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Old Features You Want Back

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Silver Scizor, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. There are many features that have been in past games, that have been removed for one reason or another.

    One thing that I liked was that in Leaf Green and Fire Red, you got a berry pouch and a TM case, it seemed more organized. I don't like having to sift through each pocket to find the item I need. I also miss the option to store items in the computer, that way you don't have to hold on to the things you don't need and finding things is easier.
  2. i was just thinking about how it would be cool to visit past regions like there was in crystal also the pokemon radio should come back and have that helpful info on it... but thats just my opinion on that XD
  3. I'd like to be able to save in the safari zone again. I remember paying the 500 pokebucks, taking one step and-"Time for Dinner!" All I could do was leave. That was a waste of money. :(
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I do and don't agree with bits of that. I personally found the berry pouch/TM case awkward to use and much prefer them all having their own pockets.
    That said, I feel the pain of sifting through items all too well... the worst probably being the pocket with all your shards, evolution stones, non-berry hold items, etc. It takes a considerable amount of time for me to get from the top to the bottom of that pocket on my Diamond game. While I'm not wholly sure bringing the storage PC back is the answer (at least not without some sort of upgrade to separate the items within the PC itself), they could've given us a few organizing options like most RPGs do.

    Mm... Trying to think of other features I miss and coming up empty. I think Platinum covered most of the ones I was desperately missing from Emerald/FR/LG.
  5. Mystery Gift: G/S/C style

    I loved getting together with my cousin and exchanging gifts. All of the best furniture was from Mystery Gift during the second generation.

    Ugh, the 2nd gen nostalgia! It BURNS.
  6. I agree with Reina and the last part of Silver Scizor.

    Reina, I totally have the 2nd Gen Nostalgia too, and I'm hoping and praying for a DS remake of Gold/Silver/Crystal. Because going back and forth from Johto and Kanto was awesome, and I loved the Johto region's ... everything lol.

    I also wanted the Item Storage for the PC too, because having so many items in the pocket gets too much even for the stylus to circle through. Having divided boxes for the Item storage like Pokemon storage boxes would have been a wonderful addition to Platinum.
  7. I agree with everything! I really want a G/S/C remake, because I never really played through Silver, then it got destroyed. I was mad. I could always go buy another one, but after playing through all these games with decent graphics, the old GB graphics get on my nerves :/

    I would love to have item storage on D/P/Pt. I never used it before on other games, but I wasn't an item user then. There are many more uses for items now than in R/S/E/Fr/Lg, I have no idea why they removed that feature.

    Another thing I liked was one Emerald, you got a Frotier pass where you could oggle at your frotier symbols. On Platinum they are somewhere... but I don't remember what it is called. It's something in your key items....
  8. The reason there was item storage in G/S/C was that you had limited room in your backpack and the only viable solution to all the items available to you was that you had to shove what you weren't using into your PC for storage or sell them away at the Pokemart.

    With D/P/Pt they should have included several organizing features for the item storage as you get a fairly large amount of items to shove in you backpack. It does indeed get rather tedious scrolling -all- the way through them when you seem to need whatever is the last item in you backpack. XD
  9. With the new items pouch, have you guys considered alphabetizing your items. I do that and it makes everything so much easier.

    One thing I want back s your mom holding onto half of the money you get from each battle. It helped prepare me for the Pokemon League much more easily, and prevented me from blowing all my money at once. I usually don't do that, but meh.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I once tried to manually organize all of my hold items, and for awhile it worked nicely. But after awhile, with all the items I'd attach and remove from Pokemon and any new one's I picked up... Let's just say my pocket is a complete mess again. It's too much work to keep up with it XD

    The only pocket I really bother to organize now is my usable items. I always keep my potions at the top, then status healing items next, then revives, then PP healing items, then the rest.

    Also, funny you mentioned the mother thing... I had totally forgotten about that feature o.o
    While I wouldn't say I'm desperate to have it back, it would be a nice little addition to shove back in. ^^ The PokeGear function that allowed trainers to give you random items was cool, too, so maybe they could work that in somewhere. Random gifts from trainers you rebattled? Dunno. I just love free items and feel short on shards at the moment :p
  11. I want a G/S/C revamp too!
    I loved that one most, especially my Crystal .
  12. I would be in favour of a Gold/Silver revamp. Not so much out of nostalgia, I never played them. To complete the set, however, they would be most welcome. You have Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kanto in a series of games that can all interact with each other (Gen III/IV).
    It's only fitting that Johto would get a nod to make it so all four regions and generations can interact with each other.

    Plus it's the right business decision. It seems like DS is pretty much it for the time being as far as Nintendo hand helds go (not that this is a bad thing, it's a phenomenal system). So with the lack of a proper "Gen V" on the horizon a remake of the Gen II games makes the most sense to extend the franchise's presence on the DS system.

    Edit: http://ds.ign.com/articles/979/979351p1.html

    Next time, just edit info like this into your previous post. Thanks. ~ Linkachu
  13. I agree with the second nostalgia, i always felt that Ruby/sapphire was a step back/in the wrong direction when it came to the features (although the 3rd gen contests where reasonably entertaining). Go poke radio!!
  14. it would be nice to have back the Pokeradio, TM Case, Berry Pouch, Berry Juice (that item was great for the Pokemon to hold), the Apricorns and the balls made from them. Also, I missed Mimic as a TM and would be nice to have back.
  15. Yeah, I miss the radio and the Pokegear. I didn't like the TM case and the Berry pouch all that much.

    Speaking of second gen nostalgia...

  16. Acorn balls! I never hear ANYONE talk about these but they were fun to make in johto. I freaking miss them and i hope the somehow make them again in the remakes ;_;
  17. I would definitely want the poke gear and the radio back, that was a really nice feature. I don't exactly miss the berry pouch and TM case though. Oh and the acorn balls were a nice addition as well.
  18. Ultimately the only thing from Gen III I really miss in Gen IV is item storage on the PC.
  19. In Gen III you were able to dive underwater and find hidden items. I always thought that was pretty fun to do.
  20. That would have been really fun in the Generation IV! I loved going underwater, and that your character has the outstanding ability to hold his/her breath for an umlimited amount of time without turning blue ^^; Think of what we may have been able to add with the touch screen... there could have been so much more done with the touch screen in D/P. I was a little dispointed. :/

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