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Open One piece: journey for the new world &Christmas Special Thread!&

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. As Noctis was Decorating the Christmas Tree, He seen a Ship with a Lightning Skull pull up to a nearby Island, "Hey Guys, Look at this, it doesent Look Friendly, What should we do about this?" He said

    Before long his pet Wolf he named Natsu Came up to look at the Ship, It looked like Natsu didn't want to find out what was on the ship
  2. "Ah! Look at how cool that is!" C ran toward the front of the ship. "Let's go, full speed ahead towards that!"
  3. "Alright! Hold on Natsu! we dont want you to fall in The Water!" He said, Grabbing onto His wolf, "Full Speed Ahead Sasha! Lets find out whats on that ship!" He said, Holding on to his Wolf and the Tree
  4. Sasha Ran up to the helm of the ship and started turning it so the ship faced the island "Ok C unwind the sails!" Noctis load the cannons in case the other ship opens fire we cant take any risks!" Sasha yells still trying to turn the ship
  5. "Alright! Natsu, Wait near Sasha, I'll be back" He said, as he ran down the Stairs and Loaded the cannins, "Cannons Loaded with Heavy Shots! Hopefully we dont need to use them!:
  6. "Yeah!" C let the sails blow and jumped in the air. "I wonder who's on that thing?"
  7. "Hopefully someone wanting to spread the Christmas Cheer!" He said, Looking out the Cannon-Window, "Though, Who would have a lightning Flag? its not usual"
  8. "ok well be at shore in no time" Sasha said as she waved her hand around in the air and summoned a wind to take them to shore "ok prepare to drop anchor!" Sasha yelled looking closely at the other ship
  9. "Well," c turned to noctis " we have stars, and that isn't exactly normal either. Maybe someone on the ship has a lightning devil fruit?"
  10. "Thats True, but Lightning seems to be a Powerful Paramecia Fruit," He said, as be looked at the Devil Fruit Book " It allows the user to become living lightning, Almost like a Logia, but at the same time, not even close."
  11. "living lightning sounds fascinating but still if he has a devil fruit like that we should be careful and not approach them so we don't accidentally start a fight" Sasha said trying to think out the situation
  12. "True, Should i go Greet them?" He said, Turning his Bottom half into Fire "I Could get their the Fastest, And Get back the Fastest, Hopefully he's not Living Lightning."
  13. "Well, let's make ally's!" C created a star and jumped on it, gliding off towards the other ship. "Hey guys, hurry up!"
  14. "Hey Hey Hey! Wait!" He said, Flying to the ship, "Ello Weird Ship we just seen" He said, Landing on the Ship, "Where's your Cap.?" He said, Scratching the back of his head.
  15. "agh i should have expected this" Sasha said "But why didn't you guys give me a lift over there!" She yelled "you should know that i cant fly and were still in the ocean so i cant get out of the ship yet either!" Sasha yelled furiously
  16. "Well! I guess you can keep Natsu Company! He Hates to be Lonely!" He Yelled, hoping Sasha would hear "And you could get to know him!"

    Natsu just Howl's.
  17. "Just glide over!" C yelled across the ocean "make an updraft and use a towel to glide or something! Anyway, where's the captain of this ship?"
  18. "I 'm also Wondering, Do you have any meat? More or less the Christmas Spirit? C'mon! Where's the Christmas Tree? The Time with Friends and Family?"
  19. "ok first why do i need to get to know your pet i'm going to be on a ship with him for ages and secondly a simple updraft wont give me the ability to glide over to the other ship id either have to be very lite or have something to catch the wind with!" Sasha yelled "not every thing is simple you know!"
  20. "Damn, i guess you'll miss the fun then ^_^" He said, Bursting out in Sarcastic Laugh's " Besides, Natsu might save your life one of these Days, just like i gave him Spoiled Meat"
  21. "You come back here this instant to pick me up because if you don't you will regret it" Sasha yelled in a threatening voice "and if i were smart i wouldn't get on my bad side"
  22. "Aw geez!" C turned his star around and flew back as fast as he could. "S-sorry Sasha, please don't kill me!" C crouched and covered his head. "H-here, ride the star!" He pointed to the ball of plasma
  23. Sasha grinned and rode the star to the other ship "thank you Cito so kind of you to do that" she said as she walked up to Noctis "your going to wish you never joined the crew once i'm done with you" Sasha said in an evil tone
  24. C got a new cloud and rode back to the ship, crying. "Anyway, let's go find something!"
  25. "C, Save me, oh god" He said, Trying to act Innocent, then flying above the ship, "You cant catch meh now!, Dont kill me >_<, The christmas Spirit, Remember?" He said, Innocently, attempting not to get a Beat down,
  26. Sasha looked up at Noctis "i cant get you well you will see how wrong you are once your all washed out in the rain" Sasha said while waving hand in the air and not longer after she did so rain began to fall and quickly got heavier and heavier until it turned into a storm
  27. "S-Sasha! My hairs gonna get w-nevermind." C objected himself, he knew better than to complain. "Hey, you guys wanna be our allies?"
  28. Noct Face planted on le Wood, "Dont kill me please T_T" He said, Crouching down and Praying, "Im to Lazy to die T_T, I also have to care for meh Wolf T_T"
  29. Sasha thought for a second "agh fine get up" Sasha said while stopping the rain "but next time you do this you've got a one way ticket to Davy Jones locker you here me" Sasha said in the same evil tone
  30. "A--Alright T_T" He said, Building a raft back to the ship, Jumping in, then Locking himself in his quarters with Natsu, Curled up in a ball Far away from the door
  31. "But what about that ship?" C yelled back at his ship. "These guys are probably really confused right now!"
  32. Sasha laughed "wow that was fun" Sasha said jumping on to the island "im gonna go explore you coming with or are you going to hide in a room with that first mate of yours?" Sasha asked as she started to calm down
  33. "Fine, has it stopped Raining? i just want to hurry it up, One more day until Christmas, then Singing, Giving, And lots more" He said, As he walked out
  34. Naru woke up from al the noises. He saw Sasha, C and Noctis on land so he shot his arm on the ground and pulled himself toward them. "Hey guys what did i miss?" Naeu asked to his crew mates.
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  35. "Nothing important, we just seen this ship and decided to find out who the captain was"He said, Keeping his distance from Sasha, "besides that, Nothing else happened"
  36. "Yeah, also im surprised noctis woke up before you. Anyway, let's go find whatever treasure there is to get here!"
  37. "I'll remember that, Anyways, Yeah! We need to find that, and who knows, we might see the Captain" He said, Running to the Cave" You guys Check the ship! I'll check over here"

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