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Ocarina of Time 3D

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 13, 2011.

  1. Linkachu

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    Just preordered my copy of it. I'm actually quite impressed by what Nintendo has added into this remake.

    Some gamers are complaining that nothing brand new has really been added to the game, but I don't really see a problem with that personally. People loved OoT as a whole, for everything it was, so does it need to be changed? I can't imagine why. Unnecessary extras are completely unnecessary, too (Chrono Trigger DS anyone?). They're only needed when a game wasn't complete to begin with, like HG/SS. OoT was pretty damn complete, eh?

    The new graphics are looking very nice, yet still seem true to the original game. The fact that they've added Master Quest onto the remake as a New Game+ type feature is pretty cool too. I hadn't been expecting them to do so. The Master Quest dungeons being mirrored is equally nifty, like the cherry on top. Then there's the Boss Battle mode which sounds like it'll be fun for anyone who likes speed runs. I can't see myself taking advantage of it personally, but I can imagine lots of people would.

    Can't wait to get my hands on this game in June. I've actually never finished it before... I've only watched my brother do so. :X But I'm gonna try my best to get through it this time 'round. It'll be the first time I've personally owned the game. :'D

    What thoughts do you guys have on this remake thus far?
  2. Doctor Oak

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    I also pre-ordered this today. :) Also, to say that nothing new has been added really just isn't true. It may not be huge, but there is a new Boss Rush mode, plus it has the Master Quest version available too. On top of looking like a whole new game, I'd say there's a lot to this remake to sell it even to people that have already enjoyed the hell out of OOT on the N64.

    Plus, it's Ocarina of Time. When you improve one of the best games ever (as agreed on by pretty much everyone ever), there's no real room for complaint at all. The only issue I have with this game's release is that it wasn't available from day one.
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    What I read was knit-picking aimed at interviews concerning the game. Complaints mostly centered on the fact that the dungeons aren't different, the plot is the same, and stuff like that.

    I just went "buh?" at it all. I wonder sometimes what people expect from a remake. If they want something with a brand new story and brand new dungeons... they should wait for Skyward Sword. XP
  4. You know, I was half expecting the 3D remake to have concepts from Ura Zelda in it. In case you dont know what Ura Zelda is, it was a cancelled Zelda game for the 64DD (which was a commercial bomb) but I saw a video saying that concepts from it were added to later zelda games, so maybe some of it will be in OoT 3D.
  5. Doctor Oak

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    Ura Zelda is Master Quest. It was never a new Zelda game, it was always an expansion pack to OOT. Master Quest was then included with OOT on the Cube, and on this game.
  6. The more popular a gaming franchise is, the more hater it attracts. People attack WoW, Final Fantasy and Zelda ALL of the time.

    People also act as if remakes are horrible because they are nothing new. Some people even say that Sequels are a bad thing. Those are people I chose to ignore most of the time.

    Zelda OoT is highly anticipated. Most changes would disappoint many fans. I would say that this remake is about as wanted as a remake of FF7. Now it comes, and many people will appreciate that. Others will hate, but thats the way it is. Many dont accept that others have fun with certain things.

    I dont own a 3DS yet, but by the time I get one, OoT remake will be on the list. I only finished that game once, and it's really been a while.

    I dont mind the old looks, and the graphical upgrade makes it just better. I saw the Hyrule Plaza and it looked very nice.

    Also, Im really hyped for all the creepy stuff with better visuals. The well in kakariko, the hand in the forest temple. All of that stuff.
  7. Toastie

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    Ocarina of Time is the best game I've ever played. I was only 5 at the time, however, so this should be a very interesting nostalgia trip for me. Will it it live up to expectations? I hope so. It truly deserves it.
  8. I never truely played OoT myself, but my friends all say that it was THE best game of all time (Actually, they said it was the "awesomist most epic game of sheer awesome epicness ever".), so that alone makes me want to play it.

    Also, as for what the haters say, they pretty much hate anything new and beleive that masterpeices shouldn't be touched, and after that master piece is released they should shut down the series entirely. (Sonic, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, etc etc etc). Really, I respect that all people have thier own opinions, but saying that a franchise should shut down after a major success is just idiotic. THe same goes for those who believe that remaking such an awesome game is stupid.

    Anyway, I'm also wanting to play the game so that way I can get more of a feel for Zelda games, as I'm just now getting into them. Plus I've always been curious at how the game itself works, and if Navi is as annoying as people say XD Plus I think it'd be a good game to test out the 3D function on the 3ds.
  9. I have Oot on the wii and have played on 64, but I really want it for the 3DS it is the best zelda game, it's long and fun (the most difficult is the water temple >_< at least for me).

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