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Ask to Join On the Rapier Firma: Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Le Marsouin, Jan 30, 2017.

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    It was approaching towards the time of the midday, as there were several Pokémon high up in the Galahan Fortress. They endlessly fought against each other in a brawl that would potentially dictate the fate between all of the Pokémon within the vicinity. A voice could be heard from the direction where Galdi faced, as the voice said sharply, "So sword boy, do you have any last words before your history ends here?" Galdi attempted to convey his babbles to the huge, robotic Pokémon that threatened him, as he noticed a Dragonair that tackled down the Pokémon!

    The Dragonair retorted at the Pokémon, "I might have some last words for you pal! And that is, no matter how much you crave for vengeance, you are still not going to get him!" She swiftly tackled the Pokémon with brute force, as the Pokémon was sent flying towards the rocky wall! The Pokémon yelled out while a blue ball of energy appeared in her mouth, "You there, little dino... if I do not make it, please tell my friends that I love them as much as I love you."

    She launched the energy ball at the adjacent wall that housed several columns, as several explosions could be heard! The Pokémon sharply exclaimed at her, "How dare you disobey me you little brat! I thought that you were supposed to be after them, not me!"

    She sharply replied while she launched another energy ball that exploded between her and the big Pokémon, "I will n- not permit you to have your w- ways! R- robot or l- life, you still do not get to just mess with us like toys!"

    The Pokémon yelled out while the fortress started to tilt over towards the right, "Y- YOU! I'LL DESTROY YOU IF THAT'S THE LAST THING THAT I SHALL HAVE TO DO! YOU BETTER STOP DISOBEYING ME OR ELSE YOU'LL GET IT!"

    She declared out to him in a roaring tone, "HOW ABOUT YOU MAKE ME BIG BOY? IF THIS THING IS GOING DOWN, THEN I'M MAKING SURE THAT YOU'RE GOING DOWN WITH ME ROBOT MAN!" She quickly tackled him down out of the fortress, as Galdi yelled in a booming cry! He saw the two of them falling down within the skies, as there was nothing more than a vague, blue area that awaited him down below. The two separated soon after, as they were not seen from Galdi's tearing eyes seconds later. Another yelled out to him, as the Greninja said in a concerned tone, "This is not good! We must get out of here now!" He stood near the edge, sobbing to himself with tears that rained down like a waterfall. The Greninja said sharply after noticing him, "Hey dino boy, where are you?! Wait, get back here boy!"

    Galdi was oblivious to the Greninja speaking out to him, as he whispered to himself while sniffling, "Helena... Helena... Helena..." His cries started to get louder again, as he yelled out while he jumped out of the fortress, "HELENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" He was now diving down from the sky at a rapid speed! He said to himself while he cried out for her, "LET ME COME WITH YOU HELENAAAAA!"

    He plunged into a deep body of water soon after, as there was a tremendous amount of rain that blanketed over him! The last thing that he could remember before his vision faded over to darkness was seeing the Dragonair having fun with him back in the past. His body was now motionless, as it slowly rose up towards the surface with his slight buoyancy that his electricity had. He continued to steadily move about towards the water, while his body was unresponsive to any raindrops that greeted him.

    Some time later, he aroused from his deep unconsciousness; while he felt a lot of pain that surged throughout his body. He rubbed his red eyes with his black hands, as he found himself lying on a large patch of sand that felt rather smooth to the touch. He sluggishly got up on his feet, as he noticed the sand stretching for possibly miles on end, as there were several trees and shrubs that were beyond the sandy area. There was a large body of water that separated him from the paramount weather that went on outside of the mysterious island that he was now in. He cried out from the pain and grief that flowed throughout his body, as he hesitantly yelled out, "H- Helena... where are you? Please tell me that you're around here, PLEASE!" He lethargically moved towards a grayish rock that bathed in the mild sunlight. He sat next to the rock, while he continued to sob at himself; his sorrowful wails could be heard within the sandy area.
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  2. Fuego quietly used Mach Punch on a large rock. It was a relaxing day. The perfect type of day to be spent training. Fuego continued to swing repeatedly, until he finally aimed a powerful Mach Punch that shattered the rock. "There we go," Fuego said stretching his arms. He now needed to find a bigger rock.

    Fuego walked towards the beach where he saw a large rock. "Perfect spot," he thought to himself. As he approached, he heard someone wail and begin to cry. He climbed on top of the rock to see a small grey pokemon crying. "What's wrong? Stub your toe training or something?" Fuego asked the strange pokemon.
  3. Galdi continued to sob at himself, as his tail quietly sparked the moment when he heard a voice that came from above. He looked up over at the rock, as he noticed an Infernape that was on top of the rock. He replied in a hesitant tone, "Umm... it's kinda n- not- nothi- nothin- nothing..." He sniffled at him while he stuttered from his grief. He tried his best to stop crying in front of the Infernape's view, as his small body trembled with the slight breeze that cuddled around him. He thought to himself while he still sobbed, "H- Helena, where are you? Please... I'm already too worried without you here!"
  4. Fuego shrugged. "If something is wrong then you should do something about it. siting here won't get anything done," Fuego said after a second. "By the way, I'm Fuego," Fuego said as climbed back over the rock out of view. he faced a large tree and continued his training, delivering Double Kicks and Blaze Kicks, with the occasional Mach Punch. Every hit made a large smack sound, that filled the air.
  5. Galdi briefly walked towards the direction where the punches came from, as he replied to Fuego, "Well... they call me Galdi. I'm kinda a strange guy here, no one really knows me that much. I have to look for someone here... so I'm going to be around this area most likely." He still quietly wept with the whistling wind, as he walked towards a nearby pond.

    A cleansing air filled the shallow pond, as he walked towards it. His unease slightly decreased after breathing in the mysterious air. His red eyes blinked after he noticed two small wings that were sticking out of the sand to his right. He throughly examined the wings, as there was something blue that they were attached to.

    He quickly dug around the wings, as there was a serpentine-like body that he noticed after digging a good portion around its head. He felt the shallow breathing of the dragon-like creature, as he said to the creature after seeing her eyes, "H- Helena... i- it- it's y- you... But... you don't look so good... hold on... I'll try to get something to help you out..." He continued to dig around the unconscious Dragonair, as he had gotten half of her long body out of the sand now.
  6. Fuego snapped the tree with a final Mach Punch, causing it to fall to the tree with a satisfying boom. He turned to see Galdi unburying a Pokemon. he rushed over to help, remove the remaining sand with a quick Dig. He pushed the sand away and said, "What happened here?" he turned to face Galdi, while a look of confusion crossed over Fugeo's face.
  7. Galdi gave a wink over to Fuego after he pushed the sand away from the Dragonair's body. Galdi replied to Fuego in a hesitant tone, "U- u- umm... it- it's k- kinda... h- ha- hard... t.... o... expl- explain... it's s- so... l- lo.... ng......" He studdered a lot to Fuego while he attempted to convey his message to him. He took in a lot of quick, short breaths; he thought to himself after glancing over at the pond, "Okay... let's not panic here... she might be knocked out still, but at least she's breathing... Maybe I can give her some water at the pond, the air feels rather clean, and the water looks rather different than that salty ocean that I might have been washed upon."
  8. Fuego stood up and said, "This pond should be clean, but we should get some food ready to get her energy up." He jumped into the treetops. After a few minutes of searching, he returned with an armful of fruit and berries. "Okay any progress?" He asked as he exited the brush.
  9. In The Forest, A Dredonigi Woke Up, He Found A Ursaring Bulling Some Patrats and Budews, He Threw The Ursaring Into A tree, And Smirked, His Name, was Samb, He Decided Later To Help Some Young Pokémon Explore The World Out of the forest, after A While, These Pokémon Went Home, While Samb Saw Two Other Pokémon At A Pond, He Hid behind a Rock.
  10. Galdi walled into the forest, after he saw Fuego jumping into the trees. He walked towards a bush full of various berries that stood slightly taller than his small size. He saw a flock of Wingull fly off near the skies above the beach, as he held the berries with a moderate grip. He steadily made his way back to the pond, while he heard Fuego on his way to the pond. He replied to him in a modest tone, "Well... there are these colorful things that I found. Some are a little soft and others are kinda hard... and they have different colors!" He didn't seem to realize that what he was holding was really berries; he did not even know what they were in the first place. He continued to walk towards Fuego; keeping his steady grip on the berries he held.
  11. Fuego nodded towards the berries in Galdi's hands. "These are berries, haven't you ever seen a berry before?" Before a response could be said, Fuego said, "They are a form of food, that come in a variety of flavors. Try one."
  12. Galdi looked back at Fuego in confusion, as he replied in a hesitant voice, "So u- umm... these things are b- ber- berries? U- uhh... I t- thought they were called colorful t- thingies..." He studdered to Fuego as usual, since he was feeling rather embarrassed for not knowing what berries really were. He nodded after hearing Fuego telling him to try one of the berries. He gently placed them down onto a big leaf that had fallen from one of the trees earlier.

    The big leaf was next to the still unconscious Dragonair, as he reached for one of the berries that was in a shade of dark blue. He closely analyzed the berry; the berry had some tiny spots that were scattered around it. There was a small, chartreuse stem that was on top of the it. It was also hard to the touch, as it felt like the smooth rock that he previously sat against. He noticed that it was slightly smaller than an orange, as he said to Fuego, "Alright... I- I suppose I'll try this one... this one feels a bit hard, kinda like that rock that I was next to earlier." He tentatively placed the berry in his mouth, as he slowly chewed it; as if it was some strange type of food to him.
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  13. Samb Flew onto a tree, Worried These Two Pokémon Might Threaten The Forest, He Muttered
    "If they harm ANYONE in the Forest, They're Dead meat..."
  14. "Enjoy," Fuego said smiling. He walked over and placed his berries into the pile. He got up and stretched his arms. He walked over to a nearby rock and continued his training.
    "I'll stay here until your friend is better," he said in between grunts and punches. He then increased his speed. The rock began to crumble under his fury.
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  15. When Samb heard that by Eavesdropping On The conversation, he Went Back To The Dragoniar He Had seen Before, He Hopped Off A tree, with the urge to Help these People, He Pulled Out Some Berries that He Had in His Pouch In His Armour, He Plopped them In the Dragoniar's Mouth, And Walked Away, Knowing Full Well That the Berries Were Oran Berries, He Smiled As he Climbed A Tree, And Said
    "That Should Help."
  16. The Dragonair's tail wiggled after her mouth was full of oran berries, as Galdi saw her mouth slightly moving in response to the berries that Samb stuffed in. She swallowed them after some intense chewing, as her eyes started to open towards the glimmering sunlight. She gave out a slight cough, as she ate so many berries at once for her small mouth. Her head wiggled in a slight motion, as Galdi was next to her; resisting the urge to put his hand in his mouth. He quietly said to the arousing Dragonair while his eyes were watery again, "W- we- well... h- he- hel- hello... y- yo- you... o- ok- okay........." His small body trembled with his abundant anxiety, as he took in a lot of loud, short breaths after studdering in his speech.
  17. Fuego noticed the movement of the once unconscious Dragonair. He took a pause from his training to greet the dragon type. "My name is Fuego, can you tell me what happened?" He asked softly, taking a knee next to them. "Why would this Dragonair, be here next to a pond. And how does Galdi know her. How could she have just washed up here by the pond. The ocean is too far off." Fuego wondered silently. This truly was a mystery on his part.
  18. The Dragonair slowly opened her bluish eyes, as she quietly replied to Fuego, "W- wha.... what do ya- m- me- mea..." She couldn't seem to properly communicate to him yet; her body was still rising from her fatigue. She turned her head towards Galdi, as she heard his quiet cries that whistled sorrow to her small wings. She slowly moved her tail towards the direction of Galdi; trying to be careful of the little Pokémon since he was easily startled. Her sight lines were as faint as a fuzzy picture, as she was getting herself together.

    She thought to herself while the tip of her tail lied next to Galdi, "Ow... what is this place? This looks rather strange... and what is this air? It feels rather soothing like those other berries almost. Ugh, I can already tell that my little buddy is already crying for me most likely... let's just try to not fall over in front of him now."
  19. Fuego offered a hand to keep her steady. "This is the Rapier Firma, don't you know that?" Fuego said. He looked around, confused on why the two Pokemon didn't know where they were. "We rarely receive outsiders here." He thought to himself.
  20. The Dragonair glanced over at Fuego with a confused look, as her eyes darted all over the serene outlook. She quietly yawned, as she replied to Fuego in a hesitant tone, "Wha- Rapier Firma? I- I have n- not hear- heard of a place call... ed... ta- that...." She took in a deep breath; attempting to stabilize her weakened body that was now result from launching too many dragon pulses earlier in the previous, intense battle.

    She turned towards Galdi, as she placed her tapered tail around his lower body; attempting to calm him from his abundant unease. She calmly said in response to his quiet sobs, "Shh... calm down... I understand that y- you... are a b- bit... wori... worried..." She gave off a smile at Fuego, who was helping her on keeping her body as fixed as a nail.

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