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One Shot: Perpetual Chaos

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Odawara was literally littered with bodies. Even within the pitch-black skies of midnight that forcefully held the moon back, the outlines of hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers were strewn across the land. Odawara was in Japan's Sagami province, and held a large castle on the east side, with several forts along the center and west. The darkness was so absolute, a torch could only illuminate for about three feet in every direction. And indeed, outside of a small rampart next to the castle there was a lone torch...and next to it was a man.

    The man stood slightly over two meters, and had a menacing appearance. He had flaming red hair that was braided across the head to a ponytail in the back that fell down as several locks. There was a heliotrope-tint to his skin, and he had dark violet markings on his forehead and his glowing cyan eyes. He had golden earrings with a small cyan orb at each end. The man wore a skin-tight dark beige shirt with fishnet on top, and had a dark violet shoulderpad on his left shoulder connected to a chest-piece over the left half of his chest. Very strangely shaped gauntlets adorned his forearms, with small pads that covered the hands and three spikes that extended forward from each. He had on black pants that had bright red-orange flames, and metal shoes with clawed feet.

    After surveying the landscape, he breathed deeply, then exhaled slowly. "Ahhhh...the chaos has taken Odawara for itself. How...interesting." he said in a savage tone. "I, Kotaro Fuma, God of Evil, have claimed Sagami. Japan is unified; yet unification sounds so...boring. I much prefer Japan in pieces. If this was to be my last battle, at least it was somewhat appealing." He walked into the dimly-lit castle, where a torch shone light upon the mahogany building every ten feet. He climbed several stairs before coming to a room with two men in it.

    The first man was sitting cross-legged on the floor, and was round with a bald head. A large white jacket with blue lining covered most of his body, with gray boots showing themselves underneath white pants. Next to him was a ninja, dressed in dark blue with matching cloth covering his nose and mouth while exposing his light beige eyes. A scar crossed vertically on his right eye, and another horizontally across his nose. A white crest was on his forehead, and he had on black boots while holding onto a very-sharp kusarigama.

    "Lord Kotaro," the first man said. "Now that the land is unified, what will you do next?"

    "Chaos has slipped from the mountain, while order has gained a foothold. There is nothing for me in this new land, Ieyasu." Kotaro growled.

    "As the sons of darkness and chaos, I have scarred the enemies hearts while you have scrambled their minds." the ninja said slowly in a low voice. "With the light of peace forcing the threshold of darkness to topple, the land enters prosperity."

    Kotaro made a kicking motion, and Ieyasu flew backwards and hit the wall with a loud thud, even though Kotaro's foot was nowhere near him. The ninja jumped at Kotaro and landed in front of him. The size comparison was greatly in Kotaro's favor, for the ninja was easily two feet shorter. Kotaro picked the ninja up by the throat with his right hand, and the ninja grabbed on to Kotaro's wrist.

    The ninja was three feet off the ground when Kotaro said "Ieyasu, I shall leave this land to you. Japan needs a ruler who will...keep things organized, and you are a man who can do that. Rewrite history: change the facts of how you attained power. You can do that, can't you? In return, you get Hanzo's life." he tossed the Hanzo at Ieyasu, but the ninja landed safely in a crouched postition and held his hand out in front of Ieyasu.

    "But, Lord Kotaro-"

    "Do it, Ieyasu Tokugawa. I shall return when the winds of chaos blow again. Until then, watch for my signal..." With a turn, Kotaro melted into the very air, leaving no trace of him being there. Hanzo looked at Ieyasu, when Fuma's ethereal voice whispered "Chaos cannot die, nor shall I. Peace is simply a delusion; it only lasts as long as there is the light of hope. But where there is light, the darkness of chaos thrives..."
  2. That was interesting, your detail really made it work. Though I must say that the idea of a 'God of Evil' seems a little bit cliche to me and that also, in my experience, evil and chaos are not always the same thing. My own prejudices aside, that was good.

    (I always find one-shots too short as well, but that's by their nature, isn't it?)
  3. This actually has almost every aspect true to history. Taking place at the end of Japan's Warring States era, Kotaro Fuma(or Fuma Kotarou, with the Jap. correction) was the fifth clan leader of the Fuma ninja and specialized in creating chaos on the battlefield. He eventually considered himself as a god of evil and was supreme in the art of ninjutsu, but was later captured and burned at the stake.

    Following Kotaro's storyline in Samurai Warriors 2(which sticks closely to fact), Kotaro unites Japan, but is unsatisfied and leaves it to Ieyasu Tokugawa(the man who did unite Japan). Adding in from an in-game movie, Fuma tells Tokugawa to change the facts of his coming to power; but with nearly everything being historically accurate, the thought of that actually happening does add a little sense of mystery to it.

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