surrounded the building, who took cover. The other two to exit the bank next were both carrying two large duffel bags overflowing with stolen cash. The last three to exit closed the doors behind them, and also opened fire on the police as the eight of them took off to an alleyway, before a flash of red appeared, and the lead man was blown backwards into a wall, knocked out.
    "Come on guys, Black Friday is a while off! No need to get desperate now." Richie grinned as he darted forward, and thrust his arm out, knocking out another robber before they raised their guns. "Not so fast!" He exclaimed, and grabbed tow of the guns, yanking them away and tossing them aside.
    The men quickly took action, charging at Richie and swinging their fists. He effortlessly dodged each blow and proceeded to knock out the men. With four more left, the ones with the cash took off down the alley while the other two opened fire on Richie. He dodged each bullet without breaking a sweat, then leaped up to one of the walls of the alley, kicked off of it, and slammed his fist into one of the robbers' face in a marvel punch. The final armed one turned to him, only to receive an uppercut, knocking him out as well.
    "Not so fast!" Richie yelled as he tackled one of the fleeing robbers, and knocked him out. The last one turned to Richie, dropping the cash, and pulling out a Glock, opening fire. Richie charged at the man, dodging each bullet before shoving his fist into the man's gut, knocking him out as well as winding him.
    Proudly, Richie placed his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest, the emblazoned red logo (a large F) shining on his chest, his red spandex suit gleaming, his orange cape flapping. Several officers approached him and gave him medals. Girls goggled at him, and even Mayor Jacobson came to him, and gave him the key to the city. "I announce that all metas and humans have equal rights!" He announced, as Richie, otherwise known as 'Flaming Justice' (even though he has nothing to do with fire other than colors). The world was fixed of it's problems, and Richie was the hero the world needed.

    At least, this is how his daydreams usually played out. He sat in the alley near the bank he dreamed of saving, shivering slightly as he held his body close. The thin layers of red and orange clothing he wore, with the spray pained 'F' on his shirt made it obvious he didn't look the part. He looked up at the homeless man acrossed from him, who too, was shivering slightly, but giving Richie an odd look. "A little young to be homeless, eh?" The old man croaked. Richie shrugged. "It's not that bad."
    "You say that now. Wait until it snows." The man replied. Richie made no response as he looked back out the alleyway, still awaiting the fateful day when he would be able to save this bank from a robbery. His stomach gave a growl. "Want something to eat?" He asked. Richie looked at him, giving a small smile. "No thanks. I'm good."
    "Suit yourself." The man replied and pulled a small sandwich out from his coat, and began to chow down.
  5. The light flickered on and off. In Anshluss' room, it was complete darkness with nothing but a hovering light over the area. At this time the light would flicker on and off, indicating that her parents left and are waking her up. Her face arched up at the knowledge she must go another day on school papers and strange facts to remember. The idea of school did not make much sense to her, but she tried her best to do whatever she could, she rolled over out of her bed, falling on the shirt on the floor next to the other shirts. her room had a sense of both order and chaos to it. her clothing would be placed out but neatly tucked together next to each other on the floor. Any fast food cups were drained and stacked on top of each other. Any stains were so saturated with so much perfume that other people would find nauseating but for her, she paid no attention to the smell, as long as it was somewhat pleasant. with the light now shortage out, she cracked open her two windows behind her. Just enough so that light can come in, but not enough for anyone to possibly see inside of her room. If they did see people would be curious. she touches her arms and then her back, she could feel the ever present sense of crawling and the feeling of padding through her body and was fully awake now. Anshluss swiped some clothing (while using random paper to cover the gaps where the clothes were) and walked downstairs.

    She did her best to make as little noise between the creaking of the doors and her footsteps even though no one was there. For her, her parents were very distant with her. when she entered the living room there was her book bag and some food. They were from her parents, Anshluss wasn't sure when she started to be off, but her parents became really distant ever since the changes. they would sometimes ask how she was doing on her lunch bag, but would never talk to her face to face. Currently, it has been two weeks since Anshluss has actually seen her parents. With her supplies and food, she hurried out of the door and paced to high school.
  6. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Since when has a deputy mayor of Neo York City had the authority to order around armed soldiers?" He asked no one in particular. Honestly, it was like the rest of the world lost its critical thinking skills when New York was razed to the ground. Ever since the wackjob currently calling himself the mayor had taken over the city it was like it had been completely sundered from the rest of the world. Public executions - when New York state didn't even have a capital punishment statute on the books to begin with! Discriminating against a minority group as if the Fourteenth Amendment didn't even exist. There was reasonable legislation, and then there was whatever Blaine Jacobson had on the agenda that day.

    Speaking of Mayor Blow Jobs, as the more juvenile section of Russell's brain reveled in referring to Jacobson as, that whole thing about his family founding New York? Made no sense. Were his ancestors Dutch? Did he even know New Amsterdam was a thing? Did he even care? Certainly the media and the average citizen didn't seem to put too much thought into the man's claims. Or much else that he did, let's be honest. Russell didn't believe it. With that extended mental tangent out of the way, though, he returned his attention to the announcement currently going off on the radio.

    The boy was taking the subway in to school, as he often did. The gentleman sitting across from him was one of those old school sorts who still carried around a boombox. The guy got annoyed looks from some of the other passengers, but Russell appreciated the traveling entertainment. Anyway, the music had been interrupted by a public service announcement declaring that a Superweirdo had attempted to murder Grant Dante, only to be stopped by an armed guard Dante apparently carried around in his back pocket or something. What were the carry laws in New York? He'd have to look up those statutes again. Shooting at someone in a crowded casino was a recipe for disaster though, Russell hoped that bodyguard got reprimanded. Unlikely, though, no one actually seemed to care about things like ethics or responsible government these days.

    "They're never going to get people to side with them if they keep trying to kill people," the boy said, again to himself. Russell should know, his family had fled Austria during the first World War after the Serbians murdered the Archduke. The sad thing was Franz Ferdinand, Russell's namesake, had been an ally to the Slavic cause in the Empire. Oh, there was also the whole bit about Russell himself being a Meta. But that was his dirty little secret. One that he got a kick showing off in public to a bunch of idiots that only thought up mundane explanations to whisper behind his back about the boy whose hair and eyes sometimes were different colors.

    None of that today though, he was his normal red haired, green eyed self. He briefly considered changing something after he stepped off the subway, hands in his pockets and backpack slung over his shoulder, but eventually decided against it. Too many people, too little time. Instead, he sauntered on up the stairs and out of the subway station. It was only a couple blocks walk to his school. He'd be there in time for the first bell.
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  7. James woke up approximately 5 minutes before school started. 5 minutes was like an eternity for the speedster. James sped around his small ill-kept room. His bed was ripped apart, his wall paper was peeling off, and his window was broken. In a matter of seconds, James made his bed, placed his breakfast in the toaster, and pet his clothes on. He waited patiently at the toaster for his food to cook. As much as James hated it, Super Speed couldbn’t cook food faster.

    The Speedster grabbed his backpack and sped to the door. “Today is the day I’ll be able to scale the stairs without tripping.” James muttered. He sped toward the first flight, which he breezed pass, and then came the ultimate challenge, the 180 degree turn that was the next flight of stairs. James flung passed the turn and crashed into the window. His skull slammed into the windowsill and he blacked out.

    When the speedster awoke, he was at the bottom of stairs. James lifted his arm up and checked his watch. He was late for school.
  8. As the day progressed, the stomach growls increased. Richie wasn't one to abandon his post, but he needed food. He had some friends at the school that could feed him, the food would be free for him (plus they have the 'free and reduced lunch' thing), so he got up, said goodbye to his new homeless compadre, and headed for the school, making sure to cover his face. A hero never reveals his identity. He received several funny looks from passing strangers, as they most likely found his attire and physical appearance intriguing. The red and orange clothes were a little tattered, and obviously dirty. The mask he wore was an old ski mask he'd found in a dumpster. Besides his clothing, his frame was almost shriveled in appearance, his limbs and torso thin, his cheeks gaunt. If he were to represent the city, it would almost appear as though it were a third world country.
    So why was he so bad, off the start?
    Richie asked himself this question a lot, in the middle of the night when he curled up in a dry corner of an alley. Why had his parents been so keen to abandon him. He'd always been a good kid. Top of his class, athletic too. He was the star student, and the star son. But after his abilities continued to increase, his parents became concerned. They feared their child was a 'freak', and called in someone to confirm it.
    The man's name was Dr. Waxton, or something like that, Richie didn't really care to remember. He told them that Richie was indeed a meta, and left. Out of fear for their own lives, they drove Richie into the city (as they'd lived in another city, in a rural area), and dumped him in an alley. He hadn't seen them since.
    He often wondered why they feared for their lives that day. Had he done something to hurt them? No, that wasn't it. He was their only child, and their favorite child. He was always trying to please them, and in his head, he'd failed. They didn't love him anymore because he wasn't what they wanted him to be.

    Richie shook his head to clear the memory as tears stung his eyes. He'd already cried about that enough, he wasn't eager to do it again, especially in public.
    Soon enough, the hero-wannabe arrived at the school building, but upon seeing the clock outside of the double-door entrance, he decided to wait. It wasn't lunch time yet, so he'd need to wait at least a little longer for some food. With that thought in mind, he walked to the side of the building and plopped down beside a bed of flowers and brought his knees to his chest, thoughts still swirling throughout his mind. His parents, the bank, the homeless man, and over all, food.
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  9. As Vincent approached the school, he caught glimpse of a young feeble male laying on the ground around the side of the school.
    "Is no one gonna ask if he's okay? He thought to himself, his body subconsciously made him approach the boy, taking note that his presence was starting to catch the attention of some students. He quickly kneeled down next to the boy, realizing the young mans withered condition.
    "Um...hey, im Vincent. Are you hungry?' He asked, low and quiet not to startle the boy. He quickly dug around through his bag, pulling a sandwich from his lunch box and holding it up.
    "You kinda seem like you need this more than me, here." He said warmly, holding the sandwich out.
  10. Richie creased his eyebrows, looking up at the much larger guy, who was kindly offering him something to eat. At first, Richie was inclined to decline the offer, he'd get food soon, but a desperate growl from his stomach told him otherwise.
    "Thanks..." He said, slightly embarrassed at being offered a sandwich by some stranger he'd just met. Precariously, he reached out and grabbed the sandwich, before consuming it in little more than two bites, despite his small mouth.
  11. “Gosh Dang it!” James exclaimed. He stood up and rubbed his head. A bright red swolen goose egg blossomed on his forehead. His regenerative healing started to null the large eyesore, but it would take a good five minutes for the wound to fully heal.

    James grabbed his backpack, which had rolled down the staircase with is unconscious body. The speedster slipped on his shoulders and began his trek to school. He took his path to school through a complex circuits of allies of Neo York City.

    When he arrived at school, James saw two new faces, one of what looked to be homeless teen sitting in the grass, and the other a larger teen with bandages in his arms.
  12. Anshluss kept her head low as she crept up to the school building. She was holding a sketchbook full of half finished and scratched out drawings. Her usual routine was to pick a flower that was close to wilting. She went to her normal flower bed only to find someone was laying on top of her flowers, and it seemed another boy was trampling as well. In fury she opened her textbook and started scribbling. She felt as though her hand itched and writing was the cure. Her pressed pencil almost tearing at the paper as she drew a crude image of the two being dragged away with her holding flowers.
  13. Micheal Tawley fucked up last night, plain and simple. The entire idea of killing Grant Dante was a useless one indeed and simply proved to be pointless in the end. A bullet wound to the shoulder seemed to dampen his enthusiasm and gave him reason to flee. And while doing this, gave press another reason to hate Metas.

    Luckily for him, the wound wasn’t deep, as his arm had been made of stone at the time. This was his power, which pretty much allowed him to turn his limbs into movable rocks. It helped with increasing durability and strength.

    However after his arm morphed back into flesh and the bullet had been dug out, there was still a nasty wound, which he decided to keep covered for today. No reason to raise suspicions.

    As he walked up to school, he realized he was going to be a bit late. But it didn’t matter really. He didn’t even want to go today, so him going today was an accomplishment. He neared the school, and noticed a group of boys and a girl outside of the school building. But a few things caught his attention. First off, there was a boy, who’s sneakers seemed to be a bit burnt on the bottom, and looked like they had melted. Secondly, there was a larger boy with bandages over his arms. He went to the kid with bandages first, and said coolly, “What happened to your arms.” He ignored the others.

    Warren had already made it to class and was listening to the teacher begin his lesson. However in the corner of his eye, he saw a group of students outside. If they were skipping class, why do it that close to the school. While truant officers weren’t to be found in this part of the city, staying outside school, and not going in was a good way to get unwanted attention.
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  14. Korosu was walking to school when he noticed he was running a bit late. "Seems I will have to hurry up." He said as he decided to take a shortcut through a dark alley. In that alley, he was suddenly confronted by a thug who came up behind him. "Hey kid, don't you know its dangerous to be out here alone?" He said. "I'm 18 for your information." Korosu answered with a tone of slight annoyance. "Oh so you think you're so though huh." The man said as he pulled out a knife. "Hand over all your belongings and you might walk out of here without being too beat up." He said menacingly. Korosu raised an eyebrow. "Oh sure, here you go." He said as he pulled a 25 cents coin and flicked it at the man. The man got angry. "You think i'm kidding kid? Give me all you have!" He shouted. When the coin arrived a bit away from the man's face, Korosu pressed his thumb down on his clenched fist as a clicking sound appeared. The coin suddenly exploded and the man fell back, unconscious with part of his face burned. The explosion propelled the coin back into Korosu's hand. "Consider yourself lucky I\m not in the mood to kill anyone right now." He said as he continued his trail.

    In his classroom, Korosu sat his desk and waited for school to end.
  15. Coal quickly jumped out of bed as just took a shower. "Man I can't wait for school" Coal thought to himself as he got himself changed for school. Coal got his car keys before he started to drive to school while he was singing his favorite song out loud. After 5 minutes Coal got to school where he parked his car in the student parking, before he walk to class while he had his earphones on and his music blasting. His first class of the day was World geography where Coal was by himself in the back of the classroom, the teacher called him to answer a question on the board. "I can try teach" Coal said to the teacher as he walked to the board and began to work.
  16. Vincent glanced up at the approaching boy, his herat rate spiking at the question about his bandages but he remained calm and composed. "Um hi? If you must pry ive got a skin condition. Leaves my skin super sensitive to sunlight, cold weather, and so on." He said lazily as if he explained it thousands of times.
    "And....what happened to your arm?" He asked, pointing a finger to the small dot of blood on the boys shoulder. Vincent wasnt one to question people about such things but he didnt like this boys random inquisition about the one thing Vincent tried not to talk about.
  17. After a couple more seconds of intensive scribbling. Anshluss felt herself feel a little better. But the moment returned as she realized she was late for class. She hurried into the building and sat next to the door to her math class. She did not feel like explaining her tardiness so she did not go in. But pressed her head through the door to hear her teacher.
  18. Coal wrote the answer on the board before he went back to his seat. "Heh, that was easy" Coal thought to himself as the teacher went to the next question. After 30 minutes the school bell rang and Coal left the classroom while all the others student's began to talk to each other "Man what's up with everyone" Coal asked himself. The next class was Algebra 1 and Coal sat down in his desk as the teacher took roll "you know what I'm gonna do something different" he thought to himself.
  19. “Probably the same type of thing that happened to you. Ya know, genetics and such.” The skin condition seemed fishy. First off, why would he only have his arms bandaged, if it was a skin condition. Then there was the weakness of sunlight, which made little sense in Micheal’s head. But at the mention of a red dot of blood on his shoulder, he glanced at it to see that his hoodie was back, revealing his shoulder. He brought the hoodie over the sleeve, covering the now stained shirt sleeve.

    He shot the other students still there a look, and crossed his arms. “Cause, I’m sure everyone has something odd about us nowadays. Especially with the emergence of all of these Metas. Like that one who tried to kill that politician. Crazy huh. Glad none of us are like that.”
  20. James forgot about his shoes. They were completely shot. He was sure the other students would notice them at some point. He then used his speed to quickly pull tape out of his bag and attempt to fix his shoes.

    James hoped that he did it fast enough that no one noticed. And then he joined the conversation.” Yeah there are some real weirdness out there.” He looked around at the new teen , oddly he did have blood seeping through his shirt, which James saw before he rolled down his sleeve.
  21. Coal looked out the window as he saw a few people outside all talking. "What's up with them" Coal wonder to himself while he then heard a group of teens talked about Metas. "Metas huh I haven't thought about that for a while" Coal thought to himself before he got up and excuse himself from class.

    Coal walked outside to the group of kids while he had his hands in his pockets. "I couldn't help but hear you guys talking about the weird stuff in this world" Coal said. He then took his hands out of his pockets before he looked around.
  22. "The metas aren't that bad." Richie piped up from his curled up position on the ground, back leaning against the wall. "They're just misunderstood." His eyes were on James, whom he'd watched use his own powers to put duct tape around his shoes, before perking up, his eyes darting about in the hopes no one had noticed. Richie didn't say anything about James, however. If any of these people were in dislike of metas, he didn't want to call him out on it.
    "Put yourself in the shoes of the metas that openly use their powers. Some have innocent powers, used for good. I remember this one girl at the park could make plant life grow, just by waving her hands. She made the park look beautiful. Then... well, I don't know what they did to her, but I do know that the park is pretty ugly now." He let out a sigh as he rubbed one of his eyes, and turned his attention to Michael, who seemed to be the kind of guy to take charge, regardless of what other people thought. "If you look at some of the other places around the world, they let the metas live normal lives among them. So why is that such a sin, here?"
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  23. A white spider was near the boys outside. listening to all they were saying about metas. As consequence, so did Anshluss. She shuddered whenever she heard the word metas, but overall enjoyed their positive look on metas. She opened up her sketch book to where she drew the boys and put crude smiley faces on them. The white spider inched closer, trying not to be seen but to get a better look at them.
  24. Aaron watched the curious events begin to take place around him with concern.
    "To many people asking to many questions, better leave." He thought to himself slowly backing away from the group and turning.
    "I suggest we get to class. Everyone is running just a bit late at this point." He stated plainly before running ahead to his first class. After making his way down the long stretch of hall leading up to the class. The young meta quietly slipped into the room, staying low to avoid locking eyes with the teacher as he slipped into his feet.
    "Excuse me Mr. Reese, I suggest if you plan to show up late you dont make you arrival so obvious." The teacher spoke, not even turning away from the board.
    "Yes sir." He said quietly laying his head on the desk, thinking about the recently occurring events.
    "So ive finally met more meta's...." He thought to himself with certainty, a small grin forming on his face.
  25. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    He'd slipped into the building in his usual manner, entering the classroom seconds before the first bell had rung. His seat was furthest in the back, next to the wall. He didn't so much sit down as fall into the chair, which tilted onto its back legs dangerously before falling back forward. Russell propped his knee against the desk, preventing the front legs of his chair from reaching the ground as he did so. Backpack slid under the table, arms draped beside him. All together, not exactly the picture of a perfect student.

    Russell wasn't what you would call an overachiever. No, he was quite happy to coast along on Bs and Cs. Not really going anywhere fast, not putting too much thought into his future either. He only half listened to the teacher as his eyes skimmed the room. They were a few heads short this morning. Had he known people were planning to ditch today, he wouldn't have come in himself. It was never good to be the only student absent. But when maybe half a dozen kids were gone, well, one more wasn't worth noticing. Oh well, he was here now, so he might as well put in the effort.

    Speaking of putting in minimal effort though, someone had just entered the room late. And then immediately put their head down on their desk. Taking a nap already? That was low, even by Russell's standards. Which classmate was this? He'd never really bothered learning any of their names. Victor? Vasquez? Something like that.
  26. Coal sat down on a bench as he pulled out his phone to check the time. "Nothing to worry about" Coal thought to himself as he placed his phone back into his pocket. "So..you guys heard about all the weird phenomenons happening" Coal asked nervously while looking down form the rest of the teens. Suddenly Coal remember that he left his keys in his locker so Coal got up and ran back into the school.
  27. Micheal had made his way inside and listened as the teacher began to drone on. But his mind was on other things. He had confirmed some Metas in the school, and now he needed to recruit them. The process would be difficult. So hopefully, he could do it during lunch. But that’s wouldn’t be for a while.

    “Christ. You are an idiot.” Blaine Jacobson Jr, the city’s mayor said, facing the soilder sitting in front of him. The man had dark skin, black hair, and was wearing a camo army jacket, slipped over his shoulder. The soilder’s eyes seemed to wander around the mayor’s office, while Blaine crossed his arms. “You’re lucky enough I could cover for you. But the fact you didn’t capture that damn Meta who has been causing much trouble. I’m sick of these Metas trying to make a difference.”

    The man gave a chuckle. “I’m making a difference. You gonna kill me too?” He snorted while giving a half hearted shrug.

    Blaine frowned. “don’t be stupid. I said, trying to make a difference. I didn’t say the difference was wanted or even happening. You keep those freaks in line. You’re the type of Meta I like.”

    “Thanks Jacoby. Anyways, is that all of your bitching? Cause I got news. A DNA sample from the meta. You see, while his skin could become rock, I got as bit of blood from it, after the gun was fired. Scooped it off the ground. So here it is. Send it to you’re boys in the lab. They’ll find out who it is. And I can kill ‘em.” The man du around in his jacket to pull out a vial with a small scotch of red liquid at the bottom of it.
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  28. James saw that everyone had went inside the school. He followed and entered the back of class, hoping to not get noticed. But like most of the others, he got caught. His Pre Calculus teacher called him to do the problem, one which he hadn’t learned because he was skipping school. James responded,” Ugh, Okay, I’ll try.” James said as he walked up to the board. He attempted the problem, and boy did he fail miserably.
  29. The buzzing of an alarm caught Niko's attention, his mobile rumbling around on the table. Through his eyes the concept of light was a strange one, it basically didn't exist, merely a shading on a surface so the bright light of the phone's screen was lost on him. It's meaning however was not.
    "Fuck." He grumbled from his seat, swivelling the chair around to face the source of the sound. Study time again. In his spare time Niko had been attempting to learn how to read braille, an extraordinarily difficult task without somebody to actually teach you. None the less he had found some success in a series of audiobooks he had borrowed from the library of a local school. He didn't look suspicious there and as long as he wore sunglass to conceal the state of his eyes nobody had a real reason to talk to him.

    In fact he really needed to get the next set.....guess it was time to pay that zoo a visit. Stopping only to slip his trainers on and grab his shades, Niko split the fabric of reality with a wave of his hand. A shimmering portal appeared, linking Niko's homely little shipping container with the janitors closet at the school in question. Emerging into the gloom and stink of cleaning products it didn't take too long for him to find the door handle and escape the claustrophobic space. Reaching into his pocket he put on the tinted shades and stepped out into the stream of students filling the corridor, most of which were heading for lunch. A single snippet of conversation made its way through the general murmur of the crowds, "taco Tuesday".

    With a mighty sound like a dying whale Niko's stomach reminded him that he was always, always in the mood for tacos. And with that he found himself standing in the lunch hall, the smell of Mexican spices and teenage hormones wafting around the place.
  30. Coal quickly grabbed his keys from his locker before he went back outside. When Coal got outside he found himself alone "Wow" he thought. Coal finally sat down on the ground before he took out his phone and started to play a mobile game. "I wonder if the other Metas know about the world" Coal told himself as he closed his eyes and sigh.
  31. By the time lunch had come around, Micheal was hungry. Extremely hungry. Throughout his entire time in line, he impatiently tapped his foot and keeper his arms crossed. His eyes scanned the lunch room, keeping his eyes open for any of the Metas he had ran into earlier. Nothing yet. He couldn’t help but huff at this. How could he recruit Metas, if he couldn’t eve talk to them.


    Probably about 15 people back, stood Warren, who’s hands were in his pockets. He kept his eyes low and simply listened to the noise emitted by the lunchroom. The sooner he ate, the sooner he could find somewhere quite to relax.
  32. William ran a hand through his silver hair and kept his other hand in his jacket pocket as he stood in the long line in the cafeteria. No one knew he was a Meta yet, so he wasn't usually one to be suspected of anything, though he never said a word, not even in class, projects, or the like. His consistent silence led to his absence of friends in school, though it wasn't particularly something to which William showed concern. He noticed an impatient looking kid who was currently doing a swivel around the cafeteria and watched him for a minute. If they made eye contact, it was no big deal. Or.. was it?
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  33. Coal hurry to the cafeteria before he realize that the long line was going to take a while. "Dang it" Coal told himself, as he looked over and saw two guys who seemed familiar. But he quickly diminish the idea as he began to chew on some gum. "How many Metas are in this school" Coal told himself as he began to sense something different about his metal watch.
  34. Anshluss sat on the corner floor of the cafeteria. Using her spiders underneath the seats to listen in on student conversation. With an assortment of ripe fruits, Anshluss intensively wrote down anything that caught her interest. She would write down any test answers or knowledge of any news floating around school. But this time she was looking out for specifically anything mentioning Metas. while she did not hear anything she noticed a couple of kids distancing themselves like her. She quickly scribbled faces of the people she suspected of being odd like her. All while taking large bites of apples and overall eating as though she was starving.
  35. Coal soon saw a girl who eating a lot of Apple's. "Man is she ok" Coal thought to myself before he started to walk over to her. As Coal was walking he felt a sharp pain in his arm, but before he could react Coal to fall face first into the ground. Coal arm began to shake while he got up from the ground and continue to walk to the girl.
  36. Anshluss's face flared as she saw some guy walk to wards her. Her body tingling with the desire not to encounter him. She noticed the fact he seem injured , but the random damage only bothered her more. without getting up she looked away from the guy. Holding the notebook closer to her face and scarfing down on apples.
  37. Coal sat down at the table holding his arm before he looked at her. "I see that you a little shy right?" Coal ask while he started to close his eyes while he tried to ease the pain with some cream. After Coal place the cream of his arm, he took out a pack of gum and offering the girl one "you want one?" He asked with a smile.
  38. For a second Anshluss just stared at the guy for a second, Completely unmoving. Then she quickly snatches a single piece of gum and quickly chews at it while folding at the wrapping back to a perfect enclosed state. She looks back at the guy and tries to piece together a response. "We..." her voice was course from its lack of use. "We thank you". She turns to her notebook and tries to draw his face writing, gave gum, next to it.
  39. "Your..um welcome" Coal said as he place the pack back into his pocket. So Coal began to look up in silence before he look back at her. "My name's Coal, what's yours?" Coal asked as he started to chew another piece of gum, before he blew a bubble. His watch started to smoke a little as Coal tried to put it out before anyone could see it.
  40. "Anshluss, our only name is Anshluss" she says through her mouth filled with apples and now gum. She watched as Coal did not yet leave her presence. Awkwardly she tried to make small talk. She noticed a bit of smoke com out of his arm. "Do you like fire or?" She stumbles over her words just to say a simple phrase while giving a weak facial gesture that could be interpreted as a grin.

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