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DPPt/HGSS Okay... now I tink I've got it, mahn!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Hoenn Master, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. I have made many of these topics, and erased/locked many. This time, I've got it! My future Wi-Fi/PBR team. Yes, I know I use Palkia. Deal wid it! I can't stand to leave my wittle Zilla out. I will be doing Double Battles in both Wi-Fi and PBR.

    Infernape-Tamale @Shuca Berry (EQ overused)
    EV training in Defense and Atk
    1. Flamethrower
    2. Close Combat
    3. Grass Knot
    4. Calm Mind

    Info/Strategy: My Infernape is best with SpAtk so I take advantage of that. Grass Knot can take down heavy Rock/Ground types, and maybe some others. Close Combat and Flamethrower, I believe, can get STAB. Flamethrower over Fire Blast because of Accuracy. Calm Mind for the obvious. The Wide Lens can help with Focus Blast and in case of Accuracy loss. *shiver*

    Togekiss-Togep @ _____
    Serene Grace
    EV training in SpAtk and SpDef
    1. Air Slash
    2. Aura Sphere
    3. Shadow Ball
    4. Safeguard

    I/S: I take advantage of Togekiss's Serene Grace with Air Slash and Shadow Ball and effects. Aura Sphere for its never missing-ness. Safeguard for the usual, annoying status. I will pair it with Pokemon like Tamale or Zilla.

    Palkia-Zilla @ Scope Lens
    No EV training I can think of.
    1. Spacial Rend
    2. Water Pulse
    3. Earth Power
    4. Thunder Wave

    I/S: Naturally slow, I use T.Wave to slow down the opponents. Spacial Rend for STAB. With the Scope Lens, Spacial Rend's critical ratio is increased. Earth Power to lower SpDef and Water Pulse for the Water-type advantage. Pairing with Togep probably.

    Ninjask-Jojask @______
    Speed Boost
    EV training in HP.
    1. Substitute
    2. Swords Dance
    3. Agility
    4. Baton Pass

    I/S: I spam Double Team Spam Swords Dance or Agility and Baton Pass onto someone like Kingslo, Dusknoir, Destro, Zilla, etc.

    Dusknoir-Specto @
    EV training in SpAtk and HP
    1. Trick Room
    2. Shadow Ball
    3. Focus Blast
    4. Toxic

    I/S: Use Trick Room with Zilla or Kingslo. It is better with SpAtk than Atk, so Shadow Ball and Focus Blast for said reasons. Night Shade is a move I'll replace if I must, otherwise I'll just train it a lot. Replaced with Toxic. EV in HP because Specto needs to last, 'cause I love it. :3

    Absol-Destro @Razor Claw
    EV train in Atk, Spd, and HP
    1. Psycho Cut
    2. Night Slash
    3. Stone Edge
    4. Taunt

    I/S: I can use Absol's great physical movepool to my advantage. If I bring out Destro with Jojask's Baton Pass, things could be bad.. for my opponent. 8)

    Long, but worth it to consider every detail. And I mean every detail. I will EV train Pokemon if it isn't speed. Thank you and please read the details so you know the strategy I may use if it'll be useful.

    AL has Spoken... and is Out of Breath.

    EDIT- 8-25-07: Replaced Kingslo's Shell Bell because 1/16 of 180 equals 11.25. :p Destro has Stone Edge instead of Rock Slide. Jojask: replaced Double Team with Sub and will EV train it in HP. Replaced Drapion with Tombor. May replace Kingslo due to annoying consequences of using it many times in a row. Could replace it with Jojask. I will not use Trick Room with it out.
    Replaced Kingslo with Jojask. Keeping Zilla. Tombor is replaced by Destro.

    EDIT- 8/27/07: Redid Destro's Moveset and will be raising and doing Training/Catching soon.
  2. Well, I can't disagree with you there; you seem to have thought of every angle.

    Just a few things I'd say:

    I understand you want Palkia on your team, but most people just follow the no-ubers rule. Also; most people play by the evasion clause, since that can pretty much ruin a fun match. Excluding that...

    I can see what you're trying to do with Slowking and of course the downside of trump card is it'll take 5 uses before you can get to that uber 180 base power.

    I like your Absol's moveset, kinda unique, although.. stone edge could work better than Rock Slide and even with 80 base acc it rarely misses. Worth considering, since you're not using it to counter a weakness.

    Although Ninjask baton-passing is a fairly OU trick, if you wanna pull it off well add in Substitute somewhere for extra speed build up and avoiding toxic.

    Speaking of, putting a status move like toxic on another pokemon other than Spiritomb would be a good idea too.

    Quick claw? It ignores the trick room effect if it activates, just like first strike moves. (But with a 10% activation rate, it probably won't work when you want it to.)

    Apart from that, you've got a fairly well rounded team there, so good luck.
  3. So, does that mean I can use ol' Zilla? ??? I have seen tons (and I mean tons) of people use the Ubers, and I just love Palkia. I'm not gonna give the speech, but I would like to keep her in.

    Okay, so Jojask and Destro will be updated. Oh, and Tombor must keep his moveset. Please. My Death Spell can kill off a few unwanted Pokemon of which my attacks cannot defeat easily. Maybe I'll put Toxic on Dusknoir and replace Night Shade. How about that?

    You're right, but with my new updates to the team, my Drapion, Pinch, is excluded again. What does OU mean? I'm not really on to all of the acronyms everyone uses now. Oh, I feel like some old Goomba off of my game, "Sorry, I'm not up to what's 'hip' right now." :o

    AL has Inquired!
    BTW, how do you like the names? M'mom helped me with Tamale, I did the rest.
  4. I can see where the names come from, and yet; they're still imaginative. :D

    Yes, lots of people do use Ubers; especially on PBR people run around with whole teams focusing on the galaxy shapers (Dialga, Palkia, Kyogre; etc..) but most people prefer not to play with them since they're generally considered overpowered (broken). Also, most people that use them tend not to know what they're doing and get beaten by every player with a good grasp on strategy.

    If you know what you're doing when you send out an uber; then by all means, use it; but the person you're playing against probably won't like you for it.

    'Tombor's moveset is a fairly well-used by players with strategy, but you have to remember not many people are just going to let you confuse; sleep and then curse their poke' lying down. You have to think this through though, resting after cursing with chesto is nice; but if hypnosis misses, you're not gonna be able to pull anything off. Trying adding wise lens and replace rest with dream eater. Higher acc, and you still get recovery plus damage to your enemy.

    On the subject of your Dusknoir, first off; Muscle Band only increases the power of physical moves; and with Dusknoir being a ghost; it doesn't have many. You might wanna try wise glasses or something.
    If you plan on going on PBR with this team, then night shade will only have 50 base power in most matches. Try removing night shade and dark pulse and replace them with shadow ball and toxic. We've already talked about toxic and shadow ball gets STAB. Both Dark and Ghost moves are super-effective against psychics and foxcus blast takes care of darks. (I hope that's what you intended)

    And one thing, Infernape does have high SP.Atk; but you can still replace focus blast with close combat. Both strong, but CC has higher acc and it does the exact same job as focus blast. If you use it right, the defense lowering thing doesn't matter at all.

    TBH, I've never played with; or seen many Drapions in battle; so I'm not sure how to help you there.

    I'm sorry this is such a long post; and it's not because your team is bad (Heck, I'm FAR from an expert) but I like to be thorough when I explain so there's less questions. I hope this all helps btw.

    Keep in mind, I'm just advising; it's your team and you're free to do whatever you want with it.

    P.S OU = Over-used
  5. Like that Spiritomb's moveset. Dreampirate said a lot. I have a Recomendation:

    Pinch @ Shuca berry
    Evs in Sp. Def and Attack

    Cross Poison
    Poison Fang

    use with a Honchkrow like this

    Super Luck
    Sleep Talk
    Dark Pulse
  6. DP: Thank you. I will add those suggestions soon. Tanks for clearing up OU and I needed an opinion from someone other than Family. I must keep Tombor's moveset, it can weed out some Pokemon, but I will give him the Wide Lens. I could try Mean Look with Specto, or something else to just keep it. Please? PLEASE!? Sorry for freaking!

    SP: I'm not using Pinch or a Honchkrow. Where'd you get that idea? ???

    AL has Spoken!
  7. Go ahead, it's your party; lol.
  8. AL: It was a Spur at the moment. It's okay. Maybe I'll use it then. Drapions can really hurt when used correctly. What DP said, it's your party.
  9. Well, try this Absol moveset:

    Nature: Adamant
    Item: Scope Lens/Razor Claw
    Ability: Super Luck
    EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
    -Night Slash
    -Psycho Cut
    -Stone Edge/Swords Dance
    -Shadow Claw/Stone Edge/Taunt/Baton Pass

    Night Slash for STAB.
    Psycho Cut to attack Fighting.
    Stone Edge for Bug Types.
    Swords Dance to up Attack.
    Shadow Claw, has a high Critical Hit ratio.
    Taunt to prevent two consective attacks?
    Baton Pass to switch out (Really unsure but can be used to get out of there).
    Did I mention that Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Stone Edge, and Shadow Claw's Critcal Hit ratio is Doubled and increased with the Scope Lens or Razor Claw.

    Edit: AL, Pokemon can have up to 510 EVs. I'm just using them all.
  10. Thank you, Plapti. I will use that, but I already used Shadow Claw on an Ambipom and I won't use Taunt now. I may do a quarter the amount of EVs wanted because that's insane! Who can... oh, wait. Never Mind. I may do half that much because I have as much patience as... scratch that. I will eventually get to updating.

    AL has Spoken! *POOF!*
  11. For what it's worth...

    Torment is the move that stops successive use of an attack. Halts Choice Band/Scarf/whatever users and forces a switch for them, basically.
    Taunt just makes it so that the enemy has to use direct-damage moves for 2-5 turns. Great for stopping those Toxic/Double Team/Protect/Sandstorm annoyers.

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