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DPPt/HGSS Offering: Legendaries, Shinies, and events

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by PokemonDynasty, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Here's what I'm offering:

    Events I have

    TRU Arceus of Adamant, Jolly, and Quiet nature
    Shokotan PCP
    Gamestop PCP
    Japanese Arceus(Eikigan)
    NZ Jirachi
    Wishmakr Jirachi
    Space C Deoxys
    Gamestop Deoxys
    Ageto Celebi
    10th anniversary Celebi
    10th anniversary Ho-Oh
    10th anniversary Latios(T)
    10th anniversary Suicune
    10th anniversary Mew
    Hayley's Mew(T)
    Hayley's Mew
    Naval Rock Deoxys
    Pokemon Ranger Manaphy
    E4All Manaphy
    TRU Regigigas
    Japanese Movie Regigigas
    VGC Milotic
    Flower Paradise Shaymin(T)
    Movie Shaymin
    Newmoon Island Darkai
    Pokepark Celebi
    PokePark Mew
    Alamos Darkai
    Ruby Zigzagoon
    Birthday Pikachu

    Shiny Legendaries

    Shiny 10th anniversary Latias
    Shiny 10th anniversary Raikou
    Shiny Lugia(poke saved)
    Shiny Rayquaza(T)
    Shiny Rayquaza(hacked)
    Shiny Deoxys(T)
    Shiny Deoxys
    Shiny Manaphy
    Shiny Shaymin(T)
    Shiny Arceus
    Shiny Kyorge
    Shiny Articuno
    Shiny HG Ho-Oh


    Gyrados(not LoR)


    HG Latios
    HG Latias
    SS Latios
    SS Latias
    HG Kyorge
    SS Groudon
    HG Ho-Oh
    SS Ho-Oh
    HG Lugia
    SS Lugia
    HGSS Rayquaza
    HGSS Articuno
    HGSS Moltres
    HGSS Zapdos
    FRLG Deoxys
    FGLF Suicune
    FGLF Raikou
    XD Raikou(T)
    FGLF Entei
    FG Zapdos
    FG Articuno
    FG Moltres
    FG Mewtwo
    RSE Rayquaza
    RSE Kyorge
    RSE Groudon
    RSE Latios
    RSE Latias
    RSE Deoxys
    RSE Regis
    Pt Regis

    I live in GMT -5 which is Eastern Time in the U.S.

    I am looking for:
    Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009 Pikachu
    Birthday Chimchar
    Pokémon World Championships
    2009 Weavile
    Nintendo of Korea Mew
    PC Osaka Meowth
    Akiyama Slaking
    Baba Flygon
    Golgo Octillery
    Saikyou Salamence
    Palcity Lucario
    Palcity Mew
    Yamamoto Whiscash
    Yokohama Pikachu
    Sapporo Pikachu
    GW Pikachu
    Wish Pokemon(pokemon that can't usually learn wish)

    Those these are my main wants I will consider most things if you offer.
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  2. i would trade you for shiny dratini and wishmkr jirachi
  3. not much lol,what would u like though
  4. Hey,
    You never did get back to me on the stats of that 10th anniversary Celebi. Would you mind posting them?
  5. Oh right. Sure I'll post those up as soon as I can.
  6. i want the game stop pikachu colored pichu but don't have any of the pokemon you want would you consider trading for any items?
  7. I'll consider most things. What do you have?
  8. I've got protector, kings rock, metal coat, electirizer, reaper cloth, a master ball i might be willing to part with, lots of tms, and lots of berries
  9. Yes i need the pikachu colored pichu wonder card im also willin to part with many Tms i will give out the rarest berries and medical items but everything else i only have one of each so i cant right now i have to wait for a couple of my friends to send me more
  10. I can't give you the Wonder Card only the pokemon.
  11. Do you have Giga Impact and Thunder Wave?
  12. what do you mean by thunder wave i thought it was only giga impact as a Tm yes i know you were talking to the other person but i also have giga impact so if you want it what pokemo do you want along with it

    here is my friend code just incase 3137-4876-6724
  13. Again as you stated, I wasn't responding to you. You wanted a shiny Dratini, Wishmakr Jirachi, and PCP, but so far you haven't offered me anything. Also next time use the correct punctuation. I can't understand what you are saying if you use a run-on sentence.
  14. I'm sorry.I can offer you a Lugia that i got from pokemon X D gale of darkness.It will be holdin the tm giga impact if you want.Im offering that for PCP
  15. but i would perfer giving you my shiny Ho-oh knowin giga impact and holding sacrad ash
  16. Is it untrained? And what nature?
  17. Wasn't I trading you that for a Arceus in your other thread?
  18. I dont have giga impact or thunder wave but i can get them if you would hold the pcp
  19. yeah you were trading me that on my other thread. But my cousin participated in the event so he gave me his sinse he is'nt getting HG/SS so yeah its up for trades for your PCP
  20. Ok, sure.
  21. Yeah sure.
  22. Im serious so would you like it or not becuase im dying to get PCP.But if you want Lugia i will give it to you holding a giga impact
  23. Teapot

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    3351 5357 1073
    Guys, just a quick note to say that a couple of you seriously need to take another look at the rules before you get violence bestowed upon your persons.

    poke_master123: Please use proper English in your posts. "Im" isn't a word, "I'm" is.
    PokemonDynasty: Double-posting is frowned upon here - if you have something to add, please edit it into your previous post.

    Thanks. :)
  24. I've got giga impact now I'm working on thunder wave I've a;so got thunder wave now so I can trade when your ready. I'm in New Zealand so time might be a problem so it would e easiest to trade on the weekend
  25. Tunolipede

    Friend Code:
    Hey, you have a shiny Eevee? Which gender is it? If it's a girl I'll take it (needing a shiny Espeon, have a shiny male Umbreon) - but I can't say I have too many shinies/legendaries. But if you want any particular items/TMs, then I might be able to help. :]
  26. Ratsmilk: Ok

    tunduli: Sorry I do not have a female shiny Eevee.
  27. tunduli: I can find you a shiny Eevee my friends has a bunch im not sure if they are legit. But if you dont mind them not being legit i can get you one what are you offering? ???
  28. Private message her.. Don't offer anything that isn't for me on my thread..
  29. I don't know, but does the Birthday Pikachu know Fly by any chance? I can offer almost any hatchable shiny pokemon for it, or a Wishing Eevee, or a shiny Wishing Eevee if it does.
  30. It can I think, but I don't have that.
  31. powmon dynasty: Do you have any extra pcp from the US? If you do i can give you what ever tm you want.
  32. Sure. I'll check what I need and get back to you.
  33. Sure. I'll check what I need and get back to you.

    Ok but how do i give you the tm just teach it 2 a pokemon or attach it i dont know how to so you have to tell me
  34. Ok but how do i give you the tm just teach it 2 a pokemon or attach it i dont know how to so you have to tell me

    You attach the TM to a pokemon.
  35. ok what tm would you like?
  36. We still going to trade?

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