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Open Once Upon A Time In Suimera (Gijinka RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PentheWonderful, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Erm, Pen said I could join... So I'm just gonna avoid making this anymore awkward then this already is...

    Name: Othello Everwood
    Nickname(s): Fellow, Everwood, Lover-boy, Blackie
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Umbreon
    Othello is a sort of odd job type worker, mostly dealing in under-the-table money. He has a decently clean record, especially for his species and typing. As of now he is a street sweeper, although he he often helps with tidying up businesses after hours. Often he has to steal money to make it through the times when he is unemployed.

    Personality: A thief with a heart, a hopelessly romantic heart in fact. One of the main reasons he is constantly broke and unable to maintain living quarters, is due to the fact, that all of his former lovers, were really just after his spare change. He is very trusting, and is very much a people pleaser, working extra hours of whatever shift he has, not caring if he gets paid or not. He just wants to be recognized as a living being, and wants people to look beyond his typing and odd skill set. The smallest amounts of affection leave Othello always hungry for more. This often leads to him becoming overly attached to people, ultimately leading to his heart being ripped to shreds, along with any normality that may have come from the relationship. Overall he has a dark but funny sense of humor and charm, making a great friend. His biggest interest in life is story telling, unfortunately he has yet to learn to read or write.

    History: Growing up Delitown (Delinquent Town) has its ups and downs. You learn to grow up fast, but you lose your child hood. Othello came from a family of 12, and him being the middle child, was pushed out of the house relatively early at 14 years of age. After this he was a Chefs hand, Errand boy, Librarians assistant, who also happened to spark his imagination and his love of stories, And a Drug Runner. The last job got him around 10 months in prison for his first offense on his record. In prison he got off relatively easy. His family was well known and he was provided for. He made a few friends. When he got out, he realized nobody would want to hire a Dark type with a record, so he used the name " A Fellow." A play on his real name, so he could find work. He has had a few run ins with the law before, but nothing serious, petty crime. As mentioned above he had a string of failed relationships with him getting his heart ripped to shreds and his money pilfered, along with his belongings. One of the few things he has kept for the last few years of his life, was a small iron band he had forged and smelted himself. Embedded in this bracelet of sorts is a ruby in a heart shape, however because of the crudeness of the piece, it is simple yet elegant. None of his Ex's had ever decided to take it as well, due to its, simplicity. This made Othello wonder if even his gifts were that of a beggar, and hasn't been the same since. All of the fallout in between and after every break up and hook up leave Him sad and lost in this word filled with materialistic pleasures. He is still looking for someone to share his time with, even if they end up stealing his money...

    His once nice work clothes have since been reduced to rags, as most of his money goes too buying what little food manages to find its way to his plate. He is tall and has an Athletic build, from all of the manual labor. He has an Umbreon's ears and a Fluffy tail, although it has been reduced to a rats nest. He wears a long Cloakwith a hood, for when it rains. He has adorable brown eyes, but their natural color is green, so he has to hide. He is also not too bad on the eyes either. His blackish brown hair is semi short and I'll post a picture later on. Due to his natural ability to Shape-Shift, he can take on the appearance of any person, if he has seen them previously.

    Tattered Cloak, wool gloves with ripped fingers, rugged boots, baggy heavy material pants. All of these articles consist of dark grey and brown colors, stained after traipsing through the mud and dirt. He has few nice clothes which he wears when he is trying to find a job.

    Special Abilities:
    He can shape shift briefly (Adaptability), and can make friends easier than most. (Charm)

    (I'm going to edit this so he is slightly darker and less innocent)
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  2. I like him so far! :3 I could totally imagine one of his exes being Diana's sister Jasmine xD she tends to have flings
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  3. Very sorry for my absence :/ College work suddenly piled up but I'll catch up when I can
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  4. Thanks Crocey! we could discuss that later or whenever your not busy. if you want to make that a thing at all... :'|

    I posted!!!
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  5. No worries! It's just an idea xD I'm still sorta building Diana's siblings up, trying to get a grasp on their personalities. I'm definitely down for you having Jasmine be one of his exes though nwn I'm open to discussion about it, whether it be here or PM.

    Also, great post! Othello strikes me as a very Shakespearean character :D I love rainy weather too, so it'll be enjoyable to write in that environment change owo

    I wanted to write in that he runs into Diana, but I think there are some other characters that might need extra interaction, especially if I'm ever to get her to the Inn lol

    I think you're alright, nothing too crazy has happened since you've been gone. I'm waiting for @BurbleBurble to reply, then I'll be writing Diana to the Inn >:3
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  6. Yes i am very influenced by Shakespear and his works.
    i hope to introduce another character named Lysander~

    Pm or here, whatevere is more convenient

    Well maybe you could aknoledge him in your post withthe whole eye thiingie anyways gtg
  7. Well, everyone seems into it, and I don't see any problems, so, approved. :)

    I'll have it added to the list. I'm glad my slow response didn't keep you from posting though, we certainly needed the fresh face to get things moving again. :D
  8. Thanks!~ ❤️

    His theme is Cupids Chokehold by Gym Class Heros
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  9. You, sir, have reminded me of a great song I need to listen to again ;3
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  10. Ah, before I forget, could you fix his clothing first before I add him? I'm fairly certain trench coats don't exist in the middle ages, so you might want to substitute it for a cloak. :p
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  11. Not to be a twit, but is anyone going to post?
  12. It might be awhile, Umbreon :) Our pace has slowed down a bit, and a lot of people are busy for the holidays or have people over for Thanksgiving. That said, I know I took a break from this for awhile, but I do feel ready to return. I know Pen has moved on, but I'm going to respond to her latest post with Que. She can continue it in a flashback sequence if she so chooses, or I can move on elsewhere. I'll be done by tomorrow evening if all goes well :D
  13. You're officially added to the list, @_Umbreon_ :)
    As Story said, once people start coming back from the holidays and such, there will hopefully be more significant activity here. In the meanwhile, I can offer you an NPC if you'd like. ^^

    I'd love to, Story. I'm enthralled that you've come back to rejoin us! :D
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  14. Forgot to mention, awesome post @BurbleBurble . That sheepdog line really tugged at my heartstrings xD
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  15. Heh, glad it turned out better than I thought it would. I didn't go over it before I released it, but looks like I got lucky today!

    The fact that Diana treats Gerald like a dog and the person at the same time is pretty cute as well. Once again I find myself throughly enjoying everyone in the role play :D
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  16. Yes id love an NPC
  17. I think I mixed up a few of my motifs there. Ah, well, it was fun. I kind of let myself go.

    I'm enjoying reading the last few posts, they were really quite good :D I see potential in Umbreon's character, and I can't wait to see more. Also, Burble, it'll be interesting to see what Gerald's interactions with Opel will reveal. It's an interesting combination in my mind, in that I don't feel I know Opel enough to predict what will happen next, nor am I sure how Gerald will react. Time will tell... hopefully :p He's been getting rather finicky as of late.
  18. Hmm should i just continue my post since i dont see anyone else helping my character. Also Crocey i was thinking for othello to live in the broom closet in the inn for a while, before possibly meeting Jasmine again through Diane or just him sneaking in
  19. Perhaps. That's up to @mienscapone though, since her character owns the Inn.

    Also, I'm not actually planning on having Diana's siblings play huge roles in the RP. Ny had a point earlier about not interacting with too many people using multiple characters :3
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  20. Ahh ok. Nevermind.
  21. Hmmmm, any reason the RP has stayed stagnant even after Thanksgiving?
  22. I've been waiting on @The Ringmaster to respond. Chrocey is waiting on @mienscapone , and Pen is waiting on Supernova Storybook I think.

    Sorry for tagging you all, it's just that sometimes people may glaze over the new posts, and I want to make sure they are aware.
  23. I've been so caught up in schoolwork and other RPs that I actually almost forgot about this one. :'| I'll make sure I get a post out tomorrow, since I'm busy tonight. Super sorry for the wait!
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  24. OH man. I am so sorry I have been stagnant. I'll be happy to get back into this, if everyone wishes.
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  25. Of course!

    Nice hat by the way :3
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  26. and um, my Character is kinda just sitting there as well waiting for some one to respond. i could rewrite it if necessary! Glad to see this isn't dead yet!
  27. Well, there are two ideas I got.

    1- You can come to Diana's rescue once she eventually gets into trouble at the Inn.
    2- You could tail Gerald and Opal to get some cash off of an unsuspecting Growlithe.

    While the first one may take longer to see to fruition, it's no doubt the better choice in my opinion. Of course, these are just my ideas. Feel free to spin them anyway that you like :)
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  28. Thanks for those lovely suggestions, @BurbleBurble. I would highly recommend you to follow them, @Umbreon.

    As for myself, I'm still here, though barely. My mood has just been all over the place lately, and I've been extra busy since I have to take care of my mom while she recovers from her shoulder injury. But, we've come around to the weekends again, so, I'll hopefully have something up by tonight at most. Geez, I really missed a lot of posts...
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  29. I'm still waiting for @mienscapone :3 Though, I think the time limit is up to grant me a post that moves forward a bit. I shall start working on another post and have a bit of interaction with some of the patrons at the Inn.
  30. Okay, my post is up @Dreiki. @Storybook I tried to work in my response to your post as a flashback as best as I could, and I'm sorry if it's a bit short, or... Underwhelming. I'm a little rusty. :'|

    Feel free to, Chrocey. I'm really glad the enthusiasm for this roleplay hasn't died out yet. :)
  31. A little rusty, perhaps, but still powerful, as it always seems to be. I quite enjoyed reading it- something about how you intertwined the moments gave more depth to this subtly evolving Cassie, and I'd be rather amiss if you had missed that opportunity. I think it was because of this overbearing sense of reality from the businessman, Kuniik, and the more ethereal, dusty realm of the Allein home where interaction tends to be done with just a sidelong glance between them, and Cassie, somehow in the middle of the two, revealing to just what line of each world he strays, and how this affects her actions and thoughts and emotions as a whole. This is how you reveal character to the audience, and quite a golden way at that, considering the theme that has played through her central conflict thus far.

    So, um... I enjoyed reading it :D
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  32. Great post, bur I have one question; where is Cassie taking Kuniik right now?
  33. Wow, gosh thank you very much, Story. I would not have been able to describe it as well myself, I'm very flattered. :)

    A small abandoned plaza accessible only via alleyways. It used to have easier access, but urban development has isolated it within a wall of houses, and everyone just forgot it was there. That's where she's waiting for Kuniik now. He should be able to keep up with her just fine. But maybe he'd lag a little behind.
  34. True, Leipard do have exactly one base stat higher than Zoroark in speed.
  35. Alright, got some intro stuff to Jasmine with a little bit of happenings going on at the inn. Hopefully @mienscapone comes back at some point :D looking forward to some more interaction. If not, I may need someone else to make it to the Inn.
  36. I could probably give you good old Ramon to help out. :)
  37. Is anyone going to interact with dusk... :/
  38. Oh! In that case, why doesn't Dusk be the one to help Diana to the inn? You can just write him in to seeing a lovely maiden in need and help her out.
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  39. Yes but if mienscapo* (is that her/his name?) is the owner of the inn wouldn't I have to go through them first?

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