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Origin of your screen name(s)?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Lyni, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Related to Katie's thread on screen name changes, and actually inspired by it. Anyways, how did you come up with your screen name?

    I have nothing much to say, really. It started out as Eevee4444, and some of my accounts somewhere are still that (like I stated in Katie's thread). Eevee wasn't even my favorite Pokemon at the time, but it was cute and it had 4 e's, and 4 was my favorite number. XD I then decided that the 4444 at the end was stupid but as Eevee itself was already taken or something like that, I added a "Shiny" in the beginning. And the name kind of stuck after that...
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  2. My name is quite simple, my real name is Zachary and I have an anger issue, so I took the italian word for Anger and used it as a last name for my self insert RP character, Zachary Ira ^^
  3. LoN... Its a shortened version of my old name LoN_Colossus from when I played Age of Mythology. Everyone started to call me LoN so I shortened it to that on forums and the like. The longer name came from the clan I was in, and then from the Colossi units you could train. But I still forget what the clan name was xD I believe it has long since died off too.
  4. Basically, being my GPX name, I had no other name to choose from and I LIKE TURTWIGS! So that is basically where I name comes from.
  5. My first name was Hunting Rifle. I have one of those in my collection of weapons and I still find them incredible. But after I started shedding my newbie skin, I wanted a better name, so I chose Dark Soul. Not that I'm very emo, but I'm just a sucker for mysterious and bad-ass names. A month ago or so I became Rinnosuke Morichika after followings Tun/Tan's idea of Touhou Project characters. And now I'm Model P, my favorite MegaMan, because I'm a serious fan of sci-fi/action stuff like that. I'll return to DS eventually.
  6. right okay first thing's fiiirrrrst-

    I have no bloody idea what 'tunduli' means. No joke. :V

    When I was joining 'Charms, 'tunduli' just popped into my head. :x Now I'm known mainly as 'Tun', 'Tunny/i', 'Tundy', 'Tundu', etc. and occassionaly some weird stuff like 'Tunnasaurus' or 'Tunapple'. ... :V

    Back on old 'Charms, when I actually became active (omg i know :o) I changed my name to 'Tun-san', just because the Japanese are cool and stuff. c: (I'm not as 'omg how kawaii desudesudesu' as I used to be. I hope. :x)
    And thenn I was 'Pixel Perfect' for like five seconds (because I'm into spriting - aw yeah c: ) until I saw Tsutaaja ... and that meaning pretty much explains itself.

    Theennn somewhere in June, I think, I changed my name to Suwako Moriya because crazy nature/earth/frog Goddesses kick ass~! :V And I became Tan/Tenshi's teabuddy ♥ And DS joined us~ :>

    And well noww I'm Yui. :> The origin of 'Yui' is basically because my beloved, cooking, well-mannered Froslass is called Yui and well um I love her ♥

    Recap: Tunduli has no origin/roots/meaning </3
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  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    StellarWind kinda happened, really, and Elsydeon just flowed with it. It was highly amusing when I found out later that Elsydeon was also the name of a legendary sword in Phantasy Star IV, my favorite part of one of my favorite RPG series - but by that point it was too ingrained into the name. ^^
  8. Once upon a time, my brother was making up Fakemon. I wanted to too, but alas, I could not think of one. So my brother told me to combine my favorite Pokemon that already existed. So I did. S from Espeon, H from Haunter and Yu from the pronunciation of Mew (gogo guide book), that's the Shyu part of my name.

    When I was 12, I discovered Serebiiforums. While my account has probably died twice, I discovered the world of RP and Fanfiction through there, thought that was cool and made up a shiny Espeon character called Rayn. She was going to be the main chara of "Sumer's Rayn". That died before I even put it online. But I used that name because that's kind of what I wanted to be known as in the World of Pokefans.

    I was Rayn there, then here, then I decided to pay homage to my original Pokecreation and added an underscore and Shyu. And I have been named "Rayn_Shyu" ever since. "Rotak" would have been another name that I would use, but I haven't really gotten the chance to use it much :V.
  9. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I got my original username thanks to my favorite professional sports team, the Chicago Blackhawks. A few years back, when they were just starting to not be the laughing stock of all professional sports team, and shortly after I regained my love for hockey, they had a marketing campaign called "Red Rising". The team's main color on their uniforms is red, and they were a young team and getting a whole lot better, so that's where the motto came from.

    Anyways, a year or so after this (they having changed the ad campaign by this point), I found a cool Tetris site and wanted to play, but had to make up a username. So after a bit of thinking, I remembered the "Red Rising" campaign and decided to use it in my username. I also grabbed my favorite number, which was also the number of my favorite player at the time, and slapped that on the end. Thus, I became "RedRising24".

    A few months later I joined 'Charms and decided to use the same name for the account. I ran with that for a while, and at some point along the way dropped the "24" from my name.

    And just recently whilst having a discussion in chat about Carmen's new forum name I brought up how I kinda wanted to slap a "Sir" in my forum name. Dwayna told me I couldn't because I wasn't a knight, but then she proceeded to knight me and I soon there after changed my name to "Sir Red". ^^
  10. Well, I'm totally into everything that has to do with Ancient Greece and all that stuff. I got addicted to Rick Riordan's "Olympian's" series and thought of a name for a weapon. After I Googled a few things, I found it. Thus, Kerauno was born. It is the Ancient Greek word for Lightning Bolt. I got tired of using my name for stuff, so I used Kerauno. Then it just stuck.

    On Deviant Art, that name was, surprisingly, taken. So I changed it to Grapsimo, as I am now. That word is Ancient Greek for Writing, for I am an author.

    Soon, I'm going to be changing my name, and I'm prepping for it now. It's a surprise. Everyone will just have to wait! *^-^*
  11. Well, I meant for my screen name to be Double D, but unfortunately I forgot to space and capitolize, so I came to be called Doubled32 originally. Afterwards, I didn't see the need in keeping 32 in my name, so now I'm simply Doubled. Double the fun, yeah you get the point *points towards writing under avatar.
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  12. One day I just sorta plopped down and decided I needed a new screen name for teh intarwebs.

    I used to be St. Louis Cavalier on some other boards, named after my grade school and mascot, but that was getting to be old hat.

    So I did a bit of thinking...I was pondering Jay and Silent Bob for some reason, despite the fact that it would be the year AFTER I even created the nick that I would see my first View Askew movie.

    But yeah, I liked how Silent Bob sounded, and since my nickname is Dre I just decided to go with it.

    Voila. Though people insist on calling me "Silent." It's "Dre," damn it. (Unless you're Sem, then it is Silent and you're Smelly Poopykins.)
  13. Like Tun before me, I don't know what Blarg means, so don't ask.

    I said it one day in school, and my name changed literally overnight from Nick to Blarg, and the name still sticks with me wherever I go. When I first joined 'Charms, I was blarg88, 88 being my football number. I later simplified, just being Blarg. How awesome.
  14. Hmm, let me think. My very first username of AnimeStarr came from me just wanting to be cool. Now it's just embarrassing. My current username came from a fake name I was using on the internet to hide my identity: Cameron Lopez. When I came to 'Charms I thought it would be cool to have a "real name"-- as in, a name an actual person would have instead of something like my last username and a new identify. For whatever reason I decided I wanted a common Spanish name and the Cameron became Carmen. Thus, Carmen Lopez was born. Then it came to my attention that people might think I got it from a TV show I liked, so I changed it to Reina Carmen and that was the name I used for more than a year. Buuuut, I got tired of people call me Reina when the first saw it (and I had no one to blame for that but myself), so I changed it to Lady Carmen. At first I thought it was arrogant of me to call myself Lady, then remembered that others had already done it XD
  15. M'kay, I started with Indie-reeper. The first part comes from my love of indie-rock and the colour indigo. The latter comes from Mareep and reaper just is. People call me Indie normally, but when Tun became Tsutaaja for a while, I changed to Mij and blazi changed to Pokabu. I wanted to rope F_M in to be Zorua but no. I vow for the second time to become something that I planned for ages.
  16. GeekSandwich comes from the fact that I'm a mega-geek, and I LOVE sandwiches! Can't get enough of them! ;)
    I also wanted something that was unique and fun, and GeekSandwich was the one!
    It's been my user-name for pretty much every site I've joined.
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  17. Quashie is a nickname I've had since second grade. I don't know how I got it. My friends just started calling me Quashie, and it kind of stuck. I never really liked it until sixth grade, though.
  18. Well, I got Mindel from a Scifi themed RP Site. In the beginning when we started, it was Star Wars. After we had introduced this one Jedi to come in and save some people, I was allowed to use mindel whenever I wished because i guess he was officially my Jedi. Later on hen we changed from Star Wars, to Halo, and back to SW and so forth, Mindel became my greatest character I have ever had in an RP.

    Of course I am a man and i will be sticking with the name Mindel until someone makes fun of my name. If so, then I'll change it back to BIGEE. (Back as in a had an account on Charms that used BIGEE but it had expired. So I just created an account with Mindel)
  19. Zoidberg from Futurama
    Zod from Superman (2)
    the Krytonian Crustacean!
    woob woob woob woob woob!
  20. Charmander was the first ever in-game pokemon i ever had, so i'm obsessed with charmander, charmeleon and charizard......but it was charizard that really stuck cos the pokemon was in charizard form the longest. So every account at a pokemon website i made has something to do with charizard.:D

    CHARIZARD!!!!!(pardon my obsession)
  21. Guilty. You started it though...

    Everyone knows me as Brendan, and it's rare for me to be known as anything other than that, except when I'm playing name games with Tun.

    Way back when I first stumbled on this site in the first days of 2008, I became "Calum the Egyptian", and I promptly abandoned the site afterwards due to failure of understanding forums, before anyone bothered to consider my existance. (glad I did though, probably would have gotten myself banned otherwise)

    Then when I stumbled upon the site again six months and rediscovered my account, I was worried about security and stuff, a ramble my parents had with one of my siblings at the time. So I decided to change to something less personal. I chose Brendan Savem because that was what my first RP character's name was; a guy I actually haven't used in a year or so.

    The name Brendan was almost completely based off of the male protagonist from the R/S games. I could try explaining what I thought about him that made me decide this at the time, but I honestly can't remember, it was probably the hat that I thought was hair at the time.

    The surname Savem was the name of my Rescue team in the original Blue Rescue Team. Which in turn was created due to a theory I heard of Ash's name; That the name Ketchum was a pun off of "Catch 'em" from the classic pokemon motto. Since I was saving pokemon in mystery dungeon, the name became Savem, a pun of "Save 'em". It's been that way ever since, although it's pronounciation is somewhat French now.

    So yeah, a big chunky story of my early Charmisian life.
  22. Well, my first screen name was based off of my two first RP characters, RosaandRosie, but then I decided that it was too childish and changed it. But Chibi has a story as well. You see, my very best friend and I used to make up nicknames for each other, I called her Winter and oneechan because Winter was a part of her internet name and she was literally like a big sister to me, and she nicknamed me Chibi because compared to her I was really tiny. (She told at the time it meant "midget", which isn't exactly correct but still got the general idea across) But after a while it grew into almost a second name and now most of the time she calls me Chibi instead of my actual name.
  23. A couple of years ago, I started to work on a series which eventually became my biggest project, "Blue Roses." I created an antagonist named "Jenova," and the name had no meaning of any sort. It just sounded cool in my head. Then when I first used the internet, outside of kid-friendly sites, that is, I noticed the resemblances between said character and Jenova from Final Fantasy VII. The latter eventually became my most favorite character of all time, hence the name.

    The "QA" in QAJenova, however, has no significant meaning, and was only put in case Jenova wasn't available :V
  24. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I am a Magpie, therefore that is my name :D

    I love the Corvid family, especially Magpies, so I just decided to go by that name when I joined here. Although I've now dropped the 'Silver' from the front of my name, that came from the fact that Magpies like shiny things. I like shiny things too. I have a massive collection of semi precious stones and a nice few precious stones so yeah - Silver Magpie

    Basically, give me something shiny and I'll love you forever ♥

    I may put the 'Silver' back, because writing this made me realise how much I miss it :V
  25. My Internet name is Lord Zortn, and it comes from a story. I was playing my HeartGold. My fave pokemon was then clefairy (yes i know, that's gay) but i did like Zangoose more than Seviper. So i was on this website looking at were to find pokemon I didn't have on my pokedex and i stumbled apon Zangoose. Since it was in the Safari Zone i was like: JACKPOT! So I left for the safari Zone. It took me awile to accualy hunt down a male Zangoose at first, but it still took me a wile to find a male and catch it. I caught mine with my last safari ball (thank God) and I tried to think of a nick name. at first i was like "uuhhhhhhhhhh" Than I decided to put "Lord" In front of it and for the 2nd word to start with "Z". I thought for a few minutes throwing around Ideas. I thought of "Zangr", "Zach2", "Zword" ect. But they all ended the same way:
    So than I thought for a second, stood strait up and said "Zortn!" (pronounced: Zor-tin) Out loud. I liked the name so much, I thought it was the perfect name for me (P.S. My real name is Zach) on top of that, I absolutley LOVE the letter "Z". So I trained Lord Zortn to Level 100, Taking him to his limit, but being an ametur pokemon (But I still can't resist thier AWESOMNESS!) He won't be staying on my team much longer. :'(
    Now you know my story...
  26. I was registering for this one site, and I tried like 17 or so Screen Names I wanted, all taken. I got mad and typed random numbers and letters, thus creating xxllo2. I use it for everything now o3o
  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i love keroro and i am a girl simple
    i was looking for pokemon parodys on youtube and i happened to come across a keroro parody I didn't understand it so I watched the first 1-16 episode and got adicted
  28. My name on the old forums was pichulover-639/pichu-639 because I love pichu ( long story ) and my favorite number is 63 and I threw on a 9 just 'cuz.

    and my current name ( geekypichu63 ) comes from the idea that I'm a geek I love pichu and the number 63.
  29. My user name has several ideals behind it. A flock can either be of birds which avians are my favorite animals, or of Sheep which is my Chinese Zodiac sign. The idea of the name Flock came to me when I was day dreaming about living in a sky city (literally a city that floats in the sky). I was laying outside on my hammock when some Blue Herons flew above me to which I took notice but only because I like birds. Latter that day I had driven up ( I did not drive I was only 13 at the time) to New York to visit my Grandmother who lives in Brooklyn we went for Chinese and they had those place mats that tell each sign it reminded me for the millionth time that 1991 was the year of the Sheep and then I remembered my ludicrous dream of the sky city since Sheep are in commonly put with sleeping (you know count sheep) and the the Flock of birds.

    So in short Flock is a short representation of a Dream I had about 5 years ago.
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  30. Actually, I'm pretty sure BeginwiththeEnd is the only account I use this name for. Anyway, I got this name from when I took a "teen leadership" class in middle school. ( i had no choice) The teacher was one of those happy-go-luckys who had a stupid saying. That saying, "begin with the end in mind!" actually got stuck in my head. So much so I made it a screen name. My youtube account, Finalblue1234, is a combination of my favorite video game series (Final Fantasy) and my favorite color. The numbers were just what I picked because 13 wasn't avalible. I've used Finalblue for almost all my accounts now.
  31. Welp, mine was ProfessorHibiki. That originated from the Japanese name of the Male starter character from G/S/C and HGSS. Well, I decided that since I was said to have the highest GPA in the 5th Grade, that I would put Professor (for no REAL reason) in front of Hibiki (my favorite Japanese name from Pokemon) and create ProfessorHibiki!

    Then, I saw some other people change their name and I decided it was time to break the monotonous pace of me, and become UchihaHibiki, since the Uchiha Clan (from Naruto) is my favorite clan, so I melded the names and got UchihaHibiki!
  32. Once upon a time, I played on Gaia Online. At the time, I loved Fox's SciFi Hit Series, "Dark Angel" I had, like, 3 usernames that had the name Max in it, but, alas, I made my final change to [X5-452]. I've used that same username ever sense. Some sites don't allow the brackets and so I replace them with underscores. Some sites just don't like me, so I go with X-5-4-5-2. I do have an account or two that have my real name in them. 13-5-7-1-14. The numbers for Megan.

    I still love that show. ;D
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  33. Well Jexams is from me doing an Organization XIII Style anagram of James (It was either that or Smexaj) and my current one French Toasta is from a little compolsive challenge I've given myself and that I've kept up with for over a year. The challenge is to yell out "I DON'T LIKE FRENCH TOAST" when ever I hear the words French Toast (I started after making the said quote while listening to that "Do you like waffles?" song.) One day I sat down to play Maplestory and decided my new character will be named after my little quirk, but French Toaster wouldn't fit, so I changed it to Toasta and voila! You have me...
  34. That's a easy one. Heirumaru, and Daimeon are the last and middle names, of my RP character: James Daimeon Heirumaru.

    The origin of the whole name, however, is a short story. I was just thinking of random japanese names, and the name Haomaru came to mind. But I changed the first part to Heiru, and that's how it came to be.
  35. Ya know what? I have no idea of how I thoguht mine up :p
  36. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My screen name Master of salamence is something I came up with since Salamence is my favorate Pokemon.
  37. Mine was either a combination of 'second' and 'admirer' or 'secret' and 'admirer.' As for the 'second' part, I love fast things, like animals, but not fast food. As for the 'secret' part, I watch a lot of old movies with secret admirers.

    Nevertheless, I forget which one influenced my choice, but when I joined on January 11th, 2008, I picked that and forever it shall stay.
  38. I can explain all my names.

    KamikazeTHC- Kamikaze the Hedgcoon was a character I made up. He can use his powers to esplode.( I spelled it that way.)

    SapphireMawile- I have PokemonXD. I caught a male Mawile and being stupid at the time, named him Sapphire.

    PkMnTrainerDiamond- I kicked my friends' asses so much, they said I was like Red.

    Kamikaze9010- You can see the meme in this...and Gotenks move.

    MrGenderWars- One of my stories is called "Gender Wars". Girls have won in taking over the world. Like they always want to do. The guys fight back, they come to an agreement, war over.
  39. Mine came around while I was thinking of a name for a Pokemon Role Play Site. I didn't have a clue what to name myself, seeing as coming up with a name for ANYTHING is incredibly hard for me. It needs to be the right name, not just some random. Because it was a Pokemon site, I wanted a name that would be related to a Pokemon that I liked. I was debating with Black Arcanine when Lucario randomly popped into my mind. I thought "Why not something to do with Lucario?" And started debating over that. It occured to me that Lucario was known as the Aura Pokemon. Thought over it for a little while. The longer I thought, the more sure I became until I joined the site as Aura.

    Sometimes, when the name Aura is taken on a site, I'll call myself Aura Wolfe. I'm debating over changing the Wolfe, it seems a bit too... I don't know. It's just not right. I don't know what to replace it with so... I guess it will stick for now.

    Nowdays when I think of Aura, a Riolu/Lucario isn't the only thing that comes to mind. I also get a sudden image of a snow coated land at night, completely silent and devoid of life. Up in the sky, the northren lights dance around the huge full moon and the stars. That image gives off a feeling of peace and sereity to me, of beauty rather than the death and coldness that winter seems to represent to most people. So in a way, the name Aura represents that as well, along with Riolu/Lucario and a mythical energy form.

    In almost every case, the name Aura has stuck. Except for one case. On this site, I called myself Stuffed into the Fridge. Why? Well I was surfing Television Troops as I do when I'm bored and saw an article called Stuffed into the Fridge. I clicked on it, but then - what brilliant timing my mum has - mum told me to get off the computer and go the bed. The next day, I joined that site and randomly decided to call myself Stuffed into the Fridge rather than the usual Aura, purely because it sounded cool to me. Afterwards I chased up that article and found out what Stuffed into the Fridge refers to - when someone is delibrately killed or tortured or abused purely just to anger the hero. My only responce to that was "Oh so that's what it means. Oh well." as it is my way.

    *looks up at what she's written* Huh. I seem to have written a bit... hopefully I haven't bored you to death.

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