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Official Mini Tournaments Index

Discussion in 'Organised Play Archive' started by Linkachu, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Upcoming Tournaments
    Previous Mini Tournaments
    Check out the official Weekend Mini Tournaments wiki page for full details concerning past tournaments.

    Planning your own mini-tournament

    Any Organised Play member can start a mini tournament, but you have to follow a few rules to do so. Myself and KoL reserve the right to deny any tournaments from being created if we feel someone isn't up to the task, but otherwise expect things to be pretty flexible.

    Here's what you need tell us in order to start a mini tournament:

    1. Your Tournament Idea: What kind of tournament do you want to run? Standard singles or doubles? Mono-type? Baby Battle? Or something brand new? Just remember that these are mini tournaments, and if you're wanting to run an extensive tourney that takes multiple days to complete  you're looking in the wrong place.

    2. Your Tournament's Date: Whether you give a specific or rough date, your tourney must fall on a Saturday at 6 PM GMT. No two mini tournaments should be planned for the same month, but exceptions may be made under special circumstances.

    3. Your Rules: Are there any restrictions or guidelines? What clauses are active? Is it elimination (aka. knockout) or round robin? How many Pokemon can each player use? etc. etc. Be as detailed as necessary with your rules, because they'll be at the heart of your tournament.

    4. Your Sign Ups Method: Do you want people to sign up in advance or simply show up at the appropriate time? Do they need to register their teams? Whatever you decide is your choice, just be clear about it.

    Post in this thread if you'd like to hold a mini tournament. Just remember to include the four fields mentioned above in your reply. If your tourney is accepted, it's a good idea to post a separate discussion topic for it to boost interest levels, answer questions, etc.
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