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Private/Closed (Only for friends and people I invite) Alola Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Bluesthecat, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Rules
    1. No cursing
    2. No megas, shiny etc.
    How to make your character
    Pokemon team:
    Region born in:
    Heres mine!
    Name: John
    Age: 10
    Pokemon team: none yet (getting Popplio as a starter)
    Region born in: Alola​

    John woke up and went to the professors Lab to get his starter.
  2. OCC: Here's a link to the Alola Pokedex https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/game/sun-moon (Pokémon Sun/Moon Pokédex | Pokémon Database)
    And here's one for the trails https://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/islandtrials.shtml (Pokémon Sun & Moon - Island Trials)
    Name: Alex
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11
    Pokemon team: Litten
    Region born in: Johto
    Alex walked out of the professors house with his Litten in the Pokeball. "Come on out Litten!" Alex said sending out Litten "Litten." it said "Hello Litten I'm Alex, your trainer." Alex told Litten. Just then he saw a Grubbin "A Pokemon! Litten use ember!" Alex ordered as the cat Pokemon shot fire out of its mouth "Nice. Pokeball go!" Alex said. It moved a few times then it stopped, indicating that it was caught! So Alex ran with Litten into he bumped into someone "Sorry." Alex said "I'm Alex. Who are you?" Alex asked the trainer "Do you want to battle?" Alex asked as he send out Grubbin. "This is my Grubbin so I will use him one a battle against you!" Alex said "So what do you say, want to battle?" Alex asked and Grubbin looked ready! "Well I'll come back later to see if you answer." Alex said "Return Grubbin." Alex said "Let's go Litten." so Alex and Litten looked for Pokemon. He found some alolan Rattata's, Caterpie's and Rockruff's. "Litten let's get a Rockruff." Alex said "Go Grubbin! Use bug bite!" Alex ordered "Nice. Pokeball go!" it moved a little then...It was caught! "Nice! Wait Grubbin your evolving!" Alex said happily. "Well let's go get a z-crystal and a z-ring!" Alex said to his Litten who was sleeping "Why. Return." so he walked to a cave to get his first z-ring. Then out of nowhere a Raticate and a Gunshoos appeared! "The totem Pokemon...Well go Rockruff and Litten!" Alex said "Rock thrown and Litten use ember!" Alex ordered. The Raticate used bite and the Gunshoos used quick attack. "Litten use flamethrower!" Alex ordered and that made both totem Pokemon faint! "We did it!" Alex said. He got the z-crystal and a z-ring. As he walked out of the cave a Roggenrola appeared but Alex didn't want to fight it but it was following Alex "What?" Alex said confused "Do you want to be caught?" "Rogg!" it said happily "Ok, Pokeball go!" Alex said. It moved a few times then it was caught. "Time to go battle that guy!" Alex said running to go find the guy he bumped into.
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  3. "Time to get my first Pokemon. I'm hoping to get a Popplio. And get all the Z Crystals

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