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One more member!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Nim, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Nim


    Ok, well i have 5 members in my team and i need some advice in picking the last one. I have tried a few already but none of them really seemed to fit.Also i discovered I have no way of killing water types except by sending arcanine on a suicide mission. Here it is so far:

    Gliscor: Lead
    Poison jab: will change for thunder or fire fang
    stone edge
    swords dance

    thunder fang
    dragon pulse

    Air slash
    Aura sphere
    Fly: Only for convenience in-game, never used.

    Kingdra: Rain dance Combo
    Hydro pump
    Rain dance
    Dragon pulse: will change for outrage

    Ice fang: will change for ice punch
    swords dance

    Thanks EV's will also be appreciated, I'm open to all ideas :)

    Edit: Okay,I have been looking through my pokedex and have thought of maybe a Magnezone because he can counter the water types that have been troubling me and also is a pretty good wall. I'm not completely bought yet though, so please still suggest anything. xD
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Seems like you have the right idea so far - post your abilities, hold items and natures too though, since that'll help us go into more detail with advice:

    - Gliscor leading is very good, but using a sweeper set to do it doesn't really make the most of Gliscor's potential as a lead. Moves like Knock Off, Stealth Rock and Taunt are better options for a Gliscor lead, especially since Feraligatr's already got the sweeping covered for you. If you want, you can pull an Aerodactyl and run Taunt, Stealth Rock, Earthquake and a filler attack (Ice Fang, U-Turn or Rock Slide/Stone Edge work best)

    - Seems like you're trying for a mixed Arcanine here, and you're along the right lines. Thunder Fang seems a bit spare on the set however as far as mixed goes, but all the viable replacements require re-breeding it. I'd check your Hidden Power type to see if that comes in handy at all (HP Grass with good power behind it would aid you greatly) and if Flamethrower doesn't appear to pull its weight in the power category, Fire Blast is a viable alternative.

    - Without any doubt, Togekiss wants Thunder Wave over Fly for the standard flincher set. Otherwise, the set's A-OK.

    - Kingdra, again, absolutely fine. Draco Meteor is another viable option for your last slot, but note that Dragon Pulse isn't necessarily a bad choice for a move on Kingdra - that said, Outrage is a great option as well. See what works.

    - Rebreeding Feraligatr can grant you access to Dragon Dance, which will be more useful overall on Feraligatr than Swords Dance due to the Speed boosts you get since Feraligatr's Speed falls a bit short otherwise. Note that Crunch, Dragon Claw and Outrage are also available as alternative options for moves too - may be worth experimenting, but your set is still very good.
  3. Nim


    Thanks Ganon, This is really helpful and shows me some of the flaws in my team that need to be fixed. I will go and check what hidden power Arcanine has in after I have something to eat and I'll edit it at the end of my post. Yeah, Ill have a look at Draco meteor to see if I'd prefer it over dragon pulse until I get enough battle points to get him outrage. By the way, can I just go to the heart scale person and get Feraligatr to remember dragon dance or will I have to re-breed it. Also, were you suggesting that I should get an aerodactyl as my last member? If so won't I then have 3 things weak to ice? Can't remember if rock was good or bad against it.

    Thanks for all of your help once again, Ganon. :)
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    No, I was simply stating that the "Taunt + Stealth Rock + 2 Attacks" set is commonly used by Aerodactyl but can be used by Gliscor as well.

    Feraligatr unfortunately does require a re-breed for Dragon Dance - nothing else will work.
  5. Nim


    Oh ok, I will probably change Gliscor's Swords Dance for Taunt. Anyway, turns out that Arcanines Hidden Power is Fighting so I will probably give that one a miss. Here are their natures if you wanted:

    Gliscor: Impish
    Hyper Cutter

    Kingdra: Adamant
    Swift Swim
    Damp Rock

    Togekiss: Hasty. I didn't breed for it, I just got it from the mystery egg, so yeah.
    Serene Grace

    Feraligatr: Relaxed. Again not the best but I got it from the start.
    Mystic Water

    Arcanine: Rash

    I havnt exactly got to planning specific hold items yet, except for Kingdra. I will get to that once I have got my other member sorted out.
  6. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    The only issues overall with these are the items (which you stated were filler anyway) and the natures of Feraligatr and Kingdra. Feraligatr may want a re-breed for a better nature as well as Dragon Dance, and Kingdra's Nature hurts his ability to use special attacks to some extent. Luckily, it still gets Return for an extra physical attack.

    For items, Yache Berry is common for Gliscor to lessen the Ice-type weakness it suffers from, although you shouldn't count on this to protect you from Ice Beam or Blizzard, as the hit to Gliscor's lower Sp.Defense will likely still be enough to slay it in a single blow. Kingdra's item works fine, Togekiss commonly carries Leftovers on the flincher set to make it even harder to KO, Feraligatr can either carry a pinch berry such as Liechi or Salac, or Muscle Band for something a bit more reliable. Finally, I agree that HP Fighting isn't that hot for Arcanine - since you're using quite a blend of moves there, Expert Belt will come in handy to boost the power of Dragon Pulse and Thunder Fang, since you'll likely be using both moves on Pokemon that are weak to them - the 20% boost in damage for those super-effective blows should come in handy.
  7. Nim


    Hmm, yeah I may have to think about re-breeding those two for the natures and dragon dance. I will definately have a look around for some of those items that you suggested there and I'll experiment to see which ones work the best for me. Thanks for all of the helpful advice KoL. :)

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