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October CoroCoro Blown Open! Tons of New Pokémon!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by QuagsireQing, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. #1 QuagsireQing, Sep 12, 2006
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  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    All Sem knows is that that flytrap is MINE! >-> *Steals Masukippa away for himself.*
  3. Gah! my eyes!

    Well, maybe it's just the fear that everytime I see a new pokemon they seem to be more and more diverse which makes me cringe away from these guys. Though I do find I have to tell myself that I'll grow to like them, and it scares me.

    Korobooshi, he seems cool, and I still get an "Illu-beat" kind of look from him, especially that buttoned shirt and collar look on his chest

    Korinku, Bippa and Masukippa however do confuse me, they barely look like pokemon, I think It's the eyes?

    I must say I love those two dinosaurs though. Finally some real ancient creatures that don't appear to be fossils either, though who knows?

    I just can't understand that need for Minomucchi either. Isn't Pineco already a "Bagworm" pokemon? do we need two hanging-from-a-tree pokemon? Bet you a tenner that it learns explode too.
  4. I like Masukippa the best.

    It rocks out loud.

    The dinos are pretty cool too....and If I wanted another normal besides munchlax....I would def. pick Bippa. He so funny!!!
  5. [quote
    • Dialga is Steel-Dragon
    • Palkia is Water-Dragon

    See I almost guessed right on there types I just got them backwards
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    Frankly, I didn't have high expectations for this Generation, and boy, they drop second by second.

    Korobooshi - Did we really need another bug that looks like Volbeat/Illumise? -_-

    Corink - ... Yuck. At least it isn't a /complete/ ripoff of Kimba the white lion... And we have too many bloody electric types this generation.

    Subomi - Looks liks it's sprouting a second head. Like some twisted, cancerous, mutated FPS minor enemy that has been plastified and been given a 'have a nice day' smiley on it. gah. (shudder)

    Mukkuru - Just another Normal/Flying. Meh. Too many like it.

    Bippa - ... Uh, frankly... It scares the hell out of me. o_O Looks like this generation's Rattata/Zigzagoon - and unlike them, it's fucking FUGLY. Like a hamster that's gone out of control. And those vacant eyes again.... (sighs)

    Pinkupu - Another useless pre-evo. Joy.

    Zugaidos - I kinda like it, actually. Pachycephalosaurids are ace.

    Tatetops - GAH! by the time we finally get a freaking Ceratopsian, it looks like a football player!?

    Maskippa - ... (pulls out a flamethrower) WHAT IS IT YOU HAVE AGAINST MAKING *AWESOME* GRASS TYPES, GAME FREAK?! Why do we have to put up with fugly cartoon characters? X_X This thing looks like... I don't know... It's just so damn...

    Excuse me, but every nerve in my grass-type loving body cries out for vengeance... It looks like a fucking MUPPET, okay? A FLYING MUPPET. The kind that flies around singing "THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN". X_X

    Minomucci - Meh. Another bagworm. I'd want to see interesting evolutions for thjis...


    AS for the types... I can almost eat Diaruga being Dragon/Steel. Broken combination , but what the hey ever. Parukia's waterness bothers me though. I mean... THAT thing is a WATER TYPE?! Honestly! We've heard about the "Vast Ocean of Space" but that's taking it a bit too far, isn't it?!

    ... I'm rapidly losing my expectations from this generation. -_- It looks like it's going to be awesome, but so many of those pokemon are bloody fugly it makes me wonder just what they smoked when they designed them. Then again, i thought the same thing about most of the Hoenn PokeMon at first...

    Meh. We'll see.
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Masukippa pwns you, Stel. Don't be a haterist. >-> Ah well. Looks cool to me, there are plenty of grass types that look cool in my opinion. Though I hope Masukippa ends up being a type combo instead of just grass...
  8. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Masukippa is SCARY. End of discussion.

    Also, you all suck. Korinku and Subomi are both |V|0r3 1337 7h4|\| j00r |V|0+h3r.

    And cool.
  9. I love Avenue Q and Masukippa. Ha.
  10. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    That's not something to be proud of =p
  11. Now, if only they'll release some info on that springy cat-thing... :-\

    And I'm kinda glad that Coroboshi isn't a split-prevo for Volbeat and Illumise. It would make more sense if a glow worm were to be the pre-evolution for a couple of fireflies.
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    I'm going to give these guys some proper impressions.

    First off, I'm not sure if Bippa's more of a hamster, vole, or a groundhog, but it does have a cuddlyness to it. I agree with Stel on the eyes, but... Somehow, with its chubby, loathing appearence, it almost suits it.

    As for Corink... I must be one of the rare people who doesn't absolutely hate it and think it's fugly. The markings are stupid looking, yeah, but it's actually very close to what I expected it to look like. So *shrugs*. I can see it having a neat evo.

    Coroboshi... a cricket? I guess... yeah... but whatever. I still want to see my fighting grasshopper :p

    Maskippa is so dopey looking it's funny. A venus flytrap Pokemon! With leaf arms. I like it.

    Minomucchi... Will it evolve into Bug/Grass? Because we could sure use another of that combo after so many years.

    I actually dislike the black tip of Mukkuru's beak, but I still like it overall. Can't wait to see its evo/s.

    I'm surprised. Pinpuku's official art actually made it look decent. Who could've thunk it o.O

    Subomi scares me, and when I look at it I don't see a trace of Roselia, but, being the "bud" Pokemon it is, I can understand why they designed it the way they did.

    Tatetops, your head is kinda funky looking, but no complaints overall. I'll take a Rock/Steel dino any day ^^

    And the best of the group - Zugaidos! I seriously
  13. I found Koriku adorable myself. Minomucchi better pretty high defensive stats if it becomes Bug/Grass when it evolves. It'll be having 4x weaknesses to fire and flying attacks.
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Lots of other Pokemon with 4x weaknesses don't necessarily have high defenses (or at least high defences in the right area, ie. Rhydon, Golem). It's up to the user to work around them ;)

    And I'm starting to like Coroboshi more. He looks like a bug opera conductor ^^
  15. i dont mind the new ones. hate me if u must but i like corink i think its cute not big on the markings tho. the dinos r cool. not big on some of the grass pokemon.
  16. Ok My thoughts on most the PokeMon So far
    Naetle- Agh he looks like a chikorita that mated with a squritle
    Hikozaru_ He OK and the best of the starters IMO but the fire on his butt looks weird
    Pochama- Hes ok but he looks like hes wearing a mask
    Mukkuru- HE"S COMING TO EAT OUR SOULS!!!!!No really this thing is just plain demonic
    Bippa- looks like a fat rattata with a beird. But he's not that bad
    Coroboshi- He looks like a freakin' HARP
    Corink- he's not AS bad as most of you think but I hate the color scheme
    Pachirisu- He looks like a pichachu clone and for that I hate him
    Buoysel- He's good except for the little blue fin things
    Zugadois- He's ok
    Tatetope- see Zugadois
    Maskippa- not that bad actually
    Subomi- UGLY! Although it could just be the fact that I hate this whole line
    Pinpuku- hope its easily avalible because, I need to catch a chansey and I have never seen one in game YET
    The cat thing- he's ugly
    Rozureido- see post for Subomi
    Elekible-Really cool, I could see it ripping the heads of robots and shooting thunderbolts everywhere

    more to come later
  17. I like you for recognizing Elecable's awesomeness, but I don't like you for insulting Roserade. As for what you said about Subomi, I don't agree with you for calling it "ugly." Its not what I expected for Roselia's baby form to look like, but it's okay in my book.
  18. azder93

    azder93 Guest


    i recently checked gamefaqs and this is the champion of the elite 4 it includes her team
    #18 azder93, Apr 6, 2007
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  19. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Grave digging... A pointless reason to grave dig at that. First warning. Read the rules.

    Don't drag up old topics when there are plenty of other topics you could've posted this in... not to mention that it's old news. Everyone already knows that Cynthia is the Champion of the E4 =/
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