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One Wish

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Wobbegong, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. If you got one wish to influence humanity as you see fit, what would it be?

    I'd force everyone to stop and think before they start complaining, and prohibit them from pitching fits over silly/minor things if they realize it's silly/minor. Granted, the internet would instantly shrivel up and die back to being all pr0n all the time, but I'd never be subjected to someone whining about a game that got popular by being easy becoming too easy for their tastes when they're directly unaffected. (I have been reading too much of the internet in the past week. It's making me cranky, I think.)
  2. Hmm... tough one.

    I'd just make people use their heads more. It's like, we see so many genuinely stupid things being done by really smart people because they didn't think before they acted. I think that if we could put a little more power through those neurons, we'd all be a bit better off.
  3. Fix the middle east.

    Making that place work would hopefully turn some heads and make more people make an effort, which we can safely say now is all words and no action.
  4. I would wish that each country had the resources nessecary (spelling, I know) to get their country out of poverty, war, and dispair. However, I would make sure it came from their own country, as things like clothing imports to Africa has hurt that country's industry.
  5. It's great that link's like this are made :D I like it :D

    I'd wish for real pokemon. I mean, look at the pokemon world, no wars, no famine, no power shortages, no strife, no poverty... the worst problem they have there are team rocket, I could go on but you get my point. I'm not just saying this because I play the game, I just see pokemon as a solution. Plus it'd be really cool ;D
  6. Small problem. Well, I say small...

    Any world power with a brain (ie, not TR) would just capture the best ones and use them to instead of things like nuclear threats. Dialga threat instead for instance. Whats the difference? You blow up half of Japan, or you control the time around them instead.

    And also - the pokemon world is very idealistic. It wouldn't happen at all here.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Honestly, Pokemon in the real world would simply cause the real world's ecosystem to collapse due to PokeMon competition and that would honestly really, really suck.
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Totally agree with what LoN and Stel said right there about Pokemon in the real world.

    That being said...

    I have many things that I want the world to change about itself, most of it having its roots tracing back to religion in one way or another. Like, I want people to stop hating each other and start loving each other. Or I would like people to open up their hearts to other people's ideas and stuffs. Both of those I wish because of the fact that I'm Christian, though the second one has a more direct root to my religion than the first. But, so I don't pull up angst and stuff on a religious rant...

    I would like everyone in the world to care more, not for themselves, but for the people around them. If that happened, we would have less thieves, cheaters, and other stuff. War (hopefully) would be at an end, and the world would be soooo much of a happier place to live in.

    But you know what? That ain't happening anytime soon. Because human nature says that we too greedy and most people tend to care only for themselves and not for others most of the time. Me included.
  9. Personally, I would wish for Mars to be completely inhabitable. A planet fit for human expansion, with the resources and stability of Earth. I'd go with the SAFE-T-METHOD of wishing to, and make sure the two planets are wished to be exactly the same atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere-wise. So, neither one planet is better (resource-wise) than the other.

    War breaking out over who gets it? Nah. Compromise, people. That's what it's all about. Blue team gets Earth, Red team gets Mars.
    Remember, an artificial Earth would be nice, but you have to build one first. ;)

    Why does everyone suggest the human race is so selfish (or destined to destroy ourselves)? We're not. There are billions of human beings out there aiding each other, regardless. Every human being on this Earth cares for someone or something besides themselves. Human nature drives us to care and love the same way it influences greed and hate. It's just the beauty of higher intelligence, the reason behind our species' success.
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    My wish would be for a Geass. I would then use the power to make the entire world obey me. While it sounds like I'm taking away their free will, my commands would be to help people or give up the life of crime. Even if I become hated or die in the process, hopefully I would have moved the world in the right direction.
  11. I would wish for no more idiots. Enough said.
  12. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    By whose judgement? "idiot" is so very subjective, it would be impossible to agree on who is an idiot and who is not.
  13. *waves* Hey, Database! Remember me?
    Anyway, you have a point- I've been called an idiot many times before, so it's all subjective. And anyway, could you call Hitler, or Bin Laden, or any other dictator an idiot? Stupidity is not the problem, just what you do with your brain.
    I would wish everyone was Buhddist (sp). Then there would be no more wars, because killing is forbiddian, and most of the wars are caused by the four main religions anyway.
  14. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    But then, all the others ban wars as well. Muslims and Christians are both forbidden from war, as well as Judaism (being the root of Christianitty) and Sikhism, blah blah blah. The problem lies with extremist nutcases who decide that killing for their God is a good idea and oh nevermind what the holy book says

    (gosh, it feels odd talking to you on here)
  15. (Whenever I read your posts, I hear you reading it...)
    Anyhoo, I hear what you say about extreamists and offer this- Buhhdist extreamists, by and large, harm themselves not others, like the monks who set themselves alight, when they want to make a point. All other extreamists harm the maximum amount of innocent people. (Yes, I know that the nerve gas attacks were do so "they can reincarnate in better lives", but compare that to 9/11 and the Crusades and all the other terrorist attacks or religious wars and you'll see my point.)
    Anyway, this is just one wish and the best I could think of to cover all my bases- war, crime vegetarianism, ect...
  16. That humans were more tolerate and understanding of one another. It's getting to the point where I wonder how this species has lived THIS long in its current state.
  17. That I could see a friend again. The friend I speak of is Mara Patterson. I met her during my freshmen year in the same High school as she was in (had the same Frehmen studies class together as well). She was so beautiful and loved drama (well so didi I) and one of my best friends. We were about to do Little Shop of Horrors (the High school play); but then one day she had to move to southern (or northern?) hollywood. Now I have her e-mail address and we chat that way. A few days after she was gone, I felt a deeper connection about her, like us being more than friends (p;ease just don't ask...).

    Now I remeber her smiles, hugs and talking & singing voice more than ever... :'(. Thanks for letting me share this.
  18. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    I wish for a world with common sense. If someone crushes this wish, I will track them down and murder them.
  19. Mine would be for people to stop racism and stuff like that. I don't have a problem with people who have different skin colours, or are gay or bi, or think differently etc.

    It pisses me off when people freak out when they find out someone belongs to such and such religion or they like a person of the same sex. GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!


    Sorry... Either way, we're killing ourselves.
  20. My wish would be for people to care about others, I feel that too often we are too apathetic to all the injustices in the world and that if we took the time to care about each other then our world would be a much better place.
  21. I'd wish for common sense to ACTUALLY BE COMMON! I mean, is it really common if almost nobody seems to have it?
  22. Hmmm...

    One wish for humanity...

    Kind of going with what Shiny said, I would wish for people to start caring for others before themselves. I once read a book where they referenced what they always say on airplanes: get your own mask on before helping others. Now, I didn't agree with that, not at first, anyway. But, now I thought about it a bit more. Yeah, you need to prepare yourself before you help others, but you don't need to, and you shouldn't help yourself before you help others.

    If we all helped each other first, people wouldn't worry about having the most money, therefore, in theory, the economies of the world would straighten out. Rulers of the planet wouldn't worry about who had the most influence any more, they'd instead focus on the needs of the world, countries in poverty, regions that have recently suffered natural disasters, etc.

    Mmm...I'm not really good at closing up things like this, but yeah, that's my wish. For people to care about others before themselves.
  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I don't think it has been said yet...

    If I could make one change in this world, I'd wish for humans to respect and care for all living things (as well as the environment and the universe as a whole) and to be humble. A friend of mine once said he'd hate to see other planets in our solar system inhabited by people because we'd just destroy said planet like we're trashing Earth. As cool as the idea of terraforming a planet would be, I can't say I disagree.
  24. Completely agree with your friend there. I really think the human race hasn't done much to improve anything on Earth, I think Earth would be much better off without us actually.

    My wish, however, would be that people would stop judging each other. Then everyone would get along better.
    At least, that's what I think.
  25. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm going to come out and say, yes, I know this wish is absolutely shit, but it is honestly the only thing I could really wish for, due to moral issues involving other things, and me just not really needing a whole lot, or at least not needing anything that could only be acquired via a wish anyway.

    Anyway, my one wish would be...for my facial hair to permanently stop growing. I shave it off, and it never comes back - perfect. As for everything else, either it be left as it is (some things generally should be left alone,) or I acquire it via my own power.

    ...okay, so that hardly influences humanity, although it'd probably stop me from going insane, thus saving my humanity from being lost to the twisting nether or whatever. I'll be serious this time and make a "humanity wish," even though as the above paragraphs may have dictated, I'd probably be very wary about tampering with stuff like this.

    If I could wish for any humanity-influencing wish, it would be for people to stop making assumptions about others before doing their research. I personally have fallen victim to people doing this to me so many times that it infuriates me, almost to the point where I'd feel like carrying a Magnum handgun around to blow the brains out of anyone who ever does it to me. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, the vast majority of these assumptions have been absolutely wrong, and quite a lot of them I've personally found offensive. So, if I'd change anything with regards to humanity, it'd be for people to actually get to know others better before assuming things about them, preferably before I'm forced to resort to removing people's vocal cords from their necks so I at least won't ever have to listen to these (usually slanderous) assumptions...

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