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Old Skool Pokemon Game Glitches Memorial

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Weido, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Remember the good old days when everyone called Marill Pikablu and the Mew glitch was all the rage? Missingno was popular, everybody found some bizarre glitch. Remember the good old days?
  2. Yea I remember those old pokemon rumors like getting Mew under the truck at the S.S. Anne and how you'd be able to get to Johto from Bills back yard. Then there were made up pokemon like Mewthree, and Venastoise
  3. My friend swears the S.S. Anne truck thing is real, but it never worked for me. There is another way to get Mew, and it has something to do with Nugget Bridge, but I did it so long ago, I can't remember how it works. I'm sure there is a YouTube video on it.
  4. I didn't even know there was a truck in Vermillion, but I knew you were supposed to give away a lvl 100 Nidoking to a rocket grunt (like anyone would really do that) so that he would give you the car keys.

    The Find Mew Glith I foumd more appealing however was to trade a pokemon that knows Cut so that you don't need the HM Cut and send the S.S. Anne on it's way before you could take on Lt. Surge. Then later when you get Surf, you can surf from the jetty and go left until you reach an island with Mew hiding inside.

    There was also this glitch city with instructions I tried in Yellow but can't recall, but the scary thing was that it worked. I didn't save afterwards though, because it had the penalty of making my Pikachu hate me.

    So yeah, that's what I know about glitches. And I always wondered what Pikablu was, now I know it was a Marill.
  5. blarg, I believe you are referring to the Nugget Bridge Mew Glitch, which can be used to get Mew before you even beat Misty. *starts going into detail*

    First, clear the Nugget Bridge and Gary. They'll need to be out of the way. Take care of the two or so Hikers in Rt. 25 so as to leave the Youngster available to abuse. In the grass next to the bridge, catch an Abra(but don't battle the Trainer!) Teleport back to Cerulean and buy as many PokeBalls as you can. Next, go to the grass again, but this time, position your character in the Trainer's line of sight, but one screen above him so he can't see you. Move one step towards him and press Start almost immediately after, causing you to move and open the menu simultaneously. Use Abra to Teleport back, which you will, while the Trainer has ! over his head. Right now, your start button won't work, but walk to Rt. 25 and battle the Youngster WHO HAS A SLOWPOKE. Defeat him, and you can access the Menu once more. Teleport back, go to Nugget Bridge, which will cause the menu to pop up. Press B, and voila!~ Mew!*

    *This glitch can be used to catch more than Mew, and has a much greater depth than what has been told. Check the internet for more details **

    **Note: This double asterisk doesn't mean anything :p
  6. Yeah, I did the mew glitch the short way on Pokemon Yellow. As I remember correctly, I caught an abra and teleported away before a battle from the guy next to the nugget bridge (On the left) then kill Youngster's slowpoke, try to walk back to Nugget bridge and, the start menu pops open. Close it, level 7 mew! :D
  7. *goes off to hack his yellow version*
  8. :'( I miss my kabutops skeleton missingno.

    Remember when everyone thought that after a certain amount of rocket launches in Ruby and Sapphire, you'd get to go to the moon and challenge Jirachi and Deoxys? I was so pissed when it didn't work.
  9. I have this friend who still swears mewthree is real. He believes anything he sees on youtube. :p
  10. Nyeeeeeeeen, glitches are fun ~

    What about the Tauros beside Cinnabar island? When I was younger (I mean yooouunger, I was like 4 or something xD) I done that glitch. Good times ... goooood times ~

    OH OH OH
    And in R/B/Y and G/S/C when you cut a tree then stood on the spot, saved it, turned it off then back on, you were standing on a tree. 8D

    OH OH OH
    Everytime I see someone (obviously someone I know, not just a random person :x) playing D/P, I ask them if I can see it for a second, fly to Floaroma, buy some honey, go into a Pokemart, use the honey, talk to the Pokemart guy and leave it there. 8D Blank panels are fuuuuun.
    Damn, forgot that this was "Old Skool". xD;
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  11. These are funny because I just watched a few Youtube videos that had to do with those things. My favorite ones were Mewthree and Mewthree X because they looked so bad, it was funny. And then I saw an awesome hack of Ruby where they player could go to Mossdeep, get on a space ship, and go to the moon to catch Deoxys XD. Scary part is that a few people thought it was real o.o
  12. i once thought that holding the B button increased the catch rate
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  13. Lol, a bunch of kids at my school used to think that, too, Cbosma. However, one of my favorite glitches was the classic Missingno. glitch. You have to love a mass of pixels that can kill your game. XP
  14. I still do this lol.
  15. I usually randomly mash at the buttons while trying to catch a pokemon. Not holding down any buttons just dosen't feel right to me.

  16. I hold down the 'L' button, but when I was waayy younger I used to do this chant-type thing.
  17. The missingo cheat or whatever you want to call it was epic, I caught a level 120. electrode that couldn't die :p. I kept using self destruct and once it hit zero it went straight back to full health. Bet the elite 4 with it. I reckon they need to put glitches/cheats into the newer games just to entertain us
  18. Linkachu

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    Not exactly a glitch, but yeah:


    I admit it - I did this when catching a Pokemon 1st Gen, too, and to this day I still have no idea if it actually helped. XD

    Glitch-wise, tho? My most memorable is definitely the Seafoam islands glitch. The borked leveled Pokemon amused the heck out of me, and I shamefully abused the infinite items portion of the glitch quite often. Infinite Rare Candy without needing to use an Game Shark was fun.
  19. aaah good old going back and forward at the side of cinnabar island, i got infinite rare candies from missigno :D
    and I have allways (and I still) mash on tha A-button when i'm catching a pokémon, I do this while I'm pretty sure it doesn't to anything except for destroying my A-button.

    On a Missigno-sidenote:
    I just straight killed the wild missigno, and i got infinite rare candies after doing this because it was the first item in my bag, now my friend actually caught the missigno, and that was a BAD move on his side, the missigno went to the pc box, he couldn't widraw it and a horizontal 'black' line (about 3px in thickness) formed right in the middle of his screen..
  20. The Deoxys you could catch when your counter in the space station thing was 100 or something~
  21. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    I think Bulbapedia eventually confirmed that this "cheat" actually has no effect whatsoever. Oh well. :p

    Recently, I did do the Mew Glitch on my Pokemon Yellow, just for fun mostly. It was definitely the most interesting glitch Gen I had for me, and remains my favourite Pokemon glitch to this day.
  22. I remember in red and blue you had so much glitches I've traveled through glitch city where I had thought Mew could be found, attempted to get to Bill's garden, and to get Mew or Marill under the truck battled Professor Oak before [​IMG] (I had to find this picture because when I first saw it on my game I brock out laughing so hard that I thought I would literally laugh my ass off.

    Missingo, M, Chief, Old man, Super Glitch all those things that may or may not have ruined my game are a part of me.

    You could also get through a Glitch a Gengar that has mean look in Generation 1 though it is read has TM12. (at LV 48 through the time machine trade Hunter to Gold from Red it will evolve to Gengar and learn Mean look has it should at LV 48. Trade it back and it will keep Mean look. found that out by mistake one day I just wanted to evolve my Hunter without having to wait for someone to trade to and I think I wanted to rerun my Gold at the time.)

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