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Ask to Join One Piece Second Try

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mango137, Dec 4, 2019 at 12:21 AM.

  1. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Hello! Awhile ago I attempted to create an rp based on my favorite manga, one piece, but unfortunately that flopped. However, I feel I have learned from my mistakes and now feel confident creating this thread with a improved formula.

    First and foremost, this will be an AU with almost completely new characters. This rp will begin not long after Gol D Roger’s death inspired the great age of piracy but there will be completely different Warlords, Emperors, and Marine enemies. Additionally, while the same islands may exist, canon events would have never happened and there could be entirely different rulers or inhabitants (Alabasta would never have been taken over by Crocodile, but Alabasta may have a different king).

    Next, the struggle of building a crew. One of the biggest problems I faced when attempting the last one piece rp was simply getting it started. Due to the canon format where Luffy recruits new members after every arc not working because it would require making rpers wait a bit of time before being able to introduce their characters. In order to combat this, here is the basis for the start of this rp: A group of outcasts that are regarded as no more than trash find themselves stuck on a wasteland island in the north blue. While they are all misfits in their own right, they share a common dream, a dream to escape their abandoned and meaningless lives and live free as pirates! An unlikely captain’s charisma will draw together a small crew and together they will embark on the dangerous quest to find the One Piece.

    Finally, the basic rules and character sheets.
    • I hope it goes without saying that all pokécharms rules must be followed.
    • Romance and swearing are both allowed in moderation, PG-13
    • Each person is only allowed to make one starting crew member (begins on the island). However, a second one can be made down the line and introduced if approved.
    • You can create up to 2 vice admirals, and 1 warlord, emperor, or admiral. But, those will be much harder to get approved.
    • Having a devil fruit will work in a similar manner to being approved for mega evolution, you must write a compelling backstory and justify it.
    • If you have read the rules put a $ in the bounty section of your bio (yes, even if it’s $0)
    • I’ll probably end up thinking of more down the road but that’s it for now.

    Bounty: (We will update this later but it should be 0 for now unless included in your backstory)
    Role: (chef, navigator, etc)
    Weapons: (Preferably a weaker starting weapon; however, if you write a convincing enough backstory you may include a more powerful weapon like a Wazomono grade sword).
    Devil Fruit: (Optional, preferably non-canon) also may be obtained later.
    Name: (Japanese and English)
    Description: (What the fruit looks like)
    Type: (Logia, Paramecia, Zoan)
    Weaknesses: (Besides Normal)
    How it was acquired:
    Techniques: (Special skills used in battle like Luffy’s Gomu Gomu Pistol or Zoro’s 108 pound Phoenix Canon. Should start weak and get stronger later on).
    Home Island: (can be made up)

    I will be posting my own character soon, but for now I just wanted to get the thread out there!
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  2. Would you mind giving some more details on the premise?

    Is it a situation where they're all ship-wrecked or imprisoned or..?

    What do you have in mind for the setting of the wasteland island, and how our characters ended up there in the first place?
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  3. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    So basically it’s gonna be the slums. Drug problems, tons of orphans and gangs, just the worst of society. As for how they got there, it can be a variety of any reasons. My character’s backstory includes him being abandoned there for being considered a bad omen due to his devil fruit which will serve as his motivation to go on a journey to secure a legacy as a good person.
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  4. Sorry I’m late, I am here now.
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  5. Wait...what happened to it being an Island?

    You had me thinking it was like they were all abandoned to die on a deserted island or something like the Prison Island in the show.

    I figure I'll need to see your backstory first so I can get a clearer view.

    Moving onward, I'm a bit dubious on the Devil Fruit stuff. I have a One Piece character in mind, already created and everything, and she won't be a Devil Fruit user at all, however, I would like to ask how devil fruits would be handled, how we might deal with the gap it might create between character capabilities.

    Essentially, how do we deal with things like the Logia devil fruits which would give strong edges to certain characters until Haki becomes a thing?
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  6. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Sorry, still an island, but a very poor wasteland island. Think of where Law was raised. As for logias and such, well I’m not 100% sure on what exactly I wanna do. There are still ways around it like sea prism and the whole Luffy vs Crocodile thing, but obviously we can’t do that every time. I was thinking logias couldn’t join the crew at least until the Grand line. As for my character, I want him to have a mythical Zoan fruit that’s a manticore, but to balance it he won’t be able to control his transformed form. (It is explained an awakened Zoan is maintaining that half and half state, which my character will get after the grand line). Basically, he’ll be a normal fighter with a powerful form akin to chopper’s monster point that he’ll slowly get better at controlling until he is able to maintain a split state.
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  7. Hmmm, that being said though, I'd propose is people just didn't start with Devil Fruits. Maybe make the crew first and then while on our Journeys we could go around and grab Devil Fruits for people. Afterward, they'd naturally grow stronger with their devil fruit, but at the same time, non-fruit eaters would probably have time to train and do...other stuff for a more even playing field.

    Just a suggestion though, not sure how it would work out in practice, or if people would even be willing to do that.
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  8. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Yeah, I’m definitely going to be very strict on who is allowed devil fruits. That being said, Zoro is basically as strong as Luffy until they reach the new world (and I’m still not convinced he isn’t, he’s had such an easy time so far) and he never had a devil fruit. Honestly, I prefer characters without a devil fruit, but I feel like most captains (except Shanks and Roger) have a signature devil fruit, and the character I’m using is based off of one I had wanted to use for an entirely original manga or webtoon I would hope to make some day (though that will probably never happen since I can come up with a storyline but I can’t draw for crap). If you are worried about characters becoming op, do not. I’ve left rps immediately because I felt some characters were op and I hate that type of thing more than anything. I will not tolerate any overpowered characters in this rp, so don’t even think of it as a concern.
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  9. I'm not particularly worried about characters becoming too OP per se. The one-piece power system does have some pretty strong balancing once Haki gets involved. Normal humans or non-humans do end up with their own quirks which can be used to combat even Devil Fruit users, in fact, let me show ya my characters.

    (Full) Name: Caelia Asagi
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Rabbit Mink
    Caelia has bluish-purple, shoulder-length hair which she keeps casually tied into a pony-tail. While an odd color, most people wouldn't question it, but rather question the magnificent pair of rabbit ears that perch themselves atop her head, constantly twitching in every which direction. The short fuzz of fur that coats her ears carries the same color as her hair, however, the fur that lines the inner sections of her hair is a few shades lighter. When stimulated by strong emotion all her hair will shift to a bright crimson.

    Including her magnificent ears, which one would find very comfortable to the touch if Caelia would let them, she's no more than 4"10', when counting from the base of her feet to the crown of her head she just barely scratches a petite 4"5'.

    With a preference for loose, easy to move in clothing, Caelia prefers to wear a white sleeveless shirt and black mini-skirt with a pair of shorts underneath, both having a small opening where her tail pokes out. In addition, she wears knee-high boots with weights hidden within them.

    Height: 4"5' w/o ears | 4"10 w/ ears

    Personality: A member of the mink tribe, Caelia is a ferocious and relentless fighter who's aggressive when battling but mostly docile otherwise. She's got a tactical mind and a strong sense of duty and despite pirates who prove to be exceedingly heinous in their actions.

    Pirate or Marine:
    Crew: N/A
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Backstory: N/A
    Other: She wields a pair of Tiger Hook Swords.

    Would do much work on the Bios, though, but the gist of it was that unless your Devil Fruit is like...reality-warping there are relatively normal ways of catching up to you through human or non-human abilities.
  10. I'll catch up later and give opinion and probably a character sheet later.
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  11. is anybody the pirate chef for the pirate crew? I totally wanna be the chef! hopefully this chef can have a devil fruit power... unlike some chef who's only ability is kicking... because nobody else in the straw hat crew can kick...
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  12. They can kick as demonstrated by Luffy, Sanji is just better at it.
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  13. funny enough im not trying ta hate on Sanji... He has his moments when he can be cool. though those kicks would be less than useful if one of the enemy could block the ankle... another thing... you'd be surprised how easily an elbow can break an ankle... boats float on water! have a nice day. (i'll try and make a character after I get get an idea of what I want to put under Epithet... had to look that one up...)
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  14. (Funny enough I said I wanted to give him a devil fruit... It was going to be called keisei keisei no mi(concept creation) which allows him to create things like weapons ,but since devil fruit users can't swim part of him being fish-man would be a wasted opportunity... I figured id just give him the weapons and problem solved...)

    Name: Alarich(first name) Sommer(last name)
    Epithet: Alarich the dread chef
    Bounty: ($0 for now... I will likely change later)
    Gender: male
    height: 8'1 ft / 246 cm
    Age: 22
    Species: fish-man
    Appearance: dark greyish blue skin, black eyes, muscular, thin, light brown spiky hair(shoulder length) combed back, large fins on elbows, sharp teeth(usually grinning)
    attire: wears a leather jacket(sleeves ripped off), (black apron with skeleton in the center and a cutlass on the right side vertically pointing up/he wears it around his waist like a belt when he isn't cooking), black and blue striped shorts, brown sandals.
    Personality: talkative, unapologetic, overconfident ,but respectful and friendly.
    Affiliations: straw hat crew
    Role: (chef)
    Weapons: he mostly uses the large fins on his arms. he carries his two large cleavers(usually on his belt), and a large plate(he likes to use like a shield but he mostly keeps it on his back)(later on he would like to get more powerful cleavers like a Wazomono grade sword quality so his knives can cut as good as he can cook).
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Home Island: Fish-Man Island(originally from)
    laugh: "hwa hya hya hya hya hya"
    Backstory: Alarich left Fish-Man island because he longed to become an adventurer and share his cooking both good and bad. he like to hunt all sorts of creatures and cook them. He earned his his nickname the dread chef because he likes to cook some of the most disgusting food imaginable when hes not cooking good food. Alarich grew up in a family with two parents and two older brothers. Alarich was the youngest and the smallest of the three ,but the smartest ,and most culinary talented. Alarich has tried so many of his own terrible creations that they don't bother him much so he enjoys testing new food experiments on friends, family, and the naive. He can also cook extremely well when he so chooses to. his favorite dish to cook is fish as he can swim in the water and catch the fish himself. Whenever he's not cooking he likes to practice and hone his martial arts techniques. both underwater and on land. He also enjoys exploring and sharing his masterpieces.
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  15. Looks better. I agree starting the crews in the same place is a better starting point for a group RP. I will make a CS later. Probably would be a shipwright.
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  16. I'm not sure what starting point your referencing to...
  17. Funny enough I did watch a lot of one piece when it originally came out ,but I stopped some time before the haki part came out... I'll more than likely do some research on my own using the fandom wikipedia ,but I like hearing fans opinions as well.

    whats up with that stuff?

    If we do decide to have them how powerful of haki would we be allowed?
    (I went ahead and did some research on the three haki types... Im going to go ahead and jump to conclusions and guess haoshoku is going to be off the table due to its rarity. will having a combination busoshoku and kenbushoku be acceptable?... If we decide to allow them.)
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