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OOC for 'Journey With Me'

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Pokemon=Bae, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. name: Kutsu Kibatsu
    age: 15
    first pokemon: shiny chimchar (now infernape)
    hair: black
    skin: tanned because of traveling
    eyes: brown
    siblings: Kanna Kibatsu

    So here is mi character!
  2. Name: Kanna Kibatsu
    Age: 15
    First Pokemon: Shiny Piplup
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Pale
    Eyes: Brown
    Siblings: Kutsu Kibatsu

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  3. Name: Hydrox Khlorane
    Age: 12
    First Pokémon: Shiny Turtwig
    Hair: Blonde
    Skin: Pale
    Eyes: Blue
    Siblings: None
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  4. Yay someone other than my sister/cousin actually interested in something random!
  5. How did Hydrox know our names? Or us to begin with? They old friends or something?
  6. You know how you have the shiny infernape and Kanna has the shiny prinplup? well, the turtwig was the only one left. On the team, hydrox has a shiny grotle. All three of them got them as starters.
  7. Okay now we know how they met...it was bugging flare...wait she's on right? Imma go get her
  8. Why didn't you just text me? Did you get grounded again?
  9. No!!! Okay yes but it was Tristen's fault this time! He tried to punch me, and I tripped him and we started fighting!!!
  10. self defense does sometimes have consequences.
  11. ......sure but I dont think it was self defense because they are always fighting
  12. ...learned that hard way
  13. I don't fight, I dodge until i find my opening, but I never get challenged because of Luxray, and Tristen. Not that I mind fighting is stupid
  14. Self defense does have consequences and it sucks because I get grounded from my phone! Only Rikan understands me!
  15. yes. I try to do that but usually I flying scissor leg take down them :|
  16. OOH nice! Mind if I use that next time?
  17. Why was I called here again?
  18. if you want. your actions, your consequences.
  19. T-T no idea's please...you don't have to deal with their fights

    oh Luxray Tristen just texted me he's coming to the mall with us on Saturday
  20. Is he really? GHA!! We'll be in public so we can't fight!
  21. This is ooc... not a chat room
  22. KINDA THE POINT!!! I swear you're worse than Yuki and Kyo!(anime thing it doesn't matter if you don't get it)
  23. Sorry about that any way about the battle because im guessing hydrox is going to challenge her, who will take the gym leader role for her because I really don't want to!!
  24. um what will we do about the gym leader though, Flareon has a point
  25. I think I can do it so we wont have to wait between posts.
  26. Okay cool I'll tell Flare cause she's immersed in her art right now

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