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Ask to Join OHSHC: Tales of Ouran Academy Discussion/Sign Up

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by ValiantVictini_161, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Hello, one and all! ValiantVictini speaking! So I’ve been in an Ouran mood lately, so why not? If no one else is going to do it, I will. Before I begin with rules, I’d like to point out that this is my first time doing one of these things, so please go easy on me, kay? To clarify, this roleplay will take place after the anime, so if you have not finished the anime, take your time to finish that and then come back here.

    Rules (cuz we all love ‘em):
    • This is an OC-friendly roleplay, but you are more than welcome to take up canon characters as well, as long as you message me first if you want someone. First come, first serve! I will keep a list of who’s who once I get this settled.
    • When creating an OC, you can have them come from a wealthy family or make them commoners with scholarships like Haruhi, but whatever you do, do NOT overpower them. This means no making your character the most wealthy/powerful/beautiful person in the school. ”My character is very wealthy” is okay, but don’t count on getting in if your character is a “super-mega, gorgeous hottie who is a huge multi-trillionaire”. Blegh. That hurt to write.
    • You may create up to 2 OCs, but that’s it. I can’t keep track of all of you.
    • No siblings. I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to see something like, “Tamaki’s long-lost sister” or “Nekozawa’s cousin’s sister’s twice-removed” or something like that.
    • Keep it PG in here, PG-13 at the very least. Keep swearing to a minimum. I am a teen bean, myself, but for the sake of other roleplayers, keep it decent.
    • Write in Third Person’s perspective!! (Ex: He saw the bird; she played the flute.)
    • If you roleplay as a canon character, make sure you know the character well enough to portray them! If Kyoya is supposed to be “The Shadow King”, then you portray him as “The Shadow King”!
    • Be nice!! We’re here to have fun! :D And being mean, rude and hurtful to other role-players will result in suspension from the thread.
    This last rule is extremely important:
    • For the love of ALL that is holy, please please PLEASE!! BE!! LITERATE!! I cannot stress this rule enough. Illiteracy is the biggest no-no for me. I cannot STAND people who are illiterate. It drives me crazy. Use your periods, apostrophes, colons, and semi-colons CORRECTLY!! And use more than one sentence when role playing. Two or three at the most. And make them LITERATE. If you do not follow this rule and break it in ANY way, I kid you not, I will not hesitate to ban you from the roleplay.
    Phew, I think that’s it. If there’s anything I forgot, I’ll add it in later. Onward to thy character sheet!!

    OC Template:
    Age ( 15-18 ):
    Social Standing (Commoner or Heir/Heiress):
    Family (if any):
    Family Business (if Heir/Heiress is chosen):
    Crush (if any):

    My OC:
    Name: Suzuki Toshimoto
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Social Standing: Heiress
    Personality: Despite being the middle child of three sisters, she acts quite mature for her age, demonstrating a level-headed and moral personality, but nonetheless still has a fun, childish side. She’s a sweet person to be around and enjoys making friends.
    Appearance: She stands at 5’7, has a fair skin complexion, bluish-grey eyes, and black, curly hair, which she keeps in subtle pigtails.
    Family: Mr. Toshimoto (father), Mrs. Toshimoto (mother), Kamiko (older sister), and Ayano (younger sister).
    Family Business: Her family owns the largest electronics company in the area. Phones, tablets, computers, cameras, you name it. (Like, Apple-good products.)
    Crush: No one at the moment.

    Canon Characters:
    Tamaki Suoh - OPEN
    Haruhi Fujioka - OPEN
    Kyoya Ootori - OPEN
    Hikaru Hitachiin - OPEN
    Kaoru Hitachiin - OPEN
    Mitskuni Haninozuka (Honey) - @Sinshi
    Takashi Morinozuka (Mori) - OPEN
    Renge Houshakuji - OPEN
    Nekozawa Umehito - OPEN
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  2. Hi Victini :3 I personality love ohshc but I've only wached one episode (it was the last one) but I know more then enough to to participate in this roleplay so here's my OC

    Name: Akane Watanabe

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Social Standings: Heiress

    Personality: Akane is usually quiet when she's in a new area but over time she becomes more social, loud even. When she breaks out of that shell she doesn't really know how to act but if she puts a certain image on herself she's determined to keep it no matter it be good or bad. She'd much rather be herself but she feels if she breaks that imagery it would surprise everyone and all of that attention wouldn't be worth being herself because after all she is still a shy person.

    Appearance: Shes 5'9 tall, has light tan skin, bright green eyes, and space blue hair in a pixie cut. She wears the traditional yellow dress.

    Family: Mrs. Watanabe (mother), Mr. Watanabe (father), Sobo (grandmother in Japanese), Chōbyō (brother)

    Family Business: A statewide sweets business (most popular in Tokyo) it's inventory goes from chocolates, to wedding cakes
    Crush: nobody right now at least >:3
  3. Accepted! Are there any canon characters you’d like to take?
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  4. Hmm honey Sendai :3
  5. Of course! But again, I have to ask that you must be literate. :)
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  6. Haha sorry I meant to spell out senpai
  7. I'm going to post to the thread now so I might not respond to your next post
  8. Hey, are you going to reply, soon, possibly?
  9. yes sorry was in new york for 2 days :'|
  10. Sinshi, it’s not that you aren’t a great roleplayer, you really are, it’s just that you need to be a little more literate with your sentences. Please? Thank you.
  11. Ok i get it ill try no promises
  12. Are you gonna reply soon or..?

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