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Open OC Stars 2: The Reboot

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Psymallard, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Discord: https://discord.gg/KU8vu9w (Join the OC Stars Discord Server!)
    I seem to remember a few people being intrigued by the idea, but my execution wasn't the best. I want to try this again, but learn from the failings of the previous one.
    For those who haven't heard of this yet, OC Stars is basically a collection of everyone's main OCs. There aren't really any limitations on your characters, as long as you can make your character how you imagine it, it's fine. As for a limit on how many characters you can have, I'd say two (it could be a sidekick or friend). I also might limit how many people can join, just because I don't want anyone to be overwhelmed (including me).
    Bio Layout:

    Name: Mallard
    Codename: Anas platyrhynchos/ Anas boschas
    Age: Relatively 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 2'02"
    Weight: 4 lbs
    Appearance: He is a cartoonish mallard duck.
    Personality: As a cartoon, he is very friendly and joking, but can have a temper at times.
    Occupation: Duck champion
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Powers: As a cartoon he is very strong, fast, and durable. His wings double as hands, he can fly, deflect anything less sticky than water, and fire off feathers. But his most powerful ability is to make references to pop culture. Whenever he references a scene from pop culture, he gains those powers or that personality in that scene to an extent.
    Weapons/Gadgets: None
    Backstory: Mallard comes from an island full of cartoon animals and plants. All the more well-known animal groups have a champion, and Mallard is the duck champion.

    Name: Turtle
    Codename: Testudine
    Age: Relatively 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 2'06"
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Appearance: A cartoonish green snapping turtle with long limbs and neck
    Personality: Very friendly and chill.
    Occupation: Turtle champion
    Alignment: Neutral good
    Powers: Indestructible shell, can remove shell, and can move much faster by rolling in or on his shell, and has a sharp beak. His most powerful ability is also to make references to pop culture. Whenever he references a scene from pop culture, he gains those powers or that personality in that scene to an extent.
    Weapons/Gadgets: None
    Backstory: Turtle comes from an island full of cartoon animals and plants. All the more well-known animal groups have a champion, and Turtle is the turtle champion.

    Lemme know if you have any questions.
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  2. Last time I got caught up in another rp and kind of opted out, so sorry about that, and here is my new character.
    Name: Sakano Marafoju
    Codename: Ka-Blammo
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 124 lbs
    Appearance: Black hair and large green eyes, orange-and-silver armor as well as a strap that goes around his back
    Personality: Quiet when not fighting, very cartoonish (Ultra, Ultra Energized)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Powers: Right arm can transform into anything, has chip installed in brain giving him access to a ton of knowledge and superior reflex time, superhuman abilities (strength, speed, durability), forms include: Ultra, giving Sakano 150% more power as well as covering his entire body with his arm's power and will automatically activate if Sakano takes fatal damage, but can also be manually activated; Energized, requires 5 seconds to charge up before transforming, but gives both of his arms his first form's abilities at 1000% power; Ultra Energized, just Ultra form for Energized, at 10000% power
    Weapons/Gadgets: Rocket boots that allow him to super jump (all forms) and fly (Energized, Ultra Energized)
    Backstory: Arm comes from ancient times where Sunlight, the watcher of the galaxy, sent it to find a worthy specimen.
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  3. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  4. Hello hello hello! Nice to see this back again. Btw, you might wanna tag some people from last time, it would have really sucked if I didn’t find this rp, as this is a really cool concept.

    Name: Jay Barry
    Codename: Jester
    Age: Around 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight, but pretty uninterested, so it's unlikely you'll get his attention in that department.
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: Average, around 130 pounds. (Pretty sure that's average?)
    Appearance: (Concealed) Jay has many traits that stand out. However, his eyes stand out the most. His pupils are white and glow. He appears to have no iris, and his sclera is pure black. Moving on. His skin is mixed, not tan, like Neon's. He wears a purple pull-over hoodie with the hood often up. He has shaggy dark brown, almost black, hair. He wears black jeans that are slightly ripped. Like Neon, he has a locket that is often hidden with a picture of his family. His teeth are also sharp. Additional: His voice is usually kind of pixel-y and echoes. (Like Jevil's from Deltarune, but less "Video Game" sounding.) However, his voice goes clear when he's dead serious about something.
    Appearance: (Revealed) Like Neon, Jay has a revealed form. However, Jay's revealed form is very different. He has no bodily features, but he does have all facial features apart from a nose. In his revealed form, Jay becomes a large shadow-y figure, standing at about 9'3". His eyes become larger and completely red. His mouth becomes much larger. (Although it was already pretty large already, adding to a certain vibe I'm going for with this character, which will be obvious in the personality section.) While in this form, he becomes physically unable to stop smiling in an wide, toothy, and a little scary manner.
    Personality (Oh boy, this is gonna be fun. Insane characters are fun to write.): First things first, Jay is insane, but in a kind of confusing way. Yes, he has the unhinged insane laughter, the scarily wide grin, and the carelessness for safety. However, in the ultimate balancing mechanism that determines whether someone is good or evil, Jay falls into the "Good" category, as he does have morals. Here are a few examples: 1. He won't hurt animals. (Unless an enemy turns into an animal, then he doesn't give a crap.) He has a dog for crying out loud. The guy wants to be loved, and animals provide that love. 2. He won't hurt babies, infants, or small children. At least not on purpose. Moving on. He is ALWAYS SMILING. The only people who have seen him perform any other expression besides smiling are his family members. He thinks smiling is a way to assert confidence, to show that you have no fear. He considers frowning or crying to be a sign of weakness. He's also insane, so that adds reason to why he's always smiling. He is usually toothily grinning. Although, when he isn't in the greatest mood or surprised, he will simply smile. If he is upset or mad, he will barely smile, but still smile.Because of this, he is very hard to read, so you must rely on his eyes for any sign of how he actually feels. For example: If he rolls his eyes, don't bother talking anymore. When he does this, that means he "Doesn't give a shit" about what you're saying anymore. (Ah, right, this character WILL cuss sometimes, but mainly for comical reasons. Don't worry, it won't be excessive. I myself dislike cussing, but it felt right to include some in this character.) Another example is when he looks someone up and down. This means he's judging them. This is usually to confirm if they are an ally or not. If he slightly nods, that means he has confirmed them as an ally. If he squints, that means he doesn't really care about them one way or another. If he squints, but his eyebrows also angle down, that means he has confirmed them as an enemy. (Not really a frown, as he will still be grinning.)Which you do not want.However, while he doesn't look like it, Jay is VERY intelligent, like Neon. Jay is almost always taking the tension out of a situation, by doing things from simply breaking the ice, to insulting his enemy immaturely. He often says silly things during battle like "Bye bye!!" or "This is getting boring. TIME TO MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING!!!" After saying this, he'll usually do something unpredictable. Be wary when fighting him, because, unlike Neon, he won't show mercy to his enemies, and won't hesitate to kill them, in fact, he usually makes a dumb joke about it. (As shown in my first post with him when he said "You just lost your neck privileges." I'll probably add to this part later.)
    Occupation: None.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
    Powers: He. Can. Literally. Do. Anything! (Got the idea from Jevil, yes, but I don't think Jevil can LITERALLY do anything. Jay can.) He can do anything from create gusts of air to zaps of lighting. While this sounds really overpowered. (And it kind of is.) Jay can't think of every possible thing he can do with his power, so that is kind of a limit. The scary thing is, he LEARNS. He is very observant, and has a habit to mimic things he has seen before. This makes him a very formidable opponent. An additional “power” he has is that he has a genius intellect, with an IQ of 300.
    Weapons/Gadgets: He almost always uses some kind of melee weapon in battle, usually a scythe to which he has a special connection with, allowing him to do some "Cool Shit". (His words.)
    Backstory: Him and Neon have the same source of power, a large energy source from space, which provides "power" for the universe. The good, and the bad. They were both exposed to this energy at the same time, giving them a special connection, which means that if one dies, the other dies as well. This also grants them immunity to "Being erased" which means being banished from existence. (Which most gods in this universe can do, I assume?) This also makes them very hard to kill, but they can be killed, and literally can not exist without each other. As mentioned before, this energy source provides everything, good and bad, to the universe. When exposed to the energy, Neon got the powers based on the good things in the universe. (Or something like that. Backstories are difficult.) Jay, however, got the powers based on the bad things in the universe. Unfortunately, the bad things in the universe greatly outnumber the good things, so Jay was exposed to much more power and energy than Neon. Which is why Jay is so insane, as this incident severely injured Jay's mental health beyond repair. Neon is lucky Jay was there, as if he wasn't, Neon would have been exposed to all the energy by himself, killing him. Jay is also lucky Neon was there for the same reason. (I know, it's a bit sloppy, but it's the best I can do. I'll try to clean it up later.)
    Other: Him and Neon are brothers, with Jay being the little brother, and Neon being the big brother.
    And... I think that's it

    Name: Neon Barry
    Codename: Blitz
    Age: Around 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 145-ish pounds. Basically the high end of average.
    Appearance (Concealed Form): He has tan skin and jet black hair with neon blue tips. He has a lean body type, like an athlete. He often wears a black jacket with a dark blue short sleeved shirt underneath. He wears black sports pants with two dark blue lines running down each leg. He has a necklace that is often hidden. The necklace has a locket, and inside there is a picture of his family. (Family is important.) He also wears dark blue tennis shoes.
    Appearance (Revealed. Also, all shapes are 3D, and he has no remote facial, Ex:Eyes, or body features, Ex: Toes/Fingers. However, his overall body dimensions (Height and Weight) are the same.): In his revealed form, his hands and feet are replaced with neon blue triangles, his arms, legs, and torso are replaced with neon blue rectangles, and his head is replaced with a large neon blue circle.
    Personality: Neon is energetic and fun, and cracks a joke at nearly every opportunity. However, he can be serious when he absolutely needs to. He is very social. However, he has trouble getting along with mean or just plain boring people. He also has a very deep fear of not being loved or liked, and being alone and forgotten. (Isolophobia/Athazagoraphobia)
    Alignment: Usually Chaotic Good. Although, if bad guys keep pressing his buttons, he goes down to Chaotic Neutral for a while.
    Powers: He can create shapes out of pure energy and use them as deadly and lethal weapons. He can also used them to shield himself or others. He can also use the shapes to help him get around. For example, riding on a rectangle through the air, or causing a cube to quickly pop out of the ground to quickly propel himself upwards, or use this same trick as a combo opener by launching enemies in the air.He can also use them just for a cool party trick. He can also manipulate gravity, but not always very well. But, he can manipulate it nonetheless. Little detail: He can't lift himself very well with his power, but he can lift others relatively easily. With this power, he can freeze objects in midair, and absorb them into some miniature black hole of sorts. He then uses the absorbed objects for temporary shields of sorts, which make him more durable. Although, this has a 'cooldown' of sorts, so he can't use it wily nily. He can also move supernaturally fast. This naturally makes it very hard to tell how fast he's going, but it's at least around the speed of sound. However, he can run out of energy if he moves this fast too much for too long. He also has supernatural strength and awareness. He is also very intelligent and quick thinking. He also can create and use electricity as a weapon. Long story short, he isn't an opponent to mess with. He also has a super genius intellect, making literally everyone he meets seem stupid. He has a whopping IQ of 500+.
    Weapons/Gadgets: None, as his shapes are basically his weapons/gadgets. Although, he will use some if he is required to.
    Backstory: He refuses to say. (This might change if I can actually come up with one.)
    Other:Both him and Jay speak fluent Spanish and Japanese, although English is their native and first language.(I'll probably add to this if I think of anything.)\

    And that’s it. Yes, these are the same bios from last time xD.
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  5. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  6. Hey! I'm kind of interested. If I have time, I'll throw Maria back into it.
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  7. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    I'm not really active anymore in terms of roleplaying, but it wouldn't hurt to try and get back to it. I guess I'll join s

    Name: Kino
    Codename: none
    Age: ??
    Gender: Male (intersex)
    Sexuality: Pan
    Height: 4'5
    Weight: 54 lbs
    Appearance: He's a petite small man standing around the height of around 4 feet to 5 feet. He is rather slim, arms fairly muscled along with a strong leg, to which has been his most trusting combat part. He is small, an appearance of a child permanent along with his features. At first glance and many more after that, no matter how much you look at Kino, he's a child. The only thing to prove you wrong on that matter is the way he acts and talks, a cursing cussing machine, speaking words, and having the knowledge a child probably shouldn't have. His hair is a bright orange crown atop his head, the sun sparkling a yellow halo along the strands. His eyes are equally as vibrant, and he'd be lying if he said he didn't like the way they shine. The only thing he seems to despise himself, was how short he is, and his size, seeing that everyone that he meets seems to mistake him for a kid.
    Personality: Kino is always a happy-go-lucky type of kid, with a childish attitude that aids him in charming his way through trouble whenever he gets into one. He loves animals but loves his dog, Koi, the most, and the two share quite the connection. Usually seen with a sweet attitude, there's little to no way to hate such a child at first sight and is usually very likable when you first met him. But it's only after you get to know him to find out that he's actually quite blunt in his way of speaking, which at first was covered up by his kid like accent, so it wasn't noticeable at first or wasn't taken seriously until you spend some time with the guy to realize he wasn't joking. He wouldn't hesitate to do things he wishes to and usually doesn't listen to others, showing out a stubborn side of himself. Since he's so vertically challenged, he's rather short-tempered on that matter and will bite if you brought up the fact he's short. Quite mischievous, there's no doubt one day you'll get caught up in one of his infamous pranks, which usually includes dumping paint on you. Despite all these fun and games, Kino has a serious side, showing others that he knows way more than how his looks show. He appears to be 10, but talks as if he knew more than what a real 10 year really should know, which gets people questioning his age, whether he's just really a kid or is actually a short adult with a high pitched voice. People had asked him on that fact, but he claims he too, doesn't know his real age. Even though he obviously knew more than how he put on, he acts dumb, purposely so.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Powers: Supersonic and fire, Kino can also wield a sword pretty well. Despite being quite short, he is surprisingly fast. His supersonic apparently could also play a tune that is able to reverse aging, somewhat making you an eternal youth if he wishes so. He refuses to use that part of the power, so his age has not transport backward at all. The flute could also heal when he plays it.
    Weapons/Gadgets: A flute with a foldable blade hidden within.
    Backstory: A loner at birth, Kino was quick to be abandoned by his parents after having been mistaken for being a girl, therefore spending most of his life independently. Escaping the place that had kept him when he was thrown off, Kino endorses himself within the art of thieving and robbery, stealing what he could and when he could. He never kept track of how many years pass, seeing that he had no calendar whatsoever to do so. Koi, his faithful Shiba dog, was his only companion, having found the dog in a box that was also thrown out by their owner. He only started keeping track of his age after having been taken in by a grandma, who pitied his lifestyle and tries to convince him to stay, ending up having to trick Kino into coming back every day in order to form a bond with the boy. It succeeded, and Kino stayed ever since.
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  8. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Name: Loufe Wolven and O.S
    Codename: None
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 6'9 ([Nice] He's naturally tall thanks to his wolf genes) 10'10 when in wolf form (on his hind legs) and 12'6 when in sync wolf form
    Weight:220 (Loufe is fairly skinny)
    Appearance: Black hair/Brown eyes/ and tan skin. Wears a blue hoodie and a red undershirt, along with jeans and sneakers.
    Personality: While he can be a bit intimidating due to his size, and naturally glaring expression, Loufe is actually a pretty mild-mannered person. He enjoys joking around and helping people. He does lack a backbone, but when enemies are involved, Loufe can be a menace in battle, although he hates killing things. He is a bit self conscious of his "condition" and tries his best to hide it, with not great results. He's a bad liar, obviously. The fact that his tail shows his emotions unconsciously doesn't help.

    O.S is much more sarcastic, somewhat sadistic, and can be downright malicious when bored. He's not inherently evil. O.S just puts his needs above others. He can even be somewhat tolerable to people who treat him with respect. However, he's always up for a brawl, and hates sappy stuff, like friendships.

    Occupation: Traveler
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Loufe) True Neutral(O.S)
    Loufe was born with a strong mind. He would be resistant to mind control, but thanks to O.S, he's completely immune to it. He can use certain elemental abilities, such as electrokinesis, but he needs an outside source to absorb if he were to do so.
    He has a slight amount of werewolf abilities, being stronger that he looks (although he prefers to use his psychic abilities), sharp retractable claws and having slightly increased senses.

    When turned into a werewolf, O.S can't use Loufe's powers, but he has all the normal features, like extreme strength, very sharp claws, speed, and a healing factor. His senses are increased as well.

    When the two reach a mutual understanding, and carry no negative feelings with each other, they'll become a larger, stronger wolf capable of magic. This form, however, is VERY hard to achieve, as they bicker. A LOT.

    Loufe is able to "transfer" O.S spirit into someone through physical contact. They gain slight werewolf buffs, and can turn into a full werewolf as well. What's more, as a wolf, they'll have access to their powers. Unfortunately, being a full wolf means that O.S is in control, and he isn't all that well-versed in magic usage.

    Backstory(Optional): There's a myth of a kind of spirit that, every one hundred years, wanders around the night, and enters the soul of someone, changing them both physically and mentally, causing them to leave their homes as primal beast moving towards some unknown call in the forest.
    This myth, actually, is false. Sorta.
    O.S was just your regular werewolf hundreds of years ago. Due to the time passed, he doesn't remember, or care, about what was his first life about. Of course, he had an expiration date, and died. However, his spirit remained, and it would dissipate if O.S did not find a body. Being the unfeeling person he is, O.S took over the first person he found, essential killing their consciousness and replacing it with his. He turned wolf, and went back into the wild. Rinse and repeat across hundreds of years until he found a young abandoned child crying in a bush, seemingly abandoned by his parents. Since his wolf form wasn't affected by the person he was, he decided to put the child out of it's misery. Unfortunately, Loufe's brain was well-protected by his psychic powers. However, O.S spirit was also strong. Eventually, to preserve themselves, Loufe's magic somewhat combined the two, making them sort of share the same brain.
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  9. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  10. Name: Maria Scarheart
    Codename: N/A
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Appearance: Maria is a Lycan, a wolf-person. She's humanoid, with wolflike legs and a wolf head. Her body is covered in grey fur, and she has piercing blue eyes. Her left ear has a small hole in it, from being shot with a pistol. She also has a few scars on her side, as well as a long on her right leg and one across her right muzzle. Her legs are more wolflike. Maria has two main sets of clothes, depending on what she is doing. Usually, she will wear the normal clothes of a (slightly) cheap blue and white kimono. Usually going barefoot. While wearing this, Maria usually keeps in her flintlock pistols hidden in a sleeve. The other clothes Maria wears indicate that she is not really from anywhere close to Hau. When Maria needs to fight, she'll gear up in her old officer uniform. It's a red, leather Trench coat with a few medals and pins on the breast pockets. Maria also wears boots and gloves, both red. To complete the outfit, Maria wears a bandolier of three Flintlock pistols across her chest and a saber at her side.
    Personality: Maria can come off as a slightly cold person at first. She has trouble trusting people, but once she gets to know people... She still has trouble trusting people not to stab her in the back. She speaks in a cool and quiet voice, and tries to stay calm in all situations.
    Occupation: Ex-solider, barmaid, mercenary
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Powers: Maria is slightly tougher, stronger, and quicker than humans. She also has enhanced smell and hearing, as well as night vision.
    Weapons/Gadgets: Saber, 3 Flintlock Pistols
    Backstory(Optional): Maria was originally a member of a mountainous country's military. While she was deployed, her unit engaged in a cliffside battle with enemy raiders. In the fight, Maria was shot and ended up falling down the mountain. Separated from her platoon, the Lycan wandered until she found a village. The people there healed her up and sent her to the city of Hau, where she is currently residing as she has no current way to get back to her people.
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  11. @mallard is there a specific amount of roleplayers you’re going for before you put up the rp thread?
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    Psymallard Previously mallard

  13. Codename: Fenri

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight, but usually very uninterested.

    Height: 221 centimeters (7´1)

    Weight: 140 kg (308 pounds)

    Appearance: Even though he weighs a lot, he's pretty fit and tall. He has long. black hair and red eyes. His skin is white, but if you look closely you could see that it is also a little grey-ish. He has a leather belt with throwing knives and guns, and one or two daggers.

    Personality: He doesn't really care about anyone and has a hard time making friends. He is lonely and uses a lot of alcohol and violence. However, he is very smart and is a good strategist.

    Occupation: Mercenary.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

    Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, unlimited growth and transforming (to transform between his huge wolf form and his human form,) is very good at fighting, is good at throwing/fighting with knives and using guns.

    Weapons/Gadgets: Knives, both throwing and daggers, guns.

    Backstory(Optional): In old nordic mythology there was a huge wolf, the son of Loki, who was called the Fenris-Wolf. The Fenris-Wolf grew up in Asgaard, until it became so big that the gods had to lock him up. After trying, and failing, with the biggest chains in the world the dwarfs gave them a magic rope, but it was so thin that the Fenris-Wolf became suspicious. However, Tir, the bravest of the gods, agreed to putting his hand in the Fenris-Wolf's mouth as payment. The Fenriswolf couldn't break free from the rope, and he bit Tir's hand off. He is destined to kill Odin in Ragnarok.

    Other(Optional): He drinks a lot of alcohol. When I say huge I mean huge. In Snorri's description of Ragnarok, the wolf shall be loosed and shall wreak havoc upon the world: Fenris-Wolf shall advance with gaping mouth, and his lower jaw shall be against the earth, but the upper against heaven,—he would gape yet more if there were room for it; fires blaze from his eyes and nostrils. (To give you an idea about how big he is in his wolf form.)
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  14. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  15. I’ll take another read/try at this, will look it over and post when I have more time. Might use some new characters though
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  16. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Everyone will be summoned to NYC along with my characters and the villain. As for the villains bio:

    Name: Martian-023657003115
    Codename: Martian
    Age: 51 (that's a martian's prime)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 6'04"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Appearance: Super slender and giant bald cranium, green skin, large eyes and small mouth, no nose or ears, black rubber gloves and boots, fishbowl helmet
    Personality: Very arrogant and power-crazy
    Occupation: Conqueror
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Powers: Genius and limited telekinesis and telepathy.
    Weapons/Gadgets: Any sci-fi gadget you can think of
    Backstory: Not the champion of the martians, but the only one actively trying to take over Earth.
  17. Name: Bastraal Shadowbolt
    Codename: Shocker
    Age: 3477
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Demisexual/Heteromantic (Means takes Love before they would even put anything like that on the table.)
    Height: 6'4" (198'5" when in dragon form)
    Weight: 234 lbs (1,100,000 lbs in Dragon form).
    Appearance: In human form, he has dark skin, with yellow green eyes, black and blue hair, and wears chain armor. He is known to carry a sword on his left side. Dragon form has a mix of blue and ominous purple scales, darkness flaring off the scales, has one horn on his head, and 345' wings that are ominous purple on the limbs, the inner part is blue.
    Personality: Human form: He is a respectful and helpful person, but for evil purposes, when in Dragon form, he tends to have difficulty controlling his Shadow side, and it makes him somewhat insane.
    Occupation: Guardian of a Northern Cave, Mercenary amongst other things in his almost 3500 years of life.
    Weapons: A Sword of Summon Fire Elementals, a ring of Command Fire Elementals, (can summon two wielding spears, act as bodyguards when he is in human form.)
    Powers: Enhanced durability, Enhanced Speed, Flight (Dragon only), Immense Strength, A shadowed Lightning breath (Dragon Only), Enhanced senses, Dim light vision and Darkvision (Dragon only)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil (Human form): Insane Reckless (Dragon Form, equivalent to Chaotic Mad).
    Backstory: He has done many things in his 3 and a half millennia, and has a small family of his own.
    Other: I don't expect this character to be accepted.

    Name: Alina Steelflare
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 144 lbs (with all equipment)
    Appearance: Alina is a well endowed woman, with an overall curvaceous figure, she wears leather armor, amount varies depending on mission, she has fair skin and scar Mark's on her shoulder.
    Personality: She is a sweet and kind girl, with a protective streak.
    Occupation: Fighter for a Mercenary guild.
    Alignment: Lawful Good.
    Powers: She can breathe fire, and fly, and has increased durability, striking strength, senses.
    Weapons: A pair of Longswords with the ability to freeze things on touch, (puts animate objects in a temporary time freeze of about one second).
    Backstory; A young girl of a fire wielding clan, worked as a mercenary until recently.
  18. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  19. Name: Nikki Kiris
    Codename: Astro Pop
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Whatever
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Appearance: Young, attractive and innocent looking, Nikki stands at 5'6, with light bubblegum pink hair, slightly wavy, and parted from the right that goes down to the small of her back, with large almond shaped deep blue eyes. Her overall body is rather petite and lithe, and her skin is quite. She wears a one piece black mechanic's jumpsuit, but often leaves the top hanging around her waist with the sleeves tied around it, she wears a white mini tank-top underneath along with heavy steel colored metal plated boots.
    Personality: Cynical, pessimistic, and sarcastic Nikki has a darker sense of humor and often finds things funny that others don't. She can be rather cold and cruel at times and is generally hostile and distrusts people. Most prominently Nikki is an extreme pyrotechnic to the point of being a maniac utilizing her knowledge of explosives, physics, and engineering, Nikki constructs anything from grenades, mines, and bombs to missiles, miniature nukes, and various other super deadly explosive devices.
    Occupation: Explosive’s Expert, Mechanical Engineer, Blast Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Physicists, Experimental Physicists, Ordnance Expert, Heavy Ordnance Expert, Super-Heavy Ordnance Expert, Inventor
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Chaotic Evil
    • Indestructible – Nikki is seemingly indestructible, she unable to sustain any kind of injury or wound from anything, mentally, physically, or spiritually.
    • Super Genius Intellect – Despite her appearance, Nikki was a child genius and is a master in many fields of science and physics at a young age. She is quick to learn, analyze, and utilize knowledge, as well as being highly adaptable.
    • Sharpshooter – She does not miss her shots, if she wants to hit her target, she will. Period.
    • Hammerspace – Nikki carries a variety of portable compact subspace storage units on her that store massive amounts of ‘stuff’ and in varying sizes. This allows her to seemingly pull impossible objects out from seemingly no where.
    Weapons/Gadgets: Nikki is an expert in a variety of weapons and gadgets, including but not limited to melee weapons, guns, explosives, and bombs. Notable guns Nikki uses (listed below) utilizes a DNA tracking and locking mechanism making it so she is the only one that can use them.
    • The Shredder (Refer to the AMR-B05 assault rifle) – Nikki’s primary weapon. A monstrous creation of Nikki’s own design, a fully automatic assault rifle roughly three and a half feet in length. Along its barrel are 24 small alternating canisters that releases an explosive burst of gas one after another down the entire length of the barrel to linearly accelerate the bullet, a concept that is similar to how a rail gun uses magnets, but without the magnets, it does this at an incredible speed for a very high rate of fire. By default, it fires custom high caliber shredder rounds, custom bullets designed to strip flesh as it penetrates, not too effective against heavily armored targets. It can also be loaded with High-Explosive Bolter rounds among other types of deadly ammunition. Despite its deadly purpose, the gun is primarily white in color with streaks of bubblegum pink and black along the barrel and gas canisters. Can switch between full-auto and semi-auto firing modes.
    • The Lantern – Nikki’s primary side arm, a heavily modified energy pistol that fires powerful lines of energy blasts disintegrating living and armored beings with ease at a molecular level. The gun glows an eerie neon green when used and is often the last thing they see hence its namesake.
    • Various Explosives - Nikki has a seemingly endless supply of explosives on hand from grenades and small bombs, to city-block annihilating ordinances. All the explosives appear to be self made, and custom.
    • Half Face Mask – A lightweight but very effective and efficient mask that filters any pollutants, poison gasses, and other unwanted impurities from the air. Colored black with neon pink designs and highlights made to look like the mouth of a grinning demon.
    • Omnispex Goggles - A pair of protective goggles that protects Nikki's eyes as well as enhance her vision, improving her aim further when shooting her weapons, scans and analyzes anything of potential interest in the area and point them out, as well as provide different type of imaging (heat, infrared, etc), and atmospheric information such as air composition and radiation levels.
    Backstory: Nikki comes from a dimension far in the future of a Grim-dark universe. Nikki was a highly wanted individual by every government, due to her sets of skills, but she remains as an independent pledging no allegiance to anyone instead causing mass havoc to wherever she may pop up. Even-though she is only 19 years old she has been in and out of multiple prison systems across various governments, they rarely ever able to contain her longer than a day, none have ever detained her for 2 days. Nikki herself is not too sure of her origins, she only knows that she was artificially created in a lab and spent her early years working in a top secret R&D facility for experimental weapons

    She is very dangerous and hold little regard for others and collateral damage means nothing to her.
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    Last edited: Aug 30, 2020
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  20. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    @Foxex accepted

    What I'm planning is for everyone to meet up, and then Martian will come back and try to control/destroy us. His mind control helmet has a range of 10 feet, but once it locks on to someone, they can't go out of range.
  21. @mallard the discord link you put is invalid for me
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  22. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

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  23. @Foxex is Nikki completely indestructible? Can’t be hurt by anything, invincible, etc?
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  24. pretty much, she is physically, mentally, and spiritually indestructible
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  25. So, how does she take damage or be defeated? (If possible.) Everyone needs to have some sort of weakness for this rp to be at least a little balanced.
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  26. i mean sure she's immune to getting hurt and taking damage, but you can still very much CC her, like the current villain can mind control her, its not technically damage.

    for example if you can somehow strip her of all her gadgets and equipment, tie her down and chain her to he bottom of the ocean, she'll be chilling there for a while
  27. Alright then, guess that’s something. Thanks.
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  28. it's technically her primary power aside from her intelligence, the fact she's a crack shot with weapons requires her to have a gun or projectile. She's not super humanly fast or strong, just slightly stronger,faster, and has quicker reflexes than a typical human since she's an artificial being from a future dimension.

    just remember she ranges from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Evil. you can imagine her home dimension as something similar to the 40K universe lol
  29. Sol the Lycanroc

    Sol the Lycanroc Previously Ember Wolf

    i'm definitely ready to try again.
    however, i'm gonna be using a new character, so here ya go.
    Name: Komodo
    Codename: none
    Age: 523
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Height: 100'5" (ground to shoulder) 500' (wingspan)
    Weight: 150,000 lbs.
    Appearance: Slitted, fire-colored eyes sit elegantly within Komodo’s red-scaled, tough head, which gives him a rather dangerous looking appearance. Two large, curved, bronze horns sit over two smaller horns, just above his large, pointed ears. The top of his skull has curved obsidian spikes that continue down his neck. A small horn sits at the front of his snout, the same color as his horns. He has two short, slitted nostrils, and many sharp, bone teeth show when he snarls.
    A long, slim neck runs down from his head and into a sleek, scaled body.
    His entire body is covered in deep red scales, except for his chest and belly, covered in golden scales. This area is much tougher than the rest of his body. Four slim limbs carry his body and allow him to stand tall and dignified. His front limbs have 4 digits and his back limbs have 3, each of which end in strong talons, also made of obsidian.
    Gigantic wings grow starting from just below his shoulders and end at the lower end of his back. The wings are scythe-shaped, with golden skin inside, and each bone structure ends in a curved, sharp obsidian spike.
    His wiry, long tail ends in a single obsidian spade and is covered in the same red scales as his body.
    Personality: Wise, somewhat serious, but has a good sense of humor
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Powers: Flight, Plasma/Fire Breath/Manipulation, Razor Claws/Tail, Tough Scales, Intimidating Stare
    Weapons/Gadgets: Anti-Poison Amulet
    Backstory: His parents were killed by hunters when he was still an egg. A band of hawks took him in and raised him until adolescence, age 50. Due to Komodo's complicated genetics, it took him another 50 years to master both his fire and plasma powers. At the age of 200, he was captured by a wizard and turned into a statue. He was freed after another 100 years. He killed the wizard and swore to never trust a human again. He was given the amulet at the age of 450 by a poison dragonet after saving her from a band of knights. He mastered his stare by 500, and reached full adulthood. At 510, he found another dragon called Arc, and they became married for life. Now he's 523. Yay.
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  30. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  31. Sol the Lycanroc

    Sol the Lycanroc Previously Ember Wolf

    cool, thanks
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  32. Lol, as much as I’d like to have two chaotic neutral buddies play 20 questions, as Jay only wants to have fun, not fight in particular, I don’t think we can just fill up the thread with a 20 questions game. So, what do we do xD? @Foxex
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  33. you can always just let her out of the box :D
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  34. Lol, yeah true. I’m probably just gonna have him agree then do a quick timeskip to when the game is over, then he probably just lets her out of the box. (If all that is okay with you.) @Foxex
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  35. sure, i can generally roll with anything, just make it clear so i know whats going on :p
  36. Sol the Lycanroc

    Sol the Lycanroc Previously Ember Wolf

    i wanna join the discord but I can't access it, my browser won't let me
    at least.... not yet....
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  37. Sol the Lycanroc

    Sol the Lycanroc Previously Ember Wolf

    I CAN JOIN NOW!!!!!
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  38. Sol the Lycanroc

    Sol the Lycanroc Previously Ember Wolf

    did this thing die already?
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