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Open Orborn high school

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by tylerrrrrr, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Sign ups & disussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/orborn-high-school-sign-ups-discussion.15767/

    Alex arrived at the school and looked around "Hmmmm........... I guess I should try to make some new friends, I mean what else am I gonna do?" he said as he walked through the doors and headed for his locker.

    "Ewwww!" he said when he opened the locker to see it was all dirty, when a teacher saw it they handed him a new locker key and showed him to some brand new lockers "Who knows maybe if I make any friends, their locker will be right by mine!"
  2. Lucy entered the school. "FIrst I need to find my room." Lucy said and walked around. "But, I don'r even know where to find my room." Lucy said to her self and waved with her tail nervously. "I'll better look for help." Lucy looked around "Hello! Is anybody here?!" Her ears were twitching nervously as her tail waved around.
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  3. Alta walked into the school, she knew that being an alien but due to her shapeshifting powers she could hide her alien part and look human but different because she has tails and ears. Alta heard Lucy and she ran "Yes?" she said looking at her and she waved "hello" she said.
  4. Lucy turned and when she saw and alien she jumped and screamed. "AHHHH!" When she landed she turned into wolf anf growled at alien.
  5. (OOC: she's not in alien Form Anna!....shes in fox form)
    Alta looked confused "Why are you screaming i'm human see" she said showing her that she was human " What do i look like a Alien!" she pouted.
  6. Lucy sniffed 'human' and turned back in the wolf-girl. "I can smell that you are alien." Lucy said and came closer to 'human',
    "However, I'm Lucy." Lucy said and smiled. Her tail waved gently and her ears twitched happily.
  7. Alta groaned and she turned into her liquid form " see i'm a Alien...don't point it out then i won't have friends" she said turning back to human form " I'm Alta...please don't make me feel bad....it hurts when people are scared of me " she said looking down
    (OOC: She looks like a slime girl kind of girl...)
  8. Stick dropped out of the ceiling. "Man, these vent systems are way too small." He commented casually, ignoring any surprised looks from other students. "So, who will I be friends with..." He muttered and glanced around. Finally he scampered over to Alta and Lucy and greeted them like they were old friends. "Hey guys!"

  9. "I'm sorry, I didn't knew that. Really I'm sorry. I just....I didn't expect that I'll meet Slime looking creature here." Lucy said. "I know how did you fell when I screamed. I have been fell the same years ago. I lived with humans, but they didn't know that I'm half wolf because I didn't want to show my animal parts, my ears and tail. But one day...they uncover me and when they saw my wolf parts...they abondonded me." Lucy said sadly and lower her ears and put her tail between her legs.
  10. Alta nodded and she grabbed her hand and she hugged her tight " Lucy.....its ok i'm your friend now" she said blushing and she smiled at her , she pet her head and she smiled " I'm a Slime Girl alien For your Info " she said hugging her again " Hey wanna go do something?' she asked smiling at the wolf girl beside her.
  11. Stick wasn't sure what to do, so he petted Alta and Lucy's heads before moving away to go make friends. "Bye Alta!" He met up with a crowd of haunts and began chatting with them in a low tone.
  12. "Hi im the new guy"
  13. "Luckey (Also me) Was bored so he walked to some random guy"
  14. Alex looked around and saw all the students "Hey!" He shouted as he ran up to them "I'm guessing you guys are new too?"
    he asked as he picked up his books and pulled out his phone to check the time.

    "I'm Alex!"
  15. Alta looked at Alex and she waved " Hi " she said , her voice sounding a little different than a normal human girls. " Yeah i'm new ..." she said with a smile and she looked down at her feet.
  16. "Hello! I'm also new." Lucy smiled. Her tail waved happily. "By the way. I'm Lucy." Lucy said to Alex
  17. Alex smiled and shook her hand "Nice to meet you!"
    "So when did you get here?" he asked as he shut his locker
  18. Alta sighed and she began to think, 'a few years ago when my ship crashed on this planet' she thought and she smiled.
    "oh not that long...yesterday" she said smiling at the human.
  19. The conversation Stick had with the haunts rose to an excited whisper. It was cut off by the leader of the group, and Stick went to put his supplies in his locker with a troubled face. To cheer his mood, he started thinking of the pranks he could pull on the others in the hall.
  20. "I came about half an bour ago." Lucy said. Her tail waved gently.
  21. Alta grabbed Lucy's tail and she rubbed her hand thru it and she blushed, her tail was so soft and furry " Lucy..." she whispered and she smiled " Its so soft...." she hugged her.
  22. "Uhmm...you react really wierd you know that...." Lucy said confusedly.
    She lowered her ears.
  23. Alta sighed and she put her hands behide her back "sorry....Aliens have different customs"she said and she drooped.
    "on my planet......its weirder because our species is just one gender ....and thats female so we are kind of attracted to girls i'm sorry " she said and she shivered looking down, scared about what the girl thought she was weird.
  24. Stick took the opportunity he saw and used his power. Lucy's tail changed appearance to look like a snake. Nonvenomous of course, but many snakes were mistaken for poisonous ones.
  25. "No, no! I didn't mean weird like abnormal or something. I'm not used to someone touching my tail and said it's really furry and soft." Lucy said and waved with her tail gently. "And I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I'm attract to males." Lucy said
  26. Alta sighed and she nodded " Of course you do...." she whispered and she groaned " And i'm not attracted to you i was staying my species is...." she said and she sat down on a bench " but i am bi.....i hardly know you so why would i find you cute or something...i do find you nice and friendly to me" she said
  27. "I'm nice and friendly almost to everyone." Lucy said and turned into wolf and sat on the floor next to Alta.
  28. Alta chuckled and she looked at Lucy, she really did like her a little , " So lucy you have a wolf form.?" she asked and she sighed " Do you think people will like me for who i am...as my alien form?" she asked
  29. Stick scowled and removed the illusion. "Am I not welcome here?" He said and climbed the wall. A ceiling tile was removed for entry to the vent. He climbed in, careful to not smash his tail, and put the tile back so he wouldn't get in trouble.
  30. Lucy nodded. When she was in her wolf form, she coulndn't talk.
    Suddenly she hear somethingon the wall and looked up where she saw Stick. Lucy poked Alta and showed her paw on Stick.
  31. Alta saw Stick and she waved " Stick?" she asked and she waved.
    Alta wondered what the human kid was, she didn't know what he was doing ether.
  32. Stick jumped down gracefully, abandoning his earlier plan. "Alta, how do you know my name?" He asked curiously. His tail waved restlessly, which it did every time Stick stood still.
  33. Alta strugged "its ok your backpack" she said pointing it out. Alta stared at his tail and she sighed "hi there tail" she said looking and she smirked "hey wanna see my true form?"she asked
  34. "Oh, I'd better fix that..." Stick frowned. "I wouldn't mind seeing it." He tilted his head and his hat almost fell off, but he shoved it back on. His tail flicked to indicate the embarrassment not present on his face.
  35. Alta turned into her Blue Alien girl form, her blue slimily skin looked smooth and different "see i'm a alien?" she said and she stood up, when in alien form she was kind of shorter.
  36. Stick smiled. "Cool! I don't have an alternate form, but I can make illusions!" He turned a nearby student's backpack into a koala to prove it, then back into its original form before the haunts that were doubtlessly watching him saw what he did.
  37. Alta looked at him and she shivered "wait your not scared of me or something?" she asked and she turned back to her normal form and she drooped " Stick what kind of power is that illusions" she said.
  38. "Why would I be?" Stick chuckled.You aren't like those stalkers always staring at me. He thought with a disgusted shudder. His tail swished in an even greater frenzy than before to draw attention away from the involuntary movement. His actions became more exaggerated; the grin on his face widened and he laughed again.
  39. Alta groaned and she looked at him and she moved her hands " Oh nothing i thought humans would be scared of aliens?" she asked and she started to walk over to stick "and no i'm not a stalker" she groaned.
  40. Stick blinked in surprise. How did she hear my thoughts? "As you can tell, I'm not fully human." The smile and tail movement lessened slightly, but he was still on edge.

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