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OC Submission For The Writen Work I am making

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by TheOneCipher, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Hello reader, I am TheOneCipher, formerly SeafolkDhelmise789. I am creating a written work that has some of my own ocs in it, but I would like some suggestions for other ocs as well. You can leave them in here and I will tag you on each page and put you in the credits segment once this series ends.

    Rules: (If these rules are violated, I won't accept the oc.)
    1. Make sure to follow the rules of Pokecharms, I don't this to be closed.
    2. Maximum of one oc per person.
    3. No Mary Sues.
    4. No characters that are meant to be a joke. I want this story to have good character development, not some silly characters running around.
    5. Sign up in this format:


    If you follow these rules, I'm sure that everyone will be happy.

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