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DPPt/HGSS Oh Dear...

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Carmen Lopez, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Carmen Lopez

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    I think I may have screwed up badly. When I was trying to evolve my Feebas, I fed it many Dry Poffins. Unfortunately it can't evolve because its Beauty isn't maxed out, but it won't eat any more Poffins. Did I feed it too many low rating poffins? That Feebas had a Mild nature too so I thought it would be easier. Does anyone have any advice so I can actaully evolve Feebas in D/P? I'm going to try again on another Feebas. And I will save the game.

    BTW this is the moveset I was thinking of for my future Milotic:

    Ice Beam
    Dragon Pulse/some other special attack
  2. That happened to me before..I just caught five or six feebas' with natures that are well-kind to dry and fed them some high level ones, like four, the rest where average level and it gave it to me >< Took a very long time though..Very fruastrating..Milotic is worth it though^-^

    As for your moveset..this might just be me because I'm insane, but I'd take Toxic over safegaurd because, I love the idea of a pokemon having a move you wouldnt expect, as a trump card, ie, my persian that knows thunderbolt, very useful. Not many would expect a toxic out of a Milotic^^

    Not sure what else to say....
  3. If you want to cheat (or have PBR, I think they're avaliable in those games), use Apicot berries. They're like the Viagra of the Beauty stat. They work like a charm.

    Not sure what other berries besides Razz raise Beauty.
  4. micle berries work best. i don't know how to get them, but they're the best. maybe you could get someone to find some for you.
  5. Carmen Lopez

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    Unfortunately if I can't get a Micle Berry by myself then I won't be getting any.
    But can those berries from the E-Reader be tranferred to Diamond and Pearl? Or is a Micle Berry an "E-Reader " berry? If that's the case then I can get it.
  6. Wiki and Kelpsy berries used to work pretty well; I'm not sure if they still do as I haven't done a lot of poffins yet, though.
  7. also, keep in mind, The Nature of a pokemon effect how much of the stat you want, for example, A Modest nature will get it to like Dry Taste, Modest is the only one im 100% sure of for dry, though.
  8. modest, mild, quiet, and rash, i believe.

    modest -atk
    mild -def
    quiet -speed
    rash -sp def
  9. Carmen Lopez

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    Here's the big irony: The Feebas in question I was trying to evolve had a Mild nature and I still managed to screw it up. Back in my Sapphire game on the other hand, my Brave natured Feebas hated Dry Pokeblocks but I got it to evolve and I know I threw in some low quality Pokeblocks at some point. This time I planted many, many Wiki, Charti, Pamtre, and Kelpsy berries and I'll see what I get when I migrate the back-up Feebas.
  10. odds are, you're best off evolving it in RSE, as in that gen, there's the berry master, who will show up on occaision to give you ridiculous pokeblocks.
  11. Carmen Lopez

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    You know what? I just may do that if I fail again. After all, I don't want all those berries I planted to go to waste.;) Seeing that episode of Pokemon in which a girl refuses to evolve her Feebas only made me want a Milotic that much more. Because (and this will sound mean) a Feebas is only useful if it's evolving into a Milotic.

    Just to clarify, is there a sort of "Poffin Master" that will give you insane Poffins?
  12. not that it has been recorded, no. (to my knowledge, anyways. you might wanna google it or something...)
  13. I know this'll sound really old-time, but why dont you just catch a Feebas in R/S/E and evolve it there? And then you can transfer to Diamond/Pearl. In my Sapphire game, it seemed much easier to evolve my Feebas as opposed to evolving it in Diamond.
  14. That has kinda been said.Like ten times.-_-
  15. If you don't have access to Apicot Berries I can trade you one, but it would be a couple of days since I just planted all mine.
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