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Open Outcast take three disscussion.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Outcast 3 should be the name of the main thread. And yeah, we should have our characters stay together instead of continuously venturing out seperately.
  2. Is there any room for me to join
  3. Take three
    One last try
    I have two ideas

    First, we do exactly what we did last time, but more reasonable threats.
    Secondly, maybe a reality where the supers(?) are accepted, but somebody is working behind the scenes and causing them to dissapear, at the same time sowing mistrust and hate of the supers into the general community, causing the remaining ones to band together and figure out what is happening

    Edit: They may not be back but I feel the need to tag these people, for tradition's sake
    @The Protato, @__Black_Cat__
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  4. The first idea isn't bad.

    My idea is that like the first one the government throws them into a secluded area and they have to band together to survive. unlike the first one there isn't a bunker and the group has to actually ban together
  5. lets go with Jagson's plot, its more traditionnal
  6. We making new characters?
  7. Up to you. I'm going to wait until everyone gives their feed back before I make the character sheet.
  8. Alright, sounds good. I like Jagson's plot better as well.
  9. I like Karp's second idea. It'd be cool to do something like that, and if this thread dies I'm probably gonna make a reboot myself like the old one. Looks like the majority's against me on this one, though! XD
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  10. I'm up for what ever
  11. I like Karp's second idea too. It would be interesting, because in both other versions the Outcasts were always Outcasts. Now they would have a fall from glory.
  12. When you put it like that I feel like I like that one better. Man, I'm fine with both.
  13. Alright now that I think about it Karp's Idea can work. Let's go with it. All in favor.
    also for people who live in a further time zone or have to work late shifts let's make sure to have a summery for them. So no one is left behind this time.
  14. Alright. Now we just have to decide if we are gonna reuse our characters?
  15. Up to the person. I'm probably going to be using Josh for this.
  16. Oh yes sorry I forgot to respond to you. Yes you can join.
  17. Thanks, so where is the form
  18. I don't understand why people would ask if they can join an OPEN Thread
  19. Sorry i just feel like i need to ask just in case
  20. I like both ideas they sound good
  21. I haven't made it yet.

    Name Josh
    age: 17
    sex male
    power Telekenises and healing
    appearance. Blonde hair with green eyes wears a simple green t shirt and blue jeans
    sexuality : hetero

    Also can you really blame him or her Koopa I kind of posted a bunch of names in the first response.
  22. So are we keeping our old characters?
  23. If you want. but you'll still need to write them down in a bio.
  24. Mine:
    Name Zaria
    Age: 17
    Gender female
    Power demonic fire like a demon. Fire power with a bit of ice power but only can use her ice during cold times.
    Appearance: black hair with red eyes.
    Red T-shirt and a skirt
  25. So I wanted a demon but I can't bring alya back so new demon
  26. understandable and accepted.
  27. So are fellow Outcasts being murdered or are they just getting captured?
  28. Haha thanks also if she uses Ice to much she can pass out from the cold that forms around her.
  29. I'm feelin' and Fairy Tail vibe right now, and I'm a bit tired of Uchiha clones.
    Name: Ethan Davis
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Power: Fire Dragon Slayer
    Appearance: Nathan is 5 foot 10 and is well built for his age. He is lightly tanned, has dark black hair, and yellow eyes. He wears a dark red tee shirt with khaki colored shorts, black socks, and black running shoes.
    Personality: Ethan is usually laid back, he knows when to be serious. He cares a lot about his friends and anyone who threatens them or him will be his enemy. Just don't make him angry, unless you want to play with fire ;)
    Backstory: Ethan lived a normal life until about the age of 12 when one night his house lit afire. Ethan's room had became engulfed in flames and had no idea what to do, so he opened his mouth to try and scream. Once he breathed in the fire began to rapidly fly into his mouth until he had literally ate all of the fire. After this event his family began to fire him because whenever he got mad, flames would appear around his hands and occasionally he breathe fire. His parents considered him too dangerous and dumped him off somewhere (around location where we start)
    Sexuality: Hetero
  30. Can someone let me know because I want too have Zane be one of those assassin type characters. His ability really fits that type of style.
  31. Yeet, Ashley's comin' back again!

    Name: Ashley Sparks
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Power: Air and fire manipulation
    Appearance: Ashley has bright red curly hair, bright blue eyes, and wears a blue hoodie, jeans, and blue-and-white sneakers.
    Orientation: Bisexual
  32. name: Darren Cronan
    age: 15
    sex: Male
    power: He can make speed bursts, the length depends on the amount of time he charges his speed burst. He can also slow down time for a slow amount of time but he is yet to master this ability.
    appearance: he wears a blue sleeveless shirt and wears a black backpack. He has short blonde scruffy hair and green eyes. He wears black jeans and white trainers. He has blue tattoos on both arms, ranging from his shoulder to his wrist. They started to brightly glow whenever he charges up his speed burst and uses slow motion.
    sexuality: heterosexual

    What do ya guys think?
  33. What if they were just going missing and no one knows if they're dying, being kidnapped, or a mixture of both? That way we can decide in the discussion.
  34. I agree with Cloud's idea
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  35. Name: Ashei
    Apperance: Black trench coat with a blue dress shirt and black dress pants. Blue fingerless gloves. Electricity sword strapped to his back
    Power: Gravity manipulation and electrical powers ( work great at night and terrible during the day)
    Sexuality: Heterosexual.

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