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OC Talk

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Peachy Ace, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. I'm sure everyone on Charms has one. Linkachu has his Raichu wearing Link's hat, or as some like to call it, a Linkachu. I have a Shiny Umbreon OC too. Here you can talk about your OCs. Like Old OCs, or planning on making a new one, whatever, as long as it involves OCs. You can talk about what inspries your OC too, like finding a Shiny Pokemon you instantly fell in love with.

    Example: I used to have a ton of OCs before my current one Midnight the Umbreon, here are them in order.

    1. Wave the Buizel
    2. Blade the Gallade
    3. Lucky the Lucario (I was really into Sinnoh Pokemon at the time)
    4. Midnight the Shiny Umbreon.
    Midnight the Shiny Umbreon was inspired when I found a Shiny Eevee in Castelia Garden. It was soo random, and so rare, I was so lucky too capture it, and so It became my OC.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I have a ridiculously large number of OCs; some are Pokemon-related, many are not, and a good number aren't connected to other fandoms at all. Some have gone through about 5 different variations before they ended up the OC they are now.

    I think my first OC ever, or rather, my first OC I made online was Sarah Fox, Pokemon trainer~ (I'm sure I have at least a hundred OCs I made when I was a child in the form of imaginary friends and stories and the like, but they weren't very formally developed and the like so they don't count for my purposes) She had a pendant that allowed her to talk to her Eevee, and she could even transform into an Eevee with it. I was young, don't judge D: I'm sure the RP I introduced her in still exists somewhere in the archives of this website, but I refuse to look for it because... bad memories.

    Some others I have which I'll just list~ any I've crossed out are since retired and I never plan to use them again for various reasons.

    Pokemon Related
    • Kylie Richardson
    • Christine Raymond
    • Victor (I don't remember his last name, but he had a younger sister named Victoria)
    • Kelvin Bohr
    • Kira the Luxio
    • Andrea Chastain
    • Lyni the Eevee (aka my personal self-insert and/or Pokesona)
    Other Fandoms
    • Sora and Luke (my pair of general-purpose characters, I re-tailor them to specific fandoms whenever I want to. So far, they've been in a Percy Jackson RP and were planned in a Soul Eater RP, and I have Pokemon trainer versions of them among some others I can't remember off the top of my head)
    • Laura Rufford and Richard Rufford (siblings in a Harry Potter RP; Laura's a Hufflepuff, Richard's a Slytherin)
    • Diane Lucas+Lopmon and Eric Liu+Ryudamon (Digimon OCs)
    • Deneb Cygni (Hunger Games OC)
    • Linda Sorrel, AKA Lyni (originally a general-purpose self-insert OC, she's since evolved to become her own character though she retains a lot of my personality)
    • Jasper Sorrel
    • Helen Brighten
    • V.I.R.T.
    • Reimei
    • Andrew Norman, AKA Drew
    • Huang Chenxi, AKA Chen
    • Aeris Cline
  3. I have four pokemon OCs and honestly, I have a wolf too.
    Phoenix the Flareon.
    Storm the Jolteon.
    Dakota the Mightyena.
    And of course, the host of Dare The Eeveelutions: Lucinda the Houndoom, or Cynder, her nickname.
    I have a wolf OC, her name is Kanis (get it? Canis Lupis?), she is a black wolf, with red eyes, wings, two tails, and blue marks on her body, don't judge me. I am also looking for more OCs. Hopefully I can get enough to make some into pokesonas! :)
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  4. I really haven't done many Pokémon OCs (which will be the ones I'm posting here), and I also have some scraps for fan-made regions, but I couldn't get past the Gym Leaders :v

    My Shiny Mightyena in Emerald became Luura (I like this name because she lures other pokémon into lost woods >u>).
    I have a Shiny Zoroark named Hitodama.
    And my Litwick named Wictoria.

    I've really done some sketches about them but nothing scan-worthy.
  5. Windie the Arcanine named after its japaneese name
    Ace the Braviary named after arial ace
    Shimmer the Sylveon not named after anything
    Mahoxy the Delphox named after its Japanese name
    Sandy the sandshrew, it is self explanatory
    Gene the reuniclus because reuniclus has lots to do with genes and I like the name gene
    Kipling the swampert my first Mudkip's name was mr kipling
  6. My pokemon oc were different than they are now.
    First I was thinking of using my sinnoh team as my oc but they we just to simple so I went with my first oc Kaben the eevee because when I started I only had an eevee after that a Manaphy joined my oc team this is not from gameplay since I missed the event of it. Madeleine was a Manaphy that came from pokecharms as a wild pokemon but she fell in love with Kaben that it became Kaben and madeleine my user name then Alben was added I had no idea who he should be and I was playing around and Sasha is a seviper but she felt alone so I decided to make Alben a zangoose and it was made and actually I have him in my game. Candice is my fourth main oc she came on the weeks before Halloween looking like eevee but revealed her true form and now she is this here as a main member. These are the four most used oc I use to chat with people.
  7. I have a new oc, which is a slakoth called sleepy
  8. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    @Roi De La Nuit Sans Fin~ helped me choose my Pokemon OC Lisa since I'm fairly creative (I'm guessing)

    I made NicoNico based on Vocaloid's Party X party and Navi except less annoying plus his girlfriend is a skeleton

    uuuhh that's all the OC's I can think of
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  9. Oh, dear. I have so many OCs that I have to have a charahub in order to keep track of them all! But here, I'll tell of my favourite ones!

    Pokemon Related:
    • Lee the Leafeon - A lazy Leafeon who loves disco music. Made him for the sole purpose of roleplaying on Pokemon Showdown lol.
    • Ria - Just a trainer who specializes in normal type Pokemon. Easily startled and unsure of her abilities to even be a Pokemon trainer. See the above reason for making her.
    • Glitch - Amnesiac trainer who uses man-made Pokemon such as Porygon. He's an oddity, and see the above reasons for his making.
    Non-Pokemon Related:
    • Arin - A pyrokinetic young boy of African descent who often gets too close to others, and appears to be drunk a lot of the time due to his heart medication's side effects.
    • Mari - A girl of Hispanic descent who survived the horrors that a God had wreaked upon her species, and is eternally angry about that.
    • Roxy - A girl of Chinese and/or mixed descent who has to fight different types of mythological horrors with her friends in order to rescue her older sister. Easily intimidated in the beginning, slowly rising to the occasion by gaining confidence as well.
    • Blue - An amnesiac who remembers only the vague mentions of their religion, and lives steadfastly by it. A sarcastic, and a bit cocky nonbinary person who carries an emerald around.
    Those are only a few of the characters I have, and I really do mean a few.
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  10. I currently have an OC team with trainer and Pokesona pokemon.

    There is Max the Ninja Totodile. Personally, I think Max, is the perfect name for a Totodile. IDK why, but it is. A Totodile represts me and one with a ninja headband, adds to the goofiness that is me. He's pretty much the goofy schemer.

    Munchy the Munchlax. Well I love Munchlax, so I have a straight forward Munchlax, which to me is a bit uncharacteristic for a Munchlax, but that makes it funny.

    Achilles the Heracross. Every team needs a fighter. I think that Heracross is a rad Pokemon, but he has difficulties. 4X weakness to flying.

    Kenzie the Glaceon. A stuck up, pretty girl, Pokemon seems to do wonders for the mix. Everyone is upbeat, but a egotistical popular, pretty girl adds layers to the possibilites.

    Gem the Clefairy. Every Pokesona team needs a shipper of some kind. So that's where Gem comes in. For some reason, I see Clefairy as a flughtly, energetic Pokemon, who wold ship everyone.

    And finally Tyke the Tyrouge. A baby of the team to give it an overall mix.

    This Pokesona team is mainly for comedy and such. I think, the diversity in characteristics brings them together, but what do you all think?
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  11. Well, here are some of mine:

    Sparkle the plusle is an energetic little pokemon, who's eager to impress. Her goal is to become the toughest electric type in the world, and she's since been promoted to being the partner pokemon of my OC, Ella.

    Dee the shiny minun is a cold, bitter, and abrasive character, who's spent her life fending off trainers who want to catch her. She frequently faces attacking trainers head-on, beating up them and their pokemon, and stealing things from them.

    Roxanne the salazzle is bold, flirtatious, loving, and naughty. She's tough in battle, but is often having to fend off the many male pokemon who are interested in her. (Spoiler alert: she's a lesbian)

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