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Olympians (Reloaded)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Reynald, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hold on. Before you read any further there are some things I should probably warn you about:

    First thing is this. You know all those Greek Gods: Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon, and Zeus? Guess what. They exist and they are here in the U.S.A.

    I know shocking right? You think people would notice guys trudging around in Greek battle armor and the like. In fact, the gods look just like you or me when they want to be. No one has seen a true gods form cause well…you would get disintegrated on the spot. Good reason to turn your head huh?

    Well it doesn’t get much better from here. Because all the other gods, deities, Cyclopes, and monsters exist to! Right under your nose! You haven’t seen them because of something called The Mist. It is this powerful substance that hides these monsters and gods from mortal eyes. The Mist tricks mortals into seeing other regular people instead of monsters, though people have been able to see through this before.

    The scariest part is monsters can only be killed by weapons made of Celestial Bronze. There are other types that will work but bronze is the most common. The good thing is, bronze weapons will not hurt mortals. They pass right through a mortal with no harm done. A monster will turn to dust on the other hand. That doesn’t mean they are gone…though that would be lovely. No in fact they just disappear for awhile before reforming and hunting my kind down again.

    I know what you’re thinking. What do you mean, “Your kind”? Well there is another thing you should probably know. The gods have been known to have kids with mortals. These kids end up being half human and half god, a demigod if you will. Demigod’s have powers due to their godly parents. Pretty sweet huh! Unfortunately, our scent also draws monsters straight to us. If that isn’t bad enough, we aren’t lucky like the monsters. We are killed by any weapon, bronze or not. And when we die…there is no reforming later like nothing happened. Also we can get tricked by The Mist too if we get caught off guard. Most kids do not know who their demigod parents are until that god claims them as their own.

    The most powerful of the gods are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Children of these three have extra ordinary powers and draw monsters like crazy. Until recently, these three weren’t allowed to have kids for fear of what would happen. Nowadays they aren’t so strict, though there are rarely more than one or two kids from these gods.

    A demigod usually is diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia in the mortal world. Words float off the pages and rearrange themselves and we have a hard time sitting still. This is our battle reflexes talking and our brains are hardwired to read ancient Greek. It’s easier than English anyways.

    Now this is all pretty depressing I know but there is a place for Demigods to go and train without being hounded by monsters day and night. Camp Half-Blood. We’ll get into that later. But if you end up being a demigod, it won’t take long before a Satyr comes along and tries to get you back to the camp safely. Mortals and monsters can’t cross the barrier into camp. So there is one positive thing huh.

    I wish I had known all this when it happened to me.

    My name is Isaac Winter.

    And my life was about to go off the deep end.


    Isaac signed and watched New York pass by. His school, The Olympian Boarding School, was visiting the Greek museum down town. His bus drove through the rain and traffic while the kids on board talked, threw paper wads, and caused all kinds of havoc. Isaac didn’t want to join in; he was busy staring at the rain as it soaked the bustling city. It was summer, which meant it wasn’t just raining. It was raining and humid. The entire bus felt like an oven, which only made the kids inside more antsy and wanting to get out. Isaac wore a simple, fitting black t-shirt and jeans. His shaggy brown hair stuck to the glass as he checked his wristwatch. They would be there soon. He wanted it to be over.

    It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the museum. The school went every year. It was just that Isaac had never had much luck in schools. Something always went wrong. Like that year when he was playing kickball and that earthquake knocked over the entire enemy team, but left him standing. Or that mysterious rock storm. Yes, not a hail storm, rocks rained from the sky and pelted a couple kids who were bullying him. Every school he went to just seemed to blow up in his face. It also didn’t help he was ADD and Dyslexic. It basically made school life impossible. Still, Isaac had fun at this school. They seemed more relaxed and tolerant of his screw ups. And the school was built to teach kids with his types of symptoms.

    The school rounded the corner and pulled to the front of the museum. Two large Greek Soldiers stood on either end of the buildings doorways. In fact, the entire building looked like it was from ancient Greece. The soldiers looked terrifying in the dark rain clouds, as if they had just gotten out of a battle barely alive. The kids were anxious to get inside, and starting to get up and crowd the isle.

    “Alright, kids. Settle down, settle down.” Their teacher, Mr. Daniels, bellowed as he stood up in front of the kids. He was dressed in a worn, tweed jacket and matching fedora over his curly hair. Mr. Daniels leaned heavily on his cane, an old wooden stick with carved vines crawling along it. Wait, he was saying something. Stop staring at his cane and focus Isaac. He shook his head and brought himself back to reality.

    “Let’s get inside quickly so we can begin, shall we? Quickly, quickly! This rain is murderous.” The kids agreed and rushed out of the bus towards the museum. Isaac stepped off the bus and was immediately soaked, and he loved it. Isaac always loved the outside, even if it was diluted from the smog of the bustling city. He breathed deeply and just let his mind drift as the rain fell. The group was getting away and Isaac had to catch up to meet them. He smiled as the group stood and waited for Mr. Daniels to begin the tour.

    It was going to be a good day.
  2. (OoC: Sorry, I had to do a funny minor god that also had his name given to one of my favorite invertebrates. :p)

    Geez, slow down! Tempest growled as she thought those words. She was such a slow reader, but for once, a field trip was interesting, making the fast pace of the tour guide irritating. She was only halfway through the plaque detailing how the first twelve Grecian gods were borne of Cronus and Rhea, two Titans, or giant-like creatures.

    The entire junior class from Pike County High was in New York City, though the thousand-plus group was split up into more managable groups of around two-hundred-fifty, each going to a different museum. By the luck of the draw, she went to the Greek group, instead of the World War II museum she wanted to go to. She even got into the group in the museum here that had the perky, irritating grad student who just couldn't shut up and slow down to let people observe.

    "Well, Dionysis was quite the party animal!" the Hispanic-looking man exclaimed, seeming to barely be able to prevent himself from clapping in glee of talking about his favorite subject. Tempest could swear she could see the pit stains grow on his long-sleeved white button-up from all of the 'excitement' he was sweating. "In one myth, in his drunkeness, he was captured by pirates and he turned them into dolphins for not respecting him! Pretty hardcore, amiright? Even cooler than a fistfight."

    That's one way to relate the audience. Tempest thought, amused, the tanned skin around her strange-shaded brown eyes crinkling into a half-smile.

    Phwoosh! Another gust of air from the irritating air conditioning vents blew past the soft black napped leather peacoat the dark spiky haired girl wore. It certainly was not the day to choose to wear that semi-see through, off-shoulder grey sweater with only a white tank top below it.

    "Why did I wear it again?" Tempest mumbled to herself brushing back her short black hair that stuck up in all directions. "Oh, yeah, it looks cool. How practical!"

    Well, things could look cool and be practical, the five-point-five-footer thought. Camo pants and army boots would always be awesome. Tempest loved the sound they made as they clomped on the white tile of the museum floor. They had to keep moving, as Tempest somehow ended up in the middle of the group again, being ushered forward by the people pressing behind her. Soon, the group stopped at a picture of a giant man holding a set of scales that seemed to be holding a...penis?

    "This is Priapus, the Greek god of flocks, fruit, fertility, and... bees." The tour guide said sweeping his hand out dramatically. His buzzed dark hair was a great contrast to the flowing locks of the penis god, as well as probably other attributes. Well, that's what Tempest thought of the god--the giant man with the giant member. "Sorry about the loss of alliteration, but I had to keep it PG-13 for some of those under seventeen. As one can tell, and I can see those snickers back there, Priapus..."

    Tempest got bored. She had no desire to hear this man talk about the god and his great, erm, prowess in a stilted, laughter-repressing manner with petty comments sprinkled throughout by her classmates.

    Bet Alexi and Zach are having a better time at the good ol' D-Day museum. Tempest thought. I could do better at this place alone.

    Very quietly, Tempest turned around and excused herself from the crowd. No one else noticed, no one ever seems to notice her when she slips in and out of situations. In the words of the internet, Tempest was sneaky as a ninja.

    Freedom! Without the pressing of the high school group, Tempest Baccard was free to puruse the museum as she pleased, the crowds much smaller than usual with this rainy day. She walked on back to the plaque in front of the black and tan urn she was at before, to continue reading about Cronus, Rhea, and their baby-nomming lives.
  3. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    “Man alive, those Greeks had a God for everything, huh Cole?...Cole?...Hey! Cole!”

    The teenager, who the voice belonged to, began to tap the shoulder of the boy beside him who was staring blankly at some of the exhibits, his mind straying elsewhere as he eyed the various artifacts displayed before him. At the minor irritation, Cole blinked and turned to face his fellow classmate.

    “Uh, yeah, yeah, they sure did.” He responded cumbersomely before going back to his nearly lifeless gazing. From how he was standing so still, making almost no noise at all, one might’ve mistaken him for being another exhibit himself. Ironic, considering just what he was in the first place.

    Of course, it wasn’t like Cole liked to admit being an apparent demigod, and in fact, he never did. As far as he was concerned, he was just a normal human being. Unfortunately, his own powers seemed to love proving this point wrong to him, after numerous occasions accidently “disappearing” in front of various people in mid-conversation, making them believe they were losing their minds and seeing things. Along with the countless nights he spent without any sleep, and the dreadful, tiring mornings that followed, his true identity continually made itself clearly evident.

    These midafternoons were usually the only chance Cole had for any hopeful serenity, but such was not the case for this particular day. Mr. Daly had decided to take his history class for a day-long field trip to the Greek history museum to get a better perspective of ancient Greek culture. From what he had to deal with, Cole wanted anything but more Greek culture. Still, he had his grades to worry about, so he’d have to rough it out for now. Luckily for him, his assigned research partner seemed more than content with taking most of the notes, which meant all he had to do was copy them down some time later.

    “Alright, we’ve got notes on Zeus, Aphrodite, and Pan. Now all we’ve gotta do is write up some research on Gaia and we’ll have more than enough time to go off and see whatever we want! Let’s get going!” The classmate proclaimed eagerly, heading further into the halls of the museum with a bound, with Cole habitually straightening his beige shooting jacket and brushing off his khaki slacks before following slowly behind.

    While he was walking, he passed by a large group consisting of schoolchildren, their ages from the looks of it somewhat varied. ‘Guess Mr. Daly wasn’t the only one who decided a fieldtrip was a good idea today…’ he thought. The fact that he didn't recognize any of them slightly unnerved Cole, as any stranger did nowadays thanks to what he had gone through, so he quickly passed the crowd in order to avoid any possibility of getting swallowed up in the swarm of kids and finding out for himself if his anxiety was with probable cause. From what he could tell, it was just a quick shoot through the Titans exhibits and the primordial Goddess of the Earth would be in view. He quickened his pace a little, the urge of getting this whole thing over and done with being his only motivation.
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: I'm just assuming we're still on the bus/train/whatever. We don't /have/ to be in your post, whoever's also from Camp Half Blood; in fact, I would prefer it if you made it so that we're already off and going to the museum. But eh~)

    I- I feel like I’ve been here before. That faint glow in the distance... the turbulent sky... this wind that makes my hair thrash about...

    It’s coming soon, Sora.

    Hey, who’s there? What’s coming? When is it?

    You will have to make a choice.

    What’re you mumbling about? I can’t hear you over this wind!

    Be prepared. I hope you will not disappoint me.

    Who are you, and what are you talking about? Answer me already!

    “Sora! Sora, wake up!” The girl jolted awake, feeling something jab into her side. “You were dreaming again. You’ve been completely knocked out for a while, and-”

    “I’m fine, Luke,” Sora replied as she groggily sat up. When she saw the concerned look on his face, she continued, “It’s not important.” She combed her fingers through her short, dirty blonde hair, trying to untangle any knots that might have developed during her short nap.

    Luke rolled his eyes, though, and put his mirror back on his lap. “Obviously not, especially since you’re playing with your hair again.”

    Crap. Hastily bringing her hands back down, she murmured, “Leave me alone,” before turning her head around to look out the window. Luke shrugged and went back to watching the shapes in his mirror, trying to spy on the other napping kids’ dreams.

    As she drifted back to her thoughts, Sora found herself more and more troubled by the dream she’d just had. She was glad that, in the waking world, her thoughts were her own and safe from Luke’s curious, grey eyes. Yes, he was her best friend at camp, and arguably her only friend as well, but there were some things that just needed to be kept private.

    It wasn’t the first strange dream she’d ever had; heck, she’d had nightmares of skeleton warriors trying to roast her alive once. But it was definitely the vaguest one about some huge event that had the potential to change her entire future. It wasn’t everyday that some celestial being walked into your dreams and purposefully hid their identity from you just so they could reveal some important but horribly nebulous information to you. Of course, she had a good idea who it was, but she knew that he would have to hide himself because of Luke’s habit of wandering into her dreams to check up on her.

    Sora stared at her reflection in the window, and she looked away when she saw the anxiety in her grey-blue eyes. It would already look stormy anyways, with all that rain pattering outside and the nature of her eyes to reflect the state of the sky at all times, but coupling that with her stupid dream made her look even worse than she really felt. Compared to Luke’s perpetually calm, misty grey eyes, Sora’s was like a funnel cloud about to touch down and wreak havoc around her.

    How the two got along was also a mystery she never thought she could understand. Whereas she had a hot temper and was as prone to emotional change like Texas was to weather changes, Luke was always able to put up with her tantrums and rants like it wasn’t a big deal, keeping that stoic look on his face at all times. While she refused to socialize with other people at camp, afraid of hurting them or making herself look bad, he was always flitting from group to group like the social butterfly he was. And though her lineage was kept a secret from everyone at camp, save for Chiron and Dionysus, Luke was the Head Counselor of the Morpheus cabin. She only got away by saying her father ruled the skies, and allowed everyone to make the assumption that she was a forbidden child of Zeus. If only she was.

    Sora felt herself drifting back to sleep; moving vehicles seemed to have that kind of an effect on her. However, before she could completely doze off, she felt Luke prod her again with his mirror. She looked at the younger boy, and was surprised to see how worried he was. “We’ll be there soon enough, so just hang in there,” he said, before gluing his eyes back onto his mirror.

    “Alright then, kid,” she said, patting the younger boy on the head before fiddling with the locks of her hair again.
  5. Austin was mercilessly awoken from his daydream by a jab in the gut, courtesy to James.

    The same dream again, of the same woman- Or was it? Her features seemed to change constantly. Sometimes her hair was blonde, then brown or red, sometimes her eyes were blue but green the next time. And she was there almost every dream, her face against a white background, all fuzzy. It was so weird, even considering he knew the woman was his mother.

    ‘Dude, got a pen?’ James said, having whipped out a sudoku book from his school bag. As much as James looked to be like a regular ‘cool guy’- Albeit slightly off standard, with his neon lining and badges of famous musicians Austin’d never heard of and never bothered to ask about- He was a complete math wizz, and enjoyed doing anything to do with numbers. He held out his hand expectantly.

    Austin lazily checked his pockets, finding no writing utensils. He was pretty sure he’d left his pencil case in his locker back at school. ‘Nah, I don’t have any on me. Hold up a sec...’ He got to his knees on the seat and looked over the back of his seat, at two girls, whose chattering ended mid-sentence as they noticed the fair boy about to address them. ‘Does one of you, by any chance, have a pen I can borrow?’ He asked, directly gazing at the two and slightly lowering his voice to something a bit more suave-sounding. The two teenage girls stared blankly at him for about a second, until one replied ‘Y-yeah, sure!’ and started digging trough her backpack in an almost panicked manner. She handed him the pen with her cheeks flushed red, the other girl still just staring.

    ‘I owe you one!’ Austin replied happily, and returned to his more comfortable position. ‘How do you do that?’ James retorted. ‘Do what?’ Austin asked, although he could guess the question. ‘What you always do to girls! You sort of lower your voice and stare at them, and they’ll do bloody everything for you! I think you could make a girl suck you off in about five seco-’ This time it was James who was on the receiving end of the gut punch, and he doubled over in his seat from both the pain and his laughter.

    Their destination for today was the Greek museum, which looked rather impressive with the large statues out front. As Austin got out of the bus, his backpack slung over his shoulder, he caught himself checking his appearance on the reflective surface of the bus, even though it was heavily covered in raindrops, his hand automatically flicking towards his hair to straighten it out. His hand hovered near his head for a moment as he realized what he was doing, and he sighed and dropped his hand. Straightening his hair and clothes, checking himself out in mirrors- It was a tick of his kept trying to get rid off, but he had never succeeded to live trough even a day without doing it. Dad always said it was natural for ‘kids like him’. Well, his hair was going to fuzz anyway in this weather.

    The teachers directed the awkwardly moving and large groups of both bored and excited Olympian High students towards the entry hall, after which they were told to make groups of three to eight or so people to make the tour by Mr. Daniels more manageable. Austin and James took their leaflets with project questions out- Large-lettered, seeing as both pals were dyslexic; A lot of Olympian High students were- And Austin looked around the large main room, looking for others the two of them could join up with.

    The first one to catch his eye was a boy of whom Austin was quite sure his name was Isaac, who sat next to him at Maths. Isaac was a friendly guy, surely he wouldn’t mind spending the day with James and him. Other were more then welcome to join their group as well, of course.

    (OOC; Sorry if the story continuation here is not what you had in mind- If it wasn’t, just tell me and I’ll alter it to whatever you want it to be. I’m already excited for this<3)
  6. Occ: sorry I took so long and im posting from my phone not bad huh^_^

    Bic: Jacob smiled a bit as one of his apollo siblings started playing her guitar, instead of getting his own out he simply pulled his ipod out and turned it up as Headlines by Drake came on he smiled wider and jammed. When the bus stopped Jacob stood and directed his siblings as best as he could and walked them over to a man in a wheel chair with a hawian shirt.

    "Apollo cabin is ready Chiron and I think the rest of us are as well especialy as were gettin soaked" Jacob said.
    "Ahh we should probably keep moving then" Chiron said with a chuckle
    "Jake we headin in yet?" A voice said behind him. He turned and faced a group of campers and said.
    "Yeah here in a bit don't get too stoked Monte."

    Ooc:sorry for the short post guys
  7. (whoopsiedaisies, how could I let this slip by?)

    "Now arriving at Grand Central Terminal!" a voice echoed over the rattling of rails. Haidar stirred from his sleep in his seat. He looked out the window to see a huge indoor train station with people swallowing up every available inch of the station, only to abandon it and let someone else fill up that same space. This was definitely his stop. He stood up, stretching his arms and legs, tugging the ache from his brown body, and slung his rucksack over his shoulder. He heard the crinkle of the wrappers inside, and at least knew that nobody stole from his bag. What did he have other than candy bars and water, or to demigods like him, Ambrosia and Nectar? They were all that was left of a supply of necessities for a backpacking trip across the States, but they were only meant to last until New York, and for a few days in the Big Apple, although those few days were denied thanks to a very close run in with the Cretan Bull in Boston three days ago. He had to sacrifice most of his provisions to get behind the bull so he could safely slay it. And he was only able to save a quarter of it.

    Haidar sighed, of course the first monster that would be something like the Cretan Bull, what's next? The Leo Nemaeus? The Hydra? Was Atlas going to pick on him? Being the son of Hercules had its downsides in these situations, almost every mythical creature out there was out to get him. He didn't have to be the son of Jupiter, or Neptune, or Pluto to draw in a storm of monsters. His smell was one that many of them didn't want to forget after over two thousand years.

    Why would a seventeen year old be doing all alone if he was in this much danger? To learn. He had been assigned a personal quest, breaking many of the Roman rules, to him by Lupa, after he once again defied his leaders and tried to do everything himself. She said it was the Byzantine influences within, and that he was going to have to make a choice. Without saying anything else, she directed him to New York, and told him he will learn his lesson there, or die along the way. That was almost a week ago, and he wasn't dead yet: Good so far.

    However, now that he was here, he had no idea what to do. He stood out on the streets outside the enormous train station and saw the giant skyscrapers and knew that the city was as vast as it was tall. He had absolutely no idea where to go, was he meant to find some place, or some one, or remain here for all the monsters out there to try and find him? Haidar pushed his coal-black hair out of his brown eyes. Only one way to find out. He put one foot after the other, and began his search through the Centre of the Universe.

    (Okay, nobody jump out at me yet please, I'd rather wait until the fighting starts)
  8. Peter wasn't pleased that they had to take separate buses to get to the Greek Museum in New York. He had been given a chance to chaperone the trip after being a full time camper at Camp Half-Blood for the past five years, since his twelfth birthday. He had made a name for himself around the camp, and he had a decent number of friends, most of the younger kids looked up to him as well. It never seemed to fail to amuse people when they learned his parent was Erebus, the god of darkness, because he was such a lighthearted person.

    He sat at the back of the bus, so that he could keep an eye on all the campers up in the front of the bus, a large portion of them were the younger kids; he had trusted a lot of the older kids to take the separate bus from camp, and Chiron had been with them, so he hardly needed to worry.

    "They're pretty excited, huh?" Owen asked, a smirk playing across his face as he added, "though they seem pretty relaxed compared to you." The satyr had a point, Peter was nervous, looking after so many campers was giving him an overload in his responsibility receptors. He tried to look after kids at the camp itself, but out in the city, it would be easy for monsters to be attracted to so many demigods.

    "Yeah, sorry, I just keep thinking about the worst case scenario. I'm not usually like this, I just need to keep my head on straight." The boy laughed, scratching his head.

    He was dressed in standard camp attire, an orange t-shirt marked with Camp Half-Blood and dark blue jeans, he had on black, Circa skate shoes and a bracelet on either wrist from the To Write Love on Her Arms website. His dark brown-almost-black hair was a bit shaggy, but still short enough for him to accept, his fringe was swept sideways and came down to just above his right eye.

    They made the final turn onto the road that the museum was on, and he noticed for the first time that it was raining quite hard despite the annoyingly warm temperature. Not that it mattered much, they'd be inside anyway. Everyone was excitedly pointing out the windows and pressing their faces up against the glass. Several shouts echoed around the bus, and the noise level increased quite a bit.

    "Okay everyone!" Peter tried shouting over the noise, but to no avail, only the kids nearest him heard the announcement. The young man closed his eyes and raised his hands, palms up, to about his chest level. Black shadows covered the windows of the bus that the campers were so eagerly trying to look through, thrusting the bus into both darkness and silence.

    "Okay, everyone," Peter started again, "I'm going to get off the bus first, Owen will follow behind, and we'll all walk nice and orderly into the museum. Remember, we aren't at camp, so try and keep a lid on demigod stuff, the Mist will keep normal people fooled, but better to be safe than sorry."

    After he finished his short speech, he removed the shades on the windows and allowed the dim, overcast light to flood the bus again. He stepped off the bus and walked through the rain, the group of campers behind him, and they filed into the museum.

    They had decided that there would be little point in meeting up with Chiron, there were far too many campers to warrant sticking in one group. As such, they met up with their tour guide, though it took a few minutes to find him through the crowds.

    "Hey, busy today, huh?" Peter asked, shaking some of the raindrops from his hair and t-shirt.

    "Yeah, sorry about that, sir; we have a lot of different tour groups today. A school in the area also booked tours for their classes." The man said with an apologetic smile, as if he was expecting Peter to be upset with him.

    "No problem, just goes to show that there's gotta be some cool stuff in here, right?" Peter shook the man's hand, realizing that he had failed to do so, "my name's Peter, by the way, Peter Aarland."

    The man took his hand warmly, "Jim Briar, let's get going, shall we?"

    "Okay, guys, this is Mister Jim, he's gonna be our tour guide today. So without any more waiting, let's get going!" He laughed enthusiastically as the campers filed after Jim, leading the tour and pointing out artifacts that they were already passing.

    "Hey, everything alright, Peter?" Owen asked, laying a hand on Peter's shoulder.

    "Yeah, sorry, I just can't seem to shake the feeling that there's something off. Probably just my nerves again, nothing to worry about." He shrugged it off and followed the group, catching passing glances at the other tour groups in the museum.

    Why couldn't he shake this weird feeling?

    OoC: Hope it's alright, PM me if anything needs to be changed/added ^^;
  9. Tyler didn't particularly like field trips.

    To be honest, he didn't particularly like school in general. It usually ended up kicking him out on his rear end. For good reason, seeing as he usually violently assaulted any bully that decides to swing a punch. Not that it was his fault, he just happened to be unlucky enough to have multiple personalities. The fact his mother had three faces and is the goddess of magic probably doesn't help.

    Not that he knew that. For all he knew, his mother was a woman who his father had a one night stand with, ended up getting pregnant, having him, then disappearing. He managed to piece this together himself, due to the fact that whenever he asked his father about it, he quickly changed the topic.

    But enough of the past, lets go to the here and now.

    The bus had just stopped and the teacher was urging them inside, out of the rain. Tyler obeyed, putting the hood of his jumper up over his hair. When he got inside the museum he sighed. The air was nice and calm, and even though the silence was soon broken by kids waiting for the tour to start.

    The tour had begun, but Tyler had left. He didn't want to be with such a large group of kids, so he silently left the back of the group, and no-one even noticed. He walked through the hals of the museum, relishing in the quiet, until he came across a room with one other girl in it. She was looking at a plaque in front of an urn, and seemed to be absorbed into the story. Tyler walked over and looked at the plaque.

    "Cronus, huh?" He murmured, feeling embarrassed about talking to a stranger, "Wasn't he the father of the gods or something?"

    OoC: Yeah, kinda short, but oh well. Here's Tyler!
  10. “Alright, Everyone. Looks like we have a lot of other tour groups going through. We won’t have the time or ability to see all the exhibits as a group. SO! I want you all to split up and get as many notes as you can. Who knows, I may challenge your knowledge when we get back to school!” Mr. Daniels winked and chuckled to himself as the kids started to split up into the different groups. This should be an interesting day. Mr. Daniels knew how to keep Isaac’s attention. His methods usually involved dramatic speeches and the occasional gladiatorial battles for the all powerful Coffee Cup of Knowledge. Still, Isaac loved it. Greek Mythology was the one class where he wasn’t completely bombing. Mr. Daniels seemed to treat everyone as if they were his star pupil. He never let anyone just get by with sitting in class and not paying attention, that would just result in ruler sword duels versus his wooden cane. He was surprisingly nimble for being a cripple. Whoa, Isaac. Let’s get back to the present and get into a group.

    Isaac looked around quickly. Most of the kids had already divided up and were on their way to various exhibits. There were still some kids around, one of which Isaac recognized from Math class. Isaac tried to remember his name. Was it Sautin…no…Tausin…damn dyslexia…Austin there it was. Austin something or other. He was standing next to another kid that Isaac honestly couldn’t remember his name to save his life. Isaac shrugged and moved his way over to the guys, “Uh…H…Hey. I, um, well…I guess we are stuck as a gr..group then. Where would you guys like to…um…go?”

    Tour groups from multiple schools were rushing in to get out of the rain. Children of all ages marveled at the tall statues portraying the gods of Greece and Rome. One group passed close to Isaac and his companions. They all wore brightly orange t-shirts. And by bright I mean almost rave, neon bright orange t-shirts. The shirts had some writing on the front. It took Isaac a minute to figure out what they said. Camp…something…The words seemed almost blurry, which was weird. His eye sight was perfect as far as he knew. Isaac sighed and tried one more time. Camp Half-Blood. What a weird camp name. Mr. Daniels seemed to be eyeing the group of kids closely. He looked almost pale and worried and about ready to chew his hat at the sight of them. A few kids chuckled as they walked by, “Zeus doesn’t look anything like that!”

    “I know! You think Athena would be upset at how poor of a job they did.”

    “HUSH! Remember where you are and let’s keep moving.”

    ‘That was weird…’ Isaac watched the kids go by before the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. It felt like someone was watching him and Austin in the room. He looked around wildly, there didn’t seem to be anyone. Wait, there they were. It was three teachers, women, who were staring straight at Isaac and Austin. They looked…hungry. Isaac shivered and broke eye contact, desperately wanting to not be where he was. He caught sight of a lone boy and girl standing in front of a Kronos statue. Isaac nudged Austin, “Hey…how um…let’s start over there. Don’t want to be in the large groups…”
  11. "Cronus, huh?" Tempest heard somebody say next to her, a male voice. Young, by the sound of it. She turned to see an adolescent male about her age wearing a hoodie with the hood up, indoors. Strange. "Wasn't he the father of the gods or something?"

    "Yeah, this says so," Tempest replied, pointing a thumb at the plaque. With a half smile, amused at the inconsistency, she finished, "Even though I don't get how Titan plus Titan makes god, but hey, it's a myth. I still don't know how Rhea put up with him, eating their babies and all."
  12. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "...Coeus, Theia, Rhea, Themis, Cronus, also known as Kronos, then there were the cyclopes Arges, Brontes, and Steropes, and those are all just with Uranus." Cole's classmate had been rambling on for what Cole could have sworn was hours, covering every single piece of information that he knew about Gaia, enough for the teen to question why he even needed to drag both of them over to the exhibit in the first place. He didn't bother doing so however, knowing full well that he probably already knew the answer. This kid was actually intrigued by Greek mythology, and not dead sick of it.

    'Lucky stiff, he's gotta be loving this trip right now. Probably just a rehash of what he does every day...' He thought, trying to keep his annoyance over this covered up by his boredom, letting out a yawn to seal the deal. It seemed like this trip had no end in sight, and Cole was preparing himself to just tough out the tiring torture when he suddenly felt something jolt him back to his senses...this confused him greatly until he realized what it was. It was a rush of anxiety, nervousness, as if he sensed someone watching him, someone not all that friendly, a feeling he remembered all too well back in Boston, right before that...thing, attacked him that day and made his life a living hell.

    "You know, I don't understand you sometimes, Cole. How could this possibly seem boring to you? Greek mythology is one of the most fascinating topics pertaining to the ancient history of the world! These gods, goddesses, titans and the like, they all had stories that spanned almost beyond comprehension!" The classmate was beginning to rant again, but Cole had by this point made great attempts of tuning the boy out. He was far too concerned with why he was suddenly experiencing this fearful intuition to even pretend to care about this eccentric student's pointless ramblings over why he should be in complete ecstasy over a bunch of marble statues and plaques.

    Unfortunately, it was becoming more and more difficult to ignore him, and he finally decided to just walk away right then and there to finally get him to shut up. Thankfully, the plan worked out rather well, as the classmate simply decided to unleash his plethora of information towards any poor sap who passed by. Now all Cole had to worry about was that pang of suspicion, though that was probably not the best way to put it anymore as, now that he was alone, the anxiety had only grown substantially. He continued to walk from exhibit to exhibit, rubbing his wrists with unease every time he caught sight of a person nearby, which, much to his dismay, was quite often considering the overabundance of students littering the museum. If someone was tracking him presently, he was making himself out to be a pretty easy target.

    Of course, this issue would have been more than enough, but no...no, there had to be yet another familiar affliction. At some point in his apprehensive stroll, Cole eyed a small grayish glow emanating from his hands, the same one that showed up every time he would end up disappearing before someone's very eyes. The fact that this glow was now inadvertently shooting out of his hands and leaping from person to person as he passed by, accompanied by their sudden looks of disbelief, was just the proof he needed to know that he was probably doing the same vanishing act now.

    "Brilliant...just...freaking...brilliant..." He murmured angrily. As if this day couldn't get any worse...the only way it possibly could was if his current fears were realized.

    He had gotten it in his head that he was only making things worse off for himself by going solo like this, but he still couldn't bring himself to just latch onto any group he first laid eyes on and pretend to be one of the crowd, that just seemed too weird, and his power would probably be a major nuisance, even more bothersome in a group of various people that could all acknowledge his presence with absolute confidence.

    Proceeding to contemplate over what his options were, yet not come to a conclusion over any one of them, Cole only ended up pacing from one end of the building to the other, and began to repeat the motion once more. He knew something was going to happen, who was he kidding? That feeling didn't just happen like that naturally. Something was bound to go under way, and he knew just as well that there was a very good chance it was not going to be very pretty.
  13. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    As her group got off the bus, Sora felt someone tugging on her shirt sleeve and dragging her over to the younger group of kids. "Ah, hey, Luke! What're you doing?" she cried out in surprise. The younger boy didn't answer, though, for he kept fighting through the crowds to try to get to Peter. Sora rolled her eyes. "Seriously, you're almost as immature as some of those kids there." Still he didn't answer, though; all he said was, "It's stuffy in the bus."

    When they finally made it to the other group, Sora was sure she had a nice bruise on her arm from where the edge of her sleeve cut into her arm. Luke kept dragging her until they made it to the front of the line, so he would be able to see both the tour guide and Peter. "You satisfied now, kid?" Luke nodded, and the girl decided that perhaps she would be allowed to go behind all the little kids. Being so farup front made he feel awkward and antsy.

    As she made her way back, Sora heard the distinct chattering of the kids around her, commenting rather loudly about the various pieces of artwork. When she overheard a particular conversation about how Herme's nose couldn't posibly be that crooked, she completely lost it. "Guys, we are in a freaking mortal place, where other people can hear us!" She yelled, garnering some curious and confused glances from others in her direction. Well, looks like she'd completely given themselves away now.

    Hoping to melt back into the crowd in embarrasment, Sora slowly walked back up front to find Luke. He had struck up a rather lively conversation with a little nine year old, and, though still relatively unemotional, there was that look in his eyes that he was enjoying himself. He seemed to sense her approach him, for he looked up and said, "That yelling wasn't you just now, was it?"

    "You bet it was," she grumbled as she took her place between Luke and Peter. They passed by another group, probably from a school from the area, and noticed another boy looking around in a worried way. Huh, there were always going to be weirdos out in public.

    But then she felt it, too. Like someone sinister was around, or something. Nudging Luke, she whispered, "What if monsters attacked us now?"

    The boy, however, shrugged nonchalantly. "There's you, me, and Peter to protect the younger kids, and the other group has Chiron and others to take care of the civilians. There shouldn't be too big of a deal." Though he was a hint of caution as he spoke the words, as if he was well aware what their group looked like through the eyes of a monster: a nice, walking buffet of relatively young and inexperienced, tasty demigods.

    Sora sighed, praying that perhaps there would be enough firepower here for them to be able to fend off monsters. Hopefully, whatever presence she felt was either a creeper or a really weak creature that she could defeat just by yelling or something.

    (OOC: Bluhhh typed from school too much to do and arghh ;_; )
  14. Isaac spotted Austin and James walking towards him before the two friends could arrive at where he was standing, and walked up to them. He seemed the smallest bit unnerved for whatever reason- Maybe because he was standing in a rather large crowd of his fellow students, not all of whom were very nice. Or maybe because, if Austin recalled correctly, Isaac was one of many who had ADHD; As did James and Austin, only much more lightly. Some of them didn’t take lightly to major changes in routine.

    ‘Uh, h-hey.’ Isaac started. ‘I, uhm, well, guess we’re stuck as a g-group, then. Where would you guys like to, uhm, go?’ He asked. Austin looked at his questions and directions folder to see where they could best get started, and looked back up and around. Just then he noticed both Isaac and James staring at a pack of orange-clad teenagers who didn’t look like they belonged to their school.

    His eyes flashed to the backs of their bright orange T-shirts, trying to read whatever it said. In a strange blurred movement, his eyes seemed to skip over the text. Wait, what was that? He focused and tried again. Camp Half-Blood.



    Well, that explained the distressed look on Mr. Daniel’s face.

    Austin was not like other teenagers, and he knew this all too well. He was probably one of the few, perhaps even the only one still alive, who knew about his true ancestry yet had lived- and was living- a relatively peaceful life. Being aware, Dad had told him, ‘made the scent stronger’. But then again, he was supposedly of the ‘lesser’ variation.

    The campers looked pretty normal, to be honest. The eye-gouging orange T’s aside, they were laughing, making jokes, immaturely commenting on the art presented to them. Nothing strange. But there was a risk they would be attracting unwanted attention. The wrong kind of attention.

    Austin shook it off. Although his father hadn’t been able to supply him with ample information on what the camp was really like, these kids probably deserved a school trip just as much as the rest did. Besides, they were supposed to be trained for this kind of stuff.

    He noticed Isaac looking around jerkily, as if trying to find someone. Suddenly, he stopped, and fixed all his attention on what he saw. Austin tried to follow his indiscernible gaze, but whatever he had been focusing on was lost in the jumble of the crowd, as Austin couldn’t make out anything particularly special. Unless you counted the lady in the green flower dress. Ugh.

    Isaac seemed to regain his senses and softly nudged Austin, vaguely pointing in the direction of one of the many statues. ‘Hey, how, uhm... Let’s start over there.’ He said, and started walking over. Austin gestured for James to follow. ‘Don’t want to be in large groups...’

    It was a feeling Austin shared.
  15. The campers had moved into the museum and were all going around laughing at the ststues and how off they were from the real thing. Jacob had to remind a few campers where they were and to be quiet but even he coulldnt help but laugh when he saw an image of Apollo.

    "Hey Jake!" one of the campers called.
    "Yeah?" Jacob answered spacing out as usual.
    "Come check this out its supposed to be Athena, I don't think she would be too happy about it." the camper chuckled.
    "No I think shed love it, haha knuckle head lets keep moving." Jake said messing up the younger camper's hair a bit and laughing.

    It had been four years since he'd discovered his heritage and since then he had gone through a lot and had little complaints about helping the campers. Jake made a quick scan of the area like he usually did on these trips and saw a school teacher seemingly freaking out everytime he looked at the camp group. Must be the bright orange shirts. he thought looking at his t-shirt. Another camper interupted his thoughts and diverted his attention to another statue that looked nothing like the real god it was depicting.
  16. Peter smiled when he saw Luke and Sora walk to the front of his group, they were good kids, and it seemed that Luke had really taken a liking to him. It made him happy to know that he had younger campers who looked up to him, he had always wanted to be a rolemodel, someone others would look to because his character was solid. He had been determined, since he discovered his godly parent was the god of darkness, to prove that it didn't apply to his personality, only his abilities.

    They continued on for a few minutes, the tour guide pointing out different things and explaining them, Peter wasn't really paying attention; he was too busy looking out for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. He heard a few of the younger kids talking about the statues and art and making comments on them, but before he could go ask them to stop, he heard Sora shouting at them to quiet them down.

    She quickly returned to the front of the line, and Peter placed a hand on her head, "hey, relax, we'll be all right, this field trip wouldn't have been approved if Chiron was sure we could handle it, right? I'll go deal with the kids." He couldn't tell her that he was just as on edge as she was. Peter needed to be strong for everyone's sake, he was the chaperone, he couldn't be nervous.

    The group of kids that Sora had shouted at were still a bit dumbfounded, unsure of what to do after being scolded, and they were even more afraid when Peter walked up to them and knelt down. "Don't worry, you aren't in trouble." Their bodies immediately relaxed, "I know that she was a bit scary, but she's right, we need to remember where we are. There are normal people around, and we need to make sure that we keep our camp a secret from them, right?" They slowly nodded, and Peter stood up. "You can still have fun, just keep it down alright? Don't let anyone else hear you."

    The older boy started to turn back to the front of the line when he froze, something was wrong, very wrong. He knew this was a bad idea, so many demigods in one place, the scent would be crazy strong, they were bound to attract monsters. Why hadn't Chiron though of that? Maybe there were more demigods than he accounted for?

    "Not enough time to think about that right now, Peter, we've got more important things to do." He glanced to his right, and noticed there were several women, looking at them and Peter could tell that they weren't ordinary ladies.

    They were getting tired of waiting, and it would only be a matter of time before they attacked. Peter wasn't going to take that chance. "Owen, take the group back to the bus!" Owen glanced at him from the front of the line, the look Peter shot him made him know that he wasn't kidding.

    Peter hadn't brought any weapons with him, for fear of what the mortals would see, a sword hanging at his side could be mistaken for a baseball bat through the mist, but that wasn't much better to walk into a museum with. That didn't mean that he was defenseless, though, far from it. He held his hand at his side, his shadow reached up into his palm and solidified into a black sword made of darkness.

    The old women noticed by now that he was staring them down, and they started to move. In the crowds, Peter kept losing track of them, especially after they separated. The worst part of this situation was, these three women were likely not the only monsters in the museum. "And Owen, make it quick, huh?"
  17. “I still don’t know how Rhea put up with him, eating their babies and all.”

    The girl was talking to the boy next to her when Isaac and the others drifted over to behind her. She had short black hair that was stuck up in all directions. Isaac barely paid attention; he was too busy looking for those women who were eyeing people like meals.

    Isaac shrugged, “I don’t think she did…Um…Didn’t Gaia…like…Help Zeus?”

    That name sent a weird shiver down Isaac’s back. Gaia, the mother of all the gods. Was he the only one that noticed the strange looks? No. There were some kids from the tour group with the orange shirts that were looking around too. They looked worried, almost in panic. What was there to be afraid of? It was three crazy ladies. If they did anything Isaac was sure security would step in. One boy with a pair of crutches started to herd the students towards the exit. Was their tour over already? Now that Isaac took note, a lot of people were gone. Only the Camp Half-Blood students, Olympian High students, and a few unknown kids were left in the museum.

    “Hey…Guys…What happ-“


    The fire alarms blared to life, causing the sprinklers to activate and soak the tourists. Mr. Daniels shouted over the alarms, “EVERYONE! PLEASE LEAVE IN AN ORDERLY FASHION! DON’T PUSH!” He looked terrified as students all started to make their way to the exits. “Come on…” Isaac muttered quietly as he started to follow the other students. What kind of prankster would pull the damn fire alarm when it was pouring rain outside? Large gates slid down in front of the doors and blocked everyone from leaving. Now things were getting weird. What was going on?

    The sirens stopped but the sprinklers kept falling. The water felt odd. It tingled against Isaac’s skin and made it itch. Did they put something in the water? Isaac was about to ask when a girl next to him dropped to the ground. “Hey! Hey are you ok?!” She was asleep. Isaac shook her a few times but she wouldn’t wake up. People everywhere started to drop to the ground, also asleep. Was someone trying to rob the bank? Why would they use such elaborate means to –

    “Well…That worked much easier than I thought it would. Wouldn’t you agree, sisters?” The women from earlier stood behind the remaining students and teachers standing. They chuckled to themselves and eyed the students. One, with long black hair, stood in the center and grinned, “Indeed. The water worked perfectly and now we have only the tastiest morsels left.”

    The one on the right had short, spiky, orange hair, “Let’s not play with our food and eat.”

    Mr. Daniels somehow had made his way to the front of the students, brandishing his cane like a sword. No, it wasn’t like a sword. He was actually holding a sword with the same ivy design crawling along it. And he wasn’t limping…he was sort of clopping? Isaac had to shake his head and look again. Sure enough, Mr. Daniels had hooves instead of feet. Mr. Daniels looked at the three women, “Get out of here, you insane birds, before I teach you all a lesson.”

    The one on the left had wavy brown hair and cackled before leaning forward, ready to pounce, “Oh my dear Satyr. You think you can take us?”

    “Three Harpies? Yea…That shouldn’t be a problem.”

    “And what about the rest of us?”

    Isaac blinked, “Rest of them?...” The words had just left his mouth before the security officers from the museum appeared. Good, at least they would help. Daniels stepped back and glared at the officers worriedly. The three women cackled and slowly started to change. Their feet turned into large talons, almost like birds feet, and their arms melted into large feathery wings .They still retained their faces though, which only made them look even more insane. The officers changed as well into all sorts of various beasts and animals. Isaac stared in horror. He had to be dreaming, this was all just a dream. People don’t become monsters, or Satyrs, or anything!

    Isaac whimpered slightly, “This can’t be happening.”

    The black haired harpy smiled, “Dinner time.”

    All of the monsters charged to devour the students.

    (Sorry for the crappy post. Basically guys, have fun with the combat. There is any monster you really want to fight and you have the whole museum to work with. Weapons are strewn about and hidden in statues and such, looking like part of the carvings but they are actually weapons. So have fun. Again sorry for the late reply and crappy post.)
  18. Austin and James followed Isaac around for a bit, attempting to succesfully answers the questions in the booklet. They inspected statue after statue and artifact after artifact, but Austin found it difficult to really pay attention to them. He felt like there was something the slightest bit off, making him feel uneasy- And looking around, he saw he wasn’t the only teenager who had such feelings.

    The center of attention for both Mr. Daniels and Isaac were three old ladies, who, other then their menacing and almost hungry sneers, didn’t appear to be very dangerous. There was nothing that would’ve indicated anything about what happened next.

    Just as a lot of students appeared to have left the museum, alarm blared and seconds later water poured down from the ceiling. Great. Great. As if we needed more rain- What kind of person would pull the fire alarm down when there wasn’t anything burning? If he or she was a student, their ass would be expelled this very same day.

    The water pouring down on Austin somehow felt different to the rain outside- A bit warmer, of course, but also the slightest bit tingly. It was probably the result of some sort of chemical added to the water reservoir; After all, they wouldn’t want algae growth in the cracks between the floor tiles every time someone pulled the f-

    Out of nowhere, the situation changed drastically enough to make Austin realize he should stop trying to explain everything logically.

    All around him, all but a handful of students from their school dropped to the floor, apparently sound asleep. James, Isaac and some others were still standing, looking around and about as confused as Austin probably looked. None of the Camp Half-Blood people seemed to suffer from the sudden attack of sleepiness, however.

    His brain managed a quick deduction.


    ‘Wel, that worked much easier than I thought it would- Wouldn’t you agree, sisters?’ One of the ladies said, flashing another jeering and sharp-toothed grin. The three chuckled to themselves, a sound that sent chills down Austin’s spine. ‘Indeed. The water worked perfectly, and now we have only the tastiest morsels left.’


    Another cocked her head slightly. ‘Let’s not play with our food, and eat.’

    Mr. Daniels positioned himself between the three women and his students, holding up his cane- Only it was no longer a cane, but a very similar-looking actual sword. He also seemed to have stepped out of his shoes, possibly for better movement; Because he turned out to have hooves where, with any other person, there would’ve been feet..

    He looked at the three women fearlessly, but nonetheless worryingly. ‘Get out of here, insane birds, before I teach you all a lesson.’ He spoke menacingly. The third woman cackled. ‘Oh, my dear satyr, you think you can take us?’

    ‘Three harpies? Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem.’

    ‘And what about the rest of us?’

    Security guards finally burst in, and for a moment, Austin was relieved to see them.

    His hope vanished soon enough as the three women’s formes altered and grew feathery wings, sharp talons and even a tail. At the exact same moment, the security guards transformed into a variety of frightening, unnatural creatures.

    The monsters stormed in all directions.

    In the panicked flurry that followed, Austin locked eyes with a large creature that appeared to resemble something between a large dog and a sabre-toothed tiger, but with a black, leathery skin and glowing eyes. In a split second, the monster decided to head straight for him and James. Austin realized he had mere seconds before it would reach them.

    With his full force combined with a surge of adrenaline, he turned around and kicked the glass protecting the ancient weaponry on display, and grabbed a long spear, and turned again to face the monster.

    The black creature had already initiated its jump, but it wasn’t headed for him- It was halfway trough its airborne journey to James’ face.

    The screams and clashes of metal on talons muted, and the world seemed to slow down and become more clear. With a speed he’d never thought he could possibly manage, he sprang to the side, butting a terrified and frozen James to the glass-splinter-littered ground. At the same time, he attempted a strong jab at the monster’s face with the tip of his spear.
  19. "Hey Jake don't you think that Teacher over there looks familiar?" A camper asked pointing at the distressed looking teacher.

    "You know he does." Jacob replied studying the teacher. Then he noticed the three women standing off and eyeing a bunch of kids like they were pieces of meat, then he saw their teeth.

    "Mr. Bruner!" Jacob said looking for Chiron.

    "Yes jake?" Chiron said looking curious. "Why are you so frantic?"

    "We may have an issue." Jacob said nodding towards the three women. Chiron's eyes got a bit wider as he recognized the three.

    "Start moving the campers Jake I'll take the first group out." Chiron said turning towards his group. "Unfortunately our time here has been cut short and its time to get back to camp so lets head towards the door."

    "I know it sucks guys but hey what would you rather see these cheap immitations or the real deal?" Jake said urgently getting a few nods and a few 'aww man's comming from the group as they shuffled towards the door. Chiron pulled Jacob down and whispered in his ear.

    "If you and some of the campers cant get out..look to the statues they should have a few things you may need."

    "Okay." Jacob said totally confused as he watched Chiron head through the door.


    The sirens and alarms went off in the museum and the sprinklers turned on. What in the world is going on? Jacob thought to himself as he noticed the tingling of the water and looked around in time to see a gate shut trapping them all inside with chirons group and a few other groups of humans outside. Moments later humans were dropping. Passing out more likely. All around People were dropping to the ground save for the campers and a few others from other tour groups who all remained standing even the Teacher who was freaking out before was still standing,

    "Well, that worked much easier than I thought it would. Wouldn't you agree sisters?" One of the trio of women said smiling deviously while the trio eyes the remaining people standing in the room hungrily. Then the woman in the center said. "Indeed. The water worked perfectly and now we have only the tastiest morsels left."

    Jacob gritted his teeth a bit and looked around shocked as the once frantic teacher removed his shoes revealing hooved legs and picked his cane up, only it wasn't a cane it was a beautifly designed and dangerous sword. "Let's not play with our food and eat." The woman on the right said. There were slight murmors through the campers left in the room.

    "Get out of here, you insane birds, before I teach you a lesson." The satyr teacher said stepping towards the trio of women. The one on the left cackled maniacly before leaning into a pouncing position before she said. "Oh my dear satyr. You think you can take us?"

    "Three harpies. Yea...shouldn'y bea problem." The teacher said.

    "And what about the rest of us?" A voice said as a bunch of security guards walked into the room. Thats when they all started changing into monsters. The women into feathered, winged creatures though still retaining their faces. One security guard in particular changed into a large, hairy creature that Jacob couldn't recognize. ONce the monsters all jumped into action the hairy creature charged the campers revealing razor like claws.

    "Move!" Jacob shouted as the group of campers jumped into action, dodging the charging creature and trying to find something to use as a weapon. Jacob dodged and rolled into a glass display case causing it to break and allowing a piece to cut his arm. Great. He thought looking for something to use to fight the creature as it reared its head and charged again.

    "...Look to the statues..." Chirons words relayed in his head. Jacob looked towardsthe nearest statue. Hidden in the sculpted armor plates he caught sight of a bow and a quiver of arrows. Perfect. Jacob dove toward the statue narrowly dodging the creatures claws. He reached into the plates and removed the weapons swiftly nocking an arrow, aiming at the creature, pulling the string, and releasing the arrow.
  20. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Cole was nearing the front door of the museum, his mind in a fuzz as he prepared to go another lap around when he was jolted out of his daze by the fire alarm and the pouring water now emanating from the sprinkler system. Upon regaining his bearings, he was almost immediately getting pushed and shoved around by swarms of kids heading towards the exit.

    "Hey! C'mon! Settle down!" He yelled as he tried to weave through the crowd, the massive population now obscuring his view, and subsequently the exit.

    "It's just a fire alarm, and you people are acting like savages!" None of them were listening, of course, and he didn't need his peculiar ability for that to be a fact. When he finally broke free, it was just his kind of luck that he was heading in the exact opposite direction of the exit. Not that it really mattered though...since all the doors in the place were being blocked off by large gates...and now a bunch of the people were starting to drop like flies upon contact with the water spraying out of the sprinklers.

    "Uh...this is all sorta contradicting the whole fire thing, isn't it?" He thought aloud, questioning what the staff was trying to pull before his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a tense conversation coming not too far away. Hoping to get some idea over what was happening, he went in the direction of the speakers, coming across the same crowd of students he had seen before, with what he assumed to be their teacher standing in front of them, confronting three sickly looking women. He had neared the party enough to get within earshot of their exchange of words, just in time to hear one fairly uncomfortable part:

    "Oh my dear satyr. You think you can take us?"

    Satyr? Oh no...not again...not here. Hesitantly, Cole averted his gaze from the women and towards the teacher's feet...or lack thereof.

    'Hooves...goddammit, they're back!' He thought with angst. Just as he was beginning to truly believe all that crap he had gone through all these years was behind him, his class had to come here, of all places, just to have a run in with his fellow freaks of nature...or mythology...or whatever the hell they were. Well, whatever they were planning to do, they could count him out of it. He wanted nothing to do with this demi-god business. Turning away, he walked up to one of the security guards.

    "Hey, sorry, but this is a bit of a misunderstanding. I'm not with these peopl-ach!" He couldn't finish his sentence before the guard had his hand tightly gripping the teen's throat, nearly crushing Cole's windpipe before throwing him backwards a great distance, the only thing stopping him from going any further being a large statue in which he slammed into. Clenching his teeth as he tried to shake off the pain both in his neck and on his back, Cole slowly picked himself up, getting back on his feet just in time to see the same guard now standing in front of him...and letting out some very inhuman barks and growls.

    "Okay, what the hell are you supposed to be?" Cole asked as he backed away from this "man", easily deducing he wasn't quite what he seemed. Sure enough, as if in response, the impostor of a guard changed into its true form of a hideous dog-faced, pointy-eared, seal-like humanoid, lashing at Cole with its clawed hands. Cole barely shifted out of the way of the attack, along with several more slashes, before shielding himself with the statue, hearing the creature scraping the front of the marble structure.

    "Shit...this is it, isn't it? I'm gonna drop dead right here, aren't I?" He said, nearly in a whimper, before he thought he saw the faint glimmer of something at the corner of his eye. It was coming from the a small handle bar shaped part on the statue's back. A sudden sense of déjà vu crossing his mind, Cole reached for the handle and pulled at it. The piece easily slid out, revealed a bronze blade attached to the handle. This thing was hiding a dagger, but more importantly, a bronze dagger! This must've been one of those celestial bronze weapons like the one that satyr had used in his earlier run-in like this all those years ago. So, now he was armed, but he still had to reach that disgusting monster before it could slice and dice him.

    "Well...guess I'm just gonna have to go for it..." He murmured, about to jump around and attack when the clawing suddenly stopped. He looked down, and sure enough, his hands were glowing that grayish aura again, the same glow overtaking the creature. Cole gave a slight grin as his uncontrollable powers finally put themselves to good use, lunging towards his target...just as the glow disappeared.

    "Damn!" He shouted, quickly stabbing his blade at the monster's canine head as it stabbed at him. It was all a matter of who would make their mark first.

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