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Open Oh Midnight

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nightcore12317, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Imagine you're on a cruise ship and everything goes wrong and you crash into a supposed rock, you and a few other survivors are scattered across-shore, but somethings off, it is always midnight. But besides, oh how the midnight moon may call.

    Rules: ok so not many of course there are original rules, but I have one rule,
    please only write something if it's going to progress the story, it makes it easier for people to get back in the roleplay, so for example if 2 people are "battling" make it 10 to 20 posts long.

    Enter your character at my profile page and your in ( 99% probability of me saying yes)

    My character appearance
    name: shine down.
    gender: male
    species: Lucario
    appearance: A normal Lucario except for an old scarf a "freind" had given him.

    Role Play:

    His eyes were heavy and his lungs were full of water as his gear saked down from his bag. His mind was heavy and his brain felt like a wet clump of dust. He tried standing up and just feel again. He looked up, oh how the moon shined down, and he noticed it was past midnight, He grabbed a walking stick good for his size and stumbled around looking for a source of light. H called "Hello? somebody?" and realize even if there was anybody they wouldn't understand him, but they would probably still hear him.
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  2. Oc was floated out into the sea. Freakin ship crashed, or broke or whatever the heck happened. But if life had taught him one thing, it was how to survive. He began to jolt volts if electricity into the sky repeatedly as an SOS. The light tinted his goggles. Wait! There were voices! If a fellow Pokémon? A rescuer? No, the voice sounded weak, drowning maybe? The pang I’d realization told him that it was another survivor. He cast a bright volt out, and saw him, a Lucario, drifting on a piece of wood. My god I’m not alone, Octo-Bug thought. He saw towards him, yelling, “Hey, you Lucario! I’m coming!”
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  3. He saw the volts in the air as his eyes widened with joy, he was beginning to realize he was in the water drifting on an almost fully broken raft slowly coming towards shore until, it came to a full stop with the pokemon a few feet away staring, his legs and arms were weak to the point of which he tried standing but ended with a flare of humiliation, and on the sand he felt the cold midnight air and looked up at the pokemon and said "Hello" before fully passing out.
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  4. Gavantula sighed with relief when he came up on the sand. He looked down at this Lucario, and took his goggles of and rested up on his head to take a better look at this Pokémon. Before he could say anything else to him, the Pokémon passed out, probably due to weakness. @$&!, where was he when the ship crashed? All he could say was hi! Oc shook his head and dragged the Lucario further up to wherever they where.
    Once he had him in a good spot, he shook out his fur, and huddled up beside the passed out Pokémon, giving warmth to him.
    May as well help those who need it.
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  5. He opened his eyes and found himself further from the water, thank god, laying beside him was a Gavantula, at first Shine down freaked out and tried getting away, but to the simplicity of forgetting about his weak limbs sent him crashing down before you could say "go Pikachu" His head slowly turned back to whoever it was and said, "hello again, uh... thanks for helping me."
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  6. Octo-Bug looked down. “Uh, Yeah. Just doing what I’m doing.” He replied. He was still concerned though. Surely there had to be more survivors than two on that massive ship. There were lots of people-er, Pokémon. But to be safe, the Gavantula made a globe shaped electro web by where they were, giving light to them, and to any other survivors, if there were any. Heck, if some water type Pokémon were on there, they could survive. He just felt terrible for the ones who didn’t make it.
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  7. Shine Down stared at the orb electricity and was amazed, he liked studying fellow pokemon but never seen this much control with their webs. He grabbed a stick and stood up and started talking again "My names shine Down, and I must ask how did you do that with your web? I've certainly never seen that before."
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  8. Gavantula was took off when the Lucario stood up. Didn’t he like, just pass out? He didn’t care that much. “Well, I don’t really know, I just do it. I spent lots of time in the forest practicing getting webs in circular rocks and....yeah.” He said gruffly. He looked to the weak Lucario with disinterest. “Hey, you know if there’s anymore survivors out there?” He asked the Pokémon.
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  9. His eyes fell to the ground, "Probably not and if so we should look around, ill use my aura sphere to send signals" his eyes wandered around a little, "It's been a few hours since we have been here right? if so haven't you noticed the moon isn't moving?"he thought that it was odd but decided it was not of importance for now and wanted to get on with finding any human survivors or fellow pokemon.
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  10. Two Pokemon slowly washed ashore, covered in sand and other debris. Coughing, they dragged themselves onto their feet.
    "Ah... Eve, are you okay?" Tiara asked, her voice a bit raspy.
    "Never been better," Eve replied sarcastically. She looked around. "Deserted island. Just great. Now we get to live out one of those idiotic adventure movies."
    "Calm down!" Tiara retorted angrily. "Now, the first thing we need to do is see if there's any other survivors."
    Eve rolled her eyes. "Fine."
    Eve stamped her paws on the ground, creating a large grassy stalk as she used Sappy Seed. She climbed up on top, and then used Glitzy Glow to create a bright signal.
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  11. Gavantula nodded to the Lucarios response, and then turned to a bright light.
    Gavantula hurried in the direction, sending off his own electrical signals, and then found them, and evee, and a Riolu. He was relieved that they weren’t the only ones who had made it. “Hey, you two survivors from the ship?” He asked the two.
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  12. Eve couldn't hide her slight disdain. She was hoping that it would just be her and Tiara, but it looked like her signal had unfortunately worked.
    "Yeah. You are too, I'm guessing?" she said, a less than kind tone to her voice. Tiara glared at her, then smiled at the Galvantula.
    "Yes, we are. Please forgive my friend, she hit her head in the crash. My name is Tiara, and this is Eve. It's a pleasure to meet you." Tiara made a slight curtsy. Eve rolled her eyes.
  13. Shine down decided to follow the garvantula and saw two other survivors, an Eevee, and a Riolu "Hi there my name is Shine down nice to meet you, I thought there would be more survivors." he looked around a little more. "Anyways if you guys have any skills or anything that could raise us high in the sky that would be useful" Shine down said as if he had an urge to find somebody.
  14. Aisa the Glaceon had been onboard a ship, traveling to another region at the request of an old friend. She had been very tired from the voyage so far, and bored, so she had curled up on the uncomfortable bed in her cabin aboard the ship to get some rest. She had been woken in the middle of the night as she felt a great jarring, and before she could gather her senses or any of the things she had brought with her, she was plunged into dark waters. She clung for her life to the bed, which provided some buoyancy to keep her afloat. After drifting in the night, scared half out of her wits, her large ears had picked up the sound of waves lapping on a shore. She was too exaughsted to look up, but with a gentle bump she was washed onto the shore.

    She lay there, spralwed out on the sand for, well, she didn’t know how long. But she finally gathered the strength to stagger to her feet and look around. It was land; a beach. The moon shone down from the sky, in the center of the heavens. She wouldn’t be able to find her bearings with the moon in that position. She felt her legs giving out, and she coughed some water out of her lungs. She felt lost and hopeless, and began to whimper quietly.
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  15. now a Lucario's ears never deceive them, or thats what his trainer said at least, he heard a low whimper from far away, and began ignoring everything around him... a survivor! he scrambled over with haste and found a Glaceon on the sand he picked it up do to him thinking it was asleep. the running was a quick adrenalin rush as he dropped his stick and almost fell over. he carried it over and dropped it onto a nearby piece of wood. "Hey uh... people I found another survivor"
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  16. (OOC) Alright, sorry this took so long, sorry that it's so long (if it is) and I'm sorry if it's not very good, but I tried.
    Somewhere pretty close to the sunken cruise was an overturned life boat that has sunken pretty far when it finally stops resting right on the edge of A deeper part of the water the cruise was cruising on. A few moments later the same lifeboat starts to tilt and slide off the edge when A large shadow creeps out from under the life boat and grabs the edge of it.

    It then begins pushing it upwards when the sound of something being crunched or snapped underwater is heard, this slightly slows down the process but the speed is quickly built back up as the lifeboat was lifted a bit higher up. Then the shadow let go once the lifeboat was lifted high enough to cleanly slide off the edge.

    Upon being let go the life boat slips off, letting the source of the shadow, A Shedinja, begins to float to the surface as the shadow pulls itself back into the Shedinja. The Shedinja though kept looking down, intently watching another Pokemons shape laying completely still slowly get covered by the darkness.

    Upon reaching the surface the Shedinja, due to the way they are shaped remained face down and began to lose consciousness as it was slowly pushed by the waves towards the island, after one last look, the Shedinja lost consciousness and continued drifting toward the island, dreaming that nothing bad happened and what really happened was just a dream.
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  17. Aisa struggled weakly as she was picked up and carried off. She didn’t know who they were, or what they planned to do with her, but she was never good at combat and she was too tired from her watery struggle for survival to give any real resistance. She felt the rough texture of wood below her as she was set down, and she coughed again. She couldn’t see very well in the moonlight, but there seemed to be a few other Pokémon nearby. Thoughts raced through her head:

    Where am I?

    Who are these Pokémon?

    What are they going to do to me?

    What am
    I going to do?

    Her sides moved up and down as she breathed. She wanted to get up, to run, to get away. She wanted to go home. However, she didn’t dare to move, so she lay still on her side and looked at the other Pokémon with bleary eyes.
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  18. He looked down on the piece of wood realizing its awake. "oh I didn't know you were awake, hehe my name is Shine down! nice to meet you! we were also survivors and you were a lucky one eh?" he looked around seeing a couple of dead bodies that were stabbed with long poles. "heh not a good place to be isn't it?"
  19. Gavantula sighed as Shine Down brought another one. “Hey! Will ya be careful? Look at the thing! It’s shaking all over! Your gonna scare it even more.” Oc said to Shine. He took the Glaceon from him, and set her down to the sides. He laid by her, and generated electricity through his body, warming his fur. They had all gotten out of freezing cold water, and they needed to warm up some way. He put his goggles on.
    “All right, Shine down, since your so good at finding survivors, go look for more, you two,” He said pointing at the Evee and Riolu, “Do any of you know a healing move like eh, heal pulse or something? We might need it for her,” He said gesturing to the Glaceon.
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  20. Eve tilted her head. "I might be able to." She closed her eyes, and a shooting star was seen in the sky as she used Wish.
    A short time later, a white glow surrounded the Glaceon as Wish took effect. Eve's eyes opened again.
    "That should work," she stated.
  21. Aisa shivered nervously as the other Pokémon drew closer, and she was moved again by a large, yellow, arachnid Pokémon. She was scared half out of her wits, but suddenly felt better as one of the other Pokémon used some kind of healing move. She felt her own battered body begin to ease, as painful bruises faded away and some of her fatigue vanished. She moved into a position where she could get a better view of the others.

    “T-thank you....”
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  22. "heh no problem" shine down said "though they helped the most, I basically just found you" He decides to do as Oc says and walk off to find more survivors, the more the merrier, he sighs then says " ill send a signal if anything happens, while I'm away don't do anything stupid that would get you killed, same for me"
  23. Oc laughed to himself. There was little than anybody could do that would be considered as stupid at the moment. Oc grunted, and looked down at the Glaceon beside him. “Hey, you Okay now?” He asked her.
    Oc was feeling better now since he had warned his fur, but he couldn’t say the same for the others.
    “Are you guys okay too?” He asked the others.
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  24. Aisa didn’t respond emmediately. She was feeling too uncomfortable. Even though she was usually great with strangers... well, not really, it was only during a few weeks of the year that she had to deal with lots of non-locals back in her hometown- it was night, and she was scared. However, she mustered enough courage to respond.

    “I-I... I’m better, now...”

    She struggled to her feet. The Pokémon didn’t seem to bear her any ill will, especially since they had healed her, and she began to regain some confidence. She looked curiously at the ones who remained nearby, the taller humanoid having moved off already. There was the yellow arachnid, a smaller humanoid, and... oh, an Eevee. She knew Eevees, she had been one herself. And she used to see a lot of Eevee where she lived, too, so this Eevee made her feel a bit more comfortable.
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  25. Shine felt a little weird being the tallest, it made him feel... out there. mainly because the rest of them were somewhat smaller, they all seemed to be normal size, at least thats what he thought. He searched along the beach for any survivors, many bodies drowned, many impaled and others lost to whatever is lurking in that ocean. He came across a body and recognized it, it was his trainer. His heart pounded. Is he alive? Please be alive. He tried everything and alas nothing worked. what a pointless waste of time. He decided to head back to the other pokemon.
  26. Oc looked up at Shine Down with his goggled eyes. “You find-“ He said but suddenly stopped. There wasn’t a point of asking if he had no one with him. He sighed again. What were they to do on this island anyway? Starve? Why had they been cursed with this terrible incident?
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  27. Shine down stared at Oc with dull and hard eyes, as if he'd seen something, well no crap he did, seeing his drowned body made him think of a bloated pig. He wanted to cry and the red expression was all over his face, before a bit of sand got in his eyes making him tear. Then bursting into low pained grunts from the sand. "OWCHIE, owch ooow..." he thought to himself
  28. Oc had had enough of this sitting around and waiting for something to happen. It was useless! They were only going to die faster if the didn’t do anything at all!
    “Alright!” Octo-Bug said loudly. “What are we waiting for eh? A miracle? Well guess what?!” He said gruffly. “Miracles don’t exist! We are only gonna die faster if we don’t do nothing! I’m gonna look for food. Anybody who wants to survive can join me.”
    And with that, he scurried off to a more wooded part of the island, and began looking for berries.
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  29. Tiara followed the Galvantula into the woods, with Eve trailing her quickly.
    The pair of Pokemon were relatively quiet. Eve was constantly looking around, obviously on edge.
    "I think I see some over there.... wait, those are just leaves...." Tiara muttered to herself.
  30. Shine was to busy hurting that he didn't hear him, but eventually saw them going and stared at the other pokemon "come on let- HEY THERES ANOTHER SURVIVOR" he called out to the group that was previously walking away and swam out grabbed the raft and dragged it into the wood area where most of them were, it was alive but unconscious, "Alright who wants to carry it?" he said.
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  31. Oc spun around and saw a Shedinya. Hell yes, another bug. “I’ll take em.” Oc said quickly. He resumed his hunt for berries and turned to the Eevee and the Riolu. “Smart ones aren’t ya?” He said mockingly. Just then something caught his eye. A berry! A big juicy-Okay, over exaggerating a bit, but still! It was food! He raced over and snatched it, and began looking for more. He spotted some in a tree. “Hey Riolu, or whatever your name is, there’s berries in that tree, get em down, don’t wanna leave this guy alone.” He said gesturing to the Shedinya.
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