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Official Pokédex iOS App Released In Europe And The US

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
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    Some of you may remember that last month we reported that an official Pokédex app was being released in Japan for iOS systems. Today, in a surprising turn of events, the app has also been released in Europe and the US.

    Aside from layout changes and some tweaked Search functions, the app closely matches the Pokédex 3D Pro app released for the Nintendo 3DS recently. The biggest change is that owners will only start out with the fifth generation of Pokémon and must buy the other generations. The app is priced at £1.49 ($1.99 US), while each extra set of Pokémon (of which there are four, one for each missing generation), will cost fans an extra £3.99 each ($5.99 US).

    The Pokédex app isn't the first official Pokémon app for iOS systems, but it is the first to be released outside of Japan. If you'd like further information, please visit the app's official website.
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