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Old drawings I, well, drew.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by snowyarticuno, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Well, whilst looking through my desk, I found my folder of drawings I made when Ruby & Sapphire had just came out(I think I was about 7-8). They aren't that good, but hey, I may as well scan & post them. Prepare for eye bleeding.

    There are a lot of wings. Poorly drawn, really out of place, wings. Don't know why, there just is.

    I've only scanned five of them so far, & not all of them are fanemon(some are Megaman and a couple of Sonics).

    Cycanic- The first one I drew, draws HEAVILY from Kyorge. He would bring about thunder storms when he roared and didn't get along with Dacalanic(who is analongous to Groudon).

    Dacalanic-The second one I drew, and could be considered analongous to Groudon. Where as Cyca brought on thunderstorms when he roars, Daca brought on nice, sunny wheather.

    Flora-The 4th one I drew; think it was either supposed to be a plit-evo of Sunkern or an Evo for Sunflora.

    Dragineon-#24, was a dragon(obviously). Borrowed alot from King Ghidorah.

    Valecia-She IS a ghost type. The 23rd one I drew. That white space? Supposed to be yellow but my scanner messed it up. By now you've noticed tha my eyes are either ^_^ or "evil anime eyes"
  2. Well, I kinda liked the last one's color combination. Valecia, is it? It looks like a stuffed animal with a grabby claw for a tail. -^~^- Weird, but I like it.
  3. Thank you for the compliment.

    Oh, I'm about to try and scan a couple more, and was wondering what the image limit of a post was. Don't want to break any rules now.

    Eh, maybe I'll just use my old deviantart account for older ones and just replace the first 5 with the next 5.

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