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Oh my. Where am I going off to?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Kalseng, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Well, I have to scamper off up north to Minnesota/North Dakota. I'll be there for approximately 2 weeks. Yes I know. (July 23rd-August 5th) And I will NOT have internet. D: I'm going up there to hang out with my coolio friends and be awesome. |D

    Oh yeah, and hang out with my new girlfriend. But that's beside the point. I won't be here for about two weeks, which gives y'all plenty of quiet chat time. And Kal will no longer be the only person online when someone logs in at 2 AM on a Saturday. \o?

    I'm going up there because I lived there about a year ago now, and it was freaking wonderful. But now that I've moved out here, I haven't been able to keep in touch with him. If you see this before 7:59 AM on the 23rd and I'm on Chat, feel free to ask for my number if you want to keep in contact with me.

    Unless I don't like you. D:<


    BUT I probably do. :D

    Unless you're Tangrow. D:<

    No I'm kidding ILU2.


    So yes, I'm going to be gone. I'll post in this topic again when I come back. Text me, call me, whatever, but if I don't get back, I'm having fun. Like, lots of it.
  2. :\

    Two weeks is quite a long time, you know. Even if for one of those weeks I'll be gone too :B

    I do believe there is something you have not included here.

    Well, I hope you come back with all sorts of crazy stories of your North Dakota adventures! Have fun on this little trip of yours.

    Expect me to call you/beep you if I wanna reach you :U
  3. D'aww, but Kal, your story will remain un-finished!

    I jest. Good to see you're having fun, though I'm not sure on time-zones, I think you're behing me, so you may see this message. Either way, have fun.

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