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Ocean of Distress, Wave of Hope

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shiny Lyni, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Shiny Lyni

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    Reposted this after I've deleted it.

    Yeah, Shiny has a fic that -may- continue. As in may. And the prologue isn't the best, but MEH. Also, bad fic title name is B-A-D.



    Feet pattered on the wet ground as the rain poured on. Though she couldn't see anything through the downpour, she had a feeling that there was someone following her from not too far behind. The fact that it was the middle of the night didn't help much with sight, but the rustling of leaves near her indicated that there was either a stray Pokémon around, looking for shelter, or some person was trying to track her. She was sure no one saw her when she had left, though, but someone had probably noticed that she had gone missing. Hopefully, even if they were pursuing her, they were far behind.

    A Pokémon screeched from somewhere above, making the girl trip in surprise. Cursing once to herself, she continued forward, aware that the feeling that someone was nearby was now stronger. There was definetly someone pursuing her now. The person still wasn't close enough for her to determine what his or her emotions were, or what his or her objective was in hunting her, but she wasn't prepared to find out. On she went, hoping to find some place to hide, for a while at least, before they found her.

    Her pursuer was getting impatient, though, as the sound of footsteps was now prominent above the rain. But they were still keeping their distance, careful not to be spotted by the young girl, yet keeping her in sight. The girl was getting more and more nervous, and wasn't sure she could shake her predator off anytime soon. But battling right now was out of the question; it would only slow her down, possibly bring spectators out, and make her answer questions she would rather leave unasked.

    She was curious, though, so she purposely slowed her pace down, making whoever was following her slow down as well. Apparently they weren't tricked as easily as that. But that answered a question she had; if it was one of them, then they would've taken that small stop as an opportunity to pounce on her, recapture her, and take her back to where she ran away from. Back to the Lab.

    A sudden wave of electricity went through her body, startling her for a moment. She looked up at the sky. There was no lightning, and she hadn't heard thunder either, so it definitely couldn't have been from this storm. The girl looked around, and saw two shadowy figures towards her left, one that looked like the silhouette of a human, the other seemed to be that of a Luxray; they have been waiting for her here, knowing that she would run this way. Why hadn't she sensed them before? Then she saw something flash red on the human's wrist and on the Luxray's neck. The girl cursed again; they were obviously devices used to hide their emotions from her.

    With an unspoken command, the Luxray rushed towards her, sparking with electricity. The girl jumped aside, though a moment too late; she felt a shock run through her leg and was unable to stand when she landed. Reaching for a Pokéball, the girl was once again hurtled from her last place and hit a wall this time. She was aware that the Pokémon wasn't even using its full power against her, but just enough to weaken her, possibly make her faint, so the person could drag her back to the Lab.

    The ground below her seemed to shake a bit at this time. She glanced up and found the Luxray still in front of her, which seemed to be slightly confused from the rumbling. Trusting her instincts, the girl leaped far from the Pokémon. As she jumped aside, she saw the ground shake even harder, making the electric type lose its balance completely and fall hard on the ground. A green blur dived on it from apparently nowhere, leaving only a hole where the Luxray had been, only for it to reappear as it came crashing to the ground, right next to the hole. Looking up, the girl saw a Flygon hovering overhead, and was aware that another person was around by now. She had no time to look, though, as the Luxray was running towards the Flygon with its jaws open, showing that it was prepared to Bite it. The Flygon was too fast, and managed to swerve out of the way.

    The Luxray had something else planned, though, so when the green Dragon/Ground type Pokémon moved away, it landed neatly on the girl and managed to Bite onto her neck. Unprepared for the sudden attack, the girl screamed as she felt her consciousness slip away. As she began to fall, she was vaguely aware that somebody was now holding on to her.
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  2. How can this possibly considered bad? You're off to a very interesting start, that's for sure.

    Not to mention, the cliffhanger you left would be enough to intrigue anyone. I'll be looking forward to when you can update. ^_^
  3. Oooh, mysterious introduction win.

    I wonder who the attackers are, and their motivations. Why is this seemingly random person being chased?

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