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Oceanside Battle! Tailon vs. Rex!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tailon, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A young woman awoke in Lilycove City’s Cove Lily Motel. She sat up, reaching vaguely toward the bedside table until she found her glasses. The girl stood, looking around the room groggily until her view centered on the bathroom. Somehow managing to wander in the small room, the girl made her way there and showered, then exited to the closet she had hung her clothes in for the extended stay in Lilycove. The young woman chose a pair of unnecessarily large jeans, a blue t-shirt and a darker blue hoodie with a pin shaped like a Premier Ball on the left breast, near the zipper. Finally, she vaguely bothered to comb her long brown hair, though for once it managed to fall vaguely into place.

    The young woman locked the door as she left her room, then meandered her way out of the hotel to the nearby cliffs. Not wanting to go the long way around to the beach, she took a Poke Ball from her bag and tossed it, releasing a large, Blue, amphibious looking Pokemon. Cody the Swampert blinked a bit, but managed to surmise the situation. The girl, Lindsey, patted him on the side as she climbed onto his back. The Swampert rose off of its forelegs as they began to glow, the digits extending with white light into claws as he leapt onto the cliff’s sheer surface, Lindsey clinging to his neck. Mere seconds later, the two stood on Lilycove’s relatively small beach.

    Lindsey looked with a smile, though as much as she loved the look and smell of the ocean; she would never go in without a Pokemon to Surf on. There were simply too many wild Pokemon in the water to want to deal with. Reaching into her bag, Lindsey took several varieties of Pokeball and threw them in the air, releasing five other Pokemon; Farfetch’d, Torkoal, Breloom, Parasect, and Seviper. A few of her Pokemon went off to play in the water, though the Torkoal, Claire, simply followed her as she climbed up on to a rather large rock, curling up beside Lindsey to nap. From the bag, Lindsey withdrew a sketchpad and pencils, and began sketching the ocean view and the Pokemon flying and floating within it.
  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Young Samuel Vekkner was sitting in the shadows of a building, looking out towards the sea through a pair of binoculars. Aqua activity had been increasing as of late, and the still rookie member had been assigned to spy on their primary base in Lilycove City, along with several other members. He was the one who was supposed to draw attention if anything happened, and thus, he was in his uniform, while his comrades were plainclothes.

    Next to him was a small orange Pokemon, a Buizel, named Seth. The Pokemon was his closest friend, given to him by an odd scientist named Dr. North. The Buizel looked as bored as Sam felt, and was paging through a small book. The Magma operative never really got why the Pokemon looked at books, acting as if he could actually read. There was no real way for the two to communicate, so the teen would never know for sure.

    Suddenly, the radio sitting a foot from the trainer cracked to life. It told him to get to work as a distraction while his comrades escaped. The trainer called back an affirmative, took the book from Seth, and placed it into his backpack. Taking out an item ball, he put the radio inside, then placed that in his pack as well. He then quickly checked to make sure all his Pokeballs were in their place, then grabbed the Buizel and took off towards the beach.

    Once there, he slid to a halt, looking towards a whole in the rocks out to sea, where he could just make out people, waiting for him to get to work. So, he did just that, grabbing one of his Pokeballs, or a Great Ball in this case, and released the Pokemon inside, a Flygon named Vincent.

    "Sandstorm and Sand Tomb," the trainer ordered, not caring that there was another trainer and Pokemon on the beach.

    The Flygon nodded, flying up into the air and kicking up and sandstorm that began to rage through the beach. Out of the center of this storm, a massive cyclone of sand swept up, detracting the citizens of Lilycove and any Aqua members nearby long enough for the trainers hanging out at the hole that would lead to the Aqua base could fly out, heading in the direction of Mt. Chimney.

    Their work done, the Trainer had the Flygon blow away the Sandstorm and cyclone, leaving the beach in a mess. Returning Vincent to his Great Ball, Sam started to look around, making sure no one was coming for him before he himself made his escape.
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Quite suddenly, the winds picked up to buffeting speeds, launching sand all around them. Cody leapt to shield his trainer and Claire the Torkoal from the attack as five beams of red light flashed from underneath him, recalling the other Pokemon to the safety of their Poke Balls.

    Soon enough, the swirling sands died down, leaving a teenager in a Magma uniform standing in their wake. Sensing the threat was gone for the moment, Cody pulled away from his trainer, who quickly scrambled to her feet. The girl angrily pushed her glasses up from their precarious position at the tip of her nose as she looked around to find whoever it was attacking random beaches, only to find an agent of Magma, recalling a Flygon and scanning the beach for others.

    "It figures one of these ridiculous teams would be behind something like this," she nearly shouted as she strode quickly toward the boy, "I hope you weren't planning on getting away scott-free for that one," she continued as Cody stepped between them, "cause you're not going anywhere just yet."
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Sam smirked. There was indeed a Trainer on the beach, that made his job a hell of a lot easier. She had a Swampert with her, which complicated things a little, but not too much.

    "Guess again. You being here makes things a lot easier for me," the Magma recruit smirked, pulling an Ultra Ball from his belt and releasing the Pokemon inside. A Hypno now stood on the beach, ready to fight.
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Her newfound opponent released an odd, yellow, bipedal, tapir-like Pokemon onto the field of battle, Hypno. Weighing her options, Lindsey had Cody step aside, and took a Premier Ball from her belt, throwing it onto the battlefield. In a bright flash of light, a strange, insect-like Pokemon with an enormous mushroom on its back and no pupils appeared. Ceasar the Parasect took the field, awaiting orders.

    A fire seemed to ignite behind Lindsey's eyes, as she raised a hand toward her opponent, "Alright, let's rumble. Ceasar, start with Spore, then Swords Dance to X-Scissor," she ordered, lowering her arm.

    The Parasect immediately complied, shooting a large cloud of spores from its mushroom at their opponent before raising its attack with Swords Dance, which caused its claws to grow, glowing purple. The Bug type then charged forward as fast as its small legs would carry it, crossing its large pincers in an X shape as they glowed bright white.
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