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Ask to Join OPM; A new beginning

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DevVoid, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    If you want to join here, please press on this link and submit your character using the given character sheet: https://pokecharms.com/threads/opm-a-new-beginning-without-saitama.21279/
    It was a sunny day across the cities. The sun had been shining for quite a while, and a gentle breeze had been flowing through and through. It seemed so peaceful.. but that was the morning. During the day, monsters everywhere began showing up. Some that were already known in the Hero Association's Monster Codex, but most were unknown, most likely lesser monsters or those who had just been created. For this, a meeting was held within City A, inside the Hero Association's designated building.

    A tall caucasian man walks into the meeting room, a briefcase lodged in his left arm. The man takes a seat at the chair infront of the door, looking across the heads of the attendees. He lowers his briefcase to the ground, and clears his throat. Then, he begun to list off everyone who should be present to this meeting...

    Mitosis, S-Class, Rank 9.
    Metal Slash, S-Class, Rank 10
    The Zodiac King, S-Class, Rank 11
    The Major, S-Class, Rank 12

    Mitosis remained at his seat, just simply waving his hand to the person counting the four heroes to notify he was present. He was busy eating a cup of instant ramen, as he usually does. He is always eating at times, and for a good reason, too. He does, after all, have to keep his body weight up so he can use his powers more. It was lucky for him that he was able to get fatter easier due to his system having such slow metabolism. The person sitting in the front began listing off the events in the cities and what's been going on. A few C-A class heroes had been sent out, and the S-Class were to spread out across the cities to help their fellow heroes and citizens out. Another Agent, sat 4 seats left to Mitosis, took out what looked like an advanced cellphone and typed a message into it. Then, it rung every heroes' emergency call device, notifying them of the monsters and what the association was gonna do about it. The meeting was then finished, with the agents saying:

    ' Make sure you leave no monsters behind. And be careful, they just don't ever stop coming.. '

    @Lazy Millenial @Thomas the trainer @Godjacob @Berserker Soul (Think thats everyone)
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  2. City A

    Zodiac King was nothing if not short a perfectionist so for him being punctual was an expectation. Though he had only been a bit troubled that he showed up a step after Mitosis but he decided the matter was not worth commentary as he took his seat and listened to the meeting at hand. Seemed there had been heightened monster activity as C-A heroes were dispersed across the cities to deal with such threats while the S-Class operatives were meant to be supervisors and act if the situation is beyond their capabilities.

    Zodiac King would get the message that signaled an emergency device as the threat grew more urgent. Zodiac King naturally was prepared to set off as he had his own personal helicopter on the roof ready to take him to his hometown of C-City where he was stationed. Though before he'd depart he would glance over Mitosis' way.

    "Do we have any specific information on the types of beasts to expect? Any pattern to these attacks? I'd like to know more about the enemies I add to my record." Zodiac King asked, not that he was worried but more so to paint a picture of the kind of battles they'd be getting into. As well as general stats to fill his personal "bingo book" of defeated monsters.

    City C

    Crap crap crap crap!
    To say that Ling Zhao was having an erratic morning would have been a major understatement. In spite of it being a big day for her, she had woken up late for school as her alarm failed to go off so now the young girl was dashing like mad through the streets. She was naturally quick, as evident when she passed by a kid who rode on his bike which momentarily caused his jaw to gawk as she tried to beat the bell.

    Ling Zhao knew her brother would never hear the end of it if she allowed herself to be tardy. Especially for the day ahead of her.

    Sure enough, City C High stood just before her as she glanced at her watch and saw the seconds ticking away, she needed to hurry! With one bust she shot ahead as she left a small comical air trail behind her as she just dashed through the open doors as the bell rang.

    "I MADE IT!" Ling cheered on, taking a moment to catch her breath before she saw other students as they gave her confused stares which caused her eyes to widen slightly as she rubbed her head sheepishly.

    "H-he he just uh...yeah." Ling said, as she quickly settled herself and sighed as she aimed to go to her locker. Today was a special day, as a big competition was to be held with her cheerleading team. More than that, once school ended the first steps towards her true aspirations would begin as she aimed to begin the trip for the Hero's Association Training Facility. She would prove to herself what kind of hero she could be...only for a sudden announcement to fill the air that threatened to cut into all those plans.

    "Students and staff be advised, reports of Mysterious Beings being cited in City C have been confirmed. All students are advised to move to the nearest classroom and remain there until further notice. The campus will be on lockdown until further notice."

    Suddenly the air turned dire, as already teachers tried to get students into their classrooms as Ling frowned a bit; following a group of students as they conversed over what is gonna happen and if the Hero's Association was made aware of it. Ling herself glanced around trying to see if there were any signs of such a beast here. But found nothing.

    With only a sliver of a tendril being out of her preferential view under the door of the bathroom stall...
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  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Mitosis thought about what was told to him in the meeting. A bunch of monsters? No bummer. That just meant a lot more food for him, and the more food, the better! The more he can stuff his face, the better he fights! Though, he had been questioning on what the exact monsters are. So, he looked to the Agents as the Zodiac King already explained his questions. The agents turned to the two and the one agent who had just arrived opened up his briefcase, handing out folders to the attending S-Class Heroes, Mitosis and Zodiac King amidst the four. " Here, take these. These are files on the most dangerous we have witnessed. There are some files amongst the common monsters we had seen rampaging, we don't have enough time to keep the file updated. This may be a bit outdated, but it's the best we could manage in such short notice. " The agent explained, closing his briefcase again. " Should you need help or feel the need to report on your mission, you always have your emergency devices provided to every hero. Just flip the switch ontop of it and you'll get an automatic signal to the hero association from anywhere, at any time of the day. " The agent explained, just before he walked out of the room with the others.

    Mitosis was meanwhile sat on his chair, legs leaned on the table. He had finished eating his soup and merely took the cup in his left hand, drinking the remaining flavoured water in it while taking a look at the file by holding it in the other hand. " Hm.. it's really that bad, huh? " Isaac said, sighing. This was a step up from the constant living amongst clones in City Z, that's for sure. But this many? " Well, we can cross off City Z now. My clones live there, and all of us have the same powers and wisdom there. That just leaves.. City A.. to City Y.. " Isaac said, just sort of drifting off when he started to realize how much work he'd have to do. " Oh... noo... Oh dear god.. no.. why, out of all the things that could happen, did these damn monsters attack nearly every damn city! " Isaac yelled, slamming his fist on the table. Then, he stood up and threw the empty cup of ramen into a nearby trash can. " I need to get my clones ready.. I'm gonna send everyone off to different Citys.. me, personally.. I'm gonna stay here in City A and look at who to fight." He said, briefly putting the file on the table. He had begun shining white, and split into two of himself, dividing. Then, he split again along with his clone, creating four of him. Then eight, as now every one of himself was at peak health again, being rid of the lingering obesity remaining in them. " Alright people, let's move. We ain't got time to rest. And yes, you can eat the monsters once we're done with them. " He said, running out of the room. His clones cheered, running after him, following.
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  4. Dolan looked down as he has apprehended a minor criminal then glances over at the nearby officer to take the man into custody. "This is not good... not good! I'm going to be late again! or am I? I don't have a watch... and my cell phone is at home..." Dolan said slightly concerned as he left the criminal in custody and he ran to get to the meeting. He jumped over small obstacles, ran around people, rolled under and past a man holding a box. He ran as fast as he could and as he opened the door to the meeting room "HAHA! I am here!" Dolan said as he entered the room. Moments later he hunched over, hands against his knees trying to catch his breath. He saw the awkward looks then immediately tried to gain composure before walking to his seat. He sat in his chair and let out a big sigh as he looked around. "So! what did I miss?" he said cheefully as leaned up against the table with a wolfish grin.
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  5. City A

    "The gesture is appreciated. But unneeded. I will ensure City C is cleared of beasts by the end of the day, from there is anyone here is in need of aid my services are available."

    Zodiac King scanned his own file as the seemingly endless list of monster attacks around the world seemed not to nerve him in the least. In fact his reaction to the news was a greater sense of urgency as he took it as a challenge. He had a firm goal in mind, to personally handle the threats of City C that required the aid of an S-Class hero and make certain the other heroes stationed or sent there handled their own responsibilities. Naturally, his tone carried a natural confidence if not smugness to it; as if this was matter of fact and scoffed at the idea he'd be in need of help.

    As one of the heroes arrived late, Zodiac King decided to generously brief him. "Monsters are attacking all of the cities, so we are being dispatched to deal with them. If you require my aid I will be in City C." Zodiac King explained to his fellow S-Class late arrival he set out for the roof and would move to his helicopter, as he began his flight to City C to deal with the growing threat.

    City C

    "Man, do you think real monsters are gonna attack?"

    "I don't know, this is so scary."

    "I am sure the police and Hero's Association will come."

    "We're all gonna die!"

    As the group of students were locked in the classroom Ling wondered into, the latter could not shake this eerie feeling. Still she figured they were safe enough, the Hero's Associations was bound to get word of this by now and there hadn't been any signs of a monster on campus. One of the students, a white haired young man stood on his desk as he seemed to want to get everyone's attention.

    "Alright alright, look there is no reason to be scared. If a monster comes I will bash it myself!" The kid, Bastion, said with a confident smirk as he was one of only a pair of students who aimed to become a pro hero themselves. He was the "toughest" kid on campus by his own admission and specialized in using a hokey stick for battle so it seemed his boast served duel purposes: to feed his ego and build the confidence in the rest of the class.


    After such a speech though, the attempt to calm people came crashing down as the tore was torn off its hinges and this purple mass slithered into the room. It seemed to be some sort of ugly union of various appendages and tentacles with one lone eye hidden underneath as instantly the students moved to the opposite end of the room in a panic while the teacher tried to defend them with a chair aimed to its back.

    One that had been easily grabbed, as the instructor was smacked aside as her body slammed to the wall and slumped down as the students were petrified; even the once so bold Bastion whose confidence seemed to have shriveled as one arm shot out from its body and tried to grab at him.

    "Wushu Windmill!"

    However, Ling intervened as she lept off her desk and delivered a sharp kick to the arm which had been enough to shatter its wrist which forced the monster to hiss out in pain as it retracted it. Ling assumed a fighting stance as the wanna be hero was ready to defend her class.
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  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam had actually been sleeping in his chair during the meeting and when the other S-Rank entered loudly, he shot up, "I'm awake, I'm awake, he looked round and saw the information about the monsters, ah, I, well Mitosis seems to have a lot of places covered so I'll go pester Zodiac King into letting me assist him", he stated as he stood up from his seat and raced from the room at immense speed, he reached the roof spotting Zodiac King's helicopter, he floated himself up to it with his telekinesis, now hovering along side it he lay back as if on a flying surfboard or something, he tapped the window "hey Zodiac, I know you said you didn't need help, but come on buddy, let me assist, I mean I'd rather help you than deal with Mitosis and his cloning in City A" he said looking at the S-Rank, who was technically bellow him, but people kept forgetting that recently, did he not seem like he was the rank 7 or was he missing something.
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  7. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "That's certainly a handful...well, i'll be running around the cities" he said as he got up, just like that, he was gone. After running for awhile he came across a school in city C, wich didn't look okay, he went to investigate and what does he see? A tentacle monster fighting a girl, he quickly ran there with a blade coming off his hips and jumped to the monster with the blades directly aiming at it
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  8. Dolan smirked "guess what time it is! It's time for the hunt!" Dolan said as he jumped up in his chair as soon as he knew the meeting was over he pounced out of his chair and ran past a random startled worker who opened the door. "Thankyou miss... I'M OFF TO CITY D! time to do what we do best!" Dolan said before making his way outside. He ran fast but not too fast to conserve energy as he made his way through alleys, over fences and cars and around big buildings. He noticed a disgusting putrid Odor. No doubt that was a monster, most monsters have a foul wretched smell to them ,and some people did too. Dolan bathed the other day so he knew right away that it wasn't himself. As he made his way to the smell he saw two random B class heroes(one was dressed as a knight in somewhat dented armor holding a sword and shield and the other wearing slightly torn green suit carrying a bow and arrows) as they ran from a huge four armed cyclops of a creature charged straight at them. Smashing cars with every swing this large creature wasn't going down without a fight.

    Dolan climbed up the side of the building and as he gained enough distance off the ground he leaped from the wall the bones protruding from his forearm pierced the creatures right shoulder blade as he swung down landing a few steps behind it, and as he did the creature let out a blood curdling roar. It turned to Dolan ignoring the two B class heroes. The creature launched a barrage of horizontal and vertical attacks at an alarming speed. However Dolan's reflexes were so fast each time the creature swung he side stepped them slicing major blood vessels, arteries, and tendons in its arms. The creature let out a shriek as it charged at his ,and as he did Dolan slid between its legs slicing major blood vessels on the creatures inner thighs then jumping up using the bone protruding from his elbow swiping the creatures nape. Dolan landed on its shoulders as it fell straight to the ground. The two B class heroes approached and they began checking the immediate area for survivors. Dolan smelled a few and pointed towards their locations for the B class heroes to get them.

    Dolan was still excited from the hunt and as soon as he knew the survivors were being treated. The two B class heroes as well as some of the survivors thanked him as he left. He waved back as he ran off to find and track down more prey.
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  9. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Mitosis and his seven clones quickly ran out of the building at the speed of lightning, being that since they were all full now, they were all at maximum power. Outside the building they split up, each clone heading to a different city. Mitosis himself ran around City A, speeding past concerned and panicked citizens until he found a monster himself. It was a large humanoid with multiple sets of horns and blades on its body, about 10ft tall, with a muscular body and a large gaping mouth, several rows of sharp teeth set on it. It had punched and eaten people using the six arms on it, with one set on its side, the longest set of arms on its back and the shortest on the front. Isaac breathed in, preparing himself, as the monster spotted him and began running towards him. Then, Mitosis charged at it, jumping up to avoid a fist coming towards him. He landed on the monster's arm and jumped up again to its face. From the air, he started barraging the monster as he fell down with lightning-quick punches, hitting it hundreds of times from head to shins. The monster took alot of damage, staggering to even move from the pain. Lastly, Mitosis leaped up again to finish it with an uppercut, which took the monsters' jaw clean off. The monster staggered back a bit, then fell to the ground, dead. Then, Mitosis got to doing what he does best; eating the monster itself. First he began with the smallest fist, gradually cloning himself until there were enough clones to make quick work of the body. The eleven new clones of him that were created from eating the giant monster ran with Isaac again, following him to find another monster to take down.
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  10. City C (Route)

    As Zodiac King's personal helicopter flew at high speeds towards City C's airspace but unfortunately he was not alone as despite his insistence one of his fellow heroes decided to tail him as the telekinetic Bam. Normally he'd have denied his service as he did not need any of their help and it would be a wasted effort on top of an annoyance, but given Bam was a higher ranked hero than himself (for now) and the fact he seemed the type to not take no for an answer on this he let out a sigh.

    "Well, given that even if I refuse you'll come anyway I suppose my hands are tied. Though don't presume I need your help if a monster attacks me." Zodiac King clarified as he moved to offer a seat to Bam as they approached the city.

    City C (School)

    Ling prepared herself with a pair of sharpened tendrils shot her way, only for an unexpected arrival as the S-Class Hero. Which was enough for Ling's jaw to drop as she stood speechless.

    H-holy....it's Metal Slash! I-I can't believe this a real S-Class Hero!

    The monster had a differed reaction, as its tentacles that it shot for Ling were sliced in two as it hissed in pain and moved back seeing the pro hero before him. This was bad, as he was not yet ready to deal with trained pro heroes much less one of the elite as the monster did the only thing it could do in this situation.


    "Mama?" Ling asked confused. Before this loud rumble shook the school. Then another, and another, and another. A series of shockwaves that almost matched the rhythm of steps. Then it went quiet, eerily quiet but that silence was shattered as the literal roof was torn off and a giant version of that tentacle monster revealed itself standing tall over the school.

    "You...got to be kidding me." Ling said with a paled expression, as the giant monster unleashed a thunderous roar as "she" starred down the new arrival.

    "Don't touch my baby!" The monster yelled as a large tentacle shot down and aimed to try and grab at Metal Slash.

    City C (Skyline)

    "We are due in t-minus 2 minutes sir!"

    Zodiac King glanced out and saw his city being swarmed with various creatures. Including what seemed to be a giant hulking mess of tentacles and limbs over one of the schools. That made him think of his sibling as that might have been her school, but he disregarded that though as a shriek alerted them to a more pressing issue.

    A large giant bat monster seemed to advance on the helicopter from the city, and while the pilot was petrified and prepared evasive maneuvers Zodiac King calmly unbuckled his seat-belt and opened the side door as he moved onto the side; prepared for the battle to come.
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  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam had taken the offer and sat in the helicopter, but after seeing the giant tentacle creature, he got very excited, "oh yes, here we go" he said as he kept from the helicopter changing as he fell towards the creature, he lit his hands ablaze and pulled back to hit it with a devastating fire punch, wooping crazily as he fell.
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  12. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    During Mitosis' and his clones' monster purge in City A, more and more monsters had been cleared due to the sheer amount that Isaac and his Clones were, since they ate every monster they killed. They were easily in the thousands now, due to the sheer amount of large monsters there were in the City. The lot seemed cleared out now, and the streets were roaming with Isaac's clones, be it dead or alive. Suddendly, Mitosis' emergency call transmitter rang, and as soon as he looked at it, it displayed a giant monster ravaging City C, specifically a school. His clones looked at the emergency call in amazement, and begged him to go there. " ...hm, alright, fine. We seem to be about done here, anyway. " He said, clapping to rally the clones. " ALRIGHT PEOPLE! GOLIATH FORMATION, ON AN INSTANT! " Isaac said, jumping up in the air. A majority of all clones clumped together after creating the final amount of clones, creating a giant 20ft golem, while the rest remained in City A, patrolling. Everyone held onto eachother, and as Isaac landed, he was atop the head of the giant golem made out of his own clones. " MOVE TO CITY C! WE HAVE TO TAKE OUT A GIANT! " He commanded. The giant golem leaped into the air towards City C, a few clones falling off during their journey here and there, falling to the ground, dying upon impact. The clones holding up the feet were hurt by these movements, but due to their full stomaches, their durability and regeneration were at maximum power, allowing them to hold the golem up without breaking apart. The journey wasn't too difficult; due to everyone's combined power, the golem could travel a lot of miles quickly by leaping through the air. This method of transportation was faster than running, as it combined both the running speed and jumping ability, as leaps were more focused on gaining alot of speed rather than alot of height. A few clones already broke off, unable to anticipate the new, smaller food below. The golem broke apart, and while half of the clones began swarming the streets of City C to focus on taking out the smaller prey, Mitosis and most of his clones ran to the giant tentacle monster, just outright leaping onto it and eating holes into it like a swarm of termites on a tree.
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  13. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Oh you gotta be kidding me" Metal Slash said before dodging the grab, he made a blade on both his palms and decided to climb up the monster, when he was high enough, he took them off and started running towards the eye of the monster "what should i call you? Teyes?" He said before jumping and aiming a blade to the monster's eyes
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  14. As Dolan made his way down the street he heard a faint rumbling noise coming from the direction of City C. "I hope everything is going well there..." He said carefully making his way towards the end of the street. within moments he heard sounds coming from not to far from where he was at, and at that moment he smelled it too. he ran and there were two more cyclopes; one looked very similar to the first one and the other was much bigger, fatter, uglier, had two heads(the other was directly behind it facing the other direction) and wielded telephone posts for clubs. "YOU UGLY FAT DISGUSTING SLOB, OVER HERE! come get some you stupid oaf!" Dolan shouted which enraged both the monsters. He jumped on the van then climbed onto a small deli a couple feet away from where the van was parked. The smaller one smashed the vehicle with its hands as Dolan jumped. As the creature tried to climb the deli Dolan lunged forward gouging its eye then running its protruded bones from his elbows and his ribs down the creatures back creating large wounds as he sliced away at its back. The creature fell back and as it did Dolan jumped off rolling down an alleyway where he saw an old woman and a couple crying children. He smelled them earlier but the big one was still alive and dangerous. He climbed up the wall and managed to jump onto the big ones arm leaving cuts ,and as the creature tried to knock him off he leaped back landing on a fire escape then jumping down beneath the creatures legs. He rolled behind it slicing both the creatures Achilles tendons in the process. as the creature fell it saw one children and reaching out grabbing it ,but before he could harm it dolan climbed its back and stuck his knee to the back of its head and extended femur killing the creature instantly.

    "The hunt was good today! Gee I wonder how the others are doing... its gotten quieter over there. though i can hear a faint screeching noise... like a bat? bats aren't that loud though? what is going on in City C!?"
    Dolan yelled though nobody was in the immediate area to hear him other than a scared bunch of kids and an old woman hiding in the alleyway. He was so caught up in the fighting he almost forgot about them. He walked over with his bones now retracted back so not to further scare them. He then guided the group back to the medics a couple streets away where the two B class heroes were still helping civilians. He made sure they were in good hands. He then went looking to see If there were any threats left in City D and wondering why they all chose to attack at once. "How many monsters are left? By all means the hunt can go on forever but It would be nice to have a number..." Dolan thought to himself as he walked down the street yet again.
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  15. City C (Skyline)

    "Impatient one, could least wait till we landed." Zodiac King mused as Bam decided to charge ahead jumping from the helicopter to attack the tentacle monstrosity while he focused on the bat that approached them. Zodiac King quickly adjusted his muscles as he took a stance just as the monster bat closed in on his position.

    "Hare Style: Consecutive Stomp Strike!"

    Zodiac King jumped off the helicopter as he seemed to vanish in a blur, and within the next moment several consecutive blows hit the monster bat in the back as it screeched in pain as Zodiac King moved in superhuman speeds delivering several stomps with his high speed martial arts sub-style as he now stood on it as the monster bat tried to use its spiked tail to reach behind and force him off.

    Seamlessly, Zodiac King shifted styles and augmented his muscles as he prepared for a different answer.

    "Ox Style: Power Punch!" Zodiac King called out, and fired a single punch that met the spiked tail at the tip...which caused it to shatter on impact as the monster bat screamed in agony while it spun away from the helicopter and off course and tried to shake him off while Zodiac King held on determined to crush his wounded foe. Unaware they began to fly over City D...

    City C (School)

    "Do not speak to me vermin!" The monstrous "mother" as she quickly hid her eye behind a layer of revolting pink flesh as the blade struck that, though it appeared that this hero had not come alone.

    First, a hero jumped from the sky and struck the top of her "head" with a flame punch as it cried out in pain before she tried to smack him away with one extended tendril. Then more of them, this large mass that seemed to be a giant but quickly broke to pieces and jumped on her being as they began to literally try and eat at her.

    "You revolting....ALL OF YOU WILL PERISH!" The monstrous tentacle abomination cried out as dozens and dozens of tendrils with these "mouths" and sharpened razor teeth appeared as they shot out all around her. The goal was to bite on the various heroes on her body and have them rip each of them clone or real to bits.

    Ling looked on, much as the students had in pure aww but the smaller "infant" tentacle monster saw this chance to leave before the other clones that battled various smaller beasts in the city but not without a few snacks.


    Bastion was struck in the gut and rendered limp as he and other students along with the instructor were taken by the beast who quickly fled with them down a hole to an underground tunnel. With all the other heroes busy Ling quickly followed as somebody needed to save them and jumped down to try and cut off the underground monster before it could escape.
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  16. Dolan was casually walking down the road, "I can't smell any monsters... no wait... ha! that way! i hear the screeching sound again... time to catch a birdie!" Dolan said chuckling to himself as he went running down the street jumping across the roofs of parked vehicles and jumped onto a small rooftop and climbing up the side of a fire escape to reach the higher rooftops. As Dolan looked over he saw the beast spin out of control in City D as well as a helicopter land on a nearby roof. Dolan knew it was the Zodiac King fighting the monster as he smelled him too as he leaped across the rooftops trying to reach them. He jumped down where he saw both the Zodiac King and the giant bat.
  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam now stood on the creatures head pounding into it when tentacles came at him, in an instant he changed back to human and stopped the tentacles nearest to him with his telekinesis, he then proceed to turn them on the creature, he was attempting to make the creature rip itself to shreds with its own tentacles, he was also continuing to punch the creatures head while he used telekinesis on the tentacles, he was very much relying on his regeneration to keep him alive.
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  18. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Isaac and his Clones could already hear the tentacles come at them. While they had stabbed them, they remained eating, their durability and regeneration skills, thanks to being well fed, allowed them to continue. Due to the rates of them eating compared to getting hurt, more clones were created than killed, causing the attacks to be rendered virtually useless. Isaac himself however stopped eating and turned around, leaping up onto the tentacle. He began running up the tentacle up to the monster's head, or what he assumed to be the head, and jumped straight into the mouth. He had the plan to one-up his strategy: instead of eating the monster from the outside, it from an angle where it can't fight back: Eat it from the inside out! His clones, who were multiplying rather quickly due to how much they were biting off the monster, got his idea and attempted to follow him, all of them making their way up into the monsters' mouth. Some of the clones noticed a way smaller version of the monsters fleeing from the scene. They decided it wasnt worth chasing after and remained swarming towards the giant monsters' mouth, ascending it like a mountain climber.
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  19. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Metal made his way back up while the monster was busy defending with tentacles, he jumped and tried to put in a blade to stop her from seeing "hehe! Genius plan" he murmured
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  20. As Dolan walked over, "HAHA! now that's something to hunt!" He hollered and jumped with joy. Dolan walked over and jumped up to the second floor hanging onto the ledge. "Kill it and take its skin!" He said with a wolfish grin.
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  21. City D

    "This has gone long enough! Tiger Style: Fist of Fury!" Zodiac King called out as he flexed his hand back which contorted as he adjusted his body for the new style and delivered an open "clawed" palm strike to the back of the neck of the giant bat.

    "GAAAAAAASSSSSSS!" The monster bat hissed, as its eyes rolled into the back of its skull as Zodiac's fist pierced its flesh as as bone as he would deliver the swift critical blow and follow it up with several consecutive strikes along the back of the body and wings as holes soon decorated the beast that appeared dead in the air. Naturally Zodiac King jumped off and would leave the beast's corpse to free fall on the evacuated streets below where unless something interrupted its fall it'd crash with a booming thud and flop on the streets. Zodiac King landed naturally by his helicopter on the nearby building roof as his pilot made sure all systems were clear for takeoff though his eyes remained on his fellow S-Class hero nearby. Who offered his own "suggestion."

    "...I'd rather not devolve into the beasts I fight. Thank you very much."

    City C (School)

    The monstrous tentacle giant screamed as gradually some of her tentacles were forced to bite onto her own body as she screeched in agony from the and the head blows. This was bothersome and needed to be corrected now.

    First, she would cause the flesh on her head to open and "sink" the telekentic's fist as she tried to keep him stuck there while she generated even more of these hand like appendages as while he tried to control all her razor sharp tentacles she aimed to grasp at him from both sides and pull him apart.

    Though, that was not the only concern. As it groaned in pain it found this multiplying hero made more copies than could be killed as they kept eating at her; in fact the leader and several others jumped up to try and get inside her mouth to eat from there!

    The monster "mother" refused to go down like this, and quickly its disgusting form changed one more as several fleshed spikes shot out from every square inch to try and implace the clones that clung to it all at once. As well as that fool who punched her head and one who tried to stab at her with those annoying blades. It would then form a fleshed fist decorated with these razor flesh spikes and aim to deliver a punch to the multiplying her and his jumping part to try to smack them all out of the sky and stab them in succession!

    This was taxing and the blows had impact, but she refused to fall to these mere humans!

    City C (Underground Tunnel)

    "This is bad bad bad! No worries, mother will defeat those bothersome humans. Mother always makes us happy, it will all be better soon..." The Tentacle monster said to itself, as it aimed to escape under the city with his future meals though before it gained much ground the sound of fast steps approached it from behind as the beast turned.

    "Wushu Heel Kick!" Ling called out as she delivered a diving kick to the lone eye of the beast as it cried out in pain which forced it to drop the other students and teacher it had as Ling moved in front of them in a battle stance. The monster rubbed its lone eye before the mass of tentacles starred her down.

    "You again!? I will crush you you brat!" The monster hissed as he shot a pair of tentacles at Ling who jumped back and just barley managed to avoid consecutive strikes and even kicked one tendril back. Ling charged ahead as she intended to jump and kick the eye once more as it seemed to be a weak spot.

    But that weak spot became covered by a mess of flesh which absorbed her kick, and one tendril shot out to grasp her leg as she was tossed violently into the wall where she coughed out from pain in impact and fell to a knee. This monster was no joke, and almost seemed to laugh at the misery it caused Ling but the young hero to be was far from done as she stood back up and charged again.
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  22. Dolan was sitting comfortably on the roofedge watching the fight as he listened and smelled his surroundings to see if he could hear any sounds, voices or smells in the distance. As the Zodiac King put the killing blow on the beast, Dolan backflipped onto the roof behind him.
    "Ain't nothin devolving in savoring the moment... your just enjoying the thrill of the kill!" He hollered with a wolfish grin.
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  23. City D

    Zodiac King merely sighed at this, taking a moment to wipe the blood of the fallen beast with a handkerchief before he disregarded it and moved to get inside his helicopter.

    "Much as it is fun to talk of the "thrill" of our duty, I must return to City C before I allow other heroes to do my duty." Zodiac King explained as his pilot began to prepare the engines for their coming departure.
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  24. Dolan jumped up then hopped down to the side of the road "I wonder what I'll find in City C... nah City D needs me... they couldn't kill a giant colossal monster to save their lives... duty... what a strange word" Dolan thought to himself.

    He began walking down the street sniffing around and listened for sound. After a while of searching he smelled people in five different locations. One however smelled more than just human. Dolan also smelled monsters too. He decided to make that his first destination ,and as he approached it he saw eight people huddled together; four kids, three adults, and one elderly person. There were also three dead adults being eaten by three large mutated hounds the size of cars. Creatures with big gaping mouths filled with rows of teeth. These things had pitch black eyes ,dark purple skin, and white blood veins visible throughout their bodies. There was also a large one the size of a bus ,this one had a very thin sickly pale old man on it's back wearing a torn dirty suit and a ripped and tattered lab coat. The man looked like he hadn't slept in weeks.

    The old man looked over at Dolan and began mumbling some incoherent words that sounded almost like a chant. The three creatures turned to Dolan and began charging. Dolan jumped and slit two of the dogs heads clean off. One creature attempted to bite his arm he protracted the bones in his arm pierced the creatures mouth then slammed it against the wall and threw it at one of the dogs. He jumped over to the people nearby to protect them from the last beast.

    At this point the man began shouting and his speech became somewhat more clear but to still too jumbled up to fully understand. Dolan crescent kicked the big one in the "sweet spot"(boxing term, right behind the jaw often used to knock out opponents) causing it to flinch giving him plenty of time to jump on its back. "No! my creations! This wasn't how things were supposed to go... I'll get revenge... those pretentious wannabe scientists won't know what hit them!" The old man said clearly and understandable. As the beast stammered back the old man slipped and fell smashing the remote in his hand "YOU FOOL!" the old man shouted. As the remote smashed the creatures eyes turned red and his blood vessels turned black. The monster picked up the scientist and tossed him in the air as it planned on eating him ,but before it could it fell over dead as Dolan's arm now turned into a bone lance poked out of its mouth. The old man fell to the ground badly injured.

    Dolan retracted his bones then ripped a tooth from each of the creatures putting them in his pockets for the hunt. He then carried the man and escorted the small group of people back to the medics. The B class hero in dented armor now somewhat scratched came up to him, "thank goodness your here... some monster the size of a car attacked us... we barely managed to kill it." Said the B class hero. Dolan smiled at the hero then looked at the old man "you guys did well! Never forget this day... Also this man here is responsible for that creature... keep an eye on him, will ya?" dolan said as he propped the old man on the ground against a street light as the B class hero came and put restraints on him and a medic came to treat his wounds. The other B class hero smiled and nodded as Dolan walked to the second destination and it was a car with a man and two kids inside, "thank goodness a hero is here! is it safe to get out of the car?!" the man said. "look! look! look! its the predator hunter! he's on the hunt!" said one of the boys. "Yes i am kids! but now i want to help you guys first!" Dolan cheered. Luckily there was no monster so he casually escorted them back ready to head to the third.
  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    The clones that were on the giant monster hopped up after feeling the skin vibrate ominously, just narrowly avoiding getting impaled on a bed of spikes. Some of them were too slow and got impaled, but instead of just taking the hit, they decide to power on through and eat the spikes that hit them, firstly to part them from the skin and secondly to re-fuel their regeneration. Those who hopped off landed right back on the monster, using the spikes as a platform to balance on and leap up further, acting as if the spikes were tree branches from a massive tree. Meanwhile, the clones who were with Isaac up near the giant monsters' mouth banded together, clumping together to get ahold of the fist headed towards them. Isaac was holding on to a clone on the back, making sure he wasnt the one getting stabbed by the spikes. While some clones died instantly due to their brains being pierced, most managed to survive and just repeadetly latched onto the fist, gradually bring it down to the ground due to the sheer weight of the amount of clones. Isaac climbed the mass of clones and walked up the fist, up to the arm that attached it to the monster. He bit at the stem, attempting to sever it.
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  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam dodged the spikes and leapt off the creatures head, flipping forward, he transformed and fired a massive fire ball directly at the creatures eye. He land hard against the ground, as he had transformed he released the creatures limbs do to no longer having telekinesis, he happened to glance down and notice something, his right arm was gone, it was growing back, but probably not fast enough, this wasn't to much of an issue, but it did mean he would have to remain in demon form until it grew back. he turned to the monster sending out a volley of fireballs, not considering the clones and most likely hitting a few along with the monster.
  27. As Dolan headed to the third destination he ran as fast as he could, he climbed up the wall ,and sniffed around from the rooftops for smell as well as listen for sound. He smelled a couple people a good distance away as well as monster monster blood? He eventually arrived at the scene and saw another dead mutant hound that was smaller than the ones he seen so far. This one was filled with bullets and had a bear trap around one of its front leg. Four people inside were baracaded in; two had hunting rifles, and one was treating a wounded man. "Thank goodness a hero is here..." said one of the riflemen. Dolan lead them back to the others. The old man was finally awake but sat quietly refusing to speak. As he headed to the fourth destination it was two people walking out of an alleyway and one had a sprained ankle. He carried the injured person and escorted the other back. As he did the able bodied one smiled and nodded as he went to the fifth and final destination and he paused when he realized it was within City C. Reluctantly he headed there anyway.
  28. City C (School)

    As some spikes were eaten by the impaled clones that clung on, more were produced to further stab and try to eliminate them. Thought ht mother monster had her own issues beyond that as a large fireball was shot for her long eye. Quickly she mounted a wall of flesh of her skin to cover the eye as it blocked the fireball though naturally it roasted the skin that stood in guard which forced her to shave it off. Retaliation would have come swiftly but there was another problem.

    Her arm was weighed down by the clones, that began to pile on it and eat it which was alarming enough but then one of them she presumed the leader jumped inside her "mouth" to try and eat her from the inside.

    Well she was quick to respond, as the head of this clone army would be greeted by a power stomach acid inside her body that would try to rise and melt him before he could do significant damage. Further more tendrils; dozens if not hundreds, shot towards her arm with sharpened "teeth" as they drove to try to stab, pull off and chew through the clones that ate at it while she produced more defensive spikes. This attack had been more difficult than expected, as these humans seemed stronger than she could have guessed, but the monstrous queen was still sure she could turn this around so long as no more surprises...

    "Ox Style: Power Punch!"

    Zodiac King's arrival presented just what this monstrous mass of tentacles needed not, as from the helicopter he jumped down and free fell to the scene of the battle as he reared one fist back. His target had been the free arm the monster as he struck with his augmented might; he shattered the lone spike on its side that blocked his path as he delivered a powerful strike that sent a shockwave to blast a bit of the shoulder off as the beast on top of the chewing and fireballs screamed in agony. Quickly Zodiac King would alter his muscles once more as he assumed a new stance while he glanced next to him to the sea of clones that was Isaac and behind him in Bam.

    "I don't seem to recall asking for either of your aid. Hare Style: Frantic Fury!" Zodiac King called out and in a blur he began a series of high speed strike; ones that aimed to attack spikes by their sides on his arm and then the exposed flesh as he moved up and down the air just avoiding stepping on a spike due to his lifetime of training and precise steps.

    "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!" The monster roared as she unleashed more fleshy tendrils after Zodiac King as they tried to encircle and rip him to pieces while he worked to keep a step ahead and began to battle the heads of these tendrils with his rapid fire strikes.

    City C (Underground Tunnel)

    "Hold still. I just want to eat you and your friends. Is that so wrong?"

    "Yes! Yes it clearly is!"

    Ling managed to avoid tendrils with disgusting but razor sharp teeth as they had been shot her way, as she proved to be a bit too quick for them to bite at her but by consequence she was unable to mount an offensive back as she needed a way to get past these things and get close to its main body.

    As several tendrils tried to circle her, she realized she had a way to do just that as she quickly stopped in place before she shifted stances and moved to her hands.

    "Wushu 360 Strike!"

    Ling did a handstand spinning kick as her legs slammed into the heads of the advancing tendrils and the force of them broke them off as the flew through the air harmlessly as the monster shrieked in pain though in the next moment it had other issues to deal with as Ling shot at high speeds and began to fire a combo of kicks, punches and other stiff blows as it was forced to move some flesh in front of its eye to defend but it was pressured as it was forced to slither back; each blow began to gradually chip at its defenses. Eventually Ling managed to give one kick that forced it to a wall as the monster "infant" realized it was trapped.

    "This is the end! Wushu..." Ling said, though before she could finish her call the beast resorted to desperate measures as it pulled the unconscious Bastion in front of it using him as a human shield as Ling was forced to pause her attack; and this hesitation was all the monster needed as the mass of tentacles and flesh jumped towards Ling and slammed into a bodyslam as it tried to bury and suffocate her under its mass while it laughed gleefully.

    "Now you will be my food!"
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  29. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Zodiac! Took ya long enough" the quirky hero said, dodging a couple of spikes "got any plans to beat it or will you just attack like never before?" He asked, as he threw blades at the monsters eye
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  30. As Dolan arrived in City C he eventually made his way across the rooftops, over ledges, and even around pigeon coup. He then jumped down to the scene where he found a C class hero and a little girl who tried to pull a civilian out of an upturned car. Dolan approached and lifted the woman out of her car. Dolan then flipped the car back on its tires, "Can you guys smell that disgusting smell! Its horrible! Its definitely a monster... Theres also some familiar smell lingering around as well... there's heroes nearby too! probably fightin a monster... I doubt they need help ,but I'll check it out anyways... you can handle the livestock here can't ya?" Dolan said with a grin as he motioned to the two civilians. He then pointed towards the direction of the City C safe zone where some medics could help them. The C class hero put the woman on his back and escorted the girl there safely. As he did Dolan made his way towards the putrid odor ,and as he did he arrived at a large campus within City C. He stood on the rooftop of a nearby building and let out a howl as he leaped down to see the monster up close. Dolan extended the bones from his knuckles, forearms, elbows,ribs, and spine. "So this is what you guys have been up to! Hahahahahahaha! what a fine catch boys! Time to add butt ugly calamari to my hunting list!" Dolan said with a wolfish grin as he ran towards the beast.
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  31. City C

    A pair of quick strikes sliced tendrils of the monster as swords launched but one more the beast covered its eye with a wall of flesh. The swords stuck against it but the eye remained undamaged as Zodiac King processed the words of the hero he had forgotten to account for.

    "Well, seems the eye is the weak spot. So we need to expose it for a fatal strike." Zodiac King said to the bladed hero as the monster tried to lift up as mass that formed into a "foot" with spikes and tried to stomp at the blade hero as well as the new arrival the bone hero Dolan with the aim to crush them both. At the same time more tendrils fired at Zodiac King who began to dodge and worked to avoid them while he planned his next attack.
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  32. As dolan ran towards the creature he saw Zodiac King dodging the tentacles. Dolan rolled under the tentacles slicing major blood vessels and arteries crippling the limbs hit. He wolfishly grinned at the hero as he jumped up in a rotating motion slicing the thick layer of skin as well as its eye lids leaving the creature's eye vulnerable. As he jumped down ,and swung off tentacles as he pierced various pressure points on the creature.
  33. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam was fed up with this creature, he shifted to human form and using his telekinesis and the buildings around him, he created a giant out of debris around himself, now about the same size as the monster he threw a punch at it before grabbing it in a bear hug and attempting to stop it from moving to allow others to attack it easier.
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  34. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Isaac fell face-first into the acid pit below, however, thanks to his regeneration, he could quickly swim out of the trap before any fatal damage could be done. He climbed up the fleshy innards of the giant monster, back to where his other clones were, who were busy countering the spikes that shot at them by constantly biting the tips off as the tendrils moved towards them. Isaac quickly called to his clones and pointed towards the outside. A few of the clones briefly took the moment when the tendrils stopped coming to throw Isaac towards the mouth, another leaping up to throw Isaac outside the giant monster's mouth. Isaac would fly up into the air and landed on the monster, caught by one of the clones that were parkouring up the mother monsters' spikes. Isaac leaped onto the spikes, following the clones up to where they were going. He had an idea where, and asked one of them. They explained that they overheard someone say that the eye was the weak spot, and are moving upwards to attack it instead. Isaac nodded and followed along, climbing with the others up the monsters' skin.
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  35. After Dolan latched onto one of the tentacles the monster swung him towards the wall but before she could smash him against it he jumped off catching the side of the wall ,and jumping back onto the monster. He made his way to the creatures back and began slicing chunks of flesh off each time he did the creature would let out a yell. Dolan heard something though, but it sounded like it was coming from underground? Dolan wondered if he should find out if something was underground. However before he could decide another tentacle flung right at him. He then sliced the tentacle off before it could hit him and he continued pressing his attacks.

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