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Old School video games.

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Freta, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. I've recently got into some of the really old game titles. I dtarted the original Final Fantasy and it makes me realise that uber-awesome graphics aren't necessary for good games. Anybody else have some favourite oldies?
  2. Kid Icarus and legaend of zelda: oracle of seasons. Those were some of my fav. old games
  3. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave

    I love Super Mario (or was it Super Mario Bros? Can't remember), Donkey Kong and DK 2, Excitebikes, Wrecking Crew, Tetris 2 and Dr. Mario. Ice Climbers is also very fun. A few years ago my dad bought me a gba game which contained 99 NES classics. All of the games listed above are on it ^^
  4. Stark

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    Age of Empires II - enough said really, I'd call it a classic. More so a milestone and an icon. Fantastic game for its age.
  5. I reckon. AoEIII kind of killed it though.I still like the original the best though. Not sure why.
  6. Doctor Oak

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    Get this man a beer for being made of utter correctness.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    How old does a game have to be to be 'old school' as far as you go?

    Because most of my favorite games are like... SNES era. XD
  8. Doctor Oak

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    I'd say as a general rule, anything more than a generation old when it comes to console games (so not the Gamecube, but the N64, nor the PS2 but the PSOne would count) and for PC games you may as well rank it by how much they don't work any more.

    Stupid sodding Vista breaking AOE...
  9. Zelda Ocarania Of Time and Majoras Mask nuff said :)
  10. The Ghouls 'n Ghost/Ghosts 'n Goblins series. I've most resently been playing those... and have been reliving my getting pwned days of yester-year, since these games are hella hard -_-U

    Addicting to play though, even if you lose alot ^_^
  11. Yoshimitsu

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    Classic Sonic.

    All of them.
  12. NonAnalogue

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    The Neverhood counts as a classic game, right? The only way I can get it to work is by running it through a Windows XP VM. XD That game was way ahead of its time, and it saddens me that the movie release got stuck in development hell. I would have really liked another adventure game in its vein, too. But hey, at least we're getting a sequel to the soundtrack. :p Maybe it'll have something else like Little Bonus Room.

    I also have to give credit to Live-a-Live for being an example of pretty much everything being done right. Spot-on storytelling, sharp graphics for the era, and a damn catchy soundtrack. Seriously, Kiss of Jealousy is one of my favorite battle songs in any game.
  13. Toastie

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    LoZ: OoT. A game so good that its remake overshadows most other 3DS games.

    I've been playing through Super Mario Bros. That is a fun game. Although it doesn't have all the clever features of the new ones, the levels are really well balanced and it feels like the perfect platformer.
  14. Mine would be Mario, Sonic, plus Pokemon Blue Version (First Pokemon game ever).
  15. Ooh, a thread on good old-skool video games? I'm so there.

    For the NES, some of my favorite games are:
    The Legend of Zelda
    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Mega Man 2
    Kirby's Adventure

    For the SNES:
    LoZ: A Link to the Past
    Star Fox
    Star Fox 2 (only released in ROM form)
    Super Castlevania IV
    Super Metroid
    Mega Man X
    Mega Man 7
    Super Mario World

    For the N64:
    LoZ: Ocarina of Time
    LoZ: Majora's Mask (I like this one more than OoT, actually)
    Super Mario 64
    Star Fox 64
    F-Zero X
    Conker's Bad Fur Day (Just a warning, this is the most f***ed up game I've ever played)

    For the Game Boy and Game Boy Color:
    LoZ: Link's Awakening DX
    Pokémon R/G/B/Y and G/S/C
    Wario Land

    For the Atari 2600 (Yeah, why not?):
    Space Invaders
    E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial (it's a joke, cause it's actually the worst game of all time)
  16. My favorite is Pokemon Diamond and yes, it is, technically, in fact, old. This is my fave youtube vid related to Diamond.

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  17. All the Mario games up to Mario 64 (since I never played it) Rayman and Street Fighter 2
  18. Just remembered my favouritist game from the original playstation. CTR Cart Racing. I loved it so much and I still sometimes play it. It stil delivers the same fun from back when I was a little kid.
  19. I wouldn't be able to pick my fav, as for N64 proably a this star wars gae even though I despise satr wars there was one level where these two yetis come at you but I make them fight and than when one wins,I just blow it up.:p As for NES and SNES I wouldn't be able t figure out my favorite for those...
  20. My favrite game is mario your right girl you rock to me!! ;) :D
  21. baratron

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    I'm so amused at the thought of N64 being old-school! I've been playing video games since before most of you were born (*shakes walking stick*), and to me, old-school is pre-1990.

    That being said, my favourite old-school game, originally released for BBC B, is now available to download for the PC: Imogen. It's a puzzle & platform game. Imogen on Wikipedia. I highly recommend it.

    I had a BBC Master 128. It was hardcore! 128 kB, more than any other computer at the time. And an expansion slot which would bring it up to 256 kB! Later, I had an Acorn Archimedes 440/1 - okay, the price at retail may have been £1299 but that's ex-VAT, and by the time you added on the cost of a monitor etc it was well over £2000. Hilariously, the computing power of this machine is more-or-less identical to my £129 GameBoy Advance SP - and may be directly compared, as they both use ARM chips.

    I played all of these games back in the 80s. See also Frak!, which had the best graphics around at the time. I should note that I was rubbish at it due to a total lack of hand-eye coordination.

    The first game I ever played in primary school, circa 1985.
  22. A Link to the past and Kid Icarus. 'Nuff said.

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