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Official Shiny Pokemon Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Sem, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Just realized that this topic hasn't been revived yet >->;;

    Anyway, all shiny Pokémon discussion will go here. Talk about how many shinies you have, shinies you've seen but haven't caught. Funny stories like how you ran into a shiny Gloom but accidentally KO'd it/ran away from it. You may also talk about shines you'd like to have. Pretty much just any general discussion about the rare Pokémon that have the sparkling skins of killers goes here.


    And to start it off I'll say that the first shiny Pokémon I caught besides the red Gyarados back in Gold and Silver (which doesn't count, folks.) was a shiny Onix in victory Road. In a run of Sapphire I had a shiny Zigzagoon. In Leaf Green I caught a shiny Golbat that I later migrated to Gen IV. In Pearl I have a shiny Bidoof, a shiny Bibarel, a shiny Geodude, and a shiny Roselia that was given to me.

    I've run into a shiny Girafarig while EV training, but I realized it was shiny too late and KO'd it. Shinies I would like to have are Mothim, Tentacruel, Ariados, and probably a number of others.
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  2. Over the years, I had gotten a shiny Golbat (from Ruby), a shiny Registeel (Emerald), and a shiny Unown A (Platinum). I would have had a shiny Caterpie in Silver, but I didn't know shinies existed yet. x_x
  3. Apparently, the only shinies I ever got were with the action replay with Heartgold and the red Gyrados. I'm still trying to get all 493 (If you don't include the multiple forms) PKMN in shiny form!
  4. I have only seen and caught two shiny Pokemon over the years not counting the red Gyarados. One was a shiny Spoink in Sapphire and the other is a shiny Pidgey (now Pidgeot) in Heart Gold. My friend once saw a shiny Tentacool on his Ruby, though. Except, he thought it was sick so he ran away. I really can't blame my friend because a shiny Tentacool is green.
  5. I have 3 shinies. I have a shiny staraptor that i caught in diamond and I was traded a shiny salamence and meganium.
  6. I've found four shinies: a drowzee in gold, a cascoon in a sapphire ROM (-_-), a chingling in diamond and a magikarp (-_-) in soul silver. I re-created the drowzee and the cascoon on my platinum game using pokesav. I also hacked a shiny charizard, umbreon and rapidash because they're sexy.
  7. The first shiny I remember finding was a shiny Gulpin on my Ruby version. I was looking around for a Gulpin to catch and found a blue one so I figured I may as well train that one since it was cool. I didn't know what shiny Pokemon were back then so I didn't really make a big deal out of catching him. He eventually evolved into Swalot but I ended up restarting my game later on. And now he's lost forever :C

    The second experience with shinies was on my Ruby once again. I was walking around in the grass near the daycare in Mauville and found a Roselia, which I didn't deem too unusual. My friend was right next to me at the time and leaned over to look at Roselia just as I selected 'Run'. I heard him shout something to me about catching it 'cause it was shiny, and he pointed out its black flower that I had overlooked. It was too late at that point but I at least learned about shiny Pokemon.

    So on that same playthrough of Ruby I decided to go shiny hunting. I was pissed that I had missed the Roselia and had restarted over my Swalot so I set out to find myself another shiny Pokemon. With no real goal in mind I just decided to wander around in areas that had Pokemon I liked hoping to find a shiny one. I ended up in that area with tall grass below Fortree thinking "I bet shiny Tropius or Kecleon would be awesome." I was momentarily distracted by the TV and when I looked back at my DS I had encountered a Kecleon. It had a blue stripe and I sat there staring at it for a while wondering if all Kecleons had blue stripes. I asked my brother and my friend, who were the ones watching TV, if all Kecleons had blue stripes but they didn't know. Since I was being very paranoid the entire time I was looking for shinies and had already caught a couple Pokemon I thought might be shiny but were not, I assumed I was just hoping the Kecleon would be shiny too. I KO'd it and carried on. Afterwards I found a Kecleon with a red stripe... that sucked :\

    On my Diamond version I was done with the E4 and everything and was just taking care of some fun stuff you can do after the game. I decided to go catch Giratina so I stocked up some balls and headed to the cave. I was sort of dreading going back in there (I had gone once but decided not to catch Giratina at the time 'cause I didn't have enough Ultra Balls) so I was hanging around in the grass for a little bit. I encountered a Bibarel, and even as it was just coming into the battle I noticed it wasn't the usual color. I was all excited and when it sparkled and I was prepared to capture something already so it wasn't too hard getting him. A few False Swipes from Sceptile and he was ready to be caught. I ended up getting him in a regular Pokeball, which is kind of impressive since he was in his mid 50's.

    A loooong time passed and I didn't find any more shinies on Diamond. I restarted my Gold version with hopes of finding a shiny during my playthrough that I could train and use on my E4 attempt. I started 'er up, got a female Chikorita from Elm which made me happy, and headed out to wherever it is he sends you off to. My friend beside me had restarted his Crystal version a bit earlier than me so he was slightly farther ahead. I encountered a Hoothoot which Chikorita easily KO'd and asked my friend if Elm had given me Pokeballs yet. He told me no and I mentioned how it'd suck if I found a shiny Pokemon then. Literally the VERY NEXT POKEMON I found was a shiny Hoothoot and I practically cried because I desperately wanted to catch a shiny early on and here was this gorgeous golden Hoothoot and I had nooooothing to capture it with and it was all Elm's fault </3 I didn't KO the Hoothoot until I showed absolutely everyone in my house the damn thing.

    It took me a long time to pick up Gold again after that, but I ended up doing so. I got all the way to Goldenrod with nothing too eventful (I was hoping now that I had Pokeballs that Hoothoot would come back to me... but she didn't) I found that weirdo guy who wants you to deliver a letter to his fat friend so I said I'd do it. He just goes ahead and gives me Kenya, his Spearow, and I check it out to see its moves. While I'm on his screen I notice this little star thing and I'm thinking "...COULD IT BE?" So I find a wild Pokemon, send Kenya out into battle and blinga blinga sparkle sparkle neeeeeeeen he was shiny! I was very happy that my game felt bad about the whole Hoothoot thing that it made it up to me with Kenya :3 I still think Hoothoot are cooler than Spearow, but Kenya is now an asskicking Fearow on my Gold version. And I love him ♥

    I also have some shinies that I got in trades and stufffffff but those don't really count to me, since I like to encounter them on my own.

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  8. First non-Gyarados shiny I can remember seeing, I think was a shiny Larvitar in my copy of Gold Version. I don't recall whether or not I caught it or not.

    Then, a while back, my sister found a shiny Oddish in her Ruby Version. I didn't see it sparkle, and I had completely forgotten about shiny Pokémon, so I thought it was glitched or something (this was around the time I discovered Missingno.). So I told her not to catch it. >_<

    And finally, just recently, I got a shiny Seadra at the Pal Park in SoulSilver; though I don't remember it being shiny in the game I transferred it from. Is shininess supposed to be preserved in the transfer of Pokémon from a GBA cart to a DS cart?

    ... Aaaand that's it. I'm not all that fascinated by shiny Pokémon, so I've never gone out of my way to find them.
  9. Yeah, shininess is preserved. I've never heard of a pokemon spontaneously becoming shiny though. Are you sure it wasn't shiny before?
  10. Well I got it off my Fire Red, which I hadn't touched in quite some time. So it's quite possible it was shiny before, and I just don't remember. :/
  11. I've personally never caught one other than the expected Red Gyarados from SS, but I did get a shiny Ponyta named Bon Jovi from Midnight. It had the ability Run Away and it would have learned Bounce, if my game didn't glitch.

    Also, it was in a Luxury Ball. XD
  12. I remember in FireRed, I ran into a shiny Oddish. Having no idea what the hell it was, I just ran. I don't regret it because oddish is the suckiest suck that ever sucked.
  13. I'm very surprised that Sem doesn't want a shiny Starmie. Those things looks so deliciously creepy and omnious.
    Anyway, the shinies I caught myself:

    The first shiny I caught besides the Red Gyarados was my Shiny Kingler in Crystal. I also encoutered a shiny Rapidash in Crystal which I KO'd because I was a n00b and had my Misdreavus use Curse on it. I got pretty lucky with shinies between my Sapphire and Emerald games. Let's see, there was a shiny Absol (which I restarted my game over), a shiny Seviper, two shiny Shuppet (I evolved one), and a shiny Corsola. Then in Diamond I caught a Shiny Bibarel (I traded it away) and a shiny Graveler--so glad the thing didn't explode. Finally in Platinum, I have a shiny Gastly.

    Shines acquired by trade:

    I have a Shiny Hoppip and a Shiny Lunatone--both of which I adore. Zacky traded me a Shiny Fearow and I got a Shiny Metagross as a birthday present. Someone traded me a hacked Shiny Charmander that I had vague intentions of evolving and turning into a HM slave lol.

    Shines I'd love to have: Milotic, Ninetales, Bronzong
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  14. I've only got two stories (Non Gyrados, anyway)

    My first shiny encounter was in Sapphire, many moons ago. I was surfing along new Dewford, and lo and behold, shiny Tentacool! The green spots were awesome. I caught it, and (being eight or so) nicknamed it "Shiny!!". Later, I had transferred it to Diamond.....and then I lost Diamond :(

    My other story also comes from Sapphire -- I was in the desert route, running around, training my Marshtomp, when HOLYEFF SHINY TRAPINCH. However....It had me in arena trap. So I couldn't swap. And I tried to damage it just a little bit more to catch it, and, it was knocked out.

    I've had very bad luck with shinies. I've never really thought of any I'd particularly like to have, except maybe Arcanine. That'd be pretty cool.
  15. I've had about one per version.

    Crystal: I was training an Ampharos one time and using a fishing rod of some sort for her to kill. Then I pulled up a blue Krabby. Named it Blue. Then I restarted the game :p.

    Ruby: My first non Gyrados shiny. Surfing around the route between Pacifilog and Slateport, I encountered a Wingull that did a crazy sparkly thingy. I looked at this Wingull closely, noticed it had green wings, showed it to my brother, and caught her. Her name is Vivian, I have never evolved her cuz I don't like Pelipers, but I bred her like crazy cuz I thought shinyness still bred :p.

    Emerald: I remember going into "Altering Cave" once before, killing some vague Zubats. I went in there the second time, and lo and behold, the second Zubat was shiny. Other than naming her "Zoey" I haven't touched her in hopes that I could trade her for something that had a better shiny color it's last form.

    And that's about it for shinies. I did get Pokerus from a Carnivine in Pearl though. Don't know if I caught it and it had it, or if it hit another thing, but it had it. Lost my darn DS with all my games though D:.
  16. I guess I'll be the only person who hasn't ever caught one or seen one?

    I've gotten a Shiny Solrock from Middy ( ♥ ♥ )... and then the standard Gyarados too. Thats IT.
  17. LoN I feel so bad for you D':
    And Carmen I envy you >:| (but I still ♥ you, frieeend~)

    Not counting the Red Gyarados, my first shiny I saw was a pink-featured Meowth. It was in FR, and I didn't know about shinies (I thought the Red Gyarados was a one-off :p), so I killed it, thinking that the sparkley-effects would give me extra EXP. xP

    In Pearl, I decided to go chaining with the PokeRadar in the Trophy Gardens. I originally set off for a shiny Eevee, but after the chain broke at 30-something twice, I decided I'd just run to random spots. I didn't really care which PokeMon I chained. BUT THEN this pink-and-yellow Castform came up and I was like "... Ahh, shiny~!" She's now in my Shiny Box, and her name is 'Evening' (because it's pink, like the evening-sky and yellow, like the setting sun~)

    And then, a few days after I got HG, I was running through Mt Mortar for no reason. I was getting reeeaaally annoyed with all these stupid Geodudes and I was like "I SWEAR, I am going to kill all of these annoying rock thingies~ D':" - until this golen one comes out. I name it "Au"~

    I've had so many shiny PokeMon traded to me. ^^ Some of my favourites are: Tangrowth, Drifloon, Staraptor, Zangoose, Ninetails, Gardevoir, Roserade, and waaaay more~

    Shinies I'd like to own: Flygon, Shedinja, Kecleon, Lunatone, Gliscor; - basically anything black, purple or blue (or just any really nice colour schemes |D)
  18. I've only obtained 3 Shinies on my Game.

    I've gotten a Shiny Larvitar on February 14 (lol) on my Diamond.
    I've also chained a Shiny Venomoth named Dave also on Diamond, kinda by accident, (wasn't expecting a shiny patch after only 7 Venomoth o3o)
    And most recently on Platinum, a Shiny, Male Kirlia while EVing my Latias. (has sucky IVs though D:)

    I want a Shiny Mightyena and a Shiny Bagon :O
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  19. No... T_T The ONLY Shiny I've ever caught is the Run-of-the-mill shiny Gyarados. The I went to the Trainer house, battled my friend Liam and he had a Shiny BLASTOISE to start off with. My other friend had a Shiny Grovyle AND Dialga. He's a hacker though so I didn't worry too much.
  20. I forgot about my Shiny Cacturne on Diamond.

    Random encounter aw yeah. c:
  21. >__> *coughs*

    I'm a shiny hunter so I have a lot xD I'll tell you my stories though..

    Weell leesee...~ It all started after I learned that the Red Gyarados was actually a shiny pokemon and when I learned about how rare they are I thought, "Oh cool, I want some!" I never thought that I would actually run into one in any of my games though and I never hunted for any in my G/S/C. On a playthrough of my Sapphire version I encountered a shiny Gulpin and only had a few pokeballs and a great ball with me..needless to say I didn't catch it. I have wanted a shiny Gulpin ever since and haven't avenged it yet.

    The first shiny I ever caught/obtained was a shiny Squirtle back in '05. Only took a few hours of soft resetting on my fire red and whenever I got bored I would always switch characters and names and such. So after a few hours I got my bold shiny Squirtle and he is now a blastoise to this day over on my diamond ♥

    I actually started getting into shiny hunting in my Diamond version and my second shiny ever was a shiny Drifloon that I still have after 9 days of soft resetting :) Drifloon's adorable I might want to get another..xD I don't have any other shinies on my Diamond except a hell of a lot of chained shinies, don't get me wrong I love my chained shinies, but I love my hunted shinies more ♥

    Next shiny would be my shiny Piplup on Platinum that I spent a few weeks soft resetting for at the beginning of the game still have him ^^ On my Platinum 3 days later I encountered a random shiny Rhyhorn and caught him and still have him to this day lol. Continuing my Platinum journey I got to Giratina and soft resetted for him and bam got a shiny Giratina love him to bits o.o

    Then on my Pearl version I tweaked to get Shaymin and soft resetted to get a shiny Shaymin and I have my shiny Shaymin ^^ My shiny Uxie on my platinum took 45 days because after 11 days I saw my first shiny Uxie but it struggled to death..the poor thing :(.. I wanted a shiny Lapras on my Leaf Green so after a few weeks I got a shiny Lapras xD Day after thanksgiving, aand after 83 days I got my shiny Mesprit on my Platinum making it my longest hunt so far to date.

    On my Ruby version after 263 soft resets I got my shiny Torchic and its now a shiny Blaziken ♥ On my Diamond version I random encountered for a shiny Mawile with Ruby inserted in the GBA slot and got him now I have a shiny Mawile and my latest shiny is my shiny Cyndaquil on my HeartGold after 360 soft resets.

    I am hunting for a shiny Hoothoot on my HeartGold and Im currently at 3985 encounters for it and I am also hunting for shiny Cresselia in my Platinum and I'm at 1000 soft resets. I would love to have a shiny Anorith, Tropius, Cacnea, Darkrai, Azelf, Chikorita, Latias, Latios, Relicanth..and probably a lot more that I can't think or right now xD
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  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    All the shinies I've caught besides the red Gyarados in HG/SS? Well in my old Diamond(which went kaboom) I had a shiny staraptor that I had caught at the spring path, funny enough it was the first wild pokemon I had run into for the day. Also in my platinum(which hasnt gone kaboom, thank god) I have a shiny sneasel, and is pink, so its like awshumsause. The funny part about that was I was just running around on Acuity lakefront and there it was, I was lucky too because I only had one ultraball on me and all my pokemon were so high lvl'd that they'd kill it in one hit, so i just chucked my only ball in my bag and secured it. And in Crystal(before it went currupt) I was soft reseting for a shiny mewtwo, when I finally encountered it and caught it, the save file went currupt, damn...

    Shinies I've seen? Well there is the Red Gyarados my friend caught in diamond, a shiny tentacruel that I killed by mistake, a shiny weezing I came upon in an online battle room.
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  23. i saw a shiny spinarak in emerld in the safari zone i went closer and it ran away...

    and other shinys i have are from my friends hacked game and the red gayrados from SS
  24. I'll never forget the day I ran away from a shiny Golbat on the Victory Road... Seriously I hadn't noticed till my brother said that it had sparkled and looked different -_-'
  25. It's odd how some people have randomly encountered five and some none at all :p

    My only random encounter was in SoulSilver. I was walking through Illex Forest, and a wild battle started. I thought "Great, another oddish."

    But when the scene lit up, it was green and sparkled. I'd been waiting so long for this, and was glad it was an Oddish, as Vileplume is one of my faves.
    I got my Slowpoke to catch it.

    And so, 'SparkPetal' is in my main team.
  26. I encountered a shiny Pikachu once in Viridian Forest while playing LG.
    I encountered a shiny Clamperl while searching for a Relicanth in Sapphire.
    I encountered a shiny Poochyena very early in my game in Emerald on Route 101.
    The only shiny I've ever caught was the Red Gyarados in my HG.
  27. My first official shiny was a Pidgeotto in Silver version.
    My other shinies have included: Electrike, Surskit, Unown W, Krabby, and probably a few more that I can't remember.

    My most recent is the Krabby I found while smashing rocks for heart scales. :-)
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  28. The only shiny I have is a shiny Migthtyena I caught in Emerald as a Poochyena. Shiny Mightyena is pure [WIN], so fluffy and golden! The blue nose quite ruins the picture, though. My favourite shiny is Rayquaza, the Giant Shadow Sky Serpent. Shiny Rhyperior is kinda cool too, looks like it's gold-plated. Shiny Gardevoir/Gallade looks like mudkipz.
  29. The first shiny i ever caught was in Diamond, i caught a shiny bellsprout wich conviniently at the time.... i was thinking of shiny pokemon... about a week later i told my friend and he wanted to trade. Luckly he got it wile he can in the GTS and i got a palkia

    A few months ago i was playing a Silver ROM and hiker anothony called explaining duncparce in dark cave. i kept running into Female Duncparce and i wanted a male..... FINALLY i ran into a male... but wait ZOMG it was shiny!!!!!! and i caught it the end.

    I have a very common shiny pokemon among people who have played G/S/C/HG/SS... you guessed it! red gyradose... at leasti have an excuse in SS to say " I HAVE A SHINY POKEMON!!!!!!!!!" yea

    Shiny's i wish to have are Charmander, Bagon, Ralts, and cyndaquil. I want 1st stage pokemon so i can acually train them... there you go my shiny pokemon storys
  30. i once enountered 2 shinies in platinum the first was a bibarrle in the great marsh and a mantyke i sunny shore lols
  31. Hahaha, I love shiny Mightyena-- it makes me hungry for graham crackers.
  32. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Yay shinies~
    Let's break it down with the least amount of rambling possible. :X

    The first shiny I ever encountered - like many others - was the Red Gyarados, but soon after I ran into a shiny Rattata on Silver. Thankfully I had Great Balls/Ultra Balls/etc. handy at the time because all of my Pokemon would've OHKO'd the thing. I consider it my first real shiny, and it's too bad the bugger is now lost to the sands of time. XP

    Since that Rattata I've encountered two shinies in the wild, a male Geodude and a female Pikachu (both in Gen 3 on LG), and hatched two, a female Feebas and a female Cyndaquil. The Pikachu I used within my 3rd LG team and have yet to evolve, and the Cyndaquil I've EVed trained and plan to use on my future HG team. The Geodude still remains a Geodude, but I evolved my Feebas ages ago. Too bad her nature/stats don't really make her useful in battle because it could've been fun otherwise (even if I'm not a huge fan of Milotic).

    Many of my other shinies have come from friends or trusted trade deals. I've yet to get any of them off the GTS. Of the ones I currently have in my possession: Rapidash (EV trained and used on my Platinum team), Pidgey, Zangoose, Flygon, Growlithe, Mareep, Phanpy, and Gengar. I think that's it. Of the lot of 'em, I plan to properly train my Pidgey and Growlithe but have yet to do so. I also have a shiny Swampert but I'm not very trusting of its legitness, so I tend not to list it. My final legit shiny is the event Pichu, but since it was widely distributed I tend not to list it either.

    Shines I want... My top goal is to get a legit shiny Charmander, later to be a Charizard. I'm also rather fond of shiny Gallade and Metagross but I don't ever see myself getting 'em. Having a battle useable shiny Zangoose or Flygon would be awesome, too, but again not holding out for them. XD

    Blah. I tried, but I rambled anyways. D:
  33. My first shiny was a Pidgeotto, on Pokemon Gold, I already had one but i released the original one, (the shiny one just seemed cooler ;D)
    And it was one awesome Pidgeot at battling :) And there was also shiny Gyarados on the GSC games,
    Then I didnt get any shinys until Emerald when I was in Victory Road and came across a shiny Golbat during training, so I had to catch it :) I just released the untrained Zubat I had, I trained it loads and it evolved into a shiny Crobat, which has automatic coolness (as its pink! 8) )
    But I havnt came across any shinys since on any of my games, including Pearl the game I'm constantly on.
    So yeah theres my shiny pokemons tale :D
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  34. Okay, I kind of want a shiny Clampearl now cuz I saw one on the random 'mons thing in the corner. Kinda cool.

    And you should know by now that I would love to have a shiny female Eevee. I'd call her Rayn of course. And shiny Flygons are pretty too :3.
  35. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
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    The first wild shiny I encountered was a Pidgey in Diamond/Platinum while attempting to chain. The only other Pokemon I have encountered in the wild was Wingull while re-playing through Ruby. I traded her over to Virgil though ♥

    While breeding for my Manectric I hatched a shiny Electrike, which was just plain awesome. It's great to have a shiny version of my favourite Pokemon - it's just a shame that it didn't get a Timid Nature (Relaxed instead, ugh) because he has awesome IVs. Oh well, we can't have everything :V

    Midnight gave me a lovely shiny Vibrava ♥

    And that's about it for me, aside from the Red Gyarados of course :D
  36. Welllllllllll.

    I have a legit shiny Butterfree that I caught as a caterpie in HG/SS.
    And I have a shiny Feebas that was traded to me. x-x
  37. First shiny pokemon I ever got on my own was a Shiny Loudred in Ruby. I hated pink, so I traded it :/

    Now I actively use 2 shinies in 2 separate teams.
    1 Shiny Umbreon in my all dark team
    and 1 shiny Flygon in my Luxray team D.
  38. The shinies I have gotten are Lumineon while looking for a shiny Gyarados in Platinum, shiny red Gyarados (From HG/SS lols), two shiny event Eevees and
    I would have a shiny Psyduck but I found it in the Safari Zone and it ran away.
  39. I remember my very first shiny pogeyman, i was playing emerald,training my pokemon in preperation for the second rival battle, i was walking around and then there i was! a shiny ODDISH! i got sooo excited i used a pokeball on it and caught it! yipee!

    my second encounter was in platinum. I was in Victory Road roaming around because i was bored,and i encountered a shiny Golbat!lol

    my most recent encounter was in heartgold... i was in the grass by pallet town and found a shiny spearow! yipeekiyay!
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  40. I hate myself and am disgraced to say I have only encountered one shiny pokemon in my 7 years of Pokemon...

    It was a warm, balmy day in Celadon City. I was training to battle Erika (SoulSilver, btw) when I bicycled out of the city and into the grass, because I saw an item at the top of the hill. LOW AND BEHOLD, as I zoomed through the grass, I saw an awkwardly (soooooo very awkward) colored Vulpix! It was so enticing, and I was like "FIRST SHINY EVER BIASH!" and I caught it expertly...Yay, is the first thing I exclaimed from the lips...

    And, yeah, that's the cinematic experience of: Vulpix, Does it Exist? The Broadway musical starring me :D

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