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Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire wishes!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, May 7, 2014.

  1. So a lot of us are completely stoked for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS)--many of us have been waiting for this moment since the 3DS was released. What are some of the things you want to see from these games? I know for a lot of people, Hoenn/RSE represented their least favorite Pokemon era. What would it take for Game Freak to knock it out of the park in your eyes?

    As for me, I'm hoping they go with the enhanced remake angle that they took with HGSS. Those games primarily took Crystal's storyline, however the version exclusives and Ho-Oh and Lugia's roles were preserved from Gold and Silver. I'm think they'll do the same thing here. The biggest thing this will affect is the villainous teams. Back in Ruby, Team Magma took on the antagonists role while Team Aqua were your allies and vice versa for Sapphire. I never liked it even back then because I saw them both as the bad guys and indeed Emerald made them both antagonists. If they make the villainous teams version exclusive, they better not put Team Magma's base in the ocean for OR. But honestly I wouldn't be mad if they took Emerald's storyline wholesale because the clash of the weather titans was pretty epic and would look appropriately awesome with the 3DS's graphics. Another possibility is to deepen the storyline and/or characters with flashbacks akin to what HGSS and BW2 did.

    There are a lot of little things I'd like to see as well. The Secret Bases with the the 3DS's Streetpass and Spotpass capabilities could lead to some pretty awesome stuff. As in the other person's Secret Base appears in your game and you can battle them. (Pleeeeease make this happen, Game Freak!) I'd also like some new locations as well to put on full display how pretty Hoenn is. Going along with that, I hope the Dive routes aren't as barren in ORAS and actually features some color.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Secret Bases for sure; I loved that concept in the original RSE games, and with wifi, streetpass, and spotpass, that should be even more fun~

    I'd also love to see Pokemon Contests come back, and Pokeblock making. I dunno, they were always a really fun part of the games for me when I was tired of training and level grinding for the gyms, and I'd love to see how 3D can make them look! ♥
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    All I really want to see is everything that made RSE amazing combined with all of the game mechanics that have been added since Gen IV and the additions in Emerald like the Battle Frontier. Maybe an expanded Hoenn Dex to account for the evolutions and pre evolutions added in Gen IV because it would be silly having Roselia obtainable but not a Rose Incense or Shiny Stone during the main game. That and 3D Hoenn with new explorable areas. These areas can be additions to Hoenn like the first three Sevii Islands in FRLG and the Johto Safari Zone in HGSS, or post game additions like the rest of the Sevii Islands. Everything else they do with the game will be a bonus! ♥
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  4. Like I've said before, what I most desire is seeing Hoenn's natural beauty rendered in three dimensions: the bridges, trees, oceans, lakes, waterfalls, really tall grass, magma, rain, caves, cliffs...all of it!

    I am also looking forward to a remixed and modernized version of Hoenn's music(TRUMPETS!).

    The secret bases, PokeNav, berry trees, etc., are hopefully going to be implemented in the game. I mean, HG/SS had the Apricot Trees, certain PokeBalls (like the Heavy and Love Balls), Pokemon walking around with you, and all that, so I would hope that OG/AS contains theses types of older features as well.

    Two things that I have been pondering are a) What will they change in order to make use of the touch screen, and b) what features new to X/Y(customization, Mega Evolution, et cetera) will be used.

    And since I've just been listing a bunch of random wishes and such, I wonder how much of Emerald's content will be used. There's the Battle Frontier, the (extended) Safari Zone, the Battle Tents, Scott, Wally, a bunch of Double Battles, Rayquaza (I wonder if he will have a different glowing pattern as well?)...a lot of material to draw from.

    So there's the rather disjointed list of my main hopes, wishes, and dreams. And with that...I hope to see you all in Hoenn!
  5. Corion

    Corion Formerly Stewie

    I want to see Pokemon followers like in HGSS. I also think they should return to the style they had in BW2. As cool as the 3D version is, I prefer the 2D.

    But that is my opinion.
  6. Going back to BW2's style would be a massive downgrade graphically unfortunately. That's pretty much asking for these remakes to be DS games rather than 3DS games. And while I still think HGSS are absolutely gorgeous, imo they can't hold a candle to XY's graphics which took my breath away in places.
  7. I'd like to see the return of following pokemon from HGSS-- pokemon-amie is okay but walking with pokemon was the best. However, I realize that making all the overworld sprites and their animations would not be a simple task and that shrinking battle sprites would probably not suffice.

    Other than that I'm real excited for streetpass secret bases, new areas to explore, new mega pokemon, and even underwater routes-- although with the latter, I do hope that they dress them up somewhat with more artwork and signs of life like cosmetic schools of fish and such, and maybe even trainers. They could be the underwater equivalent of a sky battle, but you can only use water types and ghosts or such.

    I am a little disappointed that the two remakes being R/S we'll miss out on the unified storyline from emerald where both teams were the antagonists, which I felt made more sense, but we'll see how they handle it.
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Frankly I'm hoping that they will go with the Emerald storyline and then only have Groudon catchable in Omega Ruby and only Kyogre catchable in Alpha Sapphire - possibly involving a bit of a deeper what-have-you than just them spontaneously appearing in a cave in a random route with some bizarre weather effects. Possibly involving whatever the hell it is that glows them the fuck up in the boxes. (I still think that this might be an orb-related thing rather than a mega form or something, but we'll see)
  9. Mega Sceptile. And trumpets. Definetly trumpets.

    Enough of that though, Dive, GameFreak, HM DIVE!! And maybe Mega Rayquaza or somethin'. And Mega Neon Duo.. Oh Mega Mightyena for sure, I'd like that! Also, ehrm,... Original Hoenn. Yeah I want to explore Hoenn like before! And an easier way to evolve Wurmple intpo Cascoon!!! And... Well, why change Hoenn when it's awesome already? But traveling to another region in post-game.... nope, not even that. I just want Hoenn in 3D.. So... Time-travel anyone?
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    One more thing to add to my wish list that I had completely blocked out before. Game Freak, do NOT under any circumstances bring back that obnoxious fishing mechanic! Keep fishing simple like it has been since Gen IV. Honestly, catching the abundance of Water-types in RSE, especially rare ones like Horsea, Corsola, and Luvdisc, was a pain in the ass back then.
  11. Hmm, if they don't take Emerald's storyline, can we at least ditch the cop out that the opposite villainous team is supposed to be on our side? When I was playing Sapphire, I wanted to punt Team Magma as well as Team Aqua. They're both idiots.
  12. On my wish list of like to see the mechanics from X & Y with some mechanics from HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  13. Hopefully we'll get the Battle Frontier again. Only getting the Battle Tower, albeit under different names, is a little boring and I'd like an interesting post-game challenge. I also hope we'll get Move Tutors; Now with IV breeding being easier than ever, they were sorely missed in X and Y.

    Other than that, I'd like the lead Pokemon to follow the player character around again, especially if it uses X and Y's graphics, because that would look pretty neat.

    Personally, I don't really care much about Pokemon Contests, but I would like to see the Pokeathlon again, because those mini-games were pretty fun.

    Lastly, I hope boutiques and player character customization is used again, because it was fun to do that in X and Y, as well as PR vids, except now with more options.
  14. For ORAS i would like to see the Battle Frontier and more post game stuff; It was solely missed in X and Y

    Also It would be neat to see PokeStar Studios. I mean the contests were nice but, PokeStar was a lot more fun.

    Lastly I want the boutiques and character customization to come back but with a lot more options
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  15. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    What she said.
    (I'm sorry I have to go squeee over ORAS.
  16. Now I'm one of the few who isn't a fan of Ruby & Sapphire (least favorite gen), so Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are going to be its redemption for me. Here are a few things that I believe ORAS needs to have, so that it will warm my heart toward the region Hoenn.

    1) Keep character customization and improve it.
    - I know many of us, the selling point of X/Y was the character customization. Reason why I want this in ORAS is that, it was a jump forward in Pokémon handheld, and it can be improve on some much; like giving more stuff for the male character, (female got a ton of stuff compare to the male character) able to take hat off. Another reason for having character customization, is for me not being a fan of RSE male character design. (he's cool until you realize his white hair is just a hat;_;)

    2) Day and night system in this one.
    - I can honestly say; if a day and night system (DNS) is not added to ORAS, I'll become a real Primeape>=O. Not sure how many of you started Pokémon when there was only Red & Blue. But if you started with them and then upgraded to Gold/Silver, which introduced the DNS. Then you may understand why it bugged me to come from a DNS to a no DNS. When I was younger playing Silver, it was so fun to play it when it was night time (in-game), it added a new world. So entering a new gen which was supposed to be an upgrade, only to find out that it doesn't have DNS really bugged me. Also Hoenn region would have some nice spots to see at night time.

    3) Team Magma + Team Aqua = must be destroy.
    - Don't care if you're #TeamMagma or #TeamAqua ,each team are dumb and needs to be taken out just like how Red and Gold did to Team Rocket.

    4) Emerald rival and RS champion.
    - RS rival is in the top five reasons why I see RS (gen 3) being the worst gen in Pokémon, for the whole fact of the rival not having their starter in its final form. Emerald did fix a lot of issues that RS had. But it gave itself a huge issue by switching champions.

    5) Seasons, challenge mode, new area and lower screen.
    - Hoenn region itself, can be able to pull off seasons. Give us a challenge. Each remake got a new area with Pokémon, do this with Hoenn and put some gen 4, gen 5 and gen 6 Pokémon in it. Make the lower screen useful like HG/SS and not like B/W.

  17. Nice to hear from someone who's less than enamored with Gen III

    I'm glad you mentioned Challenge Mode! It had sooooo much potential in BW2 but the execution was botched so badly. It needs to be available from the beginning for those of us that want to use it a la Fire Emblem and every other game it feels like. It was disappointing not to have the option in XY considering we had access to Super Training and leveling was stupidly easy with the EXP Share. The Kalos gym leaders were effectively road blocks between me and the next boutique. Hoenn would be a nice place to have a challenge mode as well as the aforementioned rival was a joke and Wally only less so.
  18. Well I guess for starters, I don't want just a straight up remake. I know people REALLY want that but... why? I'd rather have a brand new adventure set in Hoenn than the same thing again, plus that would open the doors for new towns and the what not to be added and or upgraded.

    Other wishes? I guess I wouldn't mind some pokemon being allowed to follow you, but I'd like for there to be an option to turn that off. Honestly I'd rather there be an option to recruit following trainers or something. Like, thinking back to Colosseum, Rui following Wes was one of the most unique parts of a Pokemon game I've ever seen, and while it may be annoying to some, I think it'd be pretty cool and give you a sense of traveling with friends, sort of like the anime I guess, except you wouldn't be force-fed the annoyingness and you'd be free to imagine your own stories. While I'm at it, maybe some co-op with other friends with the games It'd be pretty cool if you wanted to help a bro find some rare items in a cave or something? I'm not going to hold my breath though, the best I could hope for would be more trainer following scenarios for grinding purposes.

    Another wish would be physical Go-Goggles. IDK I think that'd be pretty cool to see them on the character.

    Maybe the ability for SOME pokemon to appear when you use HM's, specifically Surf, like I'd really love to see some Wailords being used to surf.

    And, of course, enhanced visuals. Hoenn's a pretty tropical place, so of course I'd love to see some tropicalness added, like maybe more palm trees or some clearer waters to see underwater wildlife. OH, and Weather, of course, but more random and wide spread with maybe more of an effect on the environment, like higher waves and the what not.

    Also Megas. Give me Megas or give me death. And more clothes. AND LET ME TAKE OFF THE HAT.
  19. I wanna see Pokemon following trainers outside the balls.
  20. Change up the mega evolutions (if they will exist in these games). I would like to see none or a very limited number of the current mega stones available in-game and a whole new batch introduced. I don't want to see tons of mega Kangaskhans, Garchomps, Charizards and whatnot all the time in online play. We already have X and Y for that. I would like to see new megas that would encourage the use of Pokemon that are otherwise not commonly used in competitive battling.
  21. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Given that ORAS will definitely be able to perform Wi-Fi battles with XY - and competitive battlers will be thoroughly pissed off if Game Freak ripped their teams apart for no reason - this is never going to happen. The competitive scene evolves over time anyway, so just wait for Mega Kanga to fall out of vogue :p

    That said, it's commonly believed that there will be a new set of Mega Evolutions, which will be backported to XY for online purposes via a patch. The metagame will naturally change anyway, just like it did between BW and.B2W2 and DPPt and HGSS
  22. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    The only way MegaKangaskhan will ever fall out of vogue is if Game Freak stealth-nerfs Parental Bond in a patch for OR/AS. As it is right now, it's too strong to ever not be considered a fantastic addition to a team. Same applies to Charizard Y really.

    In any case, no-one has the right to say what anyone else should and shouldn't use in a match as long as it's within the rules. If people want to use overused stuff to win then that's their choice that they're completely entitled to. Anyone who thinks otherwise can


    Anyway, what I'd like to see from OR/AS:

    - Move Tutors.
    - More post-E4 content than X/Y, which gave us almost nothing.
    - Some of the non Gen-III legendaries added to the region, such as Thundurus, Heatran or another trio alongside the Regi trio.
    - Elite Four and Gym Leaders that actually level up for rematches against them. The stupid Battle Chateau or whatever it is from X/Y doesn't count.
    - Some random cameo from an NPC starring in another Generation, which we'll likely get anyway and it'll likely be Cynthia - again.
    - A proper Battle Frontier, preferably the same one from Emerald.

    Basically, just give me Move Tutors and stuff to do after the E4 and I'll be happy.
  23. Oh, I completely agree. There are reasons people use the things they do and I have no issue with that. Hell, I'm using a mega Kangaskhan in the current doubles competition.

    I simply meant that I want something else to distract from the current megas. I see them so frequently it's getting boring doing the same old workarounds. I want to see something new online. The only reason I'm doing the current online competition is because it's doubles, which I absolutely love. :)
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  24. Well, even though I've never took time to play any of the Original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions, I'm pretty exited for these new remakes to come out, but not as much as everyone else.

    I don't really know what to expect from this game, because I don't know what features there were in the previous versions. But I sure do want to see some contests and the Mach and Acro bikes in the remake...

    I wonder if you are able to Mega Evolve Pokemon in the region... and I also wonder who or what they will use for the playable chracter...
  25. Removable hats, I really don't care about protagonist tradition of hat wearing adventures. The hats for the male trainer in X/Y were disgusting.
  26. the first thing that they MUST include in the remake is allowing to change between bikes without going to the biclycle shop. seriously. having the wrong bike in some place could be really annoying.
    a 3D Hoenn is gonna be great, with that tree city and the sea city...

    why so much personalisation of the main character? seriously, Ruby is SO cool.

    but the boutiques where a great place, i love spending all my money in Kalos' boutiques. maybe a pokémon style boutique?

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  27. I totally want Pokemon Amie and character customization to return, because those mechanics were fun!

    Also, I kind of sort of want a Triple Battle: Player/Good Team Leader/Steven vs Admins (because they didn't show much of them, I dunno)/Legendary.
  28. Okay there are a few things I want from ORAS.

    First things first is secret bases, I want them to return so badly but not only that expand vastly on the furniture for them.

    Secondly, I want Emerald plot line or at least keep the other team away, I don't want either to be portrayed as heroes.

    Third thing is Mega Evolutions. There are so many in Gen 3 that could benefit from them and possibly update types in Mega form. I mean maybe have Water/Bug MegaMasquerain or maybe Fire/Rock MegaTorkoal.

    Fourth thing is rematchable Gym Leaders/E4 I don't really just want to see levelled up versions of Gym Leaders teams. I want to see expansions like Roxanne having stuff like Gigalith and Aerodactyl added to her team. I don't really want to reverse her with just Golem and Nosepass/Probopass

    Fifth, I want either the match call feature or the VS seeker to return, it gets boring grinding the same few people.

    Sixth, I want an expanded dex, not just additions to the Gen 3 one e.g. Roserade, Gallade, Froslass. I mean for example they have the icy area in Shoal Cave but next to no ice Pokemon in that area, it could be filled with stuff like Cryogonal and Bergmite

    Seventh, I want trainer customisation but I want it expanded on the male side, I mean the men's clothing was so limited compared to the women's and most of them were not appealing. So expanding that would be nice (side wish: non-gender locked clothes)

    Eighth, expand on Wally and Brendan/May as rivals, I mean Wally is practically unseen then suddenly shows up with a powerful team and then the last time you see Brendan/May as a rival most their team is unevolved or in mid form. They just seemed a bit lacklustre so they need to be made tougher or have more encounters.

    Ninth, Battle Frontier, the Gen 3 Battle Frontier is by far my favourite and would love to see it return.

    Tenth, A Sevii Island style area, just so there is more after game

    Eleventh, Gen 3 style contests, I prefer that format to the one in Gen 4

    Twelfth, I want to be able to face Wallace, Juan and Steven but in a way where Wallace isn't champ.

    Thirteenth, Challenge Mode, like Carmen said before had lots of potential before but wasn't executed well

    Fourteenth, possible story change, I don't mind but I'd rather not repeat the same storyline
  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    StreetPass/SpotPass R/S/E-style Secret Bases. That is literally my one and only true want for these games because it would work so damn well!

    Beyond that... much of what I'd like to see happen has already been covered by others. All I really want from these games is for them to look pretty (because Hoenn deserves to look gorgeous), for them to play just as well as X&Y (if not better), and for them to expand on the original games in the same way that FRLG and HGSS did (particularly regarding brand new locations). The Battle Frontier being included seems reasonable (not to mention every other improvement that Emerald offered), Mega Evolutions for Sceptile and Swampert seem like a given, and it'd be very appreciated if they included ways to rechallenge the Gym Leaders and an upgraded Elite 4/Champion. I'm not as fussed about the plot as some but I do hope that they include certain elements from Emerald's story to make these remakes feel fuller.

    All in all, I just expect and hope that these remakes are treated with as much care as the remakes before them. HG/SS were fairly brilliant for a variety of reasons (they made me appreciate Johto when I previously hadn't cared for it much at all) so hopefully after playing OR/AS players come away feeling the same way.
  30. A bit more to explore underwater. If they were to change it up, maybe add a Submarine or a Sunken Ship underwater, it would be more interesting, rather than just a place to grab a Relicanth to catch the Regi's.
  31. What I'm hoping to see is a Legendary that isnt so huge and intimidating Those guys are scary *eats random person's finger*
  32. I have never played a Hoenn region game. When I first got into Pokemon, it was during IV, around the time I was thirteen and the video game and 'no Pokemon' ban was lifted. I don't have any firsthand experience playing RSE, but from what I've read, the plot of Emerald seemed most appealing. If there's anything I want back, it would be Contests. I quite enjoyed them in IV's Diamond, and making Poffins was always something I found fun. It at least encouraged me to be a bit more aware of how I was circling the bottom screen. :p
  33. A minor thing I'd like for ORAS and future Pokemon Games is for the PC to be more manageable. I'd like if we could highlight groups of Pokemon and have them switch places in a box with other Pokemon, as opposed to having to either move a group into empty spaces or switch them around one by one.

    The search function is already pretty useful, but I'd also like more advanced search options like searching for shinies, searching based on egg groups, and limiting searches to Pokemon that do not share your trainer ID. As someone who breeds and trades Pokemon a lot, this would be hella convenient.
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  34. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I want Wallace and the other gym leaders to face me in a Pokemon contest. Like now.
    I also want match call (if they have that in OR/AS. It was exclusive to emerald) to be more manageable, and them not saying the same thing every two seconds I spam them with a call.

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