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Ask to Join "One Goal, Two Worlds" Bakugan RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. She awoke from her sleep, Looking at the Ceiling.
    "Hey, Leo. What time it it?" She asked, Sitting up.
    "Quarter to Six." Leonidas responded with, Hovering over to his Owner.
    "Wasn't this the day that I met you?" She threw the blankets off of her, and stood up, cracking her back. The date was the 23 of August.


    She had just lost a match to one of the challenger's, and had been a little bummed out at the fact. She had Three of her Favourite Bakugan in that fight. Ventus Juggernaut, Darkus Serpenoid, and Darkus Falconeer. She hadn't put much thought on the match, and got Cards that aided Only the Darkus teammates. She began walking when she heard a Wizzing sound. She shrugged it off, and was Hit in the side of the head with a ball. She Looked at ball, while Grasping her Head. The ball opened, revealing Leonidas.


    She had won A lot of Battles, but Leonidas was still as cold as Ever...

    He had won the Miniature fountain tournament, and had went over to get her Prize. Along the way, she had found one more opponent. She accepted the battle, and it went on as normal...atleast, until Leonidas was Put into a dark Abyss. It wasn't the doom dimension, Yin was sure of that. It was differet. The opposing Bakugan attacked the Abyss, but a Hand Grabbed it. The Void had faded, revealing Omega Leonidas. Her ability Card changed in her Hand. "Omega Eraser" It read.


    "Yes. This was the same day we met."
  2. Chloe pumped her fist up into the sky with a cheer, "Great job Tigrerra! We won again!" The girl cheered as she planted a small and gentle kiss on the little bakugan. " For you Chloe, I shall fight millions of battle just to see you smile" the female bakugan stated, "you're then bakugan a girl could ever want..." Chloe whispered as she walked away from the male brawler who was crying his eyes out, due to the beautiful blonde girl beating him easily.

    "Hey Tigrerra do you think were to harsh on some of the other brawlers?" Chloe questioned as she sipped her iced tea that she had bought. "We play to win, Chloe" the hair bakugan informed as she rested on top of Chile's phone. "I guess you're right..." the blonde whispered
  3. She finally decided to walk over to her Desk. It had a Picture of Her and Leonidas.
    "C'mon, Lets go get some fresh air." Yin said, as she grabbed her Gate cards, Ability cards, and Two extra Bakugan. Once she was sure she got everything, she Walked out into the outside world.

    She stopped over at the fountain, seeing group of Brawler's gathered around a Stage. It seemed to be a Miniature tournament.
    "Yin, you're not thinking of..."
    "Yes." She interrupted her bakugan, Changing the Direction to the Group.


    "W--What?! How did you beat me?! I just beat you Yesterday!" A person said, Ruffling his Hair. She had taken Leonidas's advice to Change her deck, and Making sure it helped Not only her bakugan, but Was a nightmare for her opponents.


    "Welcome to the Third annual Fountain tournament! Where the Prizes are great, but the Battles even Greater! Lets hear it for out first Challengers..." She blocked out the announcer's, talking to her Leonidas.
    "What do you think this year's battles will bring..?" Yin asks, as Leonidas Hovers out of her pocket, Opening.
    "I don't know."
  4. As Chloe walked along the road to her school, she was stopped when a boy around her age stopped Chloe in her tracks. "Hey! You're the girl who made my baby sister cry!" The boy yelled as the girl who Chloe beat the other day stuck her tongue out from behind her brother. "I challenge-" before the boy could finish, Chloe had cut him off, "lets just get this over with..." the female mummbled as she took out her card. Then the brawl began, "BAKUGAN BRAWL!" the two teens yelled as they sent out their bakugans.

    "H-how did you beat me?" The boy questioned as Chloe held all three of her bakugans in her palm which consisted of a Haos Fear Ripper, a Subterra Manion, and of course Haos Blade Tigrerra. She placed Fear Ripper and Manion into her pocket befire placing Tigrerra on her shoulder. "Your bakugans G's doesnt really matter unless you play your deck correctly and plus my deck and bakugan compliment each other" Chloe informed before walking away with her guardian Bakugan resting on her shoulder
  5. She looked at her watch, Jumping.
    "Crap! Come on Leo!" She yelled, as Leonidas jumped into her Pocket. She started running in the Slight Left direction of the school.

    She ran for about 2 minutes before she believed that she got lost. "Lets see...it should be about....Huh?" She looked at a person looking confused, and On walking away. Seeming to be School-Age.
    "I do believe that this is the right way, Yin." Leonidas says, Hovering out of her pocket, and onto her Hand.
    "Sure, I knew that." She said, Running in that direction.
  6. Chloe yawned as Blade Tigrerra rested upon her shoulder. "Do you wanna go home now Tigrerra?" Chloe questioned, "if that is what you want Chloe" the Haos bakugan replied. "Well Im not that tired, so how about we head for the park?" The blone questioned, "that sounds delightful" Tigrerra stated wich caused a smile to appear on Chloes face
  7. Lex was lazing about in the park, having a discussion with his guardian bakugan as he was laying in the grass. "I'm telling you, you can call purple 'a little blue' and still be right. After all purple consists of the colors red and blue."
    "You've got to be kidding me Lex, you can call green 'a little blue' too. That will only create confusion and what if the color has more blue than red or yellow? Do you call it 'a lot blue'? This idea will never catch on, believe me. Besides, don't you have something better to do than lay in the grass? For example going to school?" Tuskor replied and ended the discussion with these wise words.

    "Fair enough. Well, let's go then." Lex got up from the ground and waited for Tuskor to sit on his shoulder before making his way towards the exit of the park and towards the school, whistling a cheerful tune on the way.
  8. "Yeah...I think we're lost. Can you see anything, Leo?" Yin asked, stopping to look around.
    "No, I can not see anything inside your hand." Leo said, as Yin Opened her hand as fast as she could.
    "Oops, Sorry.." She seen a Sign saying 'School =>' on the side of the road. As a sweat drop appeared on the side of her head, as she walked over to the sign.
    "How long has this town had these? Never mind that.. Lets go, Leo."
    "Right behind you, Yang." Leo hovered into her pocket.
    "Again with the Yang?"
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  9. Lex made his way to school, although he stopped as Tuskor said something to him. "That girl seems to be lost, why don't you help her?" He glanced at Yin before shrugging. "Why should I? She seems to have found her way again and I don't see a reason to go talk to her." He wanted to continue walking and got reprimanded by his guardian again. "Lex, you need to make some friends eventually. I'll go talk to her." Lex wanted to say something but Tuskor was already on her way towards Yin. "Hello, do you need some help? You seem to be a bit lost." In the distance, Lex let his shoulders drop.
  10. Chloe was on her way to the park, until a sleek black sports car drove up next to her. "Chloe you are supposed to go to the school, to tutor some of the students" a man with jet black hair hissed out as he glared at Chloe. "Dad! I promised to take Tigrerra to the park" Chloe whined, "just listen to your dad sweetpea" a black haired woman with blue eyes called out from the passenger side of the car, in all honesty people found it weird that Chloe was blonde and her parents both had black hair, but the thing was that she got her golden locks of hair was inherited from her grandmother on her moms side.

    In the end, Chloe stomped her way to the school building, "ugh I cannot believe my parents! They are so freaking annoying" Chloe roared, as Tigrerra let out a sigh, while Chloe continued to rant about her parents
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  11. She looked at the Tuskor, as Leonidas jumped out of her pocket.
    "No, I think we have it under control." He said, in his usual Cold tone. Yin quickly grabbed Leonidas, and put him back in her pocket.
    "Sorry about that, Leonidas is a little too overprotective. Yeah, I think I could use some directions to the school. The sign seems to be a lie. " Yin said, apologizing about Leo's Rudeness.
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  12. "No need to apologize, I can see where he's coming from. I can show you the way towards school, just follow me." Tuskor said as she floated back towards Lex and by extension the school as he was standing in front of it. "What did you do that for? You know I don't like strangers." Lex hissed at Tuskor who floated in front of him. "I know you dislike strangers, but if you don't make friends you will stay lonely and surrounded by strangers. And no buts, you just have to accept this." Lex wanted to retort, but Tuskor's matter of fact voice made him swallow his tongue and wait for the stranger to follow his guardian.
  13. Yin followed the Bakugan to what seemed to be her owner.
    "Oh, Hello." She said, trying to recall his name from school. Leonidas was grumbling in her pocket. Not loud enough to be heard, but loud enough for Yin to lose her patience with Leonidas.
    "Never mind that, that's a nice bakugan you have, Might I ask her name?" She asked. It wasn't uncommon for Leonidas to act like a jerk, but it was still a task itself to apologize. She was thankful the Sub-Terra Bakugan forgiven Leonidas for that.
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  14. Lex didn't share the same friendliness with strangers as his guardian, but he did have good manners."Hello, Yin right? Lex, and this right here is Tuskor." He said with a somewhat forced grin. "Indeed, nice to meet you. School is right there by the way." Tuskor said with a lot more happiness in her voice as she floated towards the direction of the school and returned to Lex. "Well then, shall we?"
  15. "Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you, Lex and Tuskor!" She smiled while grabbed Leonidas out of her pocket, and showed him. "This right here is Leonidas." As Yin said that, Leonidas let out a small grumble. Yin put him back in her pocket, and scurried to the direction of the School.
    "Oh, thanks again!" She yelled, looking back and waving to Lex and his Sub-Terra Bakugan. "See you in Class!"

    "How can you be so Cheery to someone you just met? Maybe I should start calling you Yang." Leonidas said, as Yin opened the door, and headed inside the School.
    "Leo, Yang is out in the world. He is seeing the world in all of its beauty. You are just too hard-headded to realise." She giggled a little. She had been close to Yang, but he was Nine years older than her, so that ment He got to see everything Before her. It was quite funny how they talked. Leonidas was one of the only ones who knew Yang's true Personality. On the outside, Yang seemed like the Mean type, but he was actually Soft.
    "Yes, of course." Leonidas said before turning into a ball in her pocket.
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  16. Lex felt that Leonidas was not your average bakugan, but he couldn't place the reason why he felt that way. He didn't have much time to think about it either as Tuskor caught his attention by floating in front of him. "You can daydream later, you have class to attend mister!" He shook his head and entered the school, sighing. "If I wasn't with you, who knows what you would grow up to be." Tuskor reprimanded him, although he didn't listen and made his way to class and looked around for Yin and Leonidas, not quite sure which one caught his attention more as Tuskor turned into a ball and went into the Bakugan Holster.
  17. Chloe walked into the class and sighed, as she plopped down on the desk at the back. Since there was currently nobody in the classroom she was in, so the blonde beauty set her guardian bakugan on the table and smiled at the powerhouse of all her bakugan. "Tigrerra Im so sorry for ranting to you, but you're like my bestfriend so its easy for me to talk to you" Chloe apologized with a smile, "its alright Chloe, and I'll always be here for you, so dont focus on apologizing me but instead on tutoring the kid" the haos bakugan stated. Chloe gave a nod, as she continued to talk to Blade Tigrerra while she waited for the student to appear
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  18. Lex opened the door and looked around, looks like he was one of the first. There only was one other student and she seemed to be more interested in her bakugan than him. He shrugged and sat down, he didn't mind being left alone and opened his bakugan holster. Tuskor soon floated out, revealing the Subterra Rattleoid and Aquos Juggernoid below. "No class?" Tuskor asked as she looked around the classroom. "Doesn't seem like it." Lex said as he leaned backwards in his chair.
  19. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    "What's the hurry Nastix, so what if we're a little late" Wake was finally leaving the house after a slow wake and meandering morning.

    "If we don't leave now you'll be late, people will have already made friends, bakugan will have made friends, they'll know more than you, then you'll be the loser without any friends. Do you want to be a loser without any friends?"

    Wake was used to this constant nagging from his partner, but without he probably wouldn't get out of bed then Nastix added, "Besides, do you want people to start brawling without you?" And with that Wake ran faster than a speeding bullet (not actually) so he could get to class.
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  20. She opened the classroom door, revealing Lex and a Blonde sitting in desks. She sat in one of the middle desks, away from the other two, and allowed Leonidas to hover out.
    "Yin, I'd like to advise keeping a low profile. If those Things are real, that Marduk person could be Nearing this Town." Leonidas said, Moving around on her desk. Yin giggled a bit, but shook it off.
    "Don't worry, Leo. I'm sure it was all just you being you. I'll keep myself out of trouble, I'll promise that."
    "I highly doubt that, Yin."
    "Oh come on, you need to have more faith in me."
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  21. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Wake and Nastix arrived at the school, and Wake's classroom... with almost nobody there. This was strange considering how late Wake was.

    "Ummm where is everybody." Wake also noticed the three kids each had Bakugan, but one of them was giving him an uneasy feeling. Then he realized what this meant. "So you guys like bakugan. Seeing as we're the only ones here, who wants to brawl."
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  22. Lex nearly fell from his chair in his haste to stand up, ready to brawl. Tuskor on the other hand just sighed and rolled her eyes if she could, and Lex' other bakugan were not happy either as they floated out of the Holster and reprimanded him for being so careless. "Sorry, but this kid wants to brawl and I want to brawl too." Lex said as his non-guardian bakugan nodded and went back into the holster.

    "You, late kid! I want to brawl against you!" Lex said as he held his arm with his Launcher up high. "Ready?" He asked as Tuskor went into her ball form and prepared to be grabbed and launched.
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  23. Leonidas looked in the direction of which the late kid came from.
    "Yin, It appears a battle will be happening." Leo said, Turning back to his Black-Haired Owner.
    "Yeah, I guess so. How long has it been since something like this has happened? Either way," She stood up, looking at Lex, "Have a fun battle, you Two!" She yelled, putting a thumbs up before she sat back down, talking to Leonidas again.
    "I told you, I couldn't trust you to stay out of trouble."
    "Oh, stop being such a Hardy. Its fine."
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  24. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Wake laughed when the kid fell out of his seat, but the laughter turned to respect for his fellow brawler, he didn't get to enjoy this respect long though because Nastix interrupted him.

    "Now Wake shouldn't you think before you just challenge someone like that, like what if he has a really good strategy, what if he's really powerful, what if-" Wake had to cut his partner off.

    "NASTIX," Wake had that glare in his eye. He only got it when a brawl was brewing, it's the only thing he's motivated about. "Do you trust me?"

    Nastix knew Wake knew the answer, so he shut up and got ready to go with whatever Wake's plan was. "Before we do this kid, what's your name?"
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  25. "Lex Alastor, Guardian bakugan is Subterra Tuskor. You'll find that I am not to be underestimated!" Lex said as he grabbed Tuskor and loaded her in his Launcher. "Ready or not, here I come." He said as he held up a card. "Field open!"
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  26. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    "Field Open!" he said as the classroom changed into a world he knew all too well. In this space, it was just him, his bakugan, and his victim of his win. "Gate card set!" "Since I suggested we brawl, I'll allow you to make the first move." Wake was sounding a little cocky, which was understandable considering his undefeated win streak of 74 brawls, soon to be 75. He only got into the bakugan scene about 3 months ago and he's made quite a name for himself. Nothing can go wrong with Nastix.
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  27. "Your choice, let's make it a good one. Bakugan Brawl!" Lex shouted as he launched Tuskor onto the gate card, getting a stand and allowing Tuskor to grow to her full size and ready to battle. "Your turn, if you still wish to fight." He said with a grin as Tuskor shook her head in anticipation of Wake's next move, her towering figure showing no fear.
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  28. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    "Nastix, I'm goons have you sit this brawl out."
    "B-b-but WHY WAKE!"
    This guy has a plan up his sleeve, and while I like full on power, I don't like the ide of losing. I'm using a bakugan a little closer to his g-power." He said this as he got out his aquos Jelldon. Bakugan BRAWL! Bakugan Stand! Sadly he met the opponent on their own gate card, and since he doesn't know his opponent's battle style, he would sit back and react to whatever he's got up his sleeve. Wake was already feeling the rush from brawling again, the kind that makes a burning sensation inside that he was addicted too. He would deal with the challenge no matter who or what."
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  29. Lex looked at Wake's bakugan, a Jelldon that was unsurprisingly smaller than Tuskor. "Aquos huh? Nothing I can't handle, let's go Tuskor! Trample them into nothingness!" He shouted as Tuskor who sounded a war cry of some sorts by using her trunk and charged at Jelldon, her four tusks ready to impale the body of the opponent. "Don't know if you ever encountered an elephant, but you should never bother them. Same goes for Tuskor. Are you ready to face her? Show me your best!" Lex exclaimed, a fire burning in his soul and in his eyes. He wanted to win and he would do anything to achieve his goal, and Tuskor would do the same.
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  30. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    "Careful, if you show off all your cards right at the start, then you won't have anything I don't expect, Ability Card Activate! Summon Wave!" Wake decide that he would use this since he was on his opponent's gate card, it should give him more than enough G-s to defeat Tuskor.
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  31. "Not so fast buddy, let's even the field! Ability Card activate! Home Advantage!" Lex grinned, this made their G-Power equal and thus prevented Wake from scoring an easy win. "Don't let up, Tuskor! Impale him!" Tuskor grumbled and continued charging, almost close enough to finish off Jelldon.
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  32. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    "Hah, causing a tie on the first battle, I can handle that." The ability card did catch him off guard, but Wake was not going to let his opponent see that. Although it did hurt to see Tuskor impale Jelldon with her tusks as Jelldon wrapped up Tuskor, causing them both to go back into ball form. He also didn't like that he was losing the gate card due to Tuskor getting to the gate card first. Nastix was also starting to get antsy.

    "Please tell me you'll send me in, This guy seems to know what he's doing, and other Bakugan just don't have the strength I do."

    "I don't want to send you in this brawl, I'm saving you for the girl with the Darkus Bakugan. Something seemed off about it. Anyway, you know I can't even send you in until 3 gate cards have been used. Anyway, I won't lose this battle, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. (to Lex) Hey! You just gonna stand there or are you gonna Brawl, It's your turn!
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  33. "You did well Tuskor, take a rest now." Lex said as he grabbed a Gate Card. "Gate Card set!" As he threw the card, a grin appeared on his face. "Let's go! Bakugan Brawl!" Lex launched another Subterra Bakugan and managed to get a stand, although the Bakugan didn't seem to appear. "Your turn, don't keep me waiting!"
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  34. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Wake decided that he wouldn't just go blindly into battle on someone else's gate card again, especially when he couldn't tell what his opponent had. "Gate Card Set!" He got his next Bakugan out. "Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Stand. Rise Aquos Freezer." He said this as a squid-like Bakugan arose. With a g-power of 350, it isn't the most formidable opponent, but that doesn't mean Wake doesn't have a few tricks up his sleeve.
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  35. "Smart move, although I am not letting you do as you please! Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Stand! Show them your might, Aquos Juggernoid!" Lex shouted as his only non-Subterra bakugan arose, a huge tortoise-like bakugan known for its outstanding defences and shockwave causing attacks. It's G-power was nothing spectacular with only 330, but it was still a challenge to defeat. "Let's go Juggernoid!" Juggernoid withdrew its limbs and head and began to spin faster and faster before launching itself towards Freezer.
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  36. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    An Aquos bakugan, Wake couldn't help but feel respect toward the subterra user, He was however confused by the move because of the g-power difference It looked like there wouldn't even be a need to open the gate card. No matter though, Freezer picked up the rotating Juggernoid as it was spinning and started to crush it, should be an easy win of a gate card for Wake.
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  37. "Heh, good luck crushing that shell. Ability Card Activate! Depth Tornado!" A swirling stream of water began to surround Juggernoid, boosting its G-power by 100 points and making it stronger than Freezer. "Now!" Juggernoid extended its limbs and head, using the limbs of Freezer to propel itself forward at Freezer, its sharp nose ready to pierce through the soft squid.
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  38. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Wake was hoping that Lex had something up his sleeve, that would make this all the more satisfying. "Ability Card, activate! Frozen boost, this card is unique only to Aquos Freezer. It can freeze the effects of any ability card activated on my own gate card. Now aquos freezer!" With that Freezer was once again ahead of Juggernoid as Juggernoid got crushed by his tentacles.
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  39. "Juggernoid! How?!" Lex asked in shock as Juggernoid's impressive armor was destroyed, although he quickly regained his composure and caught Juggernoid. "Better luck next time, although I'd like you to meet my third Bakugan. It is already in place, so go ahead and engage, if you dare. You'll be rattled to your core when you do." He said with a smirk as he pointed at the Gate Card with the invisible bakugan hidden somewhere on it.
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  40. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Wake didn't want to waste his strongest Bakugan (besides Nastix) on some unknown threat. He decided to throw out Freezer again. After he set out another gate card that is. "Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Rise aquos Freezer." He said this as Freezer rose where the invisible Bakugan was waiting. He would probably lose this battle. after all, he only had one ability card left and he was saving it.
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