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Open Ominous Winds of Destiny

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ShockWeb, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. OOC: Come on in guys! We are here to have fun, so welcome to the world of OWOD, a Sinnoh based Pokemon adventure, taking place near the same time as X and Y (I will be forgoing the whole timeline theory, so feel free to mention passed events [team plasma] and mega evolution)! Go ahead and bring characters from your other RP's on here(maybe on vacation, I don't know). I just want to have something where people can let loose. Now remember, I want a clean, fair, BUT artfully performed fight. I don't want to see any blows below the belt or any hairs out of place. Alright, get to your corners, and come out FIGHTING!!!

    Route 214 was covered in fog that day. A once popular area for trainers to battle and converse with one another on their journeys was empty. Or that's at least what anyone can tell.
    Noah Sanders, a fairly new trainer right smack-dab in the middle of his journey with only three belts in his pocket and three pokemon with him. Noah had far to go if he wanted to live up to the standards that his parents had left for him, but that wouldn't stop him, and neither would this fog.
    He had been walking for what seemed like hours, which was odd, because route 214 was a fairly short route that was usually half a days walking distance. But it was odd because he left his camp at Lake Valor at sunrise, and it was already getting dark.
    Noah cursed. "How did I get so lost?" he muttered to himself.
    He decided to set up camp where he stood.
    But something didn't seem right.
    The air was still. It was almost too still, even for a place empty of people, there had to have been pokemon moving around, but nothing. There was nothing.
    That was when he saw it...a great overbearing shadow. The beast it seemed to belong to toward and took near physical form, but showed no physical features.
    A Pokeball flew through the air. The ball had not hit the ground yet, but had opened and released a red light, piercing the fog for a slight second. From the light, a figure appeared. The figure had a large human, yet fish-like shape, with a large chipped fin on its back.
    The Pokeball propelled itself back to Noah's hand. He then shouted into the fog, "Go Zanketsun! Use Dragon Claw!" and the gabite lunged at its opponent.
    Nothing. Nothing happened. Fear rose in Noah as the beast started to make noise. A low growling noise, yet mixed with a high pitched squeal. Before Noah had the chance to realize it, Zanketsun was back in his ball and he was sprinting into the unknown of the fog. When he stopped to catch his breath, knowing the beast must have been far gone, he smiled. This was his adventure.
  2. Rachel looked down at the boy that seemingly just ran into the middle of her camp.
    "Can I help you?" she said to the oddly grinning boy
  3. "Huh...? Oh...no...sorry." out of breath, Noah cleared his throat, "I'm all good."
    Realizing the awkward situation, and not the mention, the sheer luck that he ran into someone in this fog.
    Noah stuck out his hand, "Noah Sanders."
  4. Rachel stuck out her hand, "Rachel. Rachel King."
    She gave a puzzling look at Noah, "Sanders...where have I heard that name before?"
    She then looked up at the sky in a moment of pondering and then realized how dark it was getting.
    "Oh CRAP!"
    "You, sir," as she pointed at Noah, "are now in charge of creating a fire for camp!"
  5. ((OOC: I'm assuming it's free to just join, so here goes!))

    Did not think it was going to get this dark so quickly, Adan thought to himself as the road became more and more difficult to see as the little light available from the sky slowly began fading away. The journey had been tough enough with all the fog blocking his vision and now it seemed to only grow tougher. Adan was a somewhat experienced trainer and had dealt with similar situations before. He grabbed his luxury ball out of the inner pocket of his jacket and angled it towards the ground in front of him, before releasing the pokémon inside of it; his Alakazam.

    "Alakazam, try to sense if there are any humans nearby." Adan asked and Alakazam replied with a simple nod followed by him closing his eyes and gazing into his surroundings using his psychic abilities, which made the silver spoons in his hands glow with a purple energy. After a short moment Alakazam opened his eyes and pointed towards what seemed to be nothing but more trees and fog to the naked eye, but Adan knew he could trust his best friend. "Alright. Thank you, Alakazam." He put him back inside his pokéball and began walking towards the direction he had been given.
  6. OOC: Yeah man just roll on in

    "Wha..." Noah stood there in disbelief. After everything that has happened over the past half an hour as a whole, he decided to just roll with it. He took it that he would be staying the night there as well, so he might as well had pitched in.
    He walked maybe twenty feet before he reached the edge of the clearing and started picking up sticks for the fire.
    It was then that he heard steps breaking twigs to his right.
    Fearing it was a wild pokemon looking for a fight, Noah slowly reached for his pokeball, getting ready for a battle.
  7. It did not take long for Adan to find the source of energy Alakazam had sensed. He had made his way through the dense forest, pushing aside branches, stepping through bushes, before he all of the sudden spotted a gloomy figure in the near distance. At first Adan was not so certain on what to do. After all, it could have been a hostile pokémon. Still, after so many years Adan held a lot of trust in Alakazam's abilities.

    "Um... Hello?!" Adan shouted in hopes to receive a reply from a human and not a poison sting flying his way.
  8. Noah's muscles relaxed almost immediately. He shouted into the distance, "you scared the crap out of me, man!" He laughed, "The name's Noah, I'm gathering some firewood for camp. Follow me, it's getting dark!"
  9. OOC: I joined right on time

    In the distance, instead of one person returning to camp, there were two.
    Rachel shouted into the distance, "Bringing home strays now?"
    She had just finished setting up her tent. A roomy going away gift from her parents for her journey.
  10. Adan remained silent and began gathering firewood as well, leaving the introductions for a moment where him and Noah could actually speak face to face. It was difficult to find firewood in the dark but using his foot to poke around on the ground he managed to found a couple of decently sized branches. Eventually Adan got close enough to see Noah, at least faintly.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Noah. My name is Adan, Adan Quevedo. I would shake your hand but I think it's more important we get enough firewood for the night." He smiled at Noah, before noticing the girl in the distance. "Oh, hi there!".
  11. OOC: Hi I was wondering if I could join. If I cant that's OK.)
  12. OOC: Yeah, I need to go to kickboxing so I'll be gone for a bit, but feel free to go on
  13. OOC: Thx

    BIC: Evan: Ughh I just went to search for Pokémon and End Up lost. Well I might go search for other people who might be in the forest. *He reaches for his Pokeball throwing out Blaziken* Hey Blaziken Lets go search. Blaziken: Blaze
  14. OOC: Jeez, I leave and the party is over...I feel special

    BIC: Noah approached the camp, "Adan, Rachel. Rachel, Adan. To be perfectly honest I know neither of you, so my job introducing you if fairly awkward, but here we are."
    Out of nowhere there was a loud *CRASH* and the sound of bushes and trees breaking.
    There, lying on the ground, was was a blonde boy...who seemed vaguely familiar. Meh, must have seen him on my adventure somewhere along the way.
  15. "Noah," Noah said bluntly, then he simply just walked over near Rachel's tent, dropped his firewood, and started stacking it into a small fire-pit, all without a word. Everyone stood there kinda just watching him do it until he stopped and said, "Ya' know, I have no idea who you guys are, and I am super glad that I am going to get to know you, but it is dark as all hell, in the middle of the woods, and we have no fire, and Rachel is the only one with a tent, so, Alex, Adan, we better get going." He then let out a small chuckle, and continued on.
  16. Noah stopped what he was doing, but didn't bother looking up. "Yes," he smirked, "yes, I do." He then continued working, knowing Alex''s intentions, but knowing without a fire they wouldn't be able to do anything. "If none of you guys have a fire pokemon, Ill have to do this by hand." He waited..."Aaaaalriight."
    Once the fire was lit and ready, and Noah could see, he stood up and locked eyes with Alex.

    Its begun.
  17. Noah readied himself. He grabbed the only pokemon he felt was ready to take on this opponent, and threw its pokeball. "Go Zanketsun!" A gabite flew out of the poke ball and let out a loud snarl.
  18. Noah didn't even say a word, and Zanketsun stood there. The attack landed with a thud and sent him back a few feet, but that was when Noah and Zanketsun came to life. "Now Zanketsun! Iron head!" With the few feet of distance between them there was little chancell of it missing.
  19. Zanketsun stood there and took it, much like how Noah knew he would. It was when Noah saw how long it took his gabote to get back up, that he knew he was in trouble. That head on iron head was probably their best chance. With the Aerodactyle flying in circles over gabite, Noah knew he had to just go for it. "Zanketsun, Dragon Rage!"
  20. Noah was stunned, not being able comprehend what just happened.
    When it finally had, and Aerodactyle was still not moving was when he called it. He hurriedly put Zanketsun back in his pokeball and ran to the Aerodactyle at Alex's side. It was still breathing.
  21. Noah just looked at Alex, dumbfounded, and just smiled. "Tomorrow," he said. He looked up and pointed out how late it was.
    "We need to get some sleep. Houndour packs aren't uncommon here."
  22. Noah nearly broke his composure from laughing. "Well Rachel has already gone to bed, and she's the only one with a tent...but I wouldn't poke that Ursuring with a ten foot pole," he pointed out. "I tend to rough it. Layou out my sleeping bag and such. I don't know how people have the strength to carry tents around with em."
  23. Noah took out a pokeball and opened it to reveal an eevee. It gave an out adorable yawn and even helped Noah pull out his sleeping bag. When Noah zipped himself in, his eevee took the immediate opportunity to snuggle into the nook between his neck and shoulder.
  24. Noah let out a small chuckle, "goodnight."
    OOC: speaking of goodnight, I gotta head to work early tomorrow, so I'm gonna head out.
    Continue tomorrow?
  25. ((OOC: I would like to suggest that we do our best to be considerate of each others schedules, especially since we don't seem to live in the same time zones. Try to be patient, wait for peoples' replies and don't do anything that would require immediate action from others, as they might not be able to respond immediately. This is a thread role play after all, not an instant messaging one!))

    When the time arrived for everyone to sleep Adan got Alakazam out of his pokéball and the two slept by sitting down on the ground, with each others backs against one and other. No matter the situation or environment the trainer always felt safe with his best friend by his side.
  26. It was then that Noah realized that something was wrong. Eevee woke with a start, bumping his body right into Noah's nose.
    Noah looked quizically at his pokemon, but then he understood what startled him so much...the growling. Noah immediately got up from his sleeping bag and looked around him. It was still foggy, so he couldn't see much, but he could tell that Alex was missing.
    He knew that the surrounding houndours wouldn't wait too much longer before attacking, and even possibly had Alex, so he- no, they, had to get moving if they were going to possibly survive this.
    Noah ran over to Adan, trying to shake him awake.
  27. Alakazam was able to sense Alex waking up the second he did so and Noah as well. After all, the pokémon had one time been an Abra and as most encounters with an Abra tell; they do not particularly enjoy contact with other beings. One of their many survival instincts is the ability to sense movement nearby, even when they are asleep, to then teleport to a more safe place.

    Nevertheless, Alakazam saw no threat in the trainer and decided not to react. Adan kept on sleeping for a few minutes until he eventually got awoken by a nervous Noah.

    He looked at Noah and then around at the camp, everyone was still sleeping or at least seemed to be. "Alakazam...?" Adan asked over his shoulder. "Hm." His Alakazam grunted back as a reply before the two stood up. "I'll get you out once breakfast is ready." Alakazam nodded and Adan put him back into his luxury ball. Most Pokémon enjoy being in the wild and most trainers allow them to be when they can, but Alakazam found comfort in the almost meditative state that the pokéball put him in.

    He turned back towards Noah who did not seem to be a morning person. "What's wrong, Noah?"
  28. Noah looked at Adan in the eyes, "we probably have a problem." He pointed in a nondescript direction and nervously said, "houndour pack." He continued, "With this fog, running isn't the best option, and Alex is gone, somewhere, so we're one more member down."
    Noah took a pokeball out of his belt and lightly tossed it out onto the ground.
    Out of the red light emerged a mantyke. "Alright Tim, we got a situation." Noah explained it to him, and he sterned up his derpy little face. He looked up at Adan, and let out a small sigh. "This is what I got."
  29. "Houndour pack? If there was a pack of pokémon around Alakaza-..." Adan stopped in mid sentence, realizing that Alakazam's abilities have no effect on Houndour since they are dark type, making him unable to sense them. "Dark type, right... But still, I have not heard any howling. Are you certain about this?" He asked calmly.

    While fighting a pack of Houndours was not something Adan wanted to do, far from it, he was not afraid to do so if things were to come out that way. They were three trainers with even more pokémon at their disposal after all.
  30. Before Noah could tell Adan to quite down and listen to the growling, the first of the houndours slowly krept its way through the fog, along with another behind it, and another following that one, six more following that one. It was obvious to point out the alpha in the pack. The one leading the charge, and slightly larger than the rest.
    They simply stood there for a bit, almost waiting for the trainers to make their next move.
  31. "You're right... I can hear them." Adan slowly moved his hand under his jacket and grabbed the luxury ball containing Alakazam. "I have a plan, just follow my lead with whatever crowd control moves your pokémon can pull off." He whispered to Noah. He let out Alakazam who had already realized what situation they were all in. Adan began thinking to himself and Alakazam was able to interpret his thoughts through telepathy, speaking out loudly would alert the Houndours.

    I want you use Thunder Wave on the bushes where the growling is coming from, quickly! Adan thought to himself and Alakazam followed through. His silver spoons began glowing yellow by the electric current building up. "Ala-kazaaam!" He shouted and his spoons sent a wave of electricity towards the bushes in front of them where the growling came from. Alakazam's thunder wave was quick and quite wide, covering a fair bit of area. Hopefully enough to paralyze the Houndours.
  32. Noah had to think for a bit, because mantyke wasn't known for its status moves, and was mostly used as his wall, but then he thought back to his parents' training. They had always taught him that if he needed to get something done, it could be done, no matter how crazy it seems at first, and if you trained your pokemon well enough, they'll know that too.
    Noah thought about what Tim could do, then had an idea. He looked at Tim and nudged his head up, and wiggled his finger in a circular motion. Tim looked ready...but that could just be Tim trying to concentrate too. But Noah couldn't wait to find out. Noah picked up Tim and threw him in the air as far as he could, and Tim used whirlpool to surround the trainers, creating a wall to block out the houndour.
  33. "Well done, Alakazam!" Adan smiled at him as the Thunder Wave seemed to have worked. The pack did not rush out of the bushes to attack them so they were most likely paralyzed.

    Adan was then taken aback when the sudden wall of water surrounded them. "Oh, well done!" There was no way the Houndours could reach them now, especially since they were fire pokémon. The situation seemed to be under control until Adan realized its major flaw. "Noah... how are we suppose to know when it's safe to end the whirlpool? They will not be paralyzed forever." He shouted, trying to speak loud enough to be heard next to the gushing water. Alakazam stood idle with his spoons raised high, ready to resume the fight.
  34. Noah stood there, looking up, waiting in case of something going wrong. After a few more seconds, Noah loosened up. "Well, for one, we just bought some time."
    This gave Noah some actual time to think. And then he came up with something else.
    Noah looked right at Adan told him to follow his move, and to just trust him.
  35. Noah looked up and yelled at Tim, "Alright buddy, forward!" That moment, the whirlpool moved forward, and as it did, Noah moved forward with it. Then he grabbed a pokeball and threw out Zanketsun. "Alright Zanketsun, I'm gonna need you to dig, and get take out a few of those houndour." And Zanketsun dug underground with the intent to do just that.
  36. "Alright..." He replied with an uncertain tone to his voice. It was not the first time Adan had put his safety in the hands of a child, but this stranger seemed like he knew what his Pokémon were capable of. He stepped forward with Alakazam, following Noah in the whirlpool. "Are you certain you should leave Gabite alone like that...?".
  37. Noah walked warily forward along with the whirlpool, and responded to Adan, "Zanketsun was a given to me by my father, the offspring of his own garchomp, while he was still a gible. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that T-," All of a sudden there was a loud thud, and the whirlpool disappeared, leaving Tim on the ground to the trainers' sides.
    Despite for the pokemon at their sides, they were completely exposed.
    "Well...that happened."
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  38. As soon as the water fell down onto the ground Adan shouted Alakazam's name out loud, almost in a instinctive manner. "Alakazam!" The psychic pokémon responded by raising his spoons into the air, pointing them towards the houndours, ready to perform any move ordered by his trainer. But once Adan managed to get a proper look at the pack of wild dark-canine pokémon he noticed the houndours were simply trying to protect one of their own.

    They were known for being intelligent pokémon, capable of creating strong bonds between each other. It is said that houndours never leave a hurt or sick pack member behind, and the sight proved that saying quite well. It seemed like Alakazam's Thunder Wave hurt one of the houndours more so than the others. They had realized the odds were against them and now only wanted to scurry back into the dense forest.
  39. Noah just stared at the pack of houndours, and seeing the hurt pack member. "Adan are you seeing this?" They both stayed somewhat silent.
    At that moment, Noah felt the need to go help.
    He walked forward toward the injured pokemon when he was confronted by the alpha houndour. The pokemon bared its fangs in a snarl, trying to fend of the trainer.
    But Noah simply crouched down, and moved slowly, in order to make himself less threatening. All in all, this was not the stupidest thing that Noah has done.

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